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A Nice set for Superman

Customer review by DCcomicsFan

5.0 stars 7/6/2012 by DCcomicsFan
by DCcomicsFan

This is generally a classic set for Superman. I am really hoping to see more Superman sets in the Future. THE MINIFIGURES Superman-Superman was a great minifigure. He had some nice face and torso details, and a new hairpiece with his signiture curl. Wonderwoman-Another nice figure, the only thing that bothers me is the legs, which in my opinion should have been more basic, but never the less I still think she is a cool minifigure. Lex Luthor-Not much special about him, he has a new face and torso. THE KRYPTONITE MECH I have to say this set looks great when finished. It was a fun build as well. LEGO was clever with this set. All the joint peices move nicely, most of the joints consisted of ball and socket peices, although where the legs connected to the waist there was two older type joint parts. There were also quite a few other small details I enjoyed, like the Kryptonite tanks on the back, and on the Gun where there is a green Power miners Jewel peice. Overall this set is worth the money, and is a good buy.

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Pretty Tight

Customer review by MintBerryCrunch

5.0 stars 2/1/2012 by MintBerryCrunch
by MintBerryCrunch

Although the last Batman collection may have an edge on these new Superheroes sets, I plan on buying all of them being the collector I am. I may not be down with the new Batman 100%, but this set Superman themed is the real deal. Superman and Wonder Woman both are outstanding minifigs and very exclusive (as this is the only set you will find them in). Lex is pretty simple, but hey, he's accurate to the Man of Steel's real nemesis. Not much to say on the Power Armor, looks real fresh and includes great green trans and purple pieces. Price is outstanding for piece count ratio, figures, size etc. This is probably the best Superheroes set you will find for figures, price, play ability. Included comic is fine I suppose, I just keep that in the box. Really easy set to build, took about 10-15 minutes. Overall, I bought this set for Superman and Wonder Woman. Very easy to build, low price, great figures. What more can you want? Highly recommend this set.

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Superman Lego

Customer review by Walmartmom

3.0 stars 12/15/2015 by Walmartmom
by Walmartmom

If you can get to the store in person i would advise you to so that rhus set aas small and expensive

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A Truly Super Set!

Customer review by Superhero

5.0 stars 1/4/2012 by Superhero
by Superhero

Lex's power suit is nothing short of amazing. Lego have decided to do a lot of scenery in the Superheroes line: Joker's Funhouse, A bank, The Batcave and even a traffic light, so its nice to see a set designed solely for playability. The suit is fully poseable, to the point where you're constantly changing it because each position was just as cool as the last. The minifigures are exclusive, its the first time we've seen a proper Superman and Lex Luthor, or even Wonder Woman for that matter! Pros: Power Suit is fully poseable, gun arm isn't hindered by the gun. Minifigures are exclusive and detailed. One of the most playable sets in the series. No stickers! Yay! Cons: It's possible to see in the picture, there are two cylinder tanks on the back of the suit. Inside each of these is a little green translucent piece that just sits in the hole and are prone to coming lose inside there. Kind of annoying, but the only fault.

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Finally Wonderwoman!

Customer review by kweezyboo95

5.0 stars 1/8/2012 by kweezyboo95
by kweezyboo95

This set is by far the best when it comes to exclusive figures, it comes with three all new figures in a whole new storyline. The set has amazing playable features, with Lex Luthor suit, it was really good articulation and the joints work really well. It is cool that they added not just Superman and Lex Luthor figures but Wonder woman as well. Lex luthor is very similar in outfit to what he would normally wear, Superman is the same and i really like how they added that little curl of hair to him, though i wish they would've added the superman symbol to his cape. Now Wonder woman, her outfit looks really good just like the original, and i am happy they incorporated the tiara in the hair piece rather than a piece that you would have to hook on and i really enjoy the lasso of truth which any dc fan knows is her greatest weapon. I am very happy with this set and i reccomend this st to any DC comics fan or lego fan.

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This set is Super, man!

