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<li>Exclusive Helix System for longer lasting performance</li><li>Large capacity dirt container</li><li>Washable filters</li>
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filter assembly

i like this vacuum a lot i also have the turbo model too! i use this vacuum in my home and in big offices. i have a question. i bought the fabreeze replacement filter that goes in the bottom of the helix tray, however dust is getting under the filter and into the motor. i have the filter on securely and the housing isnt broken but what can i do to keep the dust out of the motor? can i put a rubber seal on it? also can you make the cheep bissels 12 AMP again?
Thank you for your posting. Dirty filters will restrict airflow and then dust can get on the motor. The foam filters are hand washable with mild soap. Make sure they are dry before reinstalling. It would be best to have extra filters on hand. They can be ordered at this link: The Powerforce Helix isn't recommend for commercial use. We recommend a commercial grade vacuum. BISSELL manufactures a line of machines for your offices at this link:

Extremely Impressed!

I just bought and used this vacuum today. I had owned a Dyson for 7 years and it quit so I took a chance on the Power Force Helix. My oh my! This Vacuum has more suction and it even picked up cat litter without spitting it out the back. I couldn't believe how easy it was to use and the power this vacuum has. This is a great buy especially of you have pets. I was so happy to see all of the dirt in the canister after my first cleaning! This is my first Bissell product and I am in love!!!!

It's power and price impressed me.

It's power and price impressed me. Great machine. Unfortunately, we just used it for the first time and the brush stopped rotating. I suspect that the belt broke when the vacuum encountered the end of an area run with tassles. (Not sure tassle is the right word or not.) What this vacuum really needs is an on/off switch for the brush. I thought that was a standard feature these days. I will exchange it for a new unit when they are back in stock at my store. I guess I will need to stock up on belts!

I give it an Okay

I do like the bagless vac, However I have an older Bissell Powerforce that seems a bit more solid than this newer one I got.I got the limited (pink) color and the wheels are really loud when rolling it and it seems less powerful for suction.I don't know if it's just the one I got or not.My old one doesn't do that.But I already used it and threw out the box so I can't return it.I just got it last week.My older powerforce has served me well and I trusted the brand enough to try this newer one, not thrilled but not mad.
Thank you for your review. To ensure you have the best suction with your BISSELL please make sure the filters are clean. Dirty filters will restrict airflow. The good news is the foam filters are hand washable with mild soap. They do need to be completely dry before reinstalling.

I own many

cheap is the word thank goodness. The leaver that holds the handle upright always breaks. The hose on top of handle always falls off. There the hose end connects to the tank turns loose. The five floor levels do not work that great. They last about a good year than I buy another one. I usually buy the power force helix model 12b1
Thank you for your review. We're sorry for the trouble with your BISSELL Helix. To prevent the handle lock from damage, make sure to press all the way down on the handle pedal before reclining the handle. The upholstery hose need to be pulled tight to secure to the hose clip and the hose in the foot. Also, when changing the height adjustment, make sure the handle is reclined before turning the dial. The adjustment won't work properly if the handle isn't reclined. I hope this helps you out.

Bye Bye Bissell :-(((

Although I had high hopes of performance, the Bissell PowerForce Helix Bagless Upright Vacuum was not a "best buy." Suction is questionable most times. There is a lot of blow back air, which I do not quite understand. I bought two vacuums at once, so I am twice as disappointed. Personally, I will never buy another Bissell. They are not what they once were. I will try a Shark next. I hope I have better luck...

No power

Very disappointed! I bought a Bissel Powerforce Helix Turbo. This thing has no power and the belt broke after a short time. Can't find the belts anywhere but online. Unfortunately I don't want to have to wait a week or two for one. I need my carpets cleaned now!!! I have a really old Hoover that works better and belts are easy to find for it! What a waste of money .
Thanks for reaching out to us. We're very sorry you can't locate the belt for your BISSELL Powerforce. Retailers chose to order off brands instead. We sure wish they would order the correct belts for the BISSELL Vacuums. The machine won't have good power/suction if the brush isn't turning. You can order the belt right at this link:

Not happy!

