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1310 reviews | 4.4 out of 5

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1-20 of 1307 reviews
great for sensitive skin like me

Customer review by Edensamanda

4.0 stars 10/27/2015 by Edensamanda
by Edensamanda

Okay, I was excited to get my first BzzAgent box and I was not disappointed. I've never gotten this kind of razor and opening it up was exciting, first the hook to hold the razor love. The moisture bars was huge and amazing. I have sensitive skin I've tried several different razors and my legs always comes out dry and with bumps. This razor it's been 30 minutes since I shaved and my legs are soft and smooth, I usually have to put lotion on and right now they don't need it. My only issue with it is my legs wasn't hairy it was getting there though and by the time I got to my second leg I had to shave over the same spot 2-3 times. Not sure if I'll be able to use the razor again. I cleaned it up and it's hanging I'll check on it in a few days. I will most definitely be buying this razor, first razor where my legs are dry and bumpy. Very happy with this product. I've received this product from BzzAgent for free for my reviewing [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Columbus, OH
Received free product:Yes
Smooth legs

Customer review by Aliyahdelicia19

5.0 stars 10/27/2015 by Aliyahdelicia19
by Aliyahdelicia19

The venus & olay razor is the perfect razor for peoples that want amazingly smooth legs. I used this razor to shave my legs and bikini area and immediately i smelled the vanilla cream scent. The moisture bars left my skin soft and smooth. It also came with a shower holder . I received this product via venus. I recommend this razor to anyone that wants a good razor thats going to leave there skin smooth [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Washington, MI
Received free product:Yes
Best razor yet!

Customer review by samylove123

5.0 stars 10/27/2015 by samylove123
by samylove123

This razor is heaven to my little legs! I always have such a hard time finding a razor that will ACTUALLY make my legs fill soft and silky ; well I no longer have to search because this is my forever razor now! And did I mention the smell? Ugh, it's amazing too! My legs haven't been this silky in years - I love this razor! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Gilbert, AZ
Received free product:Yes
Venus & Olay razor

Customer review by hailerayann

5.0 stars 10/27/2015 by hailerayann
by hailerayann

5/5 love the convenience of the razor and the quality! Will defiantly buy this brand again! I love not having to use shaving cream, soap, etc. Or applying lotion after shaving. Its so time consuming, but with this razor it took me half the time it usually takes me to shave! And the scent is amazing! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Moberly, MO
Received free product:Yes
Not usually what I go for, but pleasantly surprised

Customer review by CSchryver2340

4.0 stars 6/15/2015 by CSchryver2340
by CSchryver2340

I got the Venus & Olay razor through a program run by Venus to test the product out. My typical razor go-to is just a regular 4-blade Venus razor with refillable blades. I have used razors with "soap" attachments in the past and that put me off. I like Olay products so I tried this razor with an open mind and I have to say that I think my favorite part about it was how well it handled those gentle areas that tend to get irritated the second the blade touches your skin... you know... the areas that tend to get friction from undergarments... At first I thought the razor probably would not be able to handle it, but having the instant moisturizer that soothed my skin was great. My underarms are the same way - they get irritated when I hope of out of the shower from drying out because the shaving cream doesn't moisturize no matter what the bottle says. Definitely recommend if you have sensitive skin or get irritation easily in areas that are going to be more exposed in these upcoming summer months! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Knightdale, NC
Received free product:Yes
Smooth, close shave that moisturizers and smells y

Customer review by Stacy

5.0 stars 4/4/2017 by Stacy
by Stacy

Great razor! My favorite because it not only smells great and moisturizers but it also lasts for many shaves! Great product.

Would recommend to a friend? No
fantastic razor!!

Customer review by lstrader

5.0 stars 10/27/2015 by lstrader
by lstrader

I had never tried or even heard of the Venus and Olay razor until they ran a promotion that let me try it.The Venus & Olay razor is the ONLY razor I have ever used with the strips around the razor that i actually liked!! It required no shaving cream and was the best shave i have ever gotten! I have tried other razors that claim you dont need to use shaving cream and its not true, but for this razor it is true and it smelled amazing too! The strip moisturized my legs and didnt leave them sticky like other razors with the bar,moisturizer etc around them do!! My legs have never felt so soft! a week later and my legs still feel silky smooth. This has become my new favorite razor, its actually the only razor I will buy anymore! its a one stop shop! i no longer buy shaving cream or lotion specifically for my legs, the Venus & Olay really does do it all, and it is amazing. It is so worth it and it isnt overly expensive either! Well worth it I am very pleased. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Reidsville, NC
Received free product:Yes
Provided a smooth shave!

