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Customer review by mommyofgr8kidz

5.0 stars by mommyofgr8kidz

This one swing can do it all! We purchased this swing when it first came out a couple of years ago for our fourth son and LOVED it. We also have an ocean wonders swing, travel swing, and traditonal open top swing and this one is by far our fav. We are now using it for our 5th son and we are still in love! The seat lays back nice and comfy since he was a preemie (34wks), toy bar is nice and not too much for when he is already sleepy and fighting sleep, swings in a nice wide motion unlike the OW swing that swings in more of a short quick motion, has many soothing sounds along with the MP3 player songs we have for him, plugs in an outlet which is GREAT, seat doubles as a removable (or stay on the swing base) vibrating boucny seat/rocker, you can remove the seat and place a Graco infant seat on the base if your little one has fallen asleep in the car, and the seat can face in any of 4, yes I said FOUR directions on the base so he/she will always be able to see you! I can not say enough about this wonderful swing. Our little one also has colic and this has saved us many times from tummy pain. Soothes him to sleep when nothing eles works. One thing for parents with small children.. the base does have many buttons for all of the WONDERFUL functions of this swing and the function button you are using lights up with a nice glow, so little ones will be tempted to push the buttons bc it is at just the right height. I would NOT say this should cause you to not purchase this item in any way, Just letting you know that your little one may get button happy. :) Our 3yr old loves ours and our swing (and baby) handles it just fine.

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Central Ga
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Ownership:Longer than one year
Usage:Every day
my extra pair of arms

Customer review by HaKoonaMatata

5.0 stars by HaKoonaMatata

The way it swings , plays music and swaddles him quickly puts him at ease. It was super easy to set up. Comes in handy alot. This color works for female or male. It has a mirror that tilts and My son can spend a while just staring at it.

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Harlingen, Tx
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:18 - 24
Ownership:2 - 3 months
Usage:Every day
Better than I expected!!!!!

Customer review by Bltgarcia

5.0 stars by Bltgarcia

I almost didn't buy this swing because one of the reviews said the seat didn't recline. It's just not the case though, it has 3 recline positions. I have 2 other kids and have bought other swings in the past. This swing by far has to be the most impressive that I've ever seen. I'm 8mo pregnant and the 'no tool' assembly was a breeze for me to do myself. I like that you can remove the seat and take it anywhere. It fits into any position, facing any direction on the swing. It has so many music and sound options plus the ability to play any mp3 is awesome. I feel like they thought of everything. I'm so glad I shopped around and feel like I found the best!!!

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Age:35 - 44
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Every day
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Verified purchaser
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Customer review by Nickelodeo

4.0 stars by Nickelodeo

We purchased this swing for my newborn son and have been using it diligently ever since! He sleeps in it very well. I love the fact that it plugs in so I don't have to go through a million batteries as well as the fact that his carseat can attach to it! The music has a lot of variety and the volume has a nice range. The settings for speed work very well for our child (we tend to use speeds 4-6). My only complaints were it is a little spendy compared to other swings and it does not recline very far back. In the most reclined position, my son is VERY upright and without the head/neck support, he would not be able to sit in this swing. My son seems to be okay with the position but I was hoping it would recline more when I purchased it.

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Seattle, WA
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Age:25 - 34
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Every day
Verified purchaser
Verified purchaser
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Customer review by tinamarie90

5.0 stars by tinamarie90

As a second job I work at a daycare and we have one of these in the nursery. It truly is amazing. When at a daycare, you don't just have one or two kids under your care but rather a handful depending on the staff to child ratio. With that being said, with 4 or 5 hungry, crying babies, or babies that need held all at once it's difficult to juggle. This swing is a miracle worker!! It calms a fussy baby with a calm swinging motion and the toys give the baby something to keep them occupied while the soft music sings them to sleep. The swing allows us staff to have a free hand to change diapers and prepare bottles/meals because it imitates the motion and feeling of a baby being swaddled/cuddled and rocked in someone's arms. If I ever have a child, you better believe I will buy one of these for my baby but in the meantime I plan on buying this for baby shower gifts. You definitely get your money's worth with this item!!

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Greenville, PA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:18 - 24
Usage:Every day
Walmart associate
Well built with many options

Customer review by 1967Apple

5.0 stars by 1967Apple

I purchased this swing because I wanted versatility and it looked sturdy. I liked the fact that it had different swing options and an MP3 player input. Once the swing arrived my son put it together in minutes with no tools required. The swing has 6 different speed settings and I really like the fact that you can position the seat to sway from side to side or from front to back. The ability to place your own car seat right into the swing is a great idea. There was obviously a lot of thought that went into the design of this swing. I like that it has a bar that goes across the seat as an added safety feature and my grandson likes the toys. This is a very well built cradle swing; it is sturdy and has many options that you won’t get with a regular swing. The motor seems to be well built and rises in sound when it is required to add more power to keep the swaying motion constant then goes quieter and repeats this cycle as required, not very loud at all. My grandson is 7 months old and enjoys this swing. The sound quality from the built in speaker is very good however the volume could go a little higher but that’s just my opinion. The cost was more than I wanted to spend for a swing. Overall I am very happy with this purchase. It is well built and comes with many options. I would certainly recommend this to anyone looking for a quality swing.

