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1-20 of 36 total reviews
1-20 of 36 reviews

Customer review by Tacky

5.0 stars 2/2/2011 by Tacky
by Tacky

I bought this Tv after researching for more than 6 months trying to decide which one I wanted and worked best for me. I finally decided on this one which I am glad I did. I purchased it for my bedroom, and to use with my Playstation 3 and Direct TV service. I do not have Direct Tv's HD service so my picture isn't HD but its fine with me. When you put in a Blu Ray disc or Play Modern Warfare or Modern Warfare 2 the images are razor sharp and just what I expected. The images are extremly detailed and can't compare with my 96 model 50 inch projection TV thats in my den. The sound isn't a Bose but works fine for my personal situation and Turtle Beach Headset works great with the TV and my PS 3. I originally was going to purchase the 40" LED but glad I saved some money and purchased this one instead. I would recommend it to my friends hands down. If your a partime gamer..this will work great for you and not break the bank.

North Carolina
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Customer review by carbonfiament

5.0 stars 4/11/2012 by carbonfiament
by carbonfiament

In the autumn of 2010, I was looking to upgrade from a primitive Sharp 19 inch LCD to a real LED TV. I had the money for either, but I chose to buy an LG over the Samsung for reasons of aesthetics, and because I wasn't sold on the glass encapsulated "touch of colour" style of the Samsung line. What I did not realise was the perfection of the technology I had passed up in preference of a more standard product of the time. The old LG is still a perfectly good TV, but I always wondered what I passed up in the Samsung. So here I was in 2012 testing and reviewing cheap TV's for Walmart when I learned they had acquired a few refurbished 4000 series Samsung s and were offering at less than half the original selling price. Of course I ordered one. I will have to admit that the set seems a little dated compared to what the newest sets offer, but to have as a simple television set to watch over the air programs, I just couldn't ask for better. By the way; the "mod" styling of the cabinet still takes a while to get used to, but it is so worth the purchase. Understanding that these sets probably will not be offered again, to those of you who missed out I will say ; your loss.

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Yellow Springs Ohio
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Age:55 - 64
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Every day
Sexy TV

Customer review by Crescentfallen

5.0 stars 7/19/2010 by Crescentfallen
by Crescentfallen

This is my 3rd Samsung TV (1st LED) and I could'nt be any happier..The picture quality is amazing, smooth clear detailed images. I replaced a 26" lcd with this LED in my bedroom and I spend more time watching tv in the bedroom now than on the LN46a650.. Its only 720p but on 32" you can't tell. ( For the guy below who has a bad picture I think you have your pic size zoomed in..) It was a toss up between this tv and the ln32c550 which was a full HD lcd tv internet ready(facebook, youtube, netflix etc.) I just wanted to experience the LED and I am simply amazed by the picture.. The USB is a big plus, no more DVD just put the movies on a thumb drive and plug it in the tv.. This tv looks sexy mounted on the wall.. props to 6th Ave electronics, they are the best

Somerset Co. NJ
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Forced to make a choice

Customer review by adroitpondman

3.0 stars 4/8/2010 by adroitpondman
by adroitpondman

My CRT type TV died of old age and I could not find a source for a new one. I had to chose between LCD, LED, and Plasma. I didn't want to make this choice but had to do so. I have used an LCD Samsung Monitor on my computer for some time and love it. I did not want a TV with the angle viewing problem so I found a good buy on a Samsung Plasma, that I found out just before purchasing, has the additional cost of set up alignment that added 33% to the price. Its life span was such that the monthly prorated cost was more than I could afford. I got the LED as a forced compromise. I like every thing about it except the fact that it distorts. Peoples faces act as if they were molded of Jello or soft foam. Any face that is shown in closeup and moves will appear to wobble like a molded Jello head on a plate when the plate is moved. It tends to make me nauseous. I can not find a setting to use the full size of the screen as it will cut off part of the vertical picture. I watch Fox News a lot and can not follow the streamers at the bottom or see the tops of their heads. There fore I have to watch in a reduced mode and effectively have a smaller TV than I bought. I have had Comcast look at this, but will probably have to use my purchased service contract to just to adjust the TV. I sure wish I could have bought an over weight CRT. Instructions for viewing from USB inputs is lacking also.

Dallas, GA
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THE BEST LED HDTV for the price

Customer review by macfrank

5.0 stars 12/13/2010 by macfrank
by macfrank

After some serious research on the Internet, comparing prices, electronic specifications, quality image, contrast ratio. The latest HDTV technology inside an innovative, razor-thin design only 1.2" deep. Stylish TV frame with Touch of Black Color design with a Clear Acrylic which make it very modern looking. Images pop with Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio. It has 4HDMI: 1 connection, 4 shared devices. Wide Color Enhancer brings color to life. 2,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio which make this LED HDTV one of the best buys for the price. I am very happy with this purchase.

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Crisp clear picture

Customer review by AzRaider

5.0 stars 12/3/2010 by AzRaider
by AzRaider

This is the BEST TV I've owed so far. Previously I owed a 55' Wide Screen, one of the BIG Box Type Projector TV's. This TV has a clear picture, easy plug and play setup, user friendly options menu, and its lightweight. The only downfall I found with the set is the internal tuner. Although it has good sound quality, to get the most out of watching, its best to also hook up a surround sound system to benefit completely. All in all a great set at a comparable price.