I loved my PowerForce vacuum for 6 weeks. That's how long I had it before the brush quit turning. I checked to see if the belt had broken, it had not. Thinking it may have stretched, I replaced it, but the brush still did not turn, then it broke. I have purchased Bissell products for two decades and they served me well until the last few years. The motor in my PetEraser vacuum had to be replaced after one year, the motor in the carpet shampooer died the second time I used it, now I am without a vacuum again. While both motors were covered by warranty, it was a great inconvenience being without a vacuum and getting stuck with a wet carpet. Dirt Devil, here I come!
Thank you for your posting. We're sorry for your trouble and do want to help. BISSELL always provides a warranty. Your vacuum has a one year warranty and we can help. Please click at the link for a BISSELL Authorized Service Center location. The BISSELL technician can help with your deep cleaner also.

Belt mechanics are poor!

Purchased this vacuum less than 6 months ago and every couple of runs the belt literally pops off! I have to disassemble it and put it back on then it will run a couple of more times. It's horrible! The issue is that the pin the belt connects on is teeny tiny and it keeps working its way off. Plus, anytime I have to go into the vacuum, so much dirt falls out of it. It's disgusting. Would not reccomend this to anyone. #wishicouldtakeitback
Thanks for your review. We're sorry for the trouble with the belt. Make sure the height adjustment is on the correct setting for your floor level. This can cause stress on the belt if it isn't set properly. With dirt falling out, this is an indication of a clog in your machine. Dirty filters also will create clogs in your machine. The foam filters are hand washable with mild soap. Please make sure they are completely dry before reusing. For more tips to get your machine working properly, see this link:


I bought this vacuum and thought it was great!! One of the best vacuums I've ever used. But now 6 months later, and constant servicing and cleaning it, I realize I got what I paid for. Very inexpensive, but it works like it! I've been a Bissell girl for a long time, but I think I'm going to have to try a different brand.
Thank you for your review. We can get you to love your vacuum again. The foam filters can be hand washed with mild soap. Just make sure they are dry before reusing. With clean filters it will be better airflow with your machine plus less clogs. The filters are what protect the motor; therefore, they should be maintained once a week. For new filters, they can be ordered at this link:

Don't waste your money or time

It is the worst vacuum I ever owned and I have had many. The wheels are plastic so they don't roll like a vacuum made with quality parts.. It picks up dirt just fine, but try cleaning out all the canister and filter parts and you could have vacuumed your house all over again. It is a mess. I do not have kids so there isn't much dirt to pick up but after I vacuum I have to take the whole vacuum outside so dirt doesn't fall all over the clean floor. I wish I had been warned but that' s life. If you didn't buy this yet don't do it!
Thanks for your review. We're sorry for your disappointment. A bagless vacuum will require more maintaining. What you described sounds like a lot of dirt you have to clean; perhaps there is restricted airflow. We have some easy tips to check for any clogs at this link:


I bought this vacuum so I didn't have to carry my heavy Dyson down stairs to vacuum my area rugs. It was just a supplement.....but I took it up upstairs to test it out on my white carpet (like a kid with a new toy). I am amazed at what it pulled up that my Dyson left behind! First time use and I had to pull it apart to clean the filter. So people, I own 5 vacuums from Rainbow, Dyson, Miele....which I spent thousands combined and they don't compare to this and I service my vacuums yearly. So with the cost of this vacuum I could say....go ahead- you'll be impressed!