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Old Saybrook, CT
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:35 - 44
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Every day
great swing

Customer review by joksel

5.0 stars by joksel

3 yrs ago both of my daughters were expecting their 3rd daughters..... they had swings for the other girls as well. We've had the ones that are open on top, closed on top & even the table top model. When I was looking for a gift for each of them, my daughter found this & thought this would be awesome mainly because it plugged in ( they go thru so many batteries as it is) she also thought the MP3 was gonna be great.... let me tell you, I bought both of the girls this swing & they used it daily, then shared it with friends who used it daily then my son was having a girl so they passed both of them on to him. When I found out my niece was expecting, I asked each of them what was the 1 thing they would not want to be without having a new baby & this was the thing they all picked. Between ear infections & colic they all had their share & every time this was their saving grace. There is not one thing they have ever said wish it had or I would have done .... just bought this for my niece... hope she likes it as much as my 3 kids do. Its so worth the $

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Age:45 - 54
Ownership:Longer than one year
Usage:Every day
A Happy Mommy Essential

Customer review by Jenniejen

5.0 stars by Jenniejen

This swing is wonderful...I bought it after asking a mother of multiples and two other kids which swing to buy. She also works at a MAJOR baby retailer...Wow was she right on! This swing is wonderful, and so cheerful. It plays absolutely beautiful music, classical, and other favorites. The swing's seat is removable, and I can also use my Graco snug ride 35 carseat in place of the seat! This is a genious idea for mommies and daddies that can't get their newborn to fall asleep, anywhere but their cars. It makes an easy transition from the car to the swing with a sleeping baby. This swing has the most options on the market, and a weight limit of 25lbs to boot! Buy worth the money : )


Customer review by 3MDsMOM

5.0 stars by 3MDsMOM

This swing helped me keep may sanity. My first child would only sleep 30-90 minutes at a time (naps and nights) until 10 months of age. I was exhausted! She always fell asleep in the car, but would wake the second I set her carseat down when I brought her inside. So, when I had my second child, I knew we had to have this swing. My favorite feature is definitely the fact that a graco snug ride carseat can be snapped into the frame. I used it for both my second and third child for their first year (until they grew out of their snug ride carseats). I recommend this to every pregnant friend as a must have!

Best purchase ever

Customer review by Hellena

5.0 stars by Hellena

Love this swing. Works great and my daughter loves it!

must have

Customer review by happymommy

5.0 stars by happymommy

We used this more than anything else! Moms it WILL save your back. We had the graco travel system and it snaps right onto the base. So your sleeping buddle of joy can stay that way when you get back home and even if the baby is awake to put in on the base and take them out saves you from bending over. Absolutely loved this swing!

Best Swing Available anywhere!!

Customer review by grandmaof6

5.0 stars by grandmaof6

We love this swing! Our grandaughter with Acid Reflux even slept in the seat! Best thing about it is that you can remove the seat and put your Graco Infant carseat in it, to keep a sleeping baby asleep when coming in from the car! Seat changes positions, soothing music and sounds, and MP3 hook-up are also great!

Both My Babies Loved This Swing

Customer review by Erikita65

5.0 stars by Erikita65

I had my two youngest use this swing and we ALL loved it! I love all the settings, the lullaby music, the fact that you can plug in your own mp3. I love that you can put the seat facing different directions or simply take it of and set your graco infant car seat in. That feature was very helpful when the baby fell asleep in the car. I loved thy I didn't have to switch him and wake him up!

BEST. Swing. EVER.

Customer review by MichCob

5.0 stars by MichCob

LOVE this swing! Used it for both of our daughters, larger babies @ 9 lbs. & 10lbs. 13oz. and love the extra roominess of the swing seat. They love to swing and sometimes take the swing off and use it on the floor! Has lots of options - swing speed, direction, sounds, music, ipod connection. I highly recommend it! :)


Customer review by Sha1

5.0 stars by Sha1

My husband and I have used this swing since the first day that we brought our son home. He absolutely loves it. We reccent;y moved and as a military family we had to go without the swing for 2 months.;....nothing could relax our son like his swing. He is currently rocking out to his swing and IPOD music. Our future children will deffinately love this swing as well; Well worth the money!

Best swing out there!

Customer review by mamassila

5.0 stars by mamassila

Expecting my 3rd, I have bought my far share of swings. I bought this one and really loved the idea of the mp3 hook up and the fact I could also place my Graco carseat in it too! I fall more and more in love with it the longer I own it! My daughter is nearly 10months old now and about 23-24pounds (not a small baby) and the swing still swings her no problem! Highly recommend! I can not say enough good about this swing or this brand! 

Very happy momma

Customer review by Sara166

5.0 stars by Sara166

I am using this swing on 3rd child, and it is wonderful. I can't say anything bad about it.

SweetPeace is right!

Customer review by Hippiemama

5.0 stars by Hippiemama

SweetPeace swing is amazing! My son loved it, he was so relaxed in there, my husbands go to if I was busy! The rocking motion was better than the other 2 swings my son used at friends and families homes. I loved that the seat was detachable, when he was little I could shower and he could relax in his vibrating chair on the floor! The stability of the base was also a wonderful feature! The mp3 attachment was pretty cool, we played classical music for him and now he loves music! We are definitely saving this for the next baby!

best swing system

Customer review by Rosa

5.0 stars by Rosa

I used this swing for both of my babies. It is very comfortable for newborns. Very snuggly. The fabric was nice, the canopy was handy during naptimes. We loved the music choices and volume control and the fact that you can plug to the outlet directly for power source. You can also hook up your mp3 player for your own choice of music. I recommend this swing to all my friends all the time.

Love This Swing!

Customer review by katykatybobaty

5.0 stars by katykatybobaty

My husband and I went to the store to buy a new swing when our original one, by another brand, gave out. We saw the sweetpeace swing and instantly fell in love. We love the MP3 feature, since our daughter prefers falling asleep to our music, and the fact that we can turn the seat around in any direction we choose, or place her car seat into the swing if she falls asleep there. The motor is a little loud sometimes, but it's definitely worth it.

1-20 of 94 total reviews