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138 reviews | 4.6 out of 5

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1-20 of 131 reviews
Perfect stroller for my growing brood of boys!

Customer review by Heather89

5.0 stars 10/11/2015 by Heather89
by Heather89

I have 3 boys-8 mos, 3, 4- and it get's hard to keep them all contained when we're out and about. I've used double jogging strollers, but they're so wide it's close to impossible to navigate them in a lot of public places. Now that my 2 big boys are old enough to walk around independently, the Stand & Ride stroller seems like the perfect stroller for us! I love the traditional stroller function in the front for the baby and that the big brothers can hitch a ride on the back if they get tired.I think the sit or stand option for the back seat is great for antsy older siblings! The large stowaway basket and child and parent trays make this a great stroller for big outings. In fact, the Stand & Ride stroller will be perfect for our family trip to Disneyland this spring! This stroller is going to get a lot of use from our family and the very neutral, modern pattern makes it a timeless choice. While I received this product for free, the opinions and thoughts included in this review are my own.

Classic connect stand and ride stroller

Customer review by MomOfFour828

4.0 stars 3/22/2015 by MomOfFour828
by MomOfFour828

I wanted a more compact double stroller to take with me when running errands. I now have four kids ranging from three months to six years old. My old double stroller worked great but was a bit bulky and heavy to take in and out of my van since it has a deeper cargo space and I'm short, plus the fact that it would take up all the space in my trunk leaving no room for groceries. Pros: very light weight, compact, easy to fold and unfold. Cons: does not stand on it's own when folded, doesn't fit my diaper bag, not much room for kid in the back when car seat is placed in front. Overall, I still like this stroller because it does what i bought it for. Since I couldn't fit my diaper bag in the basket, I just bought one of those big clips to hang on the handle and clip my diaper bag and purse on there instead. And also because it does not stand on it's own once you fold it, I recommended storing it flat since it'll move around a lot if you try to store it up unless you turn it upside down.

Best Double Stroller for Growing Families!

Customer review by ChelseaMommy823

5.0 stars 9/29/2015 by ChelseaMommy823
by ChelseaMommy823

This is my first experience with a double stroller. I feel that this strollers is easy to maneuver and easy to fold. I love that the shade is adjustable to cover both children equally or one more than the other. Another feature I am very happy about is the cup holders have the ability to hold larger cups than other leading strollers. I felt that the safety belts were a bit tricky to use at first but once I got used to using the stroller it was easy. I feel that this stroller is perfect for growing families. It has a decent amount of storage which is great. My daughter and I have already been using it to go to the park we have placed large blankets as well as her diaper bag and everything fit. My toddler always seems like she can't make up her mind so its great that she has the option to stand and hold the handles as well as sit. While I received this product for free, the opinions and thoughts included in this review are my own.

Fits 2 little Ones Comfortably!

Customer review by AmyEVilleneuve

5.0 stars 9/23/2015 by AmyEVilleneuve
by AmyEVilleneuve

Having 3 little ones and 2 who need to be in a stroller, I required a stroller with room for both that was not too bulky and would be practical to use in close quarters. I like that this stroller can be opened and folded quickly and easily. It fits nicely in the trunk of my mid sized car. The numerous front seat positions are very useful. I like that there is a padded bench where our 3 yr old can sit when she gets tired of standing on the platform. She loves that she can sit or stand and gets to see a lot more from these positions. I love that the Classic Connect infant seat works with this stroller and can be used with or without the infant seat. It is great that it can be grown into and used until they are up to 50 lbs. I like the cup holders and storage space, so we can take all of our essentials with us when we are out and about. Spills clean up easily and the stroller is ready to go again in no time. It is a perfect fit for our growing on the go family. While I received this product for free, the opinions and thoughts included in this review are unbiased and my own.

Love the features!

Customer review by catyo

5.0 stars 10/19/2015 by catyo
by catyo

I was so impressed with this stroller! The first thing that was great is how easy it was to put together. My 12 and 9 year old did it all with my supervision. I love the little details... the deep cup holders for the one pushing the stroller... PERFECT to keep my smartphone in place and water bottles and I don't have to worry about them slipping out. Plenty of room for storage, and I love all the options for my kindergartner to stand or sit on the back portion. The seat for my 1 year old has several options as far as reclining goes, and she has her own tray/cup holder as well! The only thing that I didn't love about this stroller is that when it's folded up, the clasp is a little hard to secure... it's not conveniently placed to close up the stroller. Otherwise this is a win win!!! While I received this product for free, the opinions and thoughts included in this review are my own.

Perfect for Day Trips With 2 Littles!

Customer review by EmbracingHomemaking

5.0 stars 10/22/2015 by EmbracingHomemaking
by EmbracingHomemaking

I was glad to review this product in exchange for an honest review. I have two little ones and it's always a challenge juggling them, their snacks, and the diaper bag anywhere we go. We have a garage full of strollers for different occasions but this is my new favorite stroller! I love the sit and stand option. It's perfect for the zoo and the mall where my oldest wants to get up, walk around, and easily hop back on. It honestly folds easily, which I love! It doesn't "stand" while folded like some of my other strollers do but it's maneuverability and calm colors have me sold. The cup holder are deeper than any other stroller I've had which is unexpectedly nice. I was worried that I would constantly kick the place where my daughter stands but I don't at all. All in all, I truly love this stroller and am kicking my old double stroller to the curb.

