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2412 reviews | 4.4 out of 5

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2412 reviews | 4.4 out of 5

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1-20 of 2409 reviews
Who wears short shorts?

Customer review by mayra02

5.0 stars 9/20/2016 by mayra02
by mayra02

This couldn't have come at a better time. With excruciatingly hot dinners in Texas, I live in shorts or skirts. Due to that, I have to shave very often. Initially I thought that the Gillette Venus & Olay razor wouldn't give me a close enough shave because it was so light, but I was wrong. It gave me a silky smooth shave, without even using shaving cream. There were no cuts and I didn't feel the need to go over it several times, as I do with other razors. The next day, the hair on my legs still was not visible and my skin did not feel irritated in the least. It came with an extra replacement blade, which was great. It is something that I would personally buy again and recommend to others. I received this complimentary razor from Gillette in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Spring, TX
My choice of razor

Customer review by bamagurlforever

5.0 stars 9/22/2016 by bamagurlforever
by bamagurlforever

Here in the south, summer may technically be over, but it is still really hot! I'm not quite ready to pack away my shorts yet, so I need to keep my legs smooth and hair free. The Gillette Venus & Olay razor is the perfect razor to keep my legs silky smooth! The 5 blades get a close shave while the olay moisture strip creates a perfect lather all on it's own, no need for shaving cream. Not to mention the handle is one of the best I've tried as far as comfortable grip and not slipping out of my hand. Which is important to me since I'm clumsy. It even came with this neat little holder that sticks to the shower wall. This is definitely my choice of razor. ** Note** I received this product for free from Gillette in exchange for review. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Clanton, AL
Mmmm, Sugarberry!

Customer review by Karessd

4.0 stars 6/7/2013 by Karessd
by Karessd

I recently had the privilege of trying the new Venus & Olay Razor through a program run by Gillette Venus. When I received the razor I was impressed with the packaging it came in. I also love that the razor comes with it's very own cartridge to hang in the shower when you're finished! The actual shaving experience was a dream! True to it's product claims, there is zero need for shaving cream with this razor. The Venus & Olay razor left my legs smooth and soft with no nicks or cuts, and the sugarberry scent of the moisture bars was delicious. My only *slight* gripe was that once the moisture bars get wet they become a bit sticky. However this isn't a major problem at all because hanging the razor to dry after use eliminates any chances of the razor sticking to any surfaces. I can't see myself going back to my regular razor after trying this one! I'm officially spoiled and although this razor was provided to me, I fully plan to repurchase the Gillette Venus & Olay razor soon as possible!

Venus and Olay / A Perfect Match

Customer review by Jferrell

5.0 stars 9/30/2016 by Jferrell
by Jferrell

I have used the Venus brand razor from Gillette for several years, and now my two college age daughters love it as much as I do. When Ibtold my oldest how Olay was the moisturizer included on the Venus razor she was excited. This razor last for quite a while so economically it is Perfect for my entire family . Please give Venus with Olay a try. You will NOT regret it.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
great razor !!

Customer review by jae06571

5.0 stars 10/10/2016 by jae06571
by jae06571

i loved it !! the handle design was good , and the razor provided a close smooth shave. i would recommend this to any one looking for a great brand of razor : ) [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

West Chester, PA
Venus & Olay Razor Review

Customer review by Lizy19

4.0 stars 8/18/2014 by Lizy19
by Lizy19

I received a free Gillette Venus &Olay Razor to try. When I first opened the package, I was pleasantly surprised to find a compact razor holder that suctioned perfectly on the glass in my shower. The blade is surrounded by the Olay moisture bars, which made it a little hard to attach the blade to the handle. I thought that I broke it a few times while assembling it, but thankfully I didn't. It took a few strokes to get comfortable using it, as the moisture bars are a lot bigger than any moisture strip I've ever seen on a razor, but once I worked out all the kinks, the razor works really well. My skin feels soft and my shave seems to last a little bit longer. It is easy to maneuver over knees and ankles. I bought one for my teenage daughter and she likes it even better than I do. She hasn't had any cuts or nicks like she usually does. I've been using it for about 2 weeks and the moisture bars are still going strong. I would say that this is a top quality razor and recommend using it.

