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1-20 of 152 reviews
Perfect one

Customer review by Suman

5.0 stars 2/2/2017 by Suman
by Suman

It is of good quality and performance and way to maintain

Charlotte, NC
Very good vacuum

Customer review by Army wife85

3.0 stars 10/8/2012 by Army wife85
by Army wife85

I got this vacuum as a gift and I have been fairly pleased with it. It does a very good job of getting up dirt that other vacuums have missed and getting up pet hair as well. i use this on my stairs, floors and on my microfiber couch. There are 2 things I am not so fond of with this vacuum: 1) the hose.. it's supposed to be easier than the older model vacuums with just the attachments, this one stretches farther and can reach more places but I find that i have to hold the vacuum or it will fall over when I try to use the hose. It's more of a pain for ne to use the hose to clean my house or stairs because I have to hold the vacuum so it doesn't fall. 2) the filters. You are supposed to be able to remove them and clean them in the sink with water but I found that after I did that just ONCE they smelled moldy almost. Anytime I used the vacuum after that it gave off that funky smell so I ended up having to buy new filters after only a month of having the vacuum.

Comment from Joe - 10/16/2012

If you prefer not to wash your filters, you can knock them out as best as you can, but over time you will have to replace them as the dust and dirt will collect. If you do wash them, make sure you let them thoroughly dry. I recommend 48 hours to be safe. You may just want to have 2 sets of filters on hand so you can always use one while the other is drying. Here is a link to get the filters:

Army wife85
Fort Riley, Madison, KS 67432, USA
I think this smart vacuum is a smart buy

Customer review by sarahb

4.0 stars 9/21/2013 by sarahb
by sarahb

I really like this vacuum. I've had it for a little more than 1 year. Pros -cleans my floors (mostly carpet) very well -moves around easily -reliable -all but 1 of the filters can be rinsed at home. I love not having the hassle and expense of buying new filters all the time. -it lights up to tell you when filters need to be cleaned -it lights up to tell you when the floor is clean. Not sure how well such a sensor can detect cleanliness, but 1) getting everything up from my carpet is important to maintain it and 2) vacuuming can be a tedious task but watching the light makes it more fun. -the automatic cord rewind is more convenient than I expected Although these are not faults, there are 2 minor things I don't like: -it takes a while for the filters to dry, so I can only wash them if I am completely done with vacuuming for a few days. -it isn't easy to use this to clean carpeted stairs, and there isn't a stair cleaning attachment that fits this machine.

Comment from Lisa - 9/23/2013

Thank you for your review. You can order the filters direct; this way you have an extra set on hand instead of waiting to vacuum. Here is the link to order:

San Diego, CA, USA
Best Quality Performance Vacuum

Customer review by rwharold

5.0 stars 6/16/2013 by rwharold
by rwharold

It is a very powerful vacuum with a 12 amp motor. It is very easy to maneuver and cleans a 15 inch wide edge to edge path. Maintenance is very simple. Just empty the dust cup when full. Occasionally take out the filter cup underneath the dust cup and clean and wash both the outer circular foam filter and the inner circular pleated filter. Be sure to let them both air dry for 24 hours. You may also remove the small lower circular post motor foam filter and wash and air dry. The HEPA filter on the side of the vacuum is not washable and should be replaced annually. Maintenance is very easy. The features that I like most are the retractable 25 foot cord, the head lamp, the red and green lights Clean Carpet Sensor and the Turbo Brush attachment. All-in-all, it is a great vacuum and out performs all the the higher priced vacuums. I would highly recommend the Bissell 58F83 Rewind SmartClean to anyone wanting a great quality powerful vacuum. Best of all it has a 3-year warranty unlike the many others which have only a 1-year warranty.

Reston, VA, USA
Great Value

Customer review by Mary

5.0 stars 12/7/2016 by Mary
by Mary

This vacuum has great pick up power. It really gets the dirt and dust out of the carpet, not clearly visible. The indicator lights are something to get used to. I suggested it to a friend who has a dog and she loves it. She too could not believe the pick up power it has. She was amazed at all the dirt it picked up.

Clark Lake, MI
Worst vacuum I have ever owned.

Customer review by Keli

1.0 stars 11/21/2016 by Keli
by Keli

I am so disappointed with this purchase. This vacuum worked once or twice and now seems to have lost all suction. All it does is push debris around the floor. I've only had it two months. Guests are on their way and I am up a creek. I will be seeking a refund.

