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HDMI Adapter

Customer review by McNavigator

5.0 stars by McNavigator

This Galaxy Tab HDMI adapter is a must have for watching videos. Youtube App entertains and entire room now, no more crouding the tablet to show videos.

Cary, North Carolina
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Works great in my Note 10.1

Customer review by Caveman419

5.0 stars by Caveman419

This is perfect for hooking up to the TV in the living room to watch Google Movie/TV shows. It shows that it is not charging when hooked up with a 2.1A Sansung charger, but it is charging. Great device!!

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Works great

Customer review by Kragmeister

5.0 stars by Kragmeister

Bought it for a Galaxy Tab 2 10.1". Connection was not an issue at all. Output is HD, the 40" LCD TV is an exact mirror of the screen output on the device. Sound is OK. The only drawback is that the sound on the Tab has to be turned to maximum in order to get sound out of the TV. My only criticism is that one has to connect the 30-pin charge cable to the HDTV adapter for it to work. I wish that for power it had a standard USB connection so that I could use a USB extension cord. Otherwise it is fine.

Bethlehem, PA

Customer review by MrBarny

4.0 stars by MrBarny

this does what it does and says it does so if you need it buy it

New York, NY
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Good Device - Operator Needs to be aware

Customer review by TTFNSteve

4.0 stars by TTFNSteve

This device works as advertised, however be advised that certain setup sequences must be followed. I was setting up my Tab 10.2 with this cable to a projector. The first cable seemed to crackle and pop when connected to the projector. I believed that the cable was faulty and returned it for another cable. After the second cable returned the same results I further investigated the initial set up. First of all, you must make sure that you have a solid power connection to the HDMI adapter. When using multiple power adapters (the box that plugs into the wall and then the USB from the samsung power cable plugs into the power box) caused compatibility issues with my projector. Make sure you have a good USB power adapter. Second plug the power in first before powering up the Tablet or the projector. Finally, power the projector before powering the Tab. This will allow for the proper syncing sequence. If need be restart the Tab to resync the system. All worked fine after that. This is a sensitive start up sequence and may just be your issues if you are having one. Good luck and happy movie watching.

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Does what it needs to do

Customer review by jnhaffey

4.0 stars by jnhaffey

I hooked it into my Galaxy Note 10.1 (Yes I know its suppose to be used with the Tab) and then plugged it into my TV. At first it didn't work but then I realized it needed additional power so plugged in the Power Cord as well. Still couldnt get it to work with my main TV but tried on another TV and it worked pretty good. Video playing on the Note was a second or two ahead of that being displayed on the TV. Audio only runs through the TV (which is what I expected).

Longmont, CO
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Good Product

Customer review by Stabler

4.0 stars by Stabler

I bought this for my Galaxy Note 10.1 for teaching purposes. This product is not compatible with Galaxy Tab 2 apparently. The big advantage is that the quality is very impressive, resolution is impressive on our 45 inch Samsung LED tv. Sound is good. Change to a different HDMI port on your tv if you are having problems e.g. blue screen. Note that it doesn't always mirror exactly what is on the screen, for instance, the YouTube app videos are automatically made full screen when on your tablet you can view comments at the same time. It Is a bonus, but this can be avoided if you use the browser. S pen cursor does not show up, which is a bonus really as it can be distracting when using s note for teaching. Downside is that you need to have it connected to a power source to work. I connected it via the USB port to my computer, so it actually charges at the same time. Instead of connecting the power cable to where it asks me, I will plug in my Samsung USB adapter I bought separately (to connect memory sticks to etc.) then I'm going to use a 4 port USB hub to see if I can branch off my wireless mouse, keyboard and PS3 controller. Would be awesome for playing games like GTA from the Android Market.

