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***fast Track***sceptre X409bv-fhd 40" B

***fast Track***sceptre X409bv-fhd 40" B

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***fast Track***sceptre X409bv-fhd 40" B
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Fantastic Large Screen TV

I was a hesitant initially on the brand, but did notice many in offices, waiting rooms, so for the price I figured that someone had to make this brand. Received the set in two days, connected to my Directv HDMI and the picture was really good on HD 1080, would highly recommend this brand as an alternative to much higher price sets. The TV does the job at a reasonable price.

Screen only 38.5 in

I love this tv for the value. I bought it three weeks ago and hung it on my patio. I purchased the 3 yr warranty since it is an outside tv, but that was only $28.00 through Wal-mart. The only thing I can complain about is that it sells as a 40 inch tv, but the actual screen (diagonal measurement) is only 38.5 inches. Close enough...haha. Very Happy customer! If this tv lasts outside, I will buy more in the future. kiker127

Excellent HD TV

Okay I am a electronic geek and researched this item to upgrade from Sony and Samsung TV's to accommodate our new home. We were viewing a 37". Okay here we go. This is the fastest TV to set up. Keep your video on energy saving (reduces the back light and excellent auto setting)...your done. Next the sound is awesome on this TV. The reviews here are mistaken due to not knowing how to adjust the equalizer (7 band). Keep bass halfway (left sliders, 2x) and treble (far right) all the way up. Finally if using HDMI hit source on remote and your viewing the subject (Xbox, Blu ray, Dish, etc). Simple and only three steps. That's it! I only view HD and Xbox online gaming. This TV has excellent picture quality. We have some LCD TV's that are $800 and the picture is equal. This product and through Sony corporation. The sound has several options and I chose the EQ adjustments and set up as "user" (you'll see under sound button on remote). It will boost about 10 DB more than the dynamic setting. I view late night and keep volume at a (3), yes a (3) not a 30. It is that clear and loud. You have to fine tune but the outcome is great. We do have a 1000 watt system with a 500 watt powered sub, but the TV alone sounds great. I am buying another one just to have because it is that great. ALSO we ordered at late night and got the TV at home (5 states away) 2 days after order. I use the rush and it is like $30, but keeps from waiting 2 weeks to get to Walmart. So we set up equalizer and sound to user. Then leave TV at factory energy (power) saving option, and leave picture at normal (not zoom, etc). You need 1080 HD and you will be astonished. The TV also looks great and another thing the stand look the best we have seen as it is a low profile and bottom is not cheap looking, very nice. Oh and ALL the hookups (a lot) are on one side (no flat in the middle of the back (poor design). A lot was given for this and with 90,000 to one contrast it looks great. Enjoy, Robert Broken Bow, OK

Sceptre Good Buy, Resonable Price

This is actually my second Sceptre TV purchase. The first TV I purchased was more than a year ago, I was unhappy with the sound and bought a sound bar for it (I did not think I would buy another one). We needed to buy another one for a different room and honestly for the price this is a pretty good buy for an extra room TV. It seems the sound is better on the new one, so no complaints, picture is great. Additionally, shipping from Wal-Mart on this purchase was really great. It was shipped to my house free and I received it in three days (really awesome)! I didn't expect it to come in so quick and received Fed Ex notice it was on my porch. I was a little worried since the box says flat screen TV all over it. But the very nice Fed Ex guy hid it behind a bench on my porch and folded the notice so you couldn't see it from the street. Awesome job again. Easy to set up, couple minutes had the cable hooked up and ready to go. Great team work everyone!

Good sound and picture for the low price paid

I needed a slightly larger tv for my living space and chose this one over two others of nearly the same price. Some reviews said the sound is bad. Sceptre must have repaired this issue because my sound on this tv is excellent. Volume on 10 is perfect for my home. The volume will go as high as 100. My only issue is it appears the attachment for the antenna is crooked and I seem to be having reception problems. I already threw away packaging. Wondering if I must return due to the bent antenna connection. Otherwise I am happy with the television as far as picture and sound quality and I love the swivel stand on this television. It really is a good purchase for the money and all hook ups needed for modern technology are available on this television.

pretty satisfied

The tv looks great perfect size for gaming. You can customize the sharpness and brightness to make it look more crisp. The sound is pretty week so I suggested to buy a surrounded sound system or speakers. Overall cant go wrong with the price and size I am pretty satisfied

