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Creative Bioscience hCG 1234 Dietary Supplement, 2 Fl oz

Creative Bioscience hCG 1234 Dietary Supplement, 2 Fl oz

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<li>Choose from 500, 800, and 1200 calorie diets</li><li>Designed to help you lose 1-2 pounds per day</li>
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amazing product

It seems to give you energy as well.

This works!

When I started this diet on November 1st 2011, I weighed 275 lbs. I have tried EVERYTHING else with no long term results. I started this diet because my mother went on the injections and did so well in just a short time, but injections are expensive and I don't like shots, so I went the sublingual route and happened upon hCG 1234, took a chance, and got 4 bottles, and oh my god! What a godsend! It is the first and only thing that has worked for me to take the weight off and keep it off. I lost 100 pounds my first 2 rounds and took a break for maintenance for about a year...I have kept it off! I am now in my third (and hopefully last) round, and as of today have lost 115 lbs! I am down to a size 10 and have dropped 10 dress sizes! I LOVE the way I feel! It's a very strict regimen, and takes a lot of self discipline and will power, but, with god as my witness, IT WORKS if you're faithful to it! I've never been one of the skinny girls and have struggled all my life with my weight, but taking off the weight has changed my life, and I have hCG 1234 to thank for it!


This is an awesome product! I have used different forms of hCG including injections, and pills. With both the injection and peels I found myself hungry, but with this hCG want to three for my appetite is completely gone. I have lost an average of 2 pounds a day for the first week and then about 1 pound a the suffering from a serious back injury and happy having to take steroids I have put on about 33 pounds. With this hCG in almost 3 weeks the weigh is almost gone. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is serious about losing weight.

Great Product...but 1 bottle was broken :(

I have only amazing things to say about this product! I have lost 20-lbs since using this product and following the directions. This was my second time ordering it and sadly what I received in the mail after spending 46.72$ did not meet my expectations. One of the bottles was broken and both of the boxes and receipt were soggy and damaged and all of this was tossed in a plastic shipping bag. I am extremely disappointed...I recommend using this product because it works but I am obviously not happy about what I received. Look at the pictures, this is how it came in the mail this morning...

Lose weight fast!

In 2009 I had put on 50 lbs since I married in 2003. After seeing a co-worker use it, after all my skeptisism of the 500 cals & such I was like MAN< I am doing this!! This actually worked & I was (& so were many others) THRILLED!! I and MANY friends, customers (coming into my work) & family members have used & LOST!!! I wish I could afford to get & give to those who really would take advantage of it! You DO have to prepare yourself mentally, but I have been doing this off & on for over 5 yrs! I SWEAR by it.. Only one real problem is, (hence the reason I have done it off & on for so long) you NEED to change your eating habits...This time I finally have! (I am currently doing it again.. hopefully last time, ha) I have kept off 34 lbs BUT, I did lose up to 48lbs. the first time.. Ask me questions, I would LOVE to help you understand it & help. I hope Walmart will let you have my email contact so I can talk to you! DO it! You CAN!! I did.. (I am in my 50's) Woohoo!

Seriously works if you stick to the diet plan.

When you buy this product you have to be dedicated to stick to the diet plan. I've used this product and you will see significant results as long as you don't cheat on your diet. You use these drops in conjunction with a strict low calorie diet. Of course you'll see weight loss on a low calorie diet, but these drops actually make the hunger feeling go way. I've tried the diet without the drops and all you feel is hungry and you don't shed as much weight as you do with the drops. Your body adjusts after about 3 days of the low calorie diet and you won't feel as hungry as you do at the beginning. If you can stick through 3 days then it will be easier to continue and you won't find yourself wasting money on this product. Use the drops, stick to the diet plan and complete all of the phases and you will be more than satisfied with your purchase. Also, beware of what brand you buy. Most are imitators and aren't effective. Stick with the Hcg 1234 brand and use their website for instructions, recipes and more.

I Love It!

I have done this diet three different times over the past 6 years. The first time I lost 33 pounds. The second time 20. I never gain all of it back. I gain some back only because I like to eat!:) I love it because it only takes 3-6 weeks. I have never done well if I try diets for months and months at a time. The first time I went 6 weeks. I lost a lot the first 3 weeks and then it was slow the last 3 weeks. After that, I prefer only doing the diet for 3 weeks. It will be beneficial to you if you would do your research first by reading Dr. Simeon's "Pounds and Inches" and the book "The Weight Loss Cure "They" Don't Want You to Know About" by Kevin Trudeau. I was not able to follow ALL of the suggestions in the book, like go all organic... you can forget about that! Too expensive! And it would take me forever shopping for it living in a small town. BUT, I did what I could, did not cheat and was able to see great results! Also, the book helped me understand the protocol which is very important.

