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1-20 of 50 total reviews
1-20 of 50 reviews
Not Overly Impressed & No SPF

Customer review by Jenn8779

3.0 stars 2/22/2012 by Jenn8779
by Jenn8779

This product is just okay, in my opinion. While it was lightweight and is stated as being non-comedogenic, it does contain mineral oil high up in the list of ingredients and that can clog pores. Additionally, while it provides decent basic moisture, it really doesn't do much else. Also, the product line doesn't offer a moisturizer with SPF in the lightweight lotion category, only in a cream for drier skins. I would recommend it for very young skins, as a night moisturizer but not for older skins that need more performance from their skin care. If you are out and about in the sun regularly, you will need to either layer a sunscreen or change brands. I won't purchase this again but will stay with the product I was using whihc is also for sensitive skin and contains an SPF.

Beverly, NJ
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Skin type:Combination
Best hydration for oily skin.

Customer review by Sodi

5.0 stars 1/23/2014 by Sodi
by Sodi

I have to say that I absolutely love this product and I'm so happy that I found this moisturizer.  I have extremely oily acne prone skin and have had no luck with many products, both expensive and inexpensive. I normally use rice paper several times a day to dab all the excess oil from my skin. After using for a few days, I almost couldn't believe that I went an entire day without having to use the rice paper. Its great at providing enough hydration so my skin won't over produce oil. I would definitely recommend trying this product.

Massachusetts, United States
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
People with breakouts beware!

Customer review by Tiffy928

2.0 stars 3/9/2012 by Tiffy928
by Tiffy928

I decided to try this line since I'm trying the "no harsh chemicals" for my skin. Well, I have normal breakouts for my semi-oily skin and use of this made my skin EXTRA oily, in turn breaking my skin out like crazy! If you have even remotely oily skin, do not use this product before make up application. Now because I don't want my money wasted, I went back to my clean and clear face wash and only use this as a night moisturizer (and I use very little) and it seems to be working out ok so far.

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Macungie, PA
Would recommend to a friend? No
Age:25 - 34
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Every day

Customer review by Amai

5.0 stars 10/4/2012 by Amai
by Amai

I am so happy that I have finally found a moisturizer that doesn't make my face oily. I have oily skin and so every time I have ever used any kind of moisturizer it made my face even oilier, which in turn made me breakout. With the Simple light moisturizer I don't worry about any of that. I only have to use a pea sized amount and my skin immediately absorbs it like water on a hot summer day. It never feels heavy and doesn't leave my face shiny. It's absolutely perfect! I can wear it under my makeup without any problems and there isn't any bold scent. I recommend this moisturizer to women of all skin types, it has the perfect consistency and feels great. Thank you Simple!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Skin type:Oily
loving it

Customer review by appreciate

5.0 stars 1/23/2014 by appreciate
by appreciate

I love it ... it doesn't dry my face and isn't oily its actually perfect for me . I need to buy more I bought the trial size and loved it would definitely recommend thank you....;)

Detroit, MI, United States
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by kelsey123

5.0 stars 12/17/2013 by kelsey123
by kelsey123

Great product. I would definitely recommended it. It doesn't make my face oily at all, which other lotions usually do

Nice light moisture, no scent

Customer review by CooksWife

5.0 stars 8/27/2012 by CooksWife
by CooksWife

Great for those with sensitive skin

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Would recommend to a friend? Yes
excellent for dry sensitive skin

Customer review by mariss

5.0 stars 3/18/2014 by mariss
by mariss

It is the only hydrating moisturizer that helped me correct my dry sensitive skin.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
I've used this moisturiser for years...

Customer review by Clare

5.0 stars 1/31/2012 by Clare
by Clare

...and I love what it does for my skin. I have quite oily skin but without moisturiser I get a lot of dry patches too so it is quite hard to get the balance right when picking moisturisers. This one however is so light that it sinks into my skin straight away leaving it feeling soft and soothed, and at the same time not leaving any greasiness! I use this every morning before I put my make up on to give a nice base and unlike a lot of others I have tried, it doesn't then leave your make up sliding off your face. 10/10 for this moisturiser. This is a review from a UK consumer about the UK Hydrating Light Moisturiser.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Skin type:Normal
Pretty Good Stuff

Customer review by RaRaKT

4.0 stars 10/22/2012 by RaRaKT
by RaRaKT

I bought this (along with the exfoliating facial scrub) and OH MY GOSH! I don't think my face has EVER been this soft. It feels amazing. I have super dry skin (especially in the winter) and was always left with dry patches when I applied liquid foundation so I was amazed at how well this moisturizer coated my skin, the only consistent dry patch I have now is between my eyebrows but it's not even remotely as noticeable as it once was. I love this stuff and will continue to keep buying it. And the best part is that a little goes a LONG way. It'll take me a while to go through the whole bottle. I may buy the other moisturizer Simple offers just for the sake of trying it. Amazing Amazing my husband likes the softness of my skin now :)

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Ferndale, WA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:18 - 24
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Every day
Very light and simple:)

Customer review by Tiara24

5.0 stars 3/30/2012 by Tiara24
by Tiara24

This moisturizer is great! I love the lightness of the cream, it doesn't smother my pores at all. I love how my complexion seems a bit brighter after I put this cream on. It's 100% fragrance free and I was surprised. Some products still have a bland smell to them even though they're fragrance free, but not Simple. I must admit, I wasn't even sure about purchasing a moisturizer because I have oily skin and I thought that it would make my face even more oily, but it did no such thing. I've been using this moisturizer for a little under a week now and so far so good:-) I will definitely be buying this again.