Great for two little ones!

Customer review by mylittleme

5.0 stars 10/20/2015 by mylittleme
by mylittleme

I love that the Stand & Ride fits two children comfortably (under 50lbs each) and is small enough to fit through doors! It folds and unfolds easily, making trips to the mall or grocery store quick and easy. It handles nicely on smooth surfaces and is pretty easy to maneuver around. My 8 year old even likes to push her 5 and 2 year old sisters around in it! The 5 year old gets a kick out of standing or sitting (whichever she choses at the moment) as she watches the world go by on our walks. And I love the cup holders and tray for me to store my phone and things. The basket underneath is also very large and great for bringing along toys, books, or extra water bottles for the kids. Lots of room with this stroller! I received this product for free, but this review is written with my own thoughts and opinions.

Amazing Stroller

Customer review by mkelarsen

5.0 stars 11/12/2015 by mkelarsen
by mkelarsen

I adore this stroller for my infant and toddler, because it allows us to cruise around with ease. I can fit through doorways, and go up and over curbs in our neighborhood. The sun visor for the front facing child is nice because it can move depending upon where the sun is hitting. I also really love that my toddler can not only stand, but also be buckled into his seat. This is crucial for our family since my two and a half year old is a bit of a runner. If I fear that he may want to bolt, I just have him sit down in the back seat, buckle him in, and I know that he is safe -- but he also still feels like a "big boy." I've already given this stroller rave reviews to my fellow mom friends, and usually keep it in the back of my car - as it is perfect when I need to take my kids on any outing.

Perfect for 2 Kiddos!

Customer review by AShippy

5.0 stars 10/20/2015 by AShippy
by AShippy

I was really excited to get the opportunity to try out this product free in exchange for an honest review! With a little one, I was always intrigued at these 'room for 2' strollers that would hopefully simplify going out as a family! I was so happy that it would hold up to 2 children EACH 50 pounds! Not to mention that this folded up very nicely for my small car, which I have always seemed to have problems with past strollers! The storage basket was extra large and was great for holding a diaper bag or toys! Most importantly, I could tell my toddler son loved standing up and riding in the stroller. His comfort is a huge priority so I'm happy! Also, the price is very affordable, considering what you are getting - practically 2 strollers in one!

Makes taking 2 out so easy

Customer review by Kakki

5.0 stars 1/18/2013 by Kakki
by Kakki

I got this for my 2 grandchildren ages 2 1/2 yrs. and 9 months. It makes taking the 2 yr. old out such a pleasure now. He felt like such a big boy and the flexibility of being able to sit or stand and see what was going on and to get out easily made it a big hit with him. He is pretty sure I got it just for him and I love that he feels special in it. Little brother liked the tray on front for his toys and I like the tray and cup holder at the handle for me. It does fold easily and is easy to pick up and put in the car. The only problem I had was with the assembly directions---they were very vague. Not hard but a tad frustrating. But after it was put together I was very pleased with the entire stroller. And the price was excellent.

loved it.

Customer review by Dramanon

5.0 stars 5/11/2016 by Dramanon
by Dramanon

I have a suv with a third row. It fits in the back, not much does with the third row up. Its for classic connect but i used it also with a clickconnect 40. It fit well with both and room for my toddler to stand .

great value

Customer review by becca

5.0 stars 1/18/2013 by becca
by becca

We purchased this stroller when we had a our second child, the oldest was two. This is perfect for him since he has the freedom to sit or stand, and get in and out as he pleases. I like that there is a seatbelt on the jump seat as well. The only things I dislike are the size of the storage basket (too small) and its hard to access. Also when using the infant car seat, there isn't quite enough room and it hangs over the jump seat. Its not a problem now but when he gets bigger it will be. Overall a great value for the price and its a quality product. We've been very happy with all of our graco products.

Stroller for 2

Customer review by Gaby13

4.0 stars 4/30/2015 by Gaby13
by Gaby13

Great stroller for one newborn in carseat and 2 year old. Carseat fits snugly in front leaving room for toddler to sit/stand. The space for my toddler is however a little limited to sit straight up due to the length of the carseat. When the baby is old enough and no longer requires the carseat, it will work perfect! This stroller is lighter than most and folds easily after you know the motion to get it to collapse. Also, the side locking mechanism is very tight and difficult for me to unlatch (arthritic hands) but my husband is able to unlatch very easily.

Mommy can go anywheres now!