Losing weight!!!

Okay, I'm losing weight while on this product, but i gave it four stars because i'm not sure if its the product or the calorie intake, i'm doing the 500 calories. I've been on HCG1234 since 21 march 2014 today is 26 march my first two days (21-22) were loading days and i gained 4lbs durning those two days. on the 23rd I was 1lb less, 24th i lost 4lbs, 25-26 i lost 1lb a day, i will continue this journey to see how it works out and but for now i really enjoy this product and it helped me get over the hump that i've been at for the last two weeks, i'm four days into the low calorie phase two and if i count the weight gained with the loading phase i've lost a total of 7lbs so far. For those who wanna know if 500 calories is hard, no i'm never hungery guess it just depends on how you eat, the hcg1234 website has great recipes that have a really good flavor. good luck!!


The first week I lost 8 pounds. I'm not following their diet precisely. I am on the 1000 calorie a day plan. The 500 calorie plan was just too low and made me really light headed. Easy to use. Ten drops under your tongue three times a day before meals. The biggest notice for me has been that I have zero sugar cravings which has always been a huge problem for me.

Not sure what works the drops or diet BUT IT WORKS

I purchased these drops and they were delivered pretty quick. I started following the instruction booklet but revised the plan to lower the calories. I did 2 protein, veggie and fruit servings a day for 6 days and lost over 10 pounds. Did feel hungry at times but ignored it. Great way to drop weight quickly if you only have a little to lose or to kick start your weight loss if you have a lot to lose (the latter is myself). The drops and diet have done exactly what I wanted. I took 15 drops twice a day. I am still on the diet and will remain on it for 60 days provided I can keep up my will power. I did cheat a bit with a flour tortilla one day (shrimp wrap) and a sugar free iced latte from the coffee shop, on another day, blackened grilled chicken, sautéed green beans and marinated tomatoes and cucumbers, still lost weight! These were meals that I chose when my family and I ate out. Losing over 10 pounds in 6 days is pretty good in my book and I have tried several diets over the years. This plan has enabled me to launch my diet and given me the stamina/courage to keep going. I have and will continue to recommend it to my friends.

This 100% Works!

In 7 days, I lost 12 lbs!!!!!! I cannot believe how quickly this is happening. I am almost 40 and what worked in the past to lose weight no longer applies. I have Hashimoto's Disease (thyroid), which caused a 45-pound weight gain in 2-3 months. I was ready to give up because normal HCG programs cost $350 and I just don't have it I'm so glad I found this product online and I recommend it to everyone who is dedicated to losing weight and who really wants to feel better about their appearance. Good luck!

It truly Works!!!

It truly works!!! I took my Hcg 1234 as directed. I followed hcg lose big and fast super diet, by Christopher David Allen. I didnt work out, just did my normal activities. Drank 1 and half gallons of water a day. And I lost 15 pounds in my first week. And still counting. Hcg 1234 is a must-have if you want to lose weight and/or reset your metabolism. With no shakes no jitters. And I'm very sensitive to medications. I cannot take any fat burners. This was perfect for me.

It has worked so far!

I was very nervous to try this product. My cousins tried to convince me to buy the more expensive version of these drops. I've been taking HCG 1234 and following Dr. Simeons' plan for the last seven days and I have lost 13.8 pounds and two inches in my stomach and chest areas. While the booklet that comes with it includes recipes, you will have to do some searching on the internet to find additional recipes. I see food a lot differently now and I am appreciative of the jumpstart that his given me on my weight loss journey. If you are considering purchasing this brand, GO FOR IT! Oh, and good luck on your goals. Stay focused and make sure to keep positive people around you during the process. Oh, and don't tell anyone what you are taking, just let them watch your progress.

It is jut a waist of money for sure!

Well I wanted to try this product because I thought "if it doesn't work I have nothing to lose" but now I think "well I lost my money" I bought 2 bottles and just feel disappointed. This is the thing you have to use it 3 times a day and it is supposed to make you feel no hungry but I don't think it works, I felt the same way using it (hungry) and worst because if you want to lose weight you have to starve to death!!! so it is simple stop eating and lose weight"! I just wrote this review to help at least some people deciding. their diets are 500 800 and 1200 calories, so who's not gonna lose weight having for breakfast a black coffee no sugar, a salad for lunch and 2 oz of meat in a day??? check their weg page and make sure what im saying its true... others reviews in here tell that if they lost some weight was because they were starving to death and having stomach pains... It is just ridiculos!!!

These drops work well!