Comment from Nikki - 11/22/2016

Sorry to hear you're having some trouble with the vacuum, Keli - it sounds like we may have a clog in hose. Give these steps a try and you'll be back to vacuuming in no time!

Plano, TX, USA
I love this vacuum- but the stupid HEPA filter won't stay on!

Customer review by Jeff 61

4.0 stars 5/16/2014 by Jeff 61
by Jeff 61

My wife and I placed this vacuum on our wedding registry, and we were very excited when we received it. We also have an older, smaller model Bissell that we like so much, we still have it. We love this vacuum because it works really well at cleaning the floor- and that's why we asked for it! The suction is excellent and the retractable cord is a really cool feature. Despite our satisfaction with these 2 features, there are 2 complaints that we have. 1. The HEPA Media Filter and filter cover just started randomly blowing off of the machine last week! It's the weirdest thing- every time we turn the machine on, it flies off. We taped it down, but the force from the air was powerful enough to blow through the tape. Annoying! 2. The attachments are also pretty disappointing. Once you attach them to the hose, the suction is absolutely awful. We use our older model Bissell to handle couches curtains, and blinds.

Jeff 61
Malden, MA, USA

Customer review by Eddie55

4.0 stars 3/3/2014 by Eddie55
by Eddie55

I just picked up a used/rebuilt unit and so far, I'm impressed. I got it from my local vac repair shop as I just wanted something easy, simple and inexpensive for my lower-level basement/office (where my wife prefers I NOT use her expensive Simplicity vac.#. After trying it out, she now wants the Bissell upstairs! I had just vacuumed with the Dirt Devil that quit on me, and the Bissell picked up so much more. The little Turbo Brush tool hits the stairs like nothing else can. I've learned a lot about 'bagless' when I was shopping for more expensive brands, and I know that bagless vacs are not as well sealed, so I get that, but it is easy to see how you're doing and its easy to keep emply/clean all the time without a dirt-bag hanging out in your closet between changes. I love the retractable cord and another reviewer said they didn't like the location of it #too low#, which he has a point. However, I just loop it over the hose hook toward the top. No big deal. I do have to get my hands on the little 'multi-tool' brush though, as it was missing from my used one, which is otherwise immaculate.

Great upgrade from my 15 year old Bissell model 3596 Revolution vacuum.

Customer review by Tom3529

5.0 stars 1/9/2014 by Tom3529
by Tom3529

Approximately 15 years ago I purchased a Bissell model 3596 Revolution bagless upright vacuum cleaner with a filter clean sensor and the red and green cleaning sensor lights. What an excellent workhorse it has been! I have 2 long haired cats that necessitate almost daily vacuuming of the house. Each time I vacuum I get at least a softball size ball of cat hair from the vacuum. The clean sensor lights are an absolute wonder in how well they work in sensing and helping to remove deep down dirt from the carpeting. Alas, after 15 years of continual use the mechanism that holds the vacuum in an upright position became unrepairable . I wanted another Bissell with sensor clean lights and this time a rewind cord. I found that plus more in the Smart Clean 58F83. Although I was very pleased with the Revolution cleaning system in the old vacuum I must say the Helix cleaning system is a major improvement. It cleans better and it is easier to clean the filters. And of course, the Smart Clean lights are invaluable if you really want a deep down cleaning of your carpets. Congratulations Bissell on a superb evolutionary product.

Wellington, FL, USA

Customer review by smellymcsmellsmell

3.0 stars 7/6/2013 by smellymcsmellsmell
by smellymcsmellsmell

We received this as a wedding gift and were VERY excited about it. We've had great experiences with it, that is UNTIL we cleaned the filters. I washed the filters as directed and let them air dry for at least three days, maybe more. Today when I went to use the vacum (about 1.5 weeks after washing the filters - we're grad students, give us a break!) the smell was AWFUL. It smelled SO much like mildew we were gagging and thought the machine ate our nasty gym shorts or something. We re-washed the filters and purchased new ones that will (hopefully) come in the mail soon. Long story short, it takes MUCH MORE than 24 hours for these filters to dry, and it is a total disgusting mistake to use them when they're not dry. Of course, had I known they weren't dry I wouldn't have used them, they seemed dry to me! Hopefully with the new dry filters the vacum won't stink, if it does then this three star rating is sure to drop to a one or two star. However, like I said - it has worked great for us suction-wise. We have a dog and cat that shed like crazy and it picks everything up! Great for animal owners, just beware of cleaning/drying the filters.