Fife, UK
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Handy Device

Customer review by flyboyanton

4.0 stars by flyboyanton

Overall this device works just fine. There are a few things I'd like to make note of. 1. If you are using the Samung Dock Keyboard with your Galaxy Tab 7 Plus and using the HDTV adapter, it will lock out usage of the dock keyboard. Bluetooth mouse, bluetooth keyboard and bluetooth speakers will continue to work as will the onboard Android keyboard. I was told by Samsung tech support they are aware of this issue and it will be fixed in the Jelly Bean update. When ever that is... 2. This device should NOT have a pig tail to the device. It should plug directly in and have the power plug connect to the side that the tablet buttons are on so that you can stand the tablet uprite and/or use in the keyboard dock with the power cable and HDMI cable pointing backward away from the user. 3. The device should have a few other connections such as a USB connection and card slot. 4. There is one small bug. When plugging in the HDTV adapter it automaticly launches Slacker on both of my Galaxy Tab 7 Plus's

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its so good

Customer review by pyrex

3.0 stars by pyrex

cant stop watching my 3d movies, and the sports are even better

San Antonio
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Borderline Useless

Customer review by SomeGuy2345

2.0 stars by SomeGuy2345

Would be a good product if it could charge the Tab while connected. Instead of being enjoyable to use it becomes a hassle. I want to plug it in, listen to some music and then forget about it until the morning and then have the tab charged up and ready for the day. Impossible with this design.

Stopped working

Customer review by LarriVee

2.0 stars by LarriVee

Got this adapter about 3 months ago, plugged it in my tablet, hdmi cable into TV and plugged the tablet into AC adapter. Worked like a charm. For next 2 - 3 weeks we watched videos each night while in bed. Had I written a review at that time I would have given it 5 stars however, I needed my tablet elsewhere and disconnected it from the adapter. Recently, I hooked it up again but now all the videos, regardless of the player, stutter making them impossible to watch. I tried new hdmi cable and/or connecting the adapter/tablet to another TV in the house with the same dismal results. Then I noticed something strange. When I touched the screen while a video was playing the player control bar (i.e pause/play buttons) would pop up AND the video went perfectly smooth (audio that was out of synch went back in synch) until the control disappeared off the screen. As well, simply unplugging the HDMI cable and restarting the video will also eliminate the stuttering. I have to assume this problem is HW related because yesterday I did a Factory reset on my tablet. With only the default/original SW installed I tried the cable again. No luck. As bad as it was before the reset. Considering I only owned this cable less than 2 months and it appears to no longer work I am very disappointed

Would recommend to a friend? No
This adapter doesn't work with my Galaxy Tab

Customer review by An anonymous customer

1.0 stars by An anonymous customer

I've tried it on two Samsung TV's and it does not work.

An anonymous customer
Don't waste your money!

Customer review by Hydrorace

1.0 stars by Hydrorace

Not only is this adapter not practical, it transfers the video with poor quality. In order to use it, you need to also have the power cord plugged in. You cannot use a stand or keyboard as the adapter would get angled and ruin the port. Waste of money and time, frustrating with all the wires needed. Only transmits video does not mirror what you are doing on your tablet!

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No Audio from HDMI Adapter

Customer review by DavidUSA

1.0 stars by DavidUSA

Samsung advertises audio streaming from the Galaxy Tab to a compatible HDTV as a "Feature" of the powered HDMI cable (see There has been no satisfactory response to similar questions posted to-date by other people about no sound when using the powered HDMI adapter. Connecting a separate audio cord from the Note 10.1's headphone jack into the amp or TV in addition to the HDMI should be unnecessary with a HDMI connector capable of both video and audio. We would like the advertised audio to go with the video when using Samsung's HDMI adapter.

California, USA
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This product dont work on GT-P5110

Customer review by FabMind

1.0 stars by FabMind

It is NOT COMPATIBLE with the Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 wifi (GT-P5110). It simply doesn't work with this tablet. The TV (It's a Samsung with HDMI ports and anynet) doesn't feel the signal. It's a shame that Samsung doesn't warn the customers for this uncompatibility.

Too many cords

Customer review by harvo

1.0 stars by harvo

This product was very disappointing and I will be returning it tomorrow. At first I thought it was excellent that I could still plug into my charger if my batteries were low. Then when I got home I soon found out that the adapter will not work unless it is plugged into the charger. The end result is a lot of cables everywhere and not a user friendly experience.

This product dont work on GT-P5110

Customer review by Smurf75

1.0 stars by Smurf75

Not working, and no advices or compatibility information on the product Box.

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