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2478 reviews | 4 out of 5

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1-20 of 2268 reviews
work OK if you use two pods

Customer review by rooner1979

2.0 stars 7/16/2016 by rooner1979
by rooner1979

Convenient but only work if you use two pods per normal size load. This make them a terrible value. Like most products from P&G these days lack luster at best.

Comment from - 7/19/2016

We recommend using one POD™ for small or medium loads, using two PODs™ for large loads, and three PODs™ for X-Large loads. The amount of PODs™ needed per load can also be dependent on how soiled the clothes are. If you have questions or any more feedback you'd like to provide, please give us a call at 866-908-1566.

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Waste of Money

Customer review by LilSongBird

1.0 stars 7/13/2016 by LilSongBird
by LilSongBird

Follow the instructions: pods first then clothes, but there is pod residue like melted plastic which requires a second wash. Complete waste of money having to constantly rewash.

Comment from - 7/18/2016

This is not something that we want you to expect and we'd really like to learn more. Please give us a call at 866-908-1566 so we can continue this conversation.

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Melts on Clothes

Customer review by MichelleL

1.0 stars 7/8/2016 by MichelleL
by MichelleL

These would be a great idea for college students but they melt on my son's clothes and don't come off, even after repeated washings.

North Carolina
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Blue and pink stained laundry

Customer review by jaynefromal

1.0 stars 7/22/2012 by jaynefromal
by jaynefromal

We rented a beach house for vacation and prior to leaving, we started a load of laundry with a TIde Pod in the house's top-loader washer. We were contacted by the owner afterwards that the white sheets had blue stains that wouldn't come out. We couldn't figure out how an entirely white load could get stained with blue but fortunately the owner was very nice and refunded the whole damage deposit. Mystery solved this week when we used Tide pods in our front-loader and found the seal coated in blue slime on 2 consecutive loads. We have been using TIde Pods for about 2-3 months and this is first time we've seen any blue stains. However, we have had unexplained bleached out spots on our dark T-shirts since using the Pods. I like the pre-measured concept (esp with front-loaders prone to smelling if using too much detergent) but current version of Tide Pods are unacceptable for home use. I'm going back to liquid Tide HE and P&G needs to take Tide Pods back to the product development lab.

Comment from Dee - 7/25/2012

I'm sorry to hear about the staining you experienced with Tide PODS. This is not something we’ve seen in the development of PODS when used as directed. Rewashing the stained garment with your detergent and favorite stain treater should help with stain removal. If you still have questions, feel free to call us at (800) 879-8433. Thanks!

Birmingham, AL
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Ruining my clothing

Customer review by tennwalker15067

1.0 stars 7/3/2016 by tennwalker15067
by tennwalker15067

Garbage. Ruining my clothing by depositing hard melted lumps, sticking them together. Going to find another brand of detergent. Done with these and Tide.

Comment from - 7/11/2016

We're sorry that you experienced residue and we'd really like to learn more. Please give us a call at 866-908-1566.

New Eagle, PA
Would recommend to a friend? No

Customer review by 7576969545

5.0 stars 7/2/2016 by 7576969545
by 7576969545

Would definitely use this product. It really does make a difference. Thet fragrances are very pleasing aromas.

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They work well for me.

Customer review by Trakie1

4.0 stars 9/3/2012 by Trakie1
by Trakie1

I first tried these when I ran out of detergent and on a quick trip this was all the store had available for front-loading/HE. So, I thought I would give it a try. I didn't expect any different results than my regular Tide w/ Bleach HE, but when I put away the clothes, I noticed that they looked nicer. They really were cleaner and brighter - even some of our older and more dingy clothes came out looking much newer. So, I have stuck with the pods through over 100 loads. I have not had any issues with the pods not dissolving, like others have had. However, I am somewhat careful about placing the pod. I put it in AFTER I load the clothes, and right in the area where the water first pours in. Of course, I also have a hubby and kids helping - who knows where they put it! For us, the pods have worked really well, and we are very pleased. If there was only a way to incorporate fabric softener, it would be 5 stars. A scent-free version would be nice, although I don't terribly mind the scents available.

Cedar Rapids, IA
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Pods stain clothes!