Comment from Lisa - 7/9/2013

Thank you for your review. With such a strong odor; perhaps the filters just needed to replace instead of washed. We are certain you won't have this odor with new filters!

I love this vacuum!

Customer review by janetinbatonrouge

4.0 stars 9/28/2012 by janetinbatonrouge
by janetinbatonrouge

I love this vacuum. I had no idea how dirty my carpet was! The only reason it does not get a five points is because it is a little bit heavy, the attachment wand would do well to be a little longer, and the cord is in an awkward spot making it necessary to always be holding it out of the way. But it is powerful, manuevers pretty good despite the heaviness and the main filters are washable. It has a great turbo attachment for vacuuming furniture that is awesome. I got it because my dog had got fleas in the carpet and I needed something powerful to not just suck them up but the powder treatment I had sprinkled in the rug. The light that goes green when the carpet is clean is really a help although I thought it was gimmicky at first. It really works. It is substantial and does not have a cheap feeling part on it. I am very happy with this.

Baton Rouge, LA, USA
Has a great features

Customer review by sakurakan44

5.0 stars 9/12/2016 by sakurakan44
by sakurakan44

Is excellent product,I'm use it two times a week.Clean very well.

Abbotsford, WI, USA
worked great , but smells bad now

Customer review by herculees

1.0 stars 5/13/2013 by herculees
by herculees

at first i loved this vacuum the clean and dirty lamps , and the filter indicator , but even though i live in a one bedroom apartment with no pets something is worng with the unit after a few months. It smells really bad , i cleaned all the filters and the smell seesm to be coming from the motor itself a really bad smell that stinks up the whole apartment . I had a cheap bagless before this one that lasted several years , i didnt want to spend a ton of money for the really high end stuff and was sure bissell makes a mid level product , right now I dont know what to do , it might be unusable probably to old to return and I shouldnt have to pay to repair it already when it was used very slightly probably only once a week , in a one bedroom apartment no pets for a few months . My next one might not be a bissell though .

Comment from Lisa - 5/16/2013

Thanks for your feedback. You may need to replace the filters. To order click at this link: If new filters don't help, you can have your machine inspected at a BISSELL Service Center. For locations, click here:

Light and powerful

Customer review by JRH211

5.0 stars 6/23/2016 by JRH211
by JRH211

The vacuum is very light and powerful. Excellent positioning of attachments means that I do not have to carry attachments in my pocket when using the vacuum. Cord is longer than most Bissell machines, this helps with cleaning larger areas. I like the rewind capability for the cord as it saves time. The light indicators also are a major plus. This vacuum will make you think that you were not taking care of your floor surfaces at all with the amount of debris that you will collect in the dirt container.

Rineyville, KY 42701, USA

Customer review by CleanFreak

2.0 stars 11/25/2012 by CleanFreak
by CleanFreak

We received this vacuum as a wedding gift that we put on our registry. We have been using the vacuum for a year, since August 2011. It worked great at first, however, about 6 months in it started to stink. At first, I washed the filters as recommended, let them dry but it still smelled. So then, I bought new filters from the website and even on first use of the new filters, it still smelled. I then went through the how-to-guides to check the belt, the spin brush, cleaned both those areas off of any debris, hair, etc. I read I could vacuum up some baking soda to help with a smell....that helped a SMALL bit. I like the vacuum and want to keep using it but at this point it smells too disgusting that I am going to have to purchase a new one.

Comment from Lisa - 11/28/2012

Perhaps a maintenance cleaning is needed. Also, we do not recommend using baking soda. For a BISSELL Service Center location, please click at this link We hope this helps!

Columbus, Ohio
Great product!!