Customer review by Brittrah

5.0 stars 1/20/2013 by Brittrah
by Brittrah

This stroller is a life saver in my family. Going places with a 3 year old and a 3 month old just got better. Both my children are safe and controlled while in this amazing stroller. I used to be limited to going places with both my children because its hard for me to handle them both anywheres that didn't have a buggy that I could confine them in. Now mommy can go anywheres with both my kids because of this two person stroller! I feel that my kids are safe and comfortable in the stroller therefore I am confident in going places with them both with me. Thanks Graco!

lots of room for little cost

Customer review by honeybee

5.0 stars 12/14/2012 by honeybee
by honeybee

I bought a Graco RoomFor2 stand & ride stroller and I LOVE it! The storage basket underneath has lots of room and with 4 kids.....I needed that. My older ones fight over which one is sitting on the bench. My kids are:3,5,7,11. I had to have another buggy for use in the grocery store. I already had experiences with 2 other double strollers. If I could change one thing on the stroller, it would be add an adjustable foot rest. Otherwise, its lite weight, easy to maneuver and the one hand fold is awesome. The safety harness and tray on the front seat are a must too!

Super durable and folds up nicely

Customer review by NeMomof6

5.0 stars 10/20/2015 by NeMomof6
by NeMomof6

I assembled this product in about 30 minutes, with just one difficulty putting the 2nd pin on the stroller wheel. After getting it assembled, however, it was ready to use with my infant and toddler. First, I really love that this stroller is so durable; I use it on concrete and also on rocky gravel roads in the country. The front wheels can be set to spin freely or lock in place, so you can navigate over rough terrain and then smooth again by adjusting the wheels with the switch. My older son really loves this stroller, as he can stand up safely on the back portion when he wants to look around, but then he can sit down when he's tired. I The front seat for the infant can recline slightly, which is nice for when he's drowsy. Both of the seating areas has a 3-point safety belt, which is easy for parents to latch, but the kids aren't able to unlatch themselves. I really like that it folds to compact. I was able to fold it down with one hand and then put it easily into the trunk of my smaller car. It's heavy, because it is very sturdy and has so many features, but it's slimmer than other strollers I've owned. Extra features like the cupholder for the parents is handy and fits standard water bottles and coffee tumblers. I like to put my phone and wallet in it, too! This is an overall great stroller for the active parent. It's perfect for the mall, zoo, or longer trips when your older child may be tired from walking. While I received this product for free, the opinions and thoughts included in this review are my own.

Best of the Best!

Customer review by Luvmyboys

5.0 stars 1/19/2013 by Luvmyboys
by Luvmyboys

This stroller has been used in so many ways in our house. We have used it for two toddlers and a toddler and infant. It's versatility has made our lives so easy! Our two-year old Loves the seat in the back and my infant loves to be able to see me while we are out. It's easy to fold and unfold, fits easily in my minivan, and the options for seating are endless. I loved having the space in the basket underneath it fits my large diaper bag and small cooler for day trips. This is one of the best investments in baby gear I have made ever.

Perfect for families with an infant and a toddler!

Customer review by debbiemc18

5.0 stars 10/20/2015 by debbiemc18
by debbiemc18

We are big fans of the RoomFor2 Classic Stand & Ride Stroller. Having a new born and a 3.5 year old made for an interesting challenge when out and about - until we received this stroller that is. I love that we are able to have both girls in the stroller and our older daughter doesn't feel left out at all!! Because it can be used until each child is 50 pounds, I know we'll be getting a lot of use out of it. That and the fact that the harness adjusts from a 5 point to a 3 point harness it definitely grows with your little one as they get bigger. You have to love value for money!! Having two kids to get into and out of the car makes life challenging but the RoomFor2 stroller has a one handed fold mechanism. We've used this feature many, many times, and it truly is easy to fold up - not like some strollers that require what feels like 7 hands to get it folded up. Our older daughter loves that she is able to stand and ride along or sit down when she gets tired. I love that she is able to look at her sister, and entertain her, give her her bottle or pacifier if needed - it really helps me and helps to make my older daughter feel like a great helper. I see it as a win- win!! A couple more features that we enjoy are the large storage basket beneath the stroller which easily fits our diaper bag and a couple toys, and the 'parents tray' with cup holders - because all moms and dads need coffee, right?! Our family recommends the Graco - RoomFor2 Classic Connect Stand & Ride Stroller!! While I received this product for free, the opinions and thoughts included in this review are my own.

Great Ride

Customer review by teacherjen05

5.0 stars 4/30/2015 by teacherjen05
by teacherjen05

We were given this as a gift upon the arrival of our second child. We have really enjoyed this stroller. It's easy to set-up and doesn't take up a huge amount of space. Plus, it's easy to push, some strollers the wheels turn all different directions and make steering difficult, this does not do that for us. I can even push it one handed if I need to. Plus, there are many cupholders and under seat storage for longer rides in the stroller :)

Love this stroller!

Customer review by TCherm

5.0 stars 8/7/2015 by TCherm
by TCherm

I have a 4 year old and now a 5 month old also! My 4 year old LOVES to sit or stand and he fits perfectly. This stroller is very easy to open and close, not too heavy. I would definitely recommend this stroller to a new mom of TWO kiddos!! Especially when one of them is very independent and thinks he's too much of a big boy to be strapped in a stroller like a baby! :)

1-20 of 131 total reviews
1-20 of 131 reviews