Oak Lawn, IL
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Skin type:Oily
Does it's job well!

Customer review by Kagen10

5.0 stars 11/20/2012 by Kagen10
by Kagen10

This moisturizer is pretty darn awesome! And this is coming from someoneone with acne prone skin that likes to magically combust when it wants. Its lightweight and easily absorbs, calming and soothing my skin. I stay moisturized and best part no greasy feeling afterwards. It also keeps the oily parts of my face under control which is also a winner! Please note for those of you who tend to stay on the dryer side you might want to go for the extra rich moisturizer since this one is great for oily/combo skin types.

New York, NY, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Skin type:Combination
Love This Brand!

Customer review by EmilyMichelle

5.0 stars 7/31/2013 by EmilyMichelle
by EmilyMichelle

I have dry skin, and this moisturizer is an absolute necessity in my skincare routine. It leaves my skin soft and hydrated, but it's very lightweight and doesn't irritate my skin or leave it feeling greasy at all. Works well before makeup. In the morning, I put it on after washing my face with their scrub and moisturizing cleanser and before my makeup, and at night, I often use it after their facial wipes to remove my makeup. I love all of their products that I've used. Very pleased! I'm a customer for life! :)

Des Moines, IA, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Skin type:Dry
Love this Light Moisturizer

Customer review by Newallens

5.0 stars 8/16/2012 by Newallens
by Newallens

I love this product. It's very light weight, non-greasy, refreshing, pleasant scent, and a little goes a long way. There are a lot of products out there that claim to 'not be greasy'. Take my advice when I say this product isn't greasy. I apply about a dime size for my face and another dime size for around my neck. Give it about 2 minutes and you skin will soak it up and feel smooth and refreshed. I love this product line. I won't be switching from Simple for a long time!!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Skin type:Combination
Perfect moisturizer for my skin

Customer review by meglor

5.0 stars 3/6/2012 by meglor
by meglor

This moisturizer is perfect for skin like mine. I have combination skin, leaning more towards being oily. I would always get freaked out about moisturizer as I always thought they made me look shiny. This moisturizer is wonderful. It absorbs quickly and doesn't make me look super shiny. And it smells GREAT too, that might be one of my favorite things about this product. It smells so clean and fresh but it is not at all overwhelming. I highly recommend this moisturizer.

Charleston, SC, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Skin type:Combination

Customer review by Eleanor

2.0 stars 2/20/2013 by Eleanor
by Eleanor

I absolutely LOVE simple products. The night moisturizer is my favorite. But this particular product has alcohol in it. My skin has been incredibly dry for the past couple weeks of winter, during which I have been improving my daily cleansing and moisturizing. I'm been religious about it. But when my skin was really dry, I did my research and found the alcohol. Make sure that if you have dry skin, use a different product. Wish this wasn't the case :(

Would recommend to a friend? No
Skin type:Normal
It's a Miracle!

Customer review by Lotus

4.0 stars 6/22/2013 by Lotus
by Lotus

Most products I've used made me either break out or made my skin more oily. I was skeptical about it because it was made for sensitive skin, but it didn't hurt to try. After using it for a couple of days, I've notice a big difference. This moisturizer helped me balanced out my oily skin and blemeshes. My skin felt soft as a baby. and the best part, no break outs. This product was definitely made for me. It's great, effective and affordable.

Would recommend to a friend? No
Skin type:Combination
Helps Pimples dissapear!

Customer review by wiltzry

5.0 stars 2/15/2014 by wiltzry
by wiltzry

I have been trying a lot of sensitive skin product for years but all of them didn't work on my face at all, so I tried to use Simple, it has been two weeks right now, I find it helps my skin from getting dry and didn't breakout my pimples or acne, I combined two acne products (differin & dalacin T gel) after applying the moisturizer and it gives an excellent result in just a day ! no more acne less than a month

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Best I've found

Customer review by exiledlove

5.0 stars 6/3/2012 by exiledlove
by exiledlove

I've always had a problem with facial products drying my skin and therefore leaving my breakouts to spread. I decided to try this because it was much cheaper than the Burt's Bee's facial moisturizers. I loved how light and easy it went on. My face now feels much smoother and my breakouts are totally under control! I hardly have to use any to get it to cover my face too! LOVE it! For sure will repurchase when out!

Logan, UT, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Skin type:Combination
Amazing stuff!

Customer review by bakerrox288

5.0 stars 6/16/2012 by bakerrox288
by bakerrox288

This stuff is a godsend! I've been using this for about a week now, along with other products from Simple. This stuff is simply amazing! I have such oily skin, especially around my t zone and chin, so finding a moisturizer that is this light is wonderful. I put it on one night and only threw water on my face the next morning, and the following night my face still wasn't all oily and shiny.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Skin type:Oily
1-20 of 50 total reviews
1-20 of 50 reviews