These drops are great as long as you follow the diet. They have helped me lose 30lbs. so far! The fact that these work just like the expensive drops on the market, but are for half the price is what adds to the greatness of the product. I and several other friends use these and have seen amazing results (as long as you follow the diet plan).

Excellent product!!!

I know people who are using HCG drops that cost $80 for the same size bottle. This is a great value. You have to follow the directions carefully. I , however, am NOT following the eating plan in the book. I am eating pretty healthy and small portions, but not following their plan, but still lost SEVEN POUNDS IN FIVE DAYS!!! That is only so far. I recommend this and wish they would carry it in stores!

Great Weight Loss Product!!

I have been taking the hcg drops for 5 weeks now and have been monitoring my progess (see data below). Including the 2 load days, I have lost 16 lbs. in 5 weeks. I follow the diet as exactly as I possibly can. I will continue taking the drops and doing the diet until 02/13/13. I experianced some days where I lost no weight. This was somewhat disappointing because others on here have reported weight loss of 15 lbs in only 2 weeks. None-the-less, because I have been struggling with weight loss forever, I am happy with my results so far (and I anticipate I will lose another 4 lbs, which will be a total of 20 lbs in 6 weeks. I know a girl at work does this diet through a doctor and she only lost 19 ilbs in 6 weeks, so I consider my results pretty normal. I did need to buy an additional bottle and I was hungry sometimes. I am happy with my results and many people definitely see a differance!! Date: Pounds: 1/6/2013 1/7/2013 152 1/8/2013 151 1/9/2013 150 1/10/2013 149 1/11/2013 148.5 1/12/2013 147 1/13/2013 146 1/14/2013 145.5 1/15/2013 145 1/16/2013 144 1/17/2013 144 1/18/2013 143.5 1/19/2013 143 1/20/2013 142.5 1/21/2013 142 1/22/2013 141 1/23/2013 140.5 1/24/2013 140 1/25/2013 140 1/26/2013 140 1/27/2013 139 1/28/2013 139 1/29/2013 139 1/30/2013 139 1/31/2013 138 2/1/2013 137 2/2/2013 136 2/3/2013 136 2/4/2013 136 2/5/2013 136

Results for the over 40 generation!

My sister actually suggested this dietary measure as she had success with it and when you are over 40, a lot of the diets that you have used don't fit because even though you feel like you are eating less and NOT losing weight, there are habits that hCG helps to stop, especially the snacking. I honestly believed that I was doing everything possible to lose weight and didn't realize that with all the changes in my system, less eating can sometimes not be more. The great part about this diet is that you choose what you calorie intake will be 500, 700, 1000 calories in a day. What is also great about the diet is that the allowed foods are foods that you can live with and they do fill you up and with the help of the drops 30 minutes prior to eating, it does help stop the snacking. I lost 30 pounds in a short period of time without feeling as if I was eating less. Yes this is a life style change, but after losing the weight, I maintained my weight without gaining even though I had introduced back into my eating habits some of the foods that I really love: pizza, rice, bread, etc...of course you do notice that you eat less of those foods, but you are satisfied. You will find that it is easy to have a day where you may feel as if you have gone off the grid and eat whatever you want, but it is easy to get back on the diet, because you haven't lost the new eating habits so they are easy to start back the next day without feeling hungry. I got back on my exercise program, but changed it as now that I am over 50, high level cardio is not for me anymore and I focus now on toning as I diet so that when I lose the weight, I am also toning the areas that were flabby. I now have my waist back and I love it! I started back on my exercise very slowly, 20 sit ups a day; now 5 months later I am at 80 sit ups a day and look forward to doing them because it feels good. I feel 10 years younger just because of the energy I have back. I picked up a 30 pound bag of bird seed and couldn't believe I was carrying that around with me, no wonder my whole body hurt. Initially it is definitely a change that you may wonder you can stay on, but if you are serious about getting back your figure and making a few adjustments that doesn't keep you from enjoying the foods you love all together....this may be the product for your next attempt at losing the weight and keeping it off!

This really works!

I have tried so many different diet plans and products, to no avail. But this one is actually working. I've been using it for 10 days and have lost 6.2 pounds! I plan on continuing it until I lose 30 which is my goal. I can adhere to the 800 calorie/day diet and the drops really reduce my appetite. I can't believe that it's working.

I did the injections before ... ugh...

I like the drops much better than the injections. The diet even though restrictive works IF you follow it. I lost 6 pounds in 7 days, so far. Keep your foods in rotation so you don't get bored and there are sugar-free and fat free snd zero calorie dressings out there to put on your salads. I got tired of lemon. I use melba snacks instead of melba toast. They are tastier. lol
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