Palm City, FL
I got soft legs and a good cut

Customer review by bbwoman2000

5.0 stars 9/27/2016 by bbwoman2000
by bbwoman2000

I think this razor was awesome. It cut my hair very well and left me so soft afterwards. You dont even need shaving cream really. If you are in a rush splash some water and do a quick shave. I can't even find one bad thing about this razor. Holding on the the grip of the razor is easy and it is light weight. I am a swimmer so it helps a lot with my chlorine dried out skin. It also doesn't leave razor bumps and didn't cut up my skin. I received the product for free from Gillette and I am glad I did. I will 100% be purchasing this product again! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Murray, KY
Gillette Venus and Olay Razor

Customer review by RIPPERSWIFE

5.0 stars 9/29/2016 by RIPPERSWIFE

I have probably gotten the closest and best shave I've ever had with this razor. With zero razor burn which was always a problem for me. This one has just the exact amount of moisturizer needed to get the close shave you want. I am a huge fan of Olay products. I am never disappointed. Ever!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Better Than Expected!

Customer review by stephjoy613

4.0 stars 8/11/2016 by stephjoy613
by stephjoy613

I was reluctant to use this razor to shave my legs without shaving cream because I tend to get razor burn very easily if my legs aren't properly moisturized. Nonetheless, I decided to give this razor a go and see what it could do. I was pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy it was to shave my legs. Wetting the razor and moisture bars was sufficient to have a smooth shave. The only tough part was keeping track of where I had and hadn't shaved since there was no shaving cream. I didn't have any nicks or cuts because the blades are so small and close together, which was great. The only "downside" I would say this razor has is that the moisture bar material tends to slick up the razor, which makes it a little tough to clean. Other than that I was very happy with the scent, smoothness of the shave, and moisturization of my skin after using the razor. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Richmond, VA
MUCH better than other razors I've tried

Customer review by Zee10

4.0 stars 6/29/2013 by Zee10
by Zee10

First of all, Gillette Venus did a superb job with the packaging. It was very innovative and even though its one of those plastic boxes that are invincible against scissors, they made a little pull tab and a perforation to make it easy and simple to open. No jagged shards of plastic laying around after opening this box! The Razor itself was beautiful with a nice cushy handle and pretty colors. After using it for the first time, my legs stayed smoother than they had with the usual generic razors I buy. Three days after I used it my legs still have aminimal amount of stubble as compared to larger amounts three days after the generic razors I used to use. The process itself wsa also nice, I did not cut myself nor did my legs sting in the shower the next day from too close a shave- nope- it was heavenly. Overall, I would definitely recommend people to buy this and I myself will definitely be repurchasing! (The only reason I put four stars is that I prefer other methods of hair removal to shaving.)

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Love this razor

Customer review by Michou

5.0 stars 9/26/2016 by Michou
by Michou

I've always been a nair girl but I tried this razor and I love it. It gets a close shave and leave my skin smooth. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
I Love My Venus & Olay Razor!

Customer review by Treylynnl

5.0 stars 6/5/2015 by Treylynnl
by Treylynnl

I received a Venus & Olay razor through a program run by Venus to give a try. I have used the razor a few times now, and I absolutely love it! I have tried the razor both in the shower and the bath tub, and it works great in both places. I love the Olay bars on the sides of the razor. It completely eliminates the need for shaving cream, and it left my legs feeling so soft and silky rather than dry like they can be sometimes when I use other razors. I feel that this specific razor, the one with Olay rather than other types of bars on the sides, was even more moisturizing than some of the other razors of this kind that I have tried out in the past, and it didn't feel slimy like they sometimes do. I also felt that the razor was able to contour to my legs very well, and so it provided a wonderful close shave without having to try to reach around in crazy angles to be able to shave. Overall, this razor provides a very good shaving experience and I would definitely buy this product in the future! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

South Jordan, UT
LOVE! This razor!

Customer review by mamabomba

5.0 stars 9/30/2016 by mamabomba
by mamabomba

This razor was amazing! Smooth legs with no messy shaving cream hands! The olay lathers your legs as you shave! I will recommend to all my friends!! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Calumet City, IL
One of the best razors I have used!

Customer review by hashl3y

5.0 stars 6/22/2015 by hashl3y
by hashl3y

I usually use a men's razor, as the female ones tend to cut my legs for some unknown reason. However, since using the Venus & Olay razor, my legs have been much smoother, and I haven't a single cut on my legs. It is self-self-lathering as you shave, has 5 sharp blades, and is very easy to hold in your hand. I really like the scent as well. It's just right as far as scents go- not too overpowering, yet just fragrant enough to leave behind a subtle smell. The fact that you don't have to lather up before using this razor is a plus. It allowed me to just wet my legs and shave the hair away with ease, leaving my legs clean and without any stubble. Its ease of use is what really draws me in. It fits perfectly in your hand, and even has a non-slip grip on the handle to ensure the razor stays put while in use. All in all, I recommend Venus & Olay razors to anyone who us curious about them. I got great results from it, and am grateful to have been given the product for free to test out! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Grayland, WA
Not usually what I go for, but pleasantly surprised