Customer review by BubbaShelby

5.0 stars 12/27/2011 by BubbaShelby
by BubbaShelby

I received this set as a gift for Christmas from one of my children (that's how we roll.) First off, having a Superman and Wonder Woman mini-figure is a dream come true, and would have been my primary reason for seeking this set out had I bought it for myself. But Lex's mech-suit is really neat, even better looking in person than it appears on the box. It has great poseability, with articulated fingers perfectly designed to grasp Superman or Wonder Woman. The Kryptonite powered gun (with removable piece of Kryptonite) really adds to the imaginative play a kid (or adult) can get out of this set, and is probably why the set comes with Wonder Woman...because Superman can't get too close! The Lex mini-figure is cool in it's sillyness; just a bald guy in a business suit...but that's Lex for ya, and who else is brazen enough to go up against the Man of Steel? A wonderful set sure to delight any DC Comics fan.

Santa Cruz
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Man of Steel vs Man of Steal

Customer review by LegoSkyGuy

5.0 stars 1/16/2012 by LegoSkyGuy
by LegoSkyGuy

WOW. I was really impressed with this set. I really wanted it for the Superman and Wonder Woman Minifigs, but Lex Luthor and the Armored Suit are pretty cool too. The Armored Suit was quite fun to build. It came together pretty easily once the legs were built. I was surprised how many points of articulation the suit has. It is very poseable as a result. I've never been into Bionicle or Hero Factory, but I hope those lines are as sturdy and durable as the Armored Suit. The minifigs are stellar. I'm especially thrilled about the very detailed paint jobs on the figs. Superman and WW both have double sided faces. The hair pieces on both of them are also well done, even showing the curl on Supes and WW's tiara. I think the price is very reasonable for all that you get in this set. Pros: 3 Awesome minifigs of Superman, Wonder Woman, and Lex Luthor Detailed printing on minifigs Superman's red cape Wonder Woman's lasso Lex Luthor's armored suit Suit is very sturdy and poseable Nice color scheme of green and purple!! Thanks for reading. Please check out my other reviews. Play Well!!

Niagara Falls
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Superman and Wonder Woman!

Customer review by mickyjoe

5.0 stars 12/22/2012 by mickyjoe
by mickyjoe

I love this set the lex bot or what ever you call it is great, you can move it in loads of diffrent ways which is a nice touch, onto the minifigs and probally why most people will buy this set: Lex- He has a nice suit and a nice exclusive face Superman- If you havn't heard superman before I'm shocked, I'm so glad lego made him who dosn't want a superman figure, he has an exclusive hair (which has a nice culre in it) face and torso his legs are blue and his hips are red. Wonder Woman- I love this figure the torso, hair , legs are all exclusive and her head was until it was reused later in 2012, she also comes with her epic lasso but wheres her bracelets? My only problem with this set is why Wonder Woman is the damsel she's wonder woman!, They should've put lois as the damsel instead If you don't have this set buy it!, I've had it since January (I know the review is bad timing) and kept it.

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Customer review by Timmychip

3.0 stars 5/21/2014 by Timmychip
by Timmychip

I got this set for Christmas lest year and thought, "Ehhh" write off the bat, I still say Ehhh but I found it was not as bad as I first thought. I never did like the way they do the joints that they used to connect the legs with the hips, its too jerky and makes it hard to make it walk without making some peaces fall off. I never did like the fact that Super Man and Lex Luthor came with no weapons. The Kryptonite is cool, as well as the top of the mech, I always detached the top from the legs as an ejector. Now to the Pros and Cons Pros: -Kryptonite -the top half of the mech is cool (Though the arms are hard to pose) -Lex -lasso Cons: -Super mad doesn't have a curl on his forehead, and the Minifigure dose -Wonderwoman -Lex and Super man don't have weapons -The legs are too jerky -The arms of the mech are hard to pose. I would recommend this set only as a possibility for MOC making.

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Perfect superheroic set!