Customer review by mishafoo

4.0 stars 7/28/2015 by mishafoo
by mishafoo

I was able to try this razor for free thanks to Gillette Venus. Even if I hadn't received it for free I still would have tried it out. The packaging is very catchy and feminine looking making it something that's very appealing. The razor itself is a very good size, it's not too bulky but it's not so slim that you don't have a good grip on it. The moving head also makes it really easy to shave without cutting yourself as you go around your knees. The handle is really comfortable and doesn't get slippery in the water. The one problem I had with it is the little soap bars. At first they were very convenient and made shaving a lot easier. I didn't need shaving cream so it was quicker when I needed to shave my legs. However after a few shaves they were gone but the razor was still good. I had to use shaving cream a few times so that I wouldn't waste the still good razor. I am defiantly going to continue using this razor! It's one of the smoothest shaves I've had in a long time and it's so easy to use without fear of cutting your legs. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Ithaca, NY
Received free product:Yes
I love this razor!

Customer review by rockersjennifer

5.0 stars 6/27/2015 by rockersjennifer
by rockersjennifer

Let's be honest ladies, who really enjoys shaving? I certainly did not! I wouldn't shave all winter and summer would roll around and I would reluctantly pull out my dreaded razor and shaving cream and begin to whack off months worth of hair! Sometimes I wouldn't even shave, I would just opt in to leggings or maxi dresses. Then I got people telling me to try the new Venus and olay razor, granted I was reluctant but I went ahead and got one. When it arrived in the mail I went to my bathroom to shave my legs and OH MY GOSH! I wouldn't trade this razor for the world. I have always needed shaving cream to shave because my skin is too sensitive and I would always cut myself four or five times but with this razor shaving cream isn't necessary! I have been using this razor for about three weeks now and not one single cut!!! For me, that's a miracle! I would recommend this razor to anyone! Come join the club of happy shavers and show off your legs!!! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Louisburg, KS
Received free product:Yes

Customer review by SCUAmanda

5.0 stars 3/9/2012 by SCUAmanda
by SCUAmanda
Walmart associate

I love that you don't have to use shave gel/cream with this razor. The Olay moisture bars lather as you shave and leave your legs feeling smooth and moisturized. It makes shaving your legs quick and easy!

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Usage:Every day
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Age:25 - 34
Walmart associate
Venus and Olay shavers

Customer review by Wvraven2000

4.0 stars 3/10/2017 by Wvraven2000
by Wvraven2000

Very impressed.with the close smooth shave. Makes your legs feel so soft and silky. I most definitely will be using this brand regularly. These shavers are great and I will not hesitate to recommend to all my friends.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Not too bad

Customer review by topbot

3.0 stars 6/15/2015 by topbot
by topbot

I received this product for free through a program Venus was running. My first impressions were good. The look of the packaging is nice and very easy to open. It comes with a suction cup holder for the razor which is convenient. When I first used the razor I used shaving cream with it because I didn't know the moisture bars allowed you to use it without shaving cream. You definitely don't want to use shaving cream because it turns into a gooey mess. So I used it without shaving cream which I was apprehensive about because I was afraid it would give me razor burn but it didn't. The downfall of not having to use shaving cream though, is that you don't have a guide to where you've already shaved or haven't shaved. It's also not great in certain areas. Your bikini area for instance. Which I attribute to the size of the cartridge. On the upside, this razor does leave you feeling very smooth. All in all, not a bad razor but very expensive. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Fayetteville, NC
Received free product:Yes
Love this product!

Customer review by KFisk522

4.0 stars 10/27/2015 by KFisk522
by KFisk522

I really enjoy using this razor. I've used it about 3 times and each time has been amazing. I don't have to use any extra soaps or shaving creams because the moisturizing bars on the razor create an amazing substance to shave with when activated with water. The soap bars on the razor also smell great! The razor package comes with a holder that suction cups to the shower wall, so you don't have to put the razor down on a surface, causing the soap bars to get stuck and unusable, which is super convenient. The only reason I wouldn't give this product 5 stars is because of the film that the soap bars leave on my skin after I use it. In order to get the film off of my skin, I had to use soap to wash it off. It was a sticky-like feel left on my skin after I rinsed it off with just water. But other than the film, I love this product and will definitely buy refills! I got a free sample from a website called BzzAgent. Check the website out! It is super convenient for trying out products and seeing how you like them before having to buy the product! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Dover, DE
Received free product:Yes
My Venus Experience

Customer review by CrystalAAcevedo

5.0 stars 10/27/2015 by CrystalAAcevedo
by CrystalAAcevedo

I was provided the Venus & Olay Razor by a program run by Venus. I have always used disposable razors but noticed I'd always get tiny bumps after or have to moisturize before and after as my skin is dry and sensitive. I also suffer from eczema. Nonetheless, I used my Venus razor in the shower and found I didn't not have to moisture at all. Shaving felt super smooth and the grip was easy to maneuver the razor. I did not feel the blades whatsoever, they're not rough at all. The scent was lovely and refreshing. I love that it came with a shower hook because most of the time razors will get dull and old with improper storage. Also love that I can change the razor blades which makes this razor last me as arose to the disposables. I find it so much easier to be able not to use shaving cream and inexpensive. I love the results of my legs, softer than ever. My husband definitely approves. Thank you Venus for giving me a new favorite razor! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Bronx, NY
Received free product:Yes
Great Razor that Smells Great Too!