Customer review by CSchryver2340

4.0 stars 6/15/2015 by CSchryver2340
by CSchryver2340

I got the Venus & Olay razor through a program run by Venus to test the product out. My typical razor go-to is just a regular 4-blade Venus razor with refillable blades. I have used razors with "soap" attachments in the past and that put me off. I like Olay products so I tried this razor with an open mind and I have to say that I think my favorite part about it was how well it handled those gentle areas that tend to get irritated the second the blade touches your skin... you know... the areas that tend to get friction from undergarments... At first I thought the razor probably would not be able to handle it, but having the instant moisturizer that soothed my skin was great. My underarms are the same way - they get irritated when I hope of out of the shower from drying out because the shaving cream doesn't moisturize no matter what the bottle says. Definitely recommend if you have sensitive skin or get irritation easily in areas that are going to be more exposed in these upcoming summer months! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Knightdale, NC
this is a great product

Customer review by suzy22

5.0 stars 9/21/2016 by suzy22
by suzy22

i really love the gillette venus/olay razor. i use it all the time. i would definitely recommend this product to my friends and family.

buckfield, maine
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Gillette Venus & Olay VanillaCreme Razor

Customer review by imsammxo

4.0 stars 7/11/2016 by imsammxo
by imsammxo

I really love this razor! I was given the opportunity to try this razor for free from Gillette for my honest review. I love it. But who doesnt love venus razors. This razor was nice. It was lightweight and the 5 blades give a really smooth, close shave. I love that there is the added "soap" bar and moisturizing bar on the razor. It leaves me with smooth legs with less nicks and irritation. I am a mom of a 1 year old and I dont have the luxury of sitting in the tub forever using all sorts of gels and whatnot to get a great smooth shave with this razor I don't even need to worry about lathering up before hand since everything I need is on the razor its self. The only downside its that I have to really make sure I rinse really well afterwards because there is a slight soap scummy feeling on my hands afterwards and the soap and moisture bars are half gone after 2 uses. I dont know how long they are supposed to last but it doesnt look like they will last very long. It does moisturize well, could be better though and the scent is weak. But overall I really like this razor and will probably buy it. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Council Bluffs, IA
Amazing product

Customer review by ronda94

5.0 stars 10/27/2015 by ronda94
by ronda94

I just want to take this time now and really thank Gillette Venus for giving me such an honor to be 1 of the million to test out the Venus and olay razor. Since using this razor I have seen tremendous change since using this product. This razor beats any razor that I have purchase and used. I have not experience quick hair growth once I used it. At least two days or maybe three before I have to re shave again and it has Lessing the hair growth as well. It smells so amazing. It's not harsh and it doesn't burn your nose once you have smell it. It's so easy to grip and hold at the same time. It glides so smooth upon the skin and it leaves such a gentle and soft surface upon my skin. I love the built in lotion it just makes it even better to avoid using shaving cream. Keep up the good work. Hope to be part of any other free giveaways to test in the near future. I highly recommend this to anyone to buy because this now my all time favorite razor to use for here and on out !! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Goodman, MS
Perfection- Venus & Olay Razor

Customer review by LizDeLaRosa

5.0 stars 7/28/2015 by LizDeLaRosa
by LizDeLaRosa

The Venus & Olay Razor is perfection and heaven at the tips of my fingers. Something I would have liked to know before hand is if shaving cream was needed to use the product. I had to try it out with out shaving cream first to see if that was fine and it worked like a charm! I loved this razor as it leaves my skin silky smooth and smelling great and it also give me a close shave. As a dancer I appreciate how this razor leaves my legs/underarms hairless and so soft and smooth. My legs were hydrated well with the moisturizing power of Olay as well as my underarms. This leaves this dancer smooth and feeling great/confident and performance ready! I recommend it to anybody and everybody who needs that extra close shave and extra moisture in their skin that's exposed all the time. It's a great product and I love the way it makes my skin feel and the way the product smells like vanilla. If you don't have it, get it and see the wonders it will work for you and your beautiful body! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Fort Lauderdale, FL
Gillette Venus & Olay razor

Customer review by jillledford

5.0 stars 9/20/2016 by jillledford
by jillledford

I think this is one of the best disposable razors on the market today. It glided over my legs with such ease that I didn't even feel like I was shaving. It left my legs so smooth and soft, and with no need for shaving cream! I received this product for free from Gillette in exchange for an honest review. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Middletown, OH
1-20 of 2409 total reviews
1-20 of 2409 reviews