Good TV for the price

To summarize my long review for those that don't care to read all of it, the tv meets all my expectations, performs well, has many features of a nicer tv, but lacks a few specific features. Now for those that want details. I was shopping for cheap TV's for the first time and did not know what to expect. My previous TV was a Samsung, and I was very happy with it, but did not want to pay premium money this time around. I bought a cheap 32" from best buy, was not happy with it (sound issues), so I returned it and decided to do a little bit of an upgrade to this 39". The specs were better, but I was not sure about the brand and figured that it was 50/50 if I would return it. After setting it up and using it for about two weeks, I am confident that this TV will stay and will not be returned unless something unexpected happens. The picture quality is just as good as my Samsung for what I use it for (cable tv and chromecast streaming), and the sound is adequate (better than my returned best buy cheap tv, but not as good as my Samsung). Almost everything else about it I like: the case looks good, swivel base is a plus (but squeaky), plenty of inputs, a few interesting features, quick setup and channel scan (compared to other TV's I've had), and a reasonable remote with many options. This TV meets all of my expectations, but doesn't exceed them (except for the fact that it came with the phillips screwdriver to attach the base, and the driver was fairly high quality: that was a surprise). The things I don't like are pretty nitpicky. I don't like the location of the inputs on the back left side of the TV. I know that is a pretty standard place to put them, but they are too close to the edge so the cables are visible no matter what (the arrangement of my room doesn't help, but if there were some inputs on the back or if the side inputs were pushed a little further in towards the center it wouldn't be a problem). I also don't like the on screen displays. There is nothing wrong with them, they just seem a little low tech and dated. Another thing is that the swivel base is squeaky. I also wish that it had a time on/off feature, but that only seems to be something on higher end tv's, and I wish that the remote had an hdmi button (it has a tv and usb button that quickly takes you to those inputs, but I think most people use hdmi for most of their inputs). One other concern was that it was delivered laying flat. I used to think that they had to stay upright. I hope that doesn't lead to problems. Once again, overall good TV with all the basic features and everything seems to work well.

This TV is way better than I expected

I really didn't have very high expectations of this tv. It's way nicer than I expected. Color clarity is excellent. It has more than ample connection options hdmi, coax etc. The picture quality is excellent, even on non-hd channels. Set up took a total of 15 minutes including attaching the base and connecting to dvd, game system and cable. It was as simple as plug and play. Clarity of all mediums are equally good, I watch a lot of streaming video and it's just as clear as the cable connection. The remote control is easy to use and understand, it's also powerful, I can use it from the kitchen with no hassle. I ordered site to store and received the tv a full 8 days before projected delivery date. I'm glad I took the risk and ordered this, truth be told the price was just too good to pass up. As a safety precaution I purchased the 3 year warranty plan and even with that added purchase the total cost was considerably less than anything comparable on the market.

An excellent value for the money.

I bought this TV to replace an older analog model in my living room. I was a little leary of the quality based on the price. However, I read previous reviews and decided to purchase it. I was not disappointed. I think its a great tv for the price I paid and my only negative really is the sound. I find it difficult to hear the voices clearly against the background music which always seems to be louder. While there are ample ajustments and I can improve the situation to a degree, I can't quite seem to get a happy compromise that totally solves the problem. Also, the automatic volume control seems to operate erratically at times so I tend to leave it off. However, the sound is not a show stopper and I would definitely buy one of these tv's again. Its easy to set up, has all the features I want and an excellent picture too. I may try a set of external speakers to see if I can improve upon the sound problem, but like I said, its not a show stopper.

Poor quality

when i received the t.v. the bow was very aged and i thought nothing of it. when you turn the t.v. on it takes about a minute to show you the picture. very often it will switch from HDMI 1 to A1 which is the basic cable if you have a coax cable running directly into the t.v. For me i don't since i use the HDMI and then you have to find the original remote that came with the thing or go up to the t.v. itself to switch it back to HDMI. The picture definitely does not seem to be a true 1080p. they could not even put their own label on the bottom of the t.v. on straight or centered. Just very poor quality.

Great tv for your money

I did a lot of research on this tv, and found it to be the best all around tv for the money. Had it a week, we watch in our bedroom at night and it is a nice change from our old 25 inch. Picture is good sound is good. Some reviews said the sound was muted and not so good. Just remember to adjust your equalizer and sound. Also if you have a cable box. Go to your menu on remote, then click options, then click on surround sound ( they are factory set at stereo not your tv's surround) Also make sure you set it to 1080 instead of 720 for your picture. We have att so they are both on the options menu. I also had to re- program my remote so all the functions would work using just my att cable remote. Otherwise you will have to use both. Just use the sony code the att cable box came with a list, but you can find them on the internet. all and all this is a nice tv, and for 249.00 + 2.97 fedex to my house you can't beat it. Enjoy!!!

Great "Plain Jane" TV

I didn't want a "smart TV" as I don't use video games or Wii, etc. What I did want was a TV with a larger screen, good sound, and a great picture that was lightweight enough for me to pick up (I'm disabled) and easy enough for me to put it together. I've never done this before, but it took me less than 30 mins to remove my old 32" TV from its stand and set this TV up in its place. I love it. Everything I needed to "assemble" the Tv came with it, including a microfiber cloth for dusting. The only improvement I can think would be Surround Sound. The TV's sound is good but not great. I'll have to check around for a good quality, reasonably-priced unit, but I'm not in a hurry. I already feel I got my money's worth with this TV, and I purchased the 4-yr warranty thru Walmart just to make sure I don't have any expensive headaches in the future.