Customer review by Galwriter

5.0 stars 5/23/2012 by Galwriter
by Galwriter

I am very happy with my purchase of this product. When our old vacumn finally gave up I told my husband we had to get another. After reading your good reviws, we decided to give it a try since we already have your Bissell carpet shampoo cleaner and was happy with it. Our carpet was pretty dirty, what with 3 kids at home and always having more grandchildren coming to sleep over so that they can play. Boy, was I surprised when we first vacumn the carpet! It picked up more dirt than my old vacumn. Not only the den and living area, but also the bedroom which didn't have that much traffic. Both my husband and I are very happy we decided to get this product. I definitely recommend it to one and all. I liked the green light, red light feature.

Torrance, CA 90504, USA
Cleans well, nice features, good value

Customer review by sandraskates

4.0 stars 12/1/2012 by sandraskates
by sandraskates

This seems to be a great little vacuum. I didn't think I'd find another vacuum with the clean sensor lights so when I saw this feature included it was a deciding factor in the purchase. With 4 cats we fill up the cup pretty quickly with fur. Our carpets look a lot cleaner overall than they did with our old vacuum. It "would be nice" if you didn't have to bend down to change the floor setting and "it would also be nice" if the beater bar had an off for when you're using the hand wands. But if I weigh these "nice to haves" with the price of the machine I think it is a good value overall. Hopefully it will last a few years. I also have a Bissell Lift-Off carpet cleaning machine that is truly an excellent product.

Northern California
Trying to find something to like about this vacuum

Customer review by Medeyah

2.0 stars 8/26/2013 by Medeyah
by Medeyah

Soooo disappointed with this vacuum and thinking of going back to one of the brands I've used for years. I've only used this vacuum twice. On my first use, I was impressed with all the fine dust which was suctioned from my carpet. However, it wasn't long before I was facing a disaster. I attached the turbo tool to do the stairs and the vacuum spewed dust all over the floor, itself and me. I think it came from the hose wand base. The DIRT CONTAINER WAS NOT FULL, the FILTER LIGHT WAS NOT ON and it spewed dust like a volcano. I emptied the dirt containers, washed the washable filters and had to get my old reliable vacuum out to clean up the mess and clean off my new vacuum. The washed filters sat on my laundry shelf to dry for more than a week. Today I put the filters back, turned on the vacuum and the stench was the most foul odor. With completely empty and clean containers, I attached the turbo tool to do the stairs and once again dust and carpet fuzz was all over the floor, the Bissell and me. Went to the store, bought bags for my old reliable and cleaned up the mess again. Planned to keep my old vacuum to clean out the cars but so far I've needed it to clean up after using my new Bissell. Would like to hear from Bissell before I return this failure to the store.

Comment from Lisa - 8/28/2013

We appreciate your comments. This does sound frustrating; we can help you. Even though you cleaned the filters, what you described sounds like there is hair/debris clogging up your vacuum. Please check out this link for more help.


Customer review by JohnnyT

5.0 stars 8/14/2013 by JohnnyT
by JohnnyT

I did not expect the change in my carpet after using this vacuum. It feels as if I am walking on a new carpet!!! For this I gave it 5 stars. That is what I bought it for now isn't it? It is heavy but I knew that so I cannot detract for that reason. Now the fun. The little furniture attachment is wonderful but you have to be sure it does not clog. The intake is small but it just whizzes when used and was a pleasant surprise as was the lights that indicates when you have a cleaned carpet. I use it !!! And it is easy to empty and the wind up cord makes it a pleasure to use. The biggest tell as to how well it works is I used it after using my old one and it filled up!!! And built like a tank.

Pittsburgh, PA, USA
not too sure will probably return!

Customer review by tt

3.0 stars 1/17/2013 by tt
by tt

Just recieved this vacume as a christmas present. Poor edge suction. short hose. and during use the main unit falls over. electral cord does not stay in the outlet. does poor job on hard floor surfaces and average on short carpet. I have washed and cleaned all the filters 2x already. Witch is definitely required with this unit. The filter already smells. I just decided to keep the vacume and order 3 more filters, scince it takes 2days for them to dry! The filters are out of stock!! I also attempted to purchase an extention for the hand hose, and it does not look like it is available. I believe I will just return it! Too much work and I can not go 2 days without a vacume.

Comment from Lisa - 1/21/2013

Thank you for your review. We are sorry you are disappointed with your purchase. Make sure the height adjustment is on the correct setting for your floor level for the best suction. The filters should be back in stock very soon. To set up a pending order click at the link

Avon Lake, OH, USA
1-20 of 152 total reviews
1-20 of 152 reviews