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<li>For children from 5-65 lbs</li><li>5-point, front-adjust harness</li><li>LATCH-equipped with easy-to-read level indicator</li>
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Love the new changes!

Wow, the changes to Myride 65 are AMAZING. We fell in love with the bucket seat for our son who has low muscle tone due to Down syndrome. It helps support all of my little man. The new neck support is amazing! We use Myride 65 for my daughter who does not have disabilities as well. They are the best car seat on the market and they happen to be at a reasonable price as well, bonus!
Gabriel LOVES his Myride 65!Check out that added neck support!

Love it.

My son who is 15mths old loves this seat. He fits in it great. lots of leg room and his head does not fall forward. I how it surrounds him. My 7 yr old when he is not in it she wants to ride in it. It is on the wide side but we have a Dodge Durango so it fits nicely. The only con I have is some sippy cups dont fit in the cup holders.

LOVE this car seat

as a mother I want the best for my child. Car seats are no exception. This is not too costly and does everything I need it to. Rear faces from 5-40lbs which is the size of an average 3 or 4 year old and since they recommend rear facing as long as possibly this was the car seat I chose. The black and green color is super cute for my son and I love the built in cup holders. Remember when installing to use either the LATCH system if your car has it or the seatbelt, never both. Also remember when buckling them NOT to use any aftermarket strap covers or anything with the car seat and keep the chest clip at armpit level on their CHEST. I recommend this seat to everyone and have gotten many other mommies to buy this seat and they have all had great things to say about it!
still rear facing comforably in his myride 65 at 2 years old and 33lbs

LOVE this car seat!

I bought this seat for my son when he was 6 months old because he had outgrown his infant carrier. He is now 16 months and is still rear-facing in this seat. I love it! The harness is easy to adjust and the seat reclines at the perfect angle so my son's head isn't hanging forward when he falls asleep in it. This seat is best suited for a larger vehicle (ex. a van or SUV) because it is a bulky car seat. It doesn't fit in my sisters Cavalier very well.
My son trying out his new seat (at 6 mos old)

It's big

I have mixed feelings about this seat. I have a Chevy suburban and this seat can't really fit behind my drivers seat- which is where I want it. I tried it in the middle but lifting my one year old son in there is not really an option...he's heavy and my arms are not that long. My son does seems comfortable in it and has slept in it on longer rides so I'm happy about that ( others didn't recline enough or have any head support for napping), I use the head support thingy that comes with it. It's fairly padded and soft. Installing it was fine, didn't have to use towels or noodles underneath like I've read some people do with seats, there's a little ball on the side that has to be in the green and ours is. The little cup holder is nice to put toys in or whatever to keep him occupied. It's a nice seat but for rear facing ( which we're supposed to do until 2 years now) I'm surprised at how big it is for even my car- what's bigger than a suburban?! We're keeping the seat but had I seen it in person opposed to ordering it online I may have chosen a smaller one. The green isn't as bright as pictures either which I wanted but that's not a big deal.


We love this car seat! Our 16 month old has been in this for about a month and our nightmare car trips seem to be over!! Hallelujah because we are frequent travelers and our travels have been awful since #2 was born. In our other seat she screamed in both forward and back facing positions. We tried her in our Britax, graco and Chico (since birth) and finally we have a seat that she seems to love. Our true test will be when we drive to Disney next week. So far she has done well on our prep trips, the longest of which has been 3 hours. No screaming, just a content toddler kicking back in this wonderful seat. Forward facing it doesn't seem to make her sit up as straight as every other seat we tried in the stores (and I tried them all) the straighter she was the more she screamed! In this seat (forward facing) she looks a bit like she's kicking back in a small recliner and she loves putting things in and out of the cup holders. I can't say enough about how fantastic this seat is for us!

Great for a Big Baby!