Great Value

This TV has so many interface options (hdmi, cable, VGA,, USB, audio, etc.) and video and audio adjustment options that you have complete flexibility in the TVs use and settings. The picture quality is exceptional, especially considering the price, and the audio, while not particularly good, is no worse than other flat-panels. The set certainly exceeded our expectations. Arrived earlier than promised and in what seemed to be superior factory packaging. Setup was very simple if you exclude all the optional adjustments I just had to exercise. Overall a pleasant surprise.

Good Value, Great Picture

I downgraded from a 54" Misubishi, which was too large for my apartment (and tired of spending $40 a year for replacement dlp bulbs). At first I was nervous ordering a TV sight-unseen (some reviews talked of damaged sets on delivery, and poor packaging, but this was not the case, it arrived quickly, well packaged, and in pristine condition), but after living with this for a couple of weeks I'm completely satisfied. Hi-def (1080p), even on air broadcasts are crisp and clear, with awsome definition, color, and contrast (and in fact 720p Netflix movies look better than my old $1400 Mitsubishi), paired with a Roku box, and a Vizio soundbar, I am enjoying the vivid color, exceptional contrast and flexibility of this suprisingly quality off-brand flatscreen. The Sound out of the box does take some patient tweeking, but with careful adjustment, the TV's sound is acceptable (basically the speakers are just too small, and if too much treble or bass is added it tends to make some unnacceptable vibration, especially at higher volumes, but as I said, if you are patient and work at the adjustments you can get fairly good sound out of the unit). It is basucally plug and play (with the exception of adjusting the sound), and setup was extremely easy, with more than enough commections to support all my add ons (DVD, Cable Box, Roku, SoundBar, etc..). Thanks WM for the great sale price, I'd reccomend Sceptre to anyone needing a great picture at a truly affordable price. Don't let the price fool you, this TV is a Good size. great picture (the highest contrast ratio I found in researching affordable units) TV, yes it lack the bells-and-whistles of many of the new TVs available, but for its price it is a great TV.

Great product, and value!

Great product and value too. I would say to anyone to sign up for email alerts on specials with, I have been talking about purchasing a TV but wanted to shop for a bargain, and bam I got an email from Walmart with this great buy and I'm so enjoying my new HDTV, its just what I was looking for in quality and price!

Spectre has been around longer than you think

I noticed a lot of people think Sceptre is someone new, when in fact, they have been making video monitors for many years. They were one of the first to have the flat, slim monitors we know today. I used Sceptre at least 10 years ago, they were always know for value and they were great gaming monitors with fast response and high graphics so I had no hesitation buying their TV. I love the picture, it is crisp and clear, it was easy to set up and my only complaint is the sound quality. This TV replaced a 32 in Sharp LED in a bedroom which had much better sound. For the money, you can't go wrong.

Please read the reveiws

I purchased this for my elderly Mother. Her hearing is not what it used to be. She is on Direct TV service. Most of her favorite channels were not viewable on this TV. Every time she changed the channel the TV had to be reset to hd 1080p. Not something you would want to have to do when channel surfing. This set also had horrible sound. The speakers are in the back, pointing back. We turned the sound up all the way and she still was asking us to turn it up more. Sound like the speakers were in a coffee can. Before this purchase I had never heard of "Sceptre". I will not ever purchase this brand again. I read reviews from other products from Sceptre and seen lots of the same type of problems. I don't expect this brand to last much longer before they go out of business. I added about $30 and got a good quality set that satisfied my Moms needs.
Picture looked great. Easy to setup. No audio however, not even out of the headphone jack. Called the tech-line during normal business hours and got a recording that said leave a message and we will call you back. That's not tech support sorry. Returned the TV and will purchase something with better QC coming out of the factory. Should have gotten a clue when the word "Speakers" was spelled "Speakeers" on the box, no QC there either.

Great quality, low-cost television.

This is a really nice HDTV at an exceptional value. I was leery of the name since I had never heard of Sceptre but, upon further investigation I found that it was a subsidiary of Sony. Good enough for me! There are several settings for sound and even the low settings are fairly audible. I gave it 4 stars on sound because when you turn the sound up high, the TV speakers will "vibrate" like old stereos used to do.
I wasn't sure what to expect with a brand I wasn't sure of. Consumer rated Sceptre 32" as good but there wasn't any rating for any other size so I took a chance. We are really enjoying this TV. I am thinking of purchasing another one for the living room. The picture is great, sound is great. I am very happy with this TV and I have told several people about it. It was a great price also.
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