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257 reviews | 4.5 out of 5

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257 reviews | 4.5 out of 5

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1-20 of 257 total reviews
1-20 of 257 reviews
Works for EVERYTHING!!!

Customer review by Ccfrank

5.0 stars 10/10/2016 by Ccfrank
by Ccfrank

I've used Oxiclean for almost 20 years, and still find new uses for it! When my kids were toddlers, I had garage sale to sell their baby clothes; I had so many fellow moms ask how I kept them so fresh looking....Oxiclean. After I've had fresh flowers in a vase and they're no longer fresh, those rings from the water disappear with a rinse, a tiny bit of Oxiclean and one easy scrub with a brush. The next time I have flowers the cleat glass vases are sparkling clean! Same with our coffee pot. I used to hate cleaning the pot and tried so many different products-until Oxiclean. I love showing people how it would take one swish with a little Oxiclean and water and the pot was sparkling! The big test came when my kids played soccer; both played goalie, and were pretty fierce! Their socks and uniforms would be so muddy, even the kids were impressed after washing with Oxiclean. I was happy to see they make a dishwasher additive-makes glasses sparkle and costs less than the competitor✋!

Kirkland, WA
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Customer review by gail1960

5.0 stars 2/15/2017 by gail1960
by gail1960

I use Oxyclean and I swear by it , it's good with laundry it get's out stain's really clean's your laundry it doesn't leave a film, like other laundry detergent does.

Twin Falls County, ID, United States
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Customer review by mary8

5.0 stars 2/8/2017 by mary8
by mary8

have been using for years it's great smells great too!

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Customer review by Hippy

1.0 stars 2/7/2017 by Hippy
by Hippy

Good for getting your clothes really clean an avocado stay good I'm very proud of the outcome

Winston-Salem, NC, United States
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I love this stuff!!!

Customer review by Mia2rae1

5.0 stars 2/2/2017 by Mia2rae1
by Mia2rae1

I love this stuff!!!!! gets the tuff stains out and makes your whites white!!!!

great feature

Customer review by lisa b

5.0 stars 1/31/2017 by lisa b
by lisa b

A friend gave me what she had left i put a teaspoon in my laundry and a shirt that had been stained for months but didnave the heart to throw away looked like new i was thrilled

lisa b
port huron , michigan
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Oxi Clean

Customer review by NaNee

4.0 stars 1/30/2017 by NaNee
by NaNee

I used Oxi Clean on my white uniforms and on my scrub tops. WOW! I had forgotten how white they were. Everyone thought I had gone out and bought new ones!! Use Oxi Clean at least every other wash to keep them looking fresh and white!!

New York,
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Works great for laundry

Customer review by Gennie

5.0 stars 1/30/2017 by Gennie
by Gennie

I used it on all my laundry, makes whites brighter and colors pop.

Nevada, United States
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Looking for the best cleaner

Customer review by Mrsrgrumpy

5.0 stars 1/22/2017 by Mrsrgrumpy
by Mrsrgrumpy

I have been using Oxiclean for stains on clothing and on the siding of the garage Oxiclean is the best whitening product. Best part of using Oxiclean is safe to use on so many fabric types. Keep up the great job!

Midlothian, IL, United States
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Whiter than white!

Customer review by jaimeela14

5.0 stars 1/13/2017 by jaimeela14
by jaimeela14

Have my chefs coats soaking in oxi clean and hot water, they're only 1/3 way done with the recommended soak time and I'm already impressed with the results

Appleton, WI, United States
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Customer review by HerbsHouse

5.0 stars 4/17/2014 by HerbsHouse
by HerbsHouse

I started using OxiClean when it was first available and it has never failed me. I do a lot of laundry for family, friends and guests and can only use products safe for sensitive skin (no scent or dye). I go through a 12.5 pound box every 4-5 weeks and I add it to every load of laundry. Thus far it's been safe on all washable fabrics and works well in all temps. For cold water washing, I find it works best to start filling the machine with a couple inches of warm water to quickly dissolve the powder first, then I add my detergent, switch to cold and add the clothes. For front loaders I mix OxiClean with two cups of hot water and add through the bleach dispenser. I have never found a stain that this product could not remove. Last weekend we had a house full of guests and a hot blueberry pie ended up on the floor. Someone ran to get cleanup rags and accidently grabbed my favorite white polo shirt. I followed the simple pre-soak instructions for extra tough stains and I'm wearing that shirt today. It really works.