Worst vacuum EVER

I normally do not write reviews but this one had to be done. This vacuum was purchased for my small business and I have had it for approximately two months. The hardest thing this vacuum needed to pick up was a little sand or small gravel pieces from getting tracked in from the parking lot. I have low pile carpet, commercial grade floor mats and tile, and it did not matter what setting it was on it still worked the same, terribly. Starting with the blow out wind where it would sort of pick up and then spit it out all over is just a waste of time. Even though each time the canister would be emptied and the filters checked for anything causing it not to work correctly. There is nothing positive I can say about this vacuum. It's so bad that I would drag my home vacuum down about once a week to clean up. I can't believe anyone would give this vacuum anything more than one star, if I could have gone into the negative stars I would have. So disappointed in the Bissel Powerforce Helix
Thank you for your review. We're sorry for your disappointment. We would like to help you. We have a great FAQ section on our website. Please click at the link for low suction to get your machine working properly.

I have loved every Bissell I've owned until this one......

I have owned several vacuums over the years, and most of them have been Bissells. I have loved every one of them until this one. The last two I had were similar models, similar price and worked GREAT. Granted they only lasted a year or two, but at the time I had a German Shepherd so nothing would have lasted longer than that. I no longer have the GSD so have less hair and dirt to pick up. I expected this vac to work great considering....WRONG! The first time I used it it was spitting dirt out the back! It also blows so much air out the front that it sends papers etc. flying off tables and counters! I am not a "returner" so I kept it and thought maybe something was connected wrong or loose or something...I have since been through the whole vac and not found anything wrong with the set-up. I guess I am stuck with it now until I get a new one. I am just so upset that I can't trust the Bissell name anymore. I didn't even think about what brand to get when I was buying it because, like I said, I have always had good luck with Bissell. I won't make that mistake again. Back to reading reviews before I get a new one. Bissell, Please consider taking this model off the market.
Thank you for your review. We appreciate being a BISSELL customer for so long. We do have some great tip to share to get your machine suctioning again. Please see this link:

Love this Vacuum!!

I have bought several vacuums after doing a lot of research on reviews, specs, etc, and have always been disappointed. This Bissell vacuum, I purchased because my previous vacuum had broken (like all the others,) and I bought it without any prior research because it was a great price. WOW! I am amazed by how well this vacuum works, and what an amazing price!! I wish I had bought this vacuum a long time ago. Does great with cat hair and cat litter, which has been a huge issue with all my prior vacuums. Love it!!

sucks the dirt up and then shoots it out the back.

I would vacuum my wood floor and the dirt I just went over would be sucked up and then shot out the back. It was if I never used the machine. The roller is always turning whether it is for bare floors or carpet and I found that the suction was minimal, did not even suck up my hand.

Not Quite

You get what you pay for. Sure, it vacuums, but not that well. I had to go over the same spots multiple times to get the job done & as fate would have it, when I complained about it, my husband accidentally went out and got another. I thought maybe the 1st one was a fluke, but nope. The second time around, the vacuum was still no good. I recently bought a Shark Navigator freestyle & I couldn't be happier. It cleans my area rug with ease, something this one could never do even with the setting adjusted for the high carpet. Wouldn't recommend.

Gives Dyson a run for their money!

This machine RAWKS! I not only use it for overall cleaning but pest control too (Roaches and spiders beware; MWAHAHAHA) Anyway, this Helix is WAY better than my Dirt Devil vacuum that hardly worked. Well done, Bissell! BTW, If you come out with a hose tool to clean ceiling fan blades, I'll make it SIX stars! ;-)

Great for the price

I love my vacuum cleaner, this is the 2nd one, first one the motor started going out after 5 years. We only do normal vacuuming in our house. Only thing is I need to find out how to clean it to get the "dusty" smell out of the machine. The air that comes out while cleaning really smells like a dirty house, but I only assume it's the dust that it picks up.

this is a great product

this is our second power force 12B1 ...gave the first to our daughter for part time cleaning jobs ! this vacuum is made very strong , never loses suction , easy to change & clean the filters , good on board tools , great price @ Wal-Mart , the 20' ft cord is a little short so I simply added a 5' ft extension cord , keep up the good work Bissell
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