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66 reviews | 2.9 out of 5

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Single Breast Pump

Customer review by kholeman

4.0 stars 11/23/2015 by kholeman
by kholeman

I love the design of this pump. Basically the small pump is all you need to pump on the go. No tubes, wires, or bulky motor. This fits easily in my diaper bag. At home I plug it in to save batteries, however if I am out and need to pump I can use the batteries. It cleans easily and comes with a bottle top and nipple that fits right on. It is not as loud as some pumps that I have used. The problem with the pump is simply that it lacks power. There are a lot of settings, but it just can't pump the milk like my full sized pump. I wouldn't suggest this pump for mom's who exclusively pump or seriously depend on the pump to get the job done. It is great to have as a back-up and to take in the car. If you only pump occasionally this might work for you. I would hate for a mom to purchase it only to be disappointed. It's not a bad pump in my opinion, but it won't fit every mom's needs. I received this product in exchange for my honest review.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by throughxherxeyes

1.0 stars 6/22/2014 by throughxherxeyes
by throughxherxeyes

This was a HUGE disappointment. I love NUK products but this a complete failure on their behalf. It's cheap-both the price and the quality. I decided to take a chance on this pump because I didn't want to spend the ectra money on a Medela. What a mistake! I would have been more satisfied if I had lit my money on fire! I can turn it to the highest setting and barely feel a thing. The "stimulation" mode no longer works and I've only used the pump four times! The suction was weak from the beginning but I swear it's gotten worse since the first use. It takes an hour to get an ounce using this pump. I can manually pump two ounces in 15 minutes or less using my hand pump! I wanted an electric pump for convenience but honestly this pump is nothing but a pain. The only good thing I can possibly think of in regards to this pump is the fact that it's easy to assemble, but that does NOT make up for the fact that it is incapable of performing its task efficiently. Be smart- either set your money on fire or buy a Medela!

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Age:18 - 24
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Every day

Customer review by eskimo1978

1.0 stars 5/8/2012 by eskimo1978
by eskimo1978

THIS PUMP IS USELESS. I was looking for something affordable (which, really, I should've just looked at double electrics since this one is half the price of good doubles) and I read the single review that said it was a great pump for a stay-at-home mom. I only work part time, so I don't pump every single day, so I thought maybe it would be fine. No, it's completely useless. First of all, there is no speed control, which I was aware of, but the cycle is EXTREMELY slow, like less than 30 cycles per minute. It takes about 3 seconds for one cycle. Secondly, the suction on the highest setting is barely noticeable. I pumped with it for 10-15 minutes and only ended up with about a teaspoon of milk and never had a let down. I am not new to pumping, this is my second breastfed baby. My first pump was a lansinoh double electric which has seen better days and I need something efficient. This is not it!! Of course it can't be returned to WM. I have emailed Nuk twice with no reply, so I guess I will have to call to try and get a refund. Do not buy this pump unless you don't need an efficient and useful pump.

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Cincinnati, OH
Would recommend to a friend? No
Age:25 - 34
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks

Customer review by Mom of 6

1.0 stars 1/15/2016 by Mom of 6
by Mom of 6

I needed a pump for home since my good, insurance paid for one, is at work. This pump is so ineffective its a compete waste of time and money. I have gone back to using my non-electric, hand pump since it works SO much better. I can express 4 ounces in 5 minutes manually. But with this electric pump, it took me 10 minutes to get one ounce. Not worth the time. I really want my money back.

Mom of 6
Would recommend to a friend? No

Customer review by Giannina

1.0 stars 1/19/2016 by Giannina
by Giannina

Buy one, does not work and only has 03 months left to run, turn all right but does not suck. I'm in Peru and did not apply the guarantee. I demand an urgent change.

Only good for a week

Customer review by Vivi

2.0 stars 1/9/2016 by Vivi
by Vivi

I was given this pump as a gift since i would be pumping at work. I pumped twice a day for 5 days and it has stopped working. It is much slower at expressing milk than a medela pump (took about 15 minutes to get 3 oz) but it was more convenient and portable. like i said it only lasted once week so i'm really disappointed :(

Would recommend to a friend? No
Over all a good pump

Customer review by BrittNBree

4.0 stars 12/25/2015 by BrittNBree
by BrittNBree

This is my first and only Brest pump I have owned. It is very easy to assemble and easy to clean. The round design of the pump head makes it easy to hold. The only draw back about this pump is the angle of the suction cone. It's made for someone with down ward facing nipples. However when you have hard engourged breast that stick strait out, you have to lean way far forward or stand up to accommodate for the cone tilt. None the less it gets the job done with very few parts left to clean. Good product!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
dont buy it

Customer review by davee

1.0 stars 1/4/2016 by davee
by davee

Quit having suction after 3 weeks. Please dont buy

Would recommend to a friend? No
you'd be better off with a hand pump

Customer review by bumblebee

1.0 stars 11/13/2015 by bumblebee
by bumblebee

I bought this because my Medela pump broke and they can't get a new one to until Monday since it's Friday, so I just needed something to get me through the weekend, my baby has daycare on Monday so I need to pump over the weekend so I can send bottles with him on Monday. This pump is so slow even if I pumped 24 hours a day for the next 2 days I'm still not going to have enough bottles for him by Monday. I have been pumping for 30min and have only gotten 2 ounces, with my other pump I'd have about 8-10 ounces by now. If you have nothing else to do but sit around and pump this is the pump for you but what mom has that kind of time working or stay at home, this pump is worthless for either one. Can't wait for my replacement Medela pump to come on Monday.