Palm Springs, CA, United States
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oxi-clean to the rescue

Customer review by teekoo

5.0 stars 1/4/2017 by teekoo
by teekoo

Toilet stain was a problem for Half year. Oxi clean to the rescue. It took only one swiipe and the rest is history.

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Customer review by Ava6rust

5.0 stars 12/29/2016 by Ava6rust
by Ava6rust

I bought Oxiclean a few months back. My white shoes were all very dirty. I soaked them in oxiclean and came out looking new!! Definitely buy this product.

Sioux Falls, SD, United States
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OxiClean is not only for washing stains in clothin

Customer review by Senior citizen in Vancouv

5.0 stars 6/22/2015 by Senior citizen in Vancouv
by Senior citizen in Vancouv

My condo has these stainless steel said now with square bottom corners! Attractive to look at, it absolutely a pain to clean! The straight sides that meet the corners are terrible to clean and all too often, residue from everything, from plain dish water to vegetable skin shavings stick to the sides. I used other cleansers, and even soaked the sink in hot water and vinegar and the brown residue is never entirely removed. My neighbor stopped by with 1/4 cup of OxyClean powder and I gave it a try. I mixed it with a cup of hot water to make a light paste, and gently applied it to the corners and sides of the sink. I then filled the sink with more hot water to let it soak. Not to waste the solution while I waited ten minutes, I washed my vegetable crispers in my fridge as well as the interior of my microwave. I am a convert to this amazing product. The sink was clean as new, not to mention the crispers and microwave. No serious elbow grease required.

Senior citizen in Vancouv
Vancouver, B.C.
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Smart idea for stains

Customer review by deju59

5.0 stars 11/14/2016 by deju59
by deju59

I used OxiClean to wash my stained white clothes and fell in love with this product. I refereed this product to my friends. I also referred it to a lady that owns group home where I was working. She said OxiClean fabrics detergent is the answer to her tacky children clothes.

TX, United States
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by JDmonkey

5.0 stars 11/14/2016 by JDmonkey
by JDmonkey

I buy this every month if not twice a month for helping out with our laundry to remove the stains and brightens our fabrics. Especially with a 10month old in the house it helps tremendously! Highly recommend this product/brand to anyone I come across.

Richmondville, NY, United States
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If I could give it 10 stars I would!

Customer review by Chantelle

5.0 stars 10/5/2016 by Chantelle
by Chantelle

I had a couple of white table cloths that had been used for an outdoor birthday party. They got piled up and forgotten about for 6 months. Upon pulling them out after 5 months and seeing the damage - red cake icing smeared across, bbq sauce, red wine, cola, and every other drink imaginable had been spilt on them. I thought they belonged in the garbage for sure, and I would need to replace them. Not expecting much, I tried soaking them with oxiclean in the tub. Upon checking on them and hour and a half later I am beyond amazed that they are perfectly white. I have used is product here and there in the past, but this will now become a staple in my house!

Edmonton, AB, Canada
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I. Try it.and like it

Customer review by Rose ann

3.0 stars 11/16/2016 by Rose ann
by Rose ann

Try it and like it.w hen you have 17granfsons really ups in handy

Rose ann
California, United States
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don't think HE instructions make sense

Customer review by Joan A

3.0 stars 9/2/2016 by Joan A
by Joan A

I received a sample, 2.82 oz. package, of oxiclean versatile stain remover. In the Q&A web page, for front loading machines it says to dilute one oz. in 16 oz. warm water and add to bleach dispenser (using no bleach). In order to add 1 oz. to my load, it needs 0.35 (slightly more than 1/3) of the package so the third load will be less than 1 oz.). On my sample package it says to add the product to the tub before loading clothing. I’m planning to add the dry Oxiclean to my empty tub and hope it works. Personally, I don’t think it’s clear to follow these HE instructions because they are much different than regular front-loaders in not being diluted first. Note - my ratings don't pertain since I haven't yet used this Oxiclean

Joan A
Arlington, VA
Would recommend to a friend? No
love it

Customer review by AymeeD80

5.0 stars 10/25/2016 by AymeeD80
by AymeeD80

oxi clean has really saved some of my sons clothes. he has spilled red kool aid on a white shirt and after a soaking it in oxi the red came right out. Normally that shirt would have been ruined but not thanks to oxi clean. Plus it has help get mud and glass stains out of his white football practice pants. Oxi Clean is a laundry lifesaver.

Gladstone, VA, United States
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1-20 of 257 total reviews
1-20 of 257 reviews