San Diego, Ca.
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great LED TV

Customer review by An anonymous customer

5.0 stars 5/21/2010 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

Very impressed with this TV: bright image, great color. Better yet, paid only $50 more for this LED model vs a high-end 32" Samsung LCD unit: yes, this is only 720p, but at 32", most eyes won't see the difference. With this thin LED screen, plus a low-profile mount, screen to wall is less than 2 inches. I am a very detailed researcher of these items before buying, and i can truly say i'd buy another in a heartbeat.

An anonymous customer
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Love it!

Customer review by Shay21

5.0 stars 12/29/2011 by Shay21
by Shay21

I love my new LED HDTV! Got it as a christmas present. There is way better picture and sound unlike my other tv. You get way more out of it when you have a bluray player hooked up to it and when you play bluray movies it has the best picture ever! With a compatible home theatre system the sound is better than ever before! You can also change settings to help meet your needs.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Perfect bedroom TV

Customer review by franquellim

5.0 stars 10/31/2012 by franquellim
by franquellim

I've had this product for about 6 months and it has been nothing short of outstanding. The picture quality, design and overall value are the key selling points here. It does not overwhelm with features, but at this price point I did not expect it to. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a reasonably-priced LED TV that performs like a much more expensive set.

Elgin, IL
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Great TV for not much money

Customer review by tomglow

5.0 stars 7/25/2013 by tomglow
by tomglow

We have owned many TV's in our fifty years of marriage, our old TV was doing a good job but the picture was not that great. We bought our TV at Sams and had just alittle problem setting it up. We had cable and I didn't read all the instru, ctions. How hard would it be to set up. Turned out it was real simple. Love how it looks and sounds

bristol Tn
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Wall Mounted Bedroom TV

Customer review by An anonymous customer

5.0 stars 1/1/2011 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

I love it. I searched and searched for the right TV. Eventually I won this one through my company's contest's. Excellent TV for wall moutning. I am not using and HD signal, rather straight from the cable in SD. Not too bad, but I think this TV really wants an HD signal. Thinking of going to Sat TV anyway, so we'll see.

An anonymous customer
Trinity, NC
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by pattywack

5.0 stars 7/28/2011 by pattywack
by pattywack

Was not sure about Samsung products when I purchased my TV. Boy was I surprized. It have fantastic color. Great sound, easy to control. Any person that needs a TV, Samsung is the brand to purchase. Mine is the led, HGTV 32 in. It also is very thin built. I am very very pleased with this product

hazlehurst ga. 31539
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great Product

Customer review by Smitty1025

5.0 stars 12/15/2010 by Smitty1025
by Smitty1025

This TV has fulfilled my expectations, it has done it's job beautifully, the 32 inch is the perfect size for any room, it makes my college dorm much more enjoyable. Has plenty of expandability for my samsung blu-ray player, my xbox. I shouldn't need another TV for a long time.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Best birthday Gift EVER!!!!!!!!

Customer review by RaythaBOMB1

5.0 stars 4/3/2011 by RaythaBOMB1
by RaythaBOMB1

I bought my son a new Led 32 for his 11th birthday and he is in love with it. it has so many good features and now he can put his computer next to also. He loves it so much that now he cleans his room more often. My other son is next lol

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Samsung does it again

Customer review by bday

5.0 stars 5/11/2010 by bday
by bday

I now own 3 samsung led tv and they have the best picture!! They are easy to use and set up. It is ashame that cable tv does them no justice the best picture is when I watch a blu ray movie on them. No problems with any of them!!

Las Vegas, Nv
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Looks great on the wall!

Customer review by momsRus

4.0 stars 4/4/2011 by momsRus
by momsRus

I wasn't sure the 32" would be big enough to enjoy in our basement but my son wanted LED. When I hung it up, it was a nice fit. The truly sharp picture makes it feel like you're watching a bigger TV. We love it!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Small Wonder

Customer review by torpike

5.0 stars 2/19/2012 by torpike
by torpike

Bought this TV for our bedroom, thinking it would not be used much, after installing it we were amazed and now we watch it every night for over 3 hours and in the AM to hear the news, amazing product!!!

Naples, Florida
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great tv for the price!

Customer review by Derek36

4.0 stars 1/12/2011 by Derek36
by Derek36

Love the dimensions and style of the T.V. Still debating on clarity of the hd picture. Doesn't seem as defined as the lcd but I'm I'm still working on the settings so it may get better.

Product Issues

Customer review by nevets429

1.0 stars 10/28/2011 by nevets429
by nevets429

Bought the UN32C4000PD in January of this year, have had issues with horizontal screen flipping ever since on all inputs including on screen menus. Would NOT recommend this television,

Plano, TX
Would recommend to a friend? No
nice tv but issue with subs on movies over 30 min

Customer review by Tinco

3.0 stars 1/3/2011 by Tinco
by Tinco

i found this product a bargain so i bought it. nice image, fair colors, good design. but have an issue with the subs of a movie it just displays the first 30 mins of subs...

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1-20 of 36 total reviews
1-20 of 36 reviews