When my son was born he was already 21.5 in long, so by the time he was 3 months old and already over 25 in (the limit on his infant seat was 29in) I knew I needed to start looking for a convertible seat. Even though I was worried about the price on this car seat, it was very much worth it. The seat pad and head rest were a real selling point for me, especially since I knew he would be so small when he started using it. Even at 3 months, he fit in the seat really well because it has so many height adjustments for the shoulder straps. The other reason I bought this seat over the others is that it had the highest weight and length capacity of all the car seats at my store. It is a little large, but considering that it will last most of the time your child is their seat, it is worth it. I have a Civic right now and it does fit in the middle back seat, there isn't much room to sit beside it, but it is possible. I really love this car seat, it has to be the best one out there!

MyRide 65 is an excellent ride.

My 10 month old son seemed to HATE his infant car seat. He screamed anytime I tried to put him in it. Due to advice from some other moms in my moms group, I decided to upgrade (even though he could have fit in the infant seat probably well beyond his 1st birthday). They seemed to think it would help. The seat was a pain to install, according to my husband. However, when I took it to get inspected by a car seat safety expert, the original installation was spot on. I had to practice putting it in myself and it didn't seem too bad. The seat itself is rather large but still fits well in the middle seat of my Volvo XC wagon. All in all, a great car seat that will last for years to come. It has vibrant colors and seems comfortable. It also has two cup holders which come in handy since the cup holders in my car are notoriously broken. My son still screams and cries when I put him in the seat but I think he just doesn't like to be confined. I think he will get used to it, eventually. Lol.

My Favorite Seat Yet!

Let me start by saying that I am a mother of five kids. I love to have the best car seats for my kids as we travel A LOT! I read the reviews on this seat and they were all great, I had my eye on a Britax, but with all the great reviews I figured I would give the MyRide 65LX a shot. So, I ordered it, received it in TWO days and installed it in 5 short minutes! It was so simple to install and my husband noted that it was the first car seat that we have owned that was installed at the correct angel without a lot of adjusting. The seat is super duper comfortable. My baby is 13 months old and is on the small side, but he loves it, and so does my 4 year old. My 4 year old wants to trade in her seat for one of these, and I may just let her. I love it so much and it is so comfortable on all our trips. It is a bit large, but it fits fine in my GMC Acadia. I have told all of my friends with babies about this seat... I highly recommend this seat!

Love it! But its not for everyone

I lovvvve this carseat, and i love that when i put my 6 month old son into it, i feel like he's safe. BUT, i do have to say that yes its a pretty big carseat, i coukd sit in it myself and im 5'8 130lbs! So that being said if you have a pretty small car, you might really want to look at one in the store first to really check if it will fit. I drive a 98 Ford explorer, and the top of the carseat sits just a couple inches over the shoulders of the front seats. But if you do think it will fit in your car/truck nicely, i highly recommend it. Its nice and reclined so your child wont be sitting straight up, theres lots of cushioning, even a seperate little pillow for under their butt! My little one has no trouble falling asleep in it, and considering how much he cried being strapped into the last one, hes only cried may e twice in the month weve had it, so id say he likes it! Oh also, when the carseat is sitting rear faced, it is a little hard to adjust the tightness of the straps, but i mean really if thats your deal breaker for this carseat, you really just need to stop being lazy!

Great for Small Cars!!

I Own a Kia Rio5 Hatchback. So, my car space is very limited. I have a 3 month old who always cries when put in the infant car seat his weight is 13lbs and height 24inch. The seat looks huge but it fit perfect in my Kia rio. It is tall but I can see out my back window perfectly. My son doesn't cry anymore in the seat. I had to buy a more snug headrest because the one it comes with seems like it is bigger for older children. But this is a great seat. I recommend it to anyone with a small car or even big. If you look at the NHTSA Graco MyRide got an overall Ease of use of 4 stars. SO, for the price you are getting one of the better car seats out there. That not only your child will love but that will fit in your small car and your child will be safe in. I do have to admit pressing the crotch button for the seat belt is a bit hard. However, I have noticed that consistent with All graco Product Carseats.

Finally, a carseat both parent and child can love!