Customer review by An anonymous customer

1.0 stars 6/26/2016 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

I followed directions exactly, putting 1 (or 2 for XL loads) in my washer before putting in my clothes. So far, they have left blue and orange marks on a bath mat, an expensive shirt, and bedsheets.

Comment from - 6/30/2016

Sounds like you're doing everything just as instructed on the package so this isn't an experience we'd expect. Rewashing these items in the hottest water safe for the fabrics should remove those stains. Please keep in mind that it may take more than one was to completely remove these. We'd like to learn more about this so when you have some free time, please give us a call at: 855-236-3353.

An anonymous customer
Would recommend to a friend? No
My clothes require rewashing!!

Customer review by Meadow123

1.0 stars 6/27/2016 by Meadow123
by Meadow123

I have used these for a while successfully. Now they are not dissolving properly and my clothes require rewashing.

Comment from - 6/30/2016

We're so sorry to hear this! We'd definitely like to learn more so we can help as there may have been a couple different reasons why this could've occurred. Please give us a call at 1 (800) 879-8433 anytime Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm EST so we can look into this right away!

Red deer
Would recommend to a friend? No
Purple stains on white clothes

Customer review by SaddenedByStains

1.0 stars 3/26/2014 by SaddenedByStains
by SaddenedByStains

I have used Tide detergent all of my adult life - first powder detergent, then liquid detergent, and now Tide Pods. I've always been happy with the results until just recently. I am using Tide Ocean Mist 72 pack of pods, and I noticed that my nice white sweater had a purple stain on it AFTER being washed, not before. I tried twice more washing that sweater and the stain was permanent. I didn't make the connection to my tide pod. I wash and rinse in cold water and the package clearly states the pod will dissolve in ANY water temp. 2 more separate sessions of laundry, and now each time I wash with the pods, there is a sticky purple mess like gum or glue stuck to my clothes after the rinse cycle. I will never buy these pods again. And I'm a 35 year long customer. I have wasted a big chunk of money on this 72 pack of pods which are now useless and have ruined my favorite sweater. P.S. I'm from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, but the pull down menu did not allow me to choose Canada so I picked a random state.

Calgary, AB Canada
Would recommend to a friend? No
Love Tide Pods!

Customer review by Dadseel

5.0 stars 6/24/2016 by Dadseel
by Dadseel

Easy to use and clothes come out clean every time.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Pods Melt on Clothes

Customer review by Sally27

1.0 stars 6/21/2016 by Sally27
by Sally27

As directed, I put the pod in the drum first, then clothes. Both loads so far the pod melted on my clothes and I needed to rewash. I really wanted to love these, but they're a waste.

Comment from - 6/23/2016

We're sorry to hear that you experienced residue. This residue is not permanent and should be removed after rewashing. If the residue is still present after rewashing, please give us a call at 800-879-8433.

New York
Would recommend to a friend? No
I love this product!!

Customer review by Hannah

4.0 stars 6/22/2016 by Hannah
by Hannah

Love these!! They are so good and they always keep my clothes smelling clean and fresh!!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Keep Them Cool, No Problems

Customer review by NiteWalker

5.0 stars 12/6/2012 by NiteWalker
by NiteWalker

First, to all the people complaining about them sticking together, they need to be kept in a cool place. Otherwise they will melt and stick together as a lot of poeple seem to be complaining about. My mother turned me onto these. She bought and used a 72 pack and gave me half a dozen to try. Back to what I stated above, she keeps them in my nephew's bedroom, who like to keep it cold in there, and hasn't encountered a single pod that was stuck to another or melted, nor has she had any that didn't dissolve in the wash, so I'm not sure why other users are having the issue. Possibly over loading the washer? Anyway, I used up the 6 my mother gave me (ocean mist scent) and I absolutely LOVE these little guys. We used to use liquid detergent in my house and it always went too fast as everyone seems to use more detergent than necessary. With the pods it's simple; drop in one pod per load and you're good! Clothes come out clean, soft and they smell great. Highly recommended.

Albany NY
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
This product is The Best Detergent in the market

Customer review by Grannina

5.0 stars 6/16/2016 by Grannina
by Grannina

I start to use the Tide Pods from the first time I saw it in the Store. IS THE BEST, easy to use, Great quality, and there are variety to choose.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Original, please!

