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Pretty Good, but still quite noticable

Customer review by girlygirlz123

4.0 stars by girlygirlz123

This pad is actually pretty good. I tried the U by Kotex Tween Pads and they are VERY uncomfortable. I like the rectangle wings as they make it stay in place very well and I think the wings are probably the best part. These were surprisingly, pretty comfortable. I still notice them and I personally prefer the Always Infinity over these. However they are still a pretty good product.

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Great ladies purchase.

Customer review by ambit

5.0 stars by ambit

Good quality at a great price.

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Fort Worth, TX
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Age:45 - 54
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Every day
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Verified purchaser
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Customer review by kotexlover

5.0 stars by kotexlover

Best pad ever!!!!! Great protection and super comfy!!!!!

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Customer review by DeviousGirl

5.0 stars by DeviousGirl

Pads that are not only comfortable, but fun! I'm never going back to my old brand! The three different options are great for all kinds of periods! Thank you Kotex!

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BEST PAD EVER!!!!!!!!!!

Customer review by Flowers4You

5.0 stars by Flowers4You

Its AMAZING it doesnt feel like im wearing a

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Customer review by PandaCube

5.0 stars by PandaCube

It was very good and absorbent I felt like I could move freely all day I almost forgot that I was on my period. They are very comfortable. Other brands make me feel stiff and I cant walk right but these let me move freely and I would recommend it to anyone who is 12 - someone who is 50. I love the colours it makes me feel like a rainbow!

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I <3 these!!!

Customer review by Alyssa121899

5.0 stars by Alyssa121899

i love these they still feel fresh after awhile I was using Always Infinity but theye felt soggy after 30 min. Im glad i switched!!

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Customer review by VenuSmosh23

5.0 stars by VenuSmosh23

When I was not menstruating yet, I always told my mom that I wanted to use U by Kotex®. I think it's the best decision I have ever made. These pads are phenomenal! I love them! Great comfort, and designs. You will never leak, and feel uncomfortable in them. They provide awesome protection, and pride. I never worry about my period, leaking, or the pads showing. Not like other pads, these wont show under your jeans. So get your girl power on and walk with pride while wearing U by Kotex® CleanWear® Regular Pads. I would recommend them to anybody! Also, these pads aren't boring like the old white pads. These have colors in them, which will make your period more stylish! Be proud, and show off. Chnage your pads to these, you wont regret it or have any doubts! I didn't! I love them, and always will! Thanks U by Kotex® CleanWear®Regular Pads!

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Customer review by Abster

5.0 stars by Abster

I LOVE this product! I got them for my first and second period and they are AMAZING!!!! I used to use all but im glad i switched! They last forever and never have leaked! Keeps me feeling fresh and dry! :)

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i love it!

Customer review by Alejandrax0

5.0 stars by Alejandrax0

i love it! wal-mart sent me a free sample and i try it... i have purchased them before and i have like them!! but now that i try this new one i love them!! is super comfy!!

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The only pads I wear!!

Customer review by Batman33

5.0 stars by Batman33

These are the only pads I wear!!! And they are pretty cheap!!

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LOVE the product!

Customer review by Koolness

5.0 stars by Koolness

When I went to the beach with my friend she had her period. Her mom bought her these pads. I unpacked some of her stuff, and I loved all the bright colors on the wrappers. The next time I had to buy feminine products, I decided to try these out. So I bought this product along with the liners. So I bought this product. I went home and tried it out. I LOVE the bright colors, and the patterns on the pads make it super cool to a teen. When I opened the pad up, I wasn't quite happy with the poor quality of the wrapper. It ripped and the pad refused to come without taking off the part that covered the sticky part. I loved that it was silent though, which made it awesome for public bathrooms. I liked that the pad was absorbent, thin, and the texture was soft and unnoticeable though my jeans. It was amazingly comfortable, and I forgot I was wearing it until I went to the bathroom or something and I realized it was full!! I also liked how the wings were the perfect size and rectangular, because on other products the wings would be in this weird oval hill shape and would be bigger than my underwear, causing the wings to be MOUNTED together, and I pretty much had to rip them apart. On this product they stayed the perfect length apart. Overall a great product!!!

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Customer review by Natalie23

5.0 stars by Natalie23

These pads are like designer clothing for your female parts. they look really cute, and they hold up. One of my favorite features of these are the wings that are rectangular, instead of kinda shaped like an awkward hill. these keep them in place, and they're pretty easy to put on. I've been using these for a long while now, and not once have they leaked, nor have I had any trouble with them. I am appalled that some people actually really dislike these, because they're the only pad I have ever used and probably will ever want to use.

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Best Pads Since Brake Pads Were Invented ;)

Customer review by nk16

5.0 stars by nk16

The skinny of it is this: U by Kotex does not feel like a diaper, it doesn't clump up or feel bulky like many other leading brand pads. U by Kotex is designed to fit a women's body properly while still reaching full potential in absorbency. Over the years I have tried so many brands, and this one is so comfortable in comparison to others. I prefer the Regular Clean Wear Regular Flexible Shape U by Kotex pads. They seem to fit better than the other U by Kotex Regular pads. I have noticed many stores are not carrying them like they used to, though. I hope they aren't discontinuing these!!

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I ♥ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

Customer review by sheepykinz123

5.0 stars by sheepykinz123

when i first tried this product, i felt totally comfortable, the designs were really cool, and they just made me feel overall happy about my period. I 100% ♥ THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Customer review by Bunniezz

5.0 stars by Bunniezz

These pads are so comfortable. Whenever I'm on my period I never worry about leaking out of the pad, and I am so proud when I wear these on my period. U by Kotex products always makes me proud of myself when I'm on my period, and it makes me proud that I am a woman. c:

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I <3 This!

Customer review by Bethany

5.0 stars by Bethany

It's comfortable, sometimes i forget i'm on my period, i love it i definitely recommend this!!!

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Customer review by rTXstar

5.0 stars by rTXstar

This is the first pad since I've started my cycle from the beginning that holds up. I've tried every brand possible and deal with bunching, spillage, and discomfort. This pad is great and I no longer deal with any of those issues. I'm really glad I finally tried it, because for the first time I'm comfortable and it has truly saved my undergarments, and helps makes my period that much less stressful.

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Not A Myth

Customer review by PiscesM

5.0 stars by PiscesM

OMG! I thought pads naturally implied diapers for teens so whenever I heard of a pad that you barely know is there I was Skeptic. Miraculously U by Kotex challenged my skepticism I almost forget their on and when I check it's working just the way I need it providing comfort, full coverage, and stays put.

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U by Kotex clean wear pads regular

Customer review by Nuny101

5.0 stars by Nuny101

Yes it is a very comfortable pad to wear after a while it feels like nothing.

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