Customer review by ArielMAC

5.0 stars 10/27/2015 by ArielMAC
by ArielMAC

I received this AMAZING razor through a program run by Venus. Each month, I buy and try tons of razors and this is now my go-to razor. First, this razor smells great - a hint of honey and vanilla. It's not overpowering and as a person with super sensitive skin, it didn't break me out. The Olay moisture bars help nourish your skin while also achieving a super close shave. It has 5 blades to ensure you have super smooth skin after using. You won't even need shaving cream! The handle is super soft and the cartridges are very easy to refill and put together. It also came with a suction hook that helps store your razor so it isn't affected by extra water from the shower. However, when using the razor, if you don't use enough does leave a sticky residue but easily washes off with water. I would most definitely recommend this lasts a long time and saves money on buying cheap razors each month. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Silver Spring, MD
Received free product:Yes
Good Razor

Customer review by JenniAnnK

4.0 stars 6/9/2015 by JenniAnnK
by JenniAnnK

After having received the Venus Olay razor for a trial I was excited to try it out. Nothing appeals to me more than the possibility of finding a razor that does its job as it is supposed to. When it finally came I went straight to the shower to try it out. Firstly, I would like to mention, it has a fantastic scent to it. Love things that smell good. Who doesn't? That being said, the razor did a pretty good job of a close shave. I think that it would have been a closer shave if the moisture bars weren't so thick and they bent a bit more. But it didn't leave stubble. That's a the best part of a razors appeal. The moisture bars, however, were the only part that didn't really seem to do anything. It didn't feel any less dry or moisturized than had I used a regular men's razor (which is my go to). It did create a nice larger though so it evens out in my books. All in all not a bad razor. I would definitely buy it. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Cascade, WI
Received free product:Yes
Silky Legs

Customer review by sablark

5.0 stars 10/27/2015 by sablark
by sablark

I think the Venus & Olay razor, which was provided via a program run by Venus, is an excellent product I have now used the razor for a week shaving every other day. The first use of the razor I noticed how the moisture bars created a lather when wet and made for a soft and easy shave. I usually get razor-burn, since my legs are extremely sensitive, but with this razor I never experienced any razor-burn. No rash of any kind. It has left my legs feeling the softest they have ever felt! The only thing I wish was different, is that the moisture bars lasted longer. I used the razor 4 times now and I can already tell it's getting change out the blades and moisture bars, it's starting to drag across my skin. The best part is I only had to go over areas once and it left me with beautiful, soft skin. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Sapulpa, OK
Received free product:Yes
Pretty good gilette razor

Customer review by amberbeaty

3.0 stars 10/27/2015 by amberbeaty
by amberbeaty

I think the Gillette Venus and Olay razor done pretty good . although, the bar strip that smells like vanilla dry out after about 2-3 uses and the vanilla scent isn't really as powerful as I thought it'd be. Before you got this product I'd want you to know that for the razor and the barrier it gives for a good shave,it's good. Although,if you're looking for something you can get more uses out of more than about 5 times you may want to try another razor. Or buy another cartridge. The cartridge it came with done pretty good when you first use it for the 1st and second time. It really makes your skin smooth and doesn't leave any nicks or cuts with the razor blades . over all product is good! It really impressed me! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Corbin, KY
Received free product:Yes
Venus and olay

Customer review by Hollyadamson12

4.0 stars 10/27/2015 by Hollyadamson12
by Hollyadamson12

This razor is very easy to use, just pop the packaging open and snap on the razor head and you are ready to go! After using this razor a few times I noticed the vanilla creame scent fades away quite quickly, that was disappointing as well as the shower hanger doesn't seem to stay on the wall, but the razor is quite effective during shaving, it has five blades vs, the normal four on a woman's razor, so it gets very close to the skin, which means you have to shave less often! the handle is comfortable to hold and use while shaving it's practically effortless! This razor is high on my list! I will recommend to all my friends and family! Thanks Venus for allowing me to try your product! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Tunnel Hill, GA
Received free product:Yes
Silky and smooth

Customer review by CKISER21

5.0 stars 10/27/2015 by CKISER21

I think this product Is a very good Razor. I love the moisturize In the razor It left my skin so soft and feeling great. The cost It well worth the experience. It cuts up close and personal. It really get' the job well done. It has a Vanilla Moisturizer On the blades Leaving a soft feel to your legs. There are 5 razor blades that shave you close. I love the Olay Moisture Bars that release when you get the razor wet. It helps with really dry skin. All Venus cartridges fit all Venus razor handles. So don't be worried about If this or that blade fits. I loved this razor a lot. You have got to try it. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Cedar Grove, WV
Received free product:Yes
1-20 of 1307 total reviews
1-20 of 1307 reviews