Customer review by CouchGuy

5.0 stars 1/29/2012 by CouchGuy
by CouchGuy

This set blends role play and building fun perfectly for the super heroic genre! Big robots are right in character for Lex Luthor and Imlove the Big Kryptonite Gun! The Superman, Wonder Wonan and Lex Luthor figures are perfectly executed. Both Superman and Wonder Woman have double-faced heads so they can put on their tough, determined faces when fighting crime! I'm glad to see female characters like Wonder Woman, Catwoman and Poison Ivy being depicted in these DC Super Heroes sets from the very beginning. More, please! I want to build the whole Justice League! Pairing two heroes and a villain or two like this is a good idea. We need sets just like this for Green Lantern and the Flash vs Sinestro (with a big tranparent yellow ring-created monster) and Aquaman and Cyborg vs. Black Manta and a fleet of Atlantis attack subs. More heroes, more villains, and more great playsets, please!

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Great, Amazing, and a few review pointers

Customer review by HOAfan101

5.0 stars 2/6/2012 by HOAfan101
by HOAfan101

This was one of LEGOS most fun sets ever. It was extradordinary when it was finished, and i thought thhat the choices for minifigs were great ideas. I have a few ideas for future sets that could turn out amazing: The Watchtower-Used in the JL series on TV. Includes minfigs of-Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Hawkgirl, Joker, Lex Luther. The price should be about $39.99-69.99 iCarly Studio-Used in iCarly show. Includes minifigs of Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Gibby. Price range-$12.99-19.99 The House of Anubis-Used in the hit show House of Anubis. Includes minfigs of Nina, Fabian, Amber, Alfie, Patricia, Mara, Mick, Jerome, Eddie, Victor, Trudy, Vera, Senkhara. Price range-$59.99-99.99 Hope that these sets can open some new doors, just like this one! And also, this set should be more expensive due to its quality and other pros.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by DoctorXombie

3.0 stars 6/20/2012 by DoctorXombie
by DoctorXombie

Being a big Superman fan I actually bought this for myself... mostly for the figures. My daughter hijacked my toys and put it together in a couple hours. She also created a few new things with the pieces. A great buy. Very good for creative kids.

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Greatest Value for Money Ever (For Me)

Customer review by Legobirth

5.0 stars 6/12/2014 by Legobirth
by Legobirth

I thought this set would be just another "Get exclusive minifigures with a lame vehicle" set . Woah, I was wrong. This set cost me €20 and i would have almost payed double the price. The minifigures are cool and all, but Lex Luthor's mech makes this set for me. I found the mech quite sturdy (and i give mechs really weird combat poses.) Lex luthor fits in fine and so do a lot of other minifigures (not batman.) The legs don't move much but the arms definetly do. The upper body also turns around. It also comes with a neat looking kriptonite gun. The minifigures included are Lex Luthor, Superman and Wonder Woman, each being exclusive to this set. I like them all, even though Lex Luthor isn't hard to make yourself. The fact you get all this at a great price amazes me and I can surely say this is one of my favourite Lego sets.

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Daily Planet: Mech Terrorizes Metropolis!

Customer review by legobuilderguy115

4.0 stars 7/27/2012 by legobuilderguy115
by legobuilderguy115

This set isn't exactly based off of any comic book or film scene. however, Lex Luthor driving a mech powered by kryptonite is something we could see him doing. This set isn't the biggest or best Superheroes set, but it is the very first superman/ wonder woman/ lex luthor set released, and currently the only one available. PROS: - nicely detailed minifigs: SUPERMAN, WONDER WOMAN, LEX LUTHOR - Mech is nicely designed and does not fall apart. - Kryptonite gun is excellent! It can easily be taken off the robot too - Wonder Woman comes with whip CONS: - While LEX LUTHOR is a nice minifig, he's not one a very colorful villain. (ex. JOKER, TWO FACE, POISON IVY) - Robot arm holding gun doesn't always hold in place (mainly due to the extra wright of the gun) Overall, a great set and nice example of these famous comic book characters

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Superman and Wonder Woman!!!

Customer review by snap587

5.0 stars 1/21/2013 by snap587
by snap587

Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and the Green Lantern have always been my favorite characters of the DC Universe. I always wanted Lego to make a set with them included, and I never really got into the Lego DC line because the sets were strictly Batman, but once I saw this I had to get it. Although I'm still waiting on the Flash and Lantern, I am most pleased that the set included Superman and Wonder Woman. Superman has a nicely printed body and a double sided face, only flaw is that Lego should have painted red boots on his legs and put the Superman symbol on the back of his cape, but other then that hes perfect. Wonder Woman has an excellent paint job, and in my opinion one of Legos's best mini figures. Lex also looks great. I personally bought the set strictly for the min figures, but the set itself is also nice. Lex Luthors power armor is great and quite opposable with few limitations allowing the user to set up epic scenes with Lex inside the armor battling Superman and Wonder Woman. As collector I would recommend this set to anyone who is a Superman or Wonder Woman fan, and have been waiting for Lego to make some other DC sets other than Batman.

