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Great for marking books

Customer review by Vickie

5.0 stars by Vickie

I'm on my 2nd set of Crayola erasable colored pencils that I use exclusively for Bible marking. I use a blank paper behind the page I'm marking to protect from transfer. The pencils are perfect to mark what I wish to highlight without being a distraction for my everyday reading. Being able to gently erase when I make a mistake or change my mind is invaluable. Thanks for the great product!

California, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Amazing Product!

Customer review by Georgina13

5.0 stars by Georgina13

I use Crayola products everyday and they certainly do the trick in my school books. I find that they are really easy to use and look amazing in my work. I am a student and would DEFINITELY recommend that you buy this product. They are AMAZING!!

Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
washed out and waxy

Customer review by kittiy

1.0 stars by kittiy

I have used Crayola coloured pencils since I was a kid, and they have always been my brand of choice for artful creations around the house. Last time I went to purchase a set all that was left on the shelf were the 'eraseable's. I figured, what the heck, and picked them up. I wish I hadn't. The colours are washed out, no matter now hard you press or how many times you go over a spot the colour never depeens. They are impossible to sharpen and the leads seem to be made of some plastic / wax compound that gums up sharpeners. On top of all that the 'erasers' do nothing more than smudge colour and rip paper.

Would recommend to a friend? No
Do Not Buy

Customer review by HTO9

1.0 stars by HTO9

I love Crayola. They are the top brand, and I have always used their products. They have the best colored pencils, and I was very excited when I saw that they had erasable colored pencils. I purchased them, and could not have been more disappointed. The only thing that they are good for is erasing, which they do well. I tested them several times, on different materials and surfaces, but they never work. They don’t leave behind a solid mark, and it looks almost as if you are writing in crayon. Also, the tips wear down very quickly, and you spend more time sharpening your pencils than drawing. These are a great concept, because I hate when I make a mistake while drawing and am unable to correct it because my regular colored pencils won’t erase completely, however Crayola definitely needs to keep working on these pencils. I couldn’t have been more let down by this product, and I guarantee that I will never buy these again.

Would recommend to a friend? No