Customer review by qwerty12345

1.0 stars 3/11/2012 by qwerty12345
by qwerty12345

I'm pretty sure I received a sample of Tide Pods when I moved into my dorm in college some 7 years ago. Perhaps it was a prototype or maybe even another brand. Either way, I loved the concept and was very sad that they were not available commercially. When I saw a commercial for Tide Pods last week, I was very excited that this awesome idea finally came to fruition! I went to the store yesterday with Tide Pods on my list, but when I arrived at the display, I saw 3 scents, none of which are the original Tide scent. Not only are these not my preferred scent, but I can't even smell them to see how they smell! These scents aren't available in normal liquid packaging so that idea is moot. Long story short: I didn't buy them. Please, Tide, make these in original scent AND give us a way to smell the scents in the store! As for now, I've requested a sample from this site so we'll see what happens. As for now, however, I'm still the sad customer who wants to buy, but can't.

Would recommend to a friend? No
Tide Pods do not work!

Customer review by nonickname

1.0 stars 12/27/2012 by nonickname
by nonickname

I have just read through a lot of the postings here, and the responses from TIDE customer service. I am not sure what is going on - my pods are kept cool and dry, are not stuck, broken or damaged in any way. I have used them on cold water, warm and hot washes - and they still do not completely dissolve - instead they get trapped in the door of the front loader, and then stick to laundry as I am trying to take it out! I have used them on a full, half and EMPTY wash - no difference. They still do not completely dissolve. They smell great in the container - however there is absolutely no scent when my laundry is completed - probably because they are not dissolving properly. The concept is great - however the damage and inconvenience of having to rewash laundry, clean out the seal where the pods have got stuck are considerable, when all I was trying to do was avoid the residue that is found after pouring liquid detergent into the cup. I will stick with liquid detergent, and try another brand. Very disappointed.

Asheville, NC
Would recommend to a friend? No
Tide PODS are horrible

Customer review by Maye

1.0 stars 5/20/2014 by Maye
by Maye

I wash my clothes at a laundromat since I live in NYC. It was nice to not have to lug a big bottle of detergent with me along with a big bag of clothes! I first used it in cold water and got the same results as everyone else....gobs and purple stains. I realized I could not use them in a cold water wash do decided to then only use them for hot water and the SAME thing happened! I would then go home and try to hand wash these gobs and stains out which was a pain to go over every piece of clothing that you just washed! Of course I would miss a few and the gobs then dried and became crusty and hard. I don't understand Tide's CUSTOMER SERVICE. SO MANY people have complained on this site and they just keep sending the same automated/pre-written response instead of acknowledging that the might actually be an issue! I have used TIDE for years and my mother used to use TIDE as well but I am so disappointed that I may switch brands all together just out of principle!

Comment from Fabric Care Community Manager - 6/5/2014

We're sorry you're disappointed with our response, but it's what we have found to be helpful to others who have had the same experience. All of our products are thoroughly tested before they go on the market, and we feel confident Tide Pods work well when used as directed. Still, if you'd like to speak with someone about your experience and perhaps try another version of Tide, please give us a call at 1-(800) 879-8433. We're here Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET.

New York, NY
Would recommend to a friend? No
Works well in hot water only

Customer review by Debbie2353

2.0 stars 1/10/2013 by Debbie2353
by Debbie2353

I've unfortunately had the same experience with blue gummy stains as many here. They were not permanent, I was able to soak the clothes and scrape the solid portions off. It took a few times to realize it was the pods causing this. It would have saved quite a bit of hassle if I'd realized sooner. When they do dissolve fully, they seem to do a fine job cleaning and I like how they smell. For my cold washes, I now use something else and save these for my hot water loads only. No sense at all to have to dissolve first, and then add, as some here have recommended. It defeats the whole purpose of having a 'pod.' I still like Tide and am willing to bet they aren't the only company with the pod problem. So, I'm disappointed. It is a good idea, but still needs some work. Changing to warmer water settings is unrealistic for most of my work clothes. I don't pack the washer, but I do fill it, and don't have any problems with other detergent types. I'll use up what I have left in my hot washes and I won't buy these again.

Would recommend to a friend? No

Customer review by cbowman66

5.0 stars 3/2/2012 by cbowman66
by cbowman66

I tried a Tide Pod Sample and was hooked immediately! They make clothes smell soooooo good and come out very clean. It is a great concept and was worth the wait for their release.

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