Would recommend to a friend? No
Great little pump

Customer review by DivineInsanity

4.0 stars 7/13/2012 by DivineInsanity
by DivineInsanity

I love this pump. The motor isn't very loud. I like the overall design. Functionally, it does it's job. It's a nice little portable pump without any fuss. It has no individual speed control or suction strength setting. It just increases both gradually the higher you turn it up. The woman that says she can't feel it on it's highest setting must have some pretty tough nipples because this is also my second breastfed child and I have to keep it on about half or my nipples start bleeding. So far I've used this pump to help in the stimulation of milk production because it took my son 4 days to effectively latch. It worked very well for that purpose. And now I'm using it after feedings to finish emptying my supply to bother further production and store extra milk for that first growth spurt! The pump is designed to fit NUK bottles and there are no adapters for it. So if you want to use bottles other than NUK you will have to pump and pour. It also uses 3 AAA batteries aside from the wall adapter. I would suggest rechargeable batteries. It is a closed system pump. Your milk never comes in contract with the motor. Which makes it extremely easy to clean. The only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is because I would have liked the individual suction/speed controls and there really are no accessories available for purchase. (Extra parts, adapters, etc)

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Baltimore, Md
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:18 - 24
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Every day
A pretty nice size pump

Customer review by Sasha

5.0 stars 9/28/2015 by Sasha
by Sasha

I got this pump since I just gave birth to my son about a month ago. This time I am trying to breastfeed since I didn't with my first one because I didn't have a pump. So this is my first time trying a breast pump. I find that it's very gentle and suctions on to your breast just right. It instantly gets the milk out, which helps to provide relief because of the simple fact that the buildup of milk supply can be rather hurtful. I think it's really good pump that is easy to use. It's a little loud but the noise doesn't bother me really. Overall it's really a simple pump that is easy to use by just following the instructions. I love that it's portable so that you can bring anywhere with you so that's pretty awesome. It's also easy to use to clean up after using. I think this is nice breast pump for many new mothers to use!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Works well

Customer review by mommyanydaynow

5.0 stars 5/11/2012 by mommyanydaynow
by mommyanydaynow

Im very top heavy so I thought I would have a hard time with a pump. This one was in the store and had a 20 off coupon so I got it, and says it works for different sized breast so I got it. My milk is not in yet but it still gets the pre-milk out very well. I get about an oz in 10 minutes or so. It has a strong suction to me.

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Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:18 - 24
Usage:Every day
Quit when I needed it the most

Customer review by dperez

1.0 stars 11/23/2015 by dperez
by dperez

It's only been two months and this pump gave out on me. We bought it because we are on a very tight budget and it worked pretty well up until I woke up one morning with engorged boobs and no suction is coming from it.. I now know that this is definitely not the type of product to go cheap on.

Would recommend to a friend? No
great pump for the price

Customer review by antonina

4.0 stars 11/16/2015 by antonina
by antonina

Well I needed an inexpensive electric pump for using at home in between nursing to help increase supply. This pump(NUK - Single Electric Breast Pump) works just fine for me.The suction cup does not hurt at all (unlike some other pumps i used to have).Pump is strong enough and I like the adjustment levels. The only thing I am not very happy about is the noise it does.but i got used to it

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Easy for On-the-go!

Customer review by Hlchisler

4.0 stars 11/16/2015 by Hlchisler
by Hlchisler

I received this product as part of a testing group. This pump is very nice for when you need a pump while you're out and about. The suction could be a bit stronger and the motor can be loud at times. With those negatives aside this pump works just fine and is worth it for the price in my opinion. Much better than a manuel pump.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
I love it!!!

Customer review by mari

5.0 stars 10/12/2015 by mari
by mari

The pump works perfect. One thing I dislike is the battery life. So I just plug it in. The pump seal works great and it pumps the milk out no problem. I like it way better then the hand pump

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Great for on the go

Customer review by tripletmom

4.0 stars 10/19/2015 by tripletmom
by tripletmom

I started using this pump a couple of weeks ago (I have been using a medela for 4 months now) and I can say that is great for on the go. Being a mom of triplets I carry enough stuff on my diaper bag and on top of that having to carry a pump and accesories for on the go sessions was a nightmare. I found this single pump very convenient in size and functionality. The suction cup is great size and does not hurt at all. I like the fact that I have the option to use the container as a bottle, another plus for on the go. The design is fun! Overall this is a diaper bag staple and the fact that you don't have to clean a lot of parts makes it great!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Inefficient and Noisy

Customer review by Stevawn

1.0 stars 11/2/2015 by Stevawn
by Stevawn

I received this product in exchange for a review and I really wanted to like it. I tried it several times before just giving up on it. It is very noisy in comparison to my usual pump and is quite inefficient. I am usually able to pump 5oz per breast per pump session in about 5-10 minutes but was only able to eek out 1.5oz in a session (both breasts combined not just one in a 30 minute session). The built in battery feature is awesome and the shape of the nipple shield is awesome but this pump just isn't for me.

Would recommend to a friend? No
So compact

Customer review by Lvan

5.0 stars 11/16/2015 by Lvan
by Lvan

I received this pump and I have used it a lot since then. I love the fact it is so easy to clean and compact to travel places. The electric pump is so much better than a manual pump that I've used in the past.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Good for on the go

Customer review by Mamabear

4.0 stars 10/19/2015 by Mamabear
by Mamabear

This is good for being on the go. It does need more suction. It is smaller then most and lightweight. It is a lot better then having to hand do pump like most pumps get from wic. It is a little higher priced then I like to spend but with what you get it is right on with everyone else. There are other places besides ordering here that you can get for a lower price. This one is more comfortable then others that I have used in the past. It does it job and doesn't tie you down like other. What works for one will not work well for another. For the most part is very happy and can't argue with the product.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
1-20 of 65 total reviews
1-20 of 65 reviews