I have spent hours reviewing carseats online, and viewing them in person in stores when possible. I read several mixed reviews on this carseat, with the biggest complaint being that it was "too big". I do agree that it is a very large seat, especially broad at the top. But that (to me) is one of the best features. It seems extremely sturdy, and I feel that my daughter is much more secure. When she falls asleep her head does not fall forward either. The two cup holders are very large and deep as well, and they are placed perfectly so she can reach. Overall this seat is awesome!

Best Car Seat on the Market!

This is the last car seat I'm ever buying....and believe me, I've tried them ALL. Three boys later, I found the My Ride 65 LX, and it's amazing. I bought one for the youngest, and he loves it so much, he finally fell asleep IN the car! Now I'm going to buy two more for the toddlers....brilliant design, and oh, so comfortable for the child. I am not usually impressed by many products, and I have never written a product review online before- but I have to for this car seat! Thank you thank you Graco, you have solved a ton of problems! Hmm, maybe I should write the company directly and thank them... :)

This is a life saver (literally!)

This is my second purchase of this car seat from Walmart. I was t-boned in a really bad car accident. My 1 year old son was riding in his car seat, and it kept him safe! He was on the side of the car that was impacted by the crash. He was able to be taken out of the vehicle with no injuries (not even bruises/scratches). It says on the box that the car seat is side impact tested, and I can testify that it kept my baby safe in a side impact collision. I was so impressed with how well the car seat held up, that I bought a new one of the exact same model.

LOVE This Seat!

I bought this seat almost 2 years ago in a different fabric for my then 10-month-old because she seemed uncomfortable in her infant seat (although she was well within the size limitations still). She was instantly happier and seemed much more comfortable because all the crying in the car stopped. It IS a big seat, but most convertible seats are on the big side. It did limit my seat from going all the way back when I had it rear-facing (Subaru Impreza) but I'm only 5'3 so it wasn't as issue for me. Forward-facing, my daughter has plenty of room for her legs which was a concern I had. The cup holders are the best because they don't fall off, she can sleep in it without her head hanging forward, and the cover is removable in case it needs to be washed (although you do have to un-thread the straps). I was hoping to move my 7-month-old into this seat and get my toddler a forward-facing only seat like the Graco Nautilus, but she won't give up her MyRide so looks like I'll be getting a 2nd. One thing to consider is that it's also pretty wide so with the MyRide on one side & our baby's infant seat on the other, there is no space for a person in the middle; although in my husband's full-sized truck, we have fit 3 car seats no problem so it just depends on the car. We LOVE the MyRide!!

great seat

Grandson like's it fine. I would purchase graco products all the time

Great car seat for a good price!

We had originally bought a Britax Marathon car seat for my vehicle. Although it is a wonderful car seat with a lot of good safety features, we had a difficult time spending another $250 for a second car seat. We bought the Graco MyRide as a second car seat for my husband's truck. Our son is extremely comfortable and enjoys riding in it. It fits great in my husband's Nissan truck. It seems to have great safety features like the padded headrest, and my son seems very secure in it. The cup holders are a great addition for when our son gets older. We are also please that it will last until our son reaches 65 lbs so we should not need to buy another car seat for him. I highly recommend this car seat if you want something that fits well, is long lasting, has good safety features, and doesn't cost a bundle.

Seems comfy

I bought four of these, two for each car. These were extremely hard to install rear facing using the latch system...but once installed, my 1year olds seems to really like them. I have a 2011 Mazda6, and my husband and I are both 5'8" and we have plenty of room up front with these in the back seat. We haven't installed the other two in the other car because of the difficulty...we have an appointment to have them installed at a dealership that offers installation for carseats.

Wonderful everyday seat

After not finding a seat that would fit comfortably and safely, in the back of my 2013 Toyota Prius, my parents purchased this seat for us. We love it! We use it everyday and she is very comfortable in it. She frequently falls asleep in it. The only downside is getting it in and out of the car is a hassle, especially for an airplane ride.


The only issue I have is putting it in. Was not easy.
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