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Sets the bar very high for the Super Heroes line

Customer review by MarsNeedsLEGO

5.0 stars 5/26/2012 by MarsNeedsLEGO
by MarsNeedsLEGO

There are not enough superlatives to tell you how much I like this set. The build is simple and straightforward, and the finished power-armor mecha is extremely fun to pose and play with. I was quite surprised by how much I enjoyed the mecha because I'm not a mecha guy, but this is a delight. The minifigures are, as of this writing, exclusive to this set, which is an added bonus. Dual-printed heads for both Superman and Wonder Woman give you some display variety (poor Lex, having no hair, isn't eligible for this option). My only quibbles concern the minifigures, although they are minor at best. First, the Wonder Woman torso would have looked better had it been flesh-colored with red printing rather than red with flesh printing. But it's not a big deal. Second, and I've since changed my mind, but on first glance I thought the choice to put Lex in business attire rather than his personal armor was a mistake. However on reflection, it seems to make perfect sense: if Lex is going to pilot his power armor, he needs to wear his power suit. :) As long as LEGO continues to produce Super Heroes sets with this degree of quality and value, we are all in for a treat.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by heatherricketts

5.0 stars 2/15/2012 by heatherricketts
by heatherricketts

It was a gift for my son and he loved it !!!!! A little pricey in my opinion but still a good gift !

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Absolutely Brilliant...

Customer review by Mumoftwo

5.0 stars 1/9/2012 by Mumoftwo
by Mumoftwo

Well where do I begin. I have a huge superman fan in the house who just happens to love lego, so initially I thought this would be a safe bet and a bit of fun. Well times that by 10 and then some, it was relatively straight forward for him to build with a bit of supervision, but reasonably challenging for a 5 year old. The fun doesn't stop there, from the enjoyment of building the robot, but to then take it to the next level and be able to play with it was in it's self absolutely brilliant, the robot moves freely and is completely posable, adding another dimension to the lego experience and role play, hours fun and playing time and still going back for more. Lego have hit a real winner here, look forward to more items being added. Highly recommended for all, you won't be disappointed.

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Super Set!

Customer review by MINIFIGX

4.0 stars 5/7/2013 by MINIFIGX

This set is a very unique set. It contains a highly detailed Kryptonite Robot, a Lex Luther Minifigure that is only featured in this set and a promotional pack with Lego DC Universe Game. It also features a rare Wonder Woman minifigure, with delightful detail on it. However the superman fig is the best! Pros: -Three Rare MInifigs -Highly Detailed -Simple to build -good fun Cons: -Low playability -needs more kryptonite -maybe another buildable item -wonder woman's lasso is 'fixed in place' I have put the playability as 'low' because the robot is larger then the figs and cannot be beat down. It could include something else. Overall: 7/10 Good set, but not the best. although I absolutely love the figs in this set, I can finally make a Lego Justice League of America!! -MINIFIGX

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Wow just wow

Customer review by Mrme

5.0 stars 3/3/2012 by Mrme
by Mrme

When this set came out I wanted it. So just yesterday I went down and bought it. This set is a very good deal 3 Minifigures 207 Pieces for only $20.00 and it comes with a little comic. So when I got some I expected it to be like one of the old EXO-FORCE sets with a pretty good build but not great.Well I dump the box out and open the bags and start building first the minifigures which were awesome except Wonder Woman which is not a great figure her pieces can only be used for her. Then I started building the Power Armor and it was a very fun build. After I was done I looked at the Power Armor it is such a good build and is very sturdy. Well, after that ofcourse a started playing with it I had a great time I would recomend this set to anyone this is a must get.

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1-20 of 105 total reviews
1-20 of 105 reviews