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<li>Intel Core i5-2430M processor</li><li>4GB memory; 640GB hard drive</li><li>17.3" HD widescreen CineCrystal LED-backlit display</li><li>Webcam, 5-in-1 card reader, Wi-Fi</li><li>Windows 7 Home Premium</li>
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Great Computer

I love this computer, for me there are no draw backs. The web cam is great,no lag at all according,to people I chat with or just leave a video message. I love the large screen,and a great keyboard. With the number keys on right, it makes life so much easier. I would buy this computer again, But hopefully not for a long time.

Great Computer

This computer is perfect for what I use it for. I use it mostly for watching videos online and showing videos to my youth group. Plus, the sound that comes from the speakers alone is enough if you are in a small group in a small room.

Cheap and THE best in the market for $488

Bought this on black Friday for $498. Later they sent a $10 egift card as the USB version mentioned was USB3.0 but it's actually USB2.0. Have used Acer for 3 years before (Acer aspire 4925G) with no issues. So was confident enough to go for this laptop. The manufacturer's specification says the ram is expandable only till 8gig, which is wrong. As per Intel's specification, i5-2430M processor can be upgraded till 16gig. Not sure why this difference. LCD Screen is awesome Turbo boost works like a charm The touchpad is smooth & multiple touch is good. The atheros wifi card used is just ok on the performance. When realtech card on my old laptop showed my wifi signal 2 rooms away as excellent, this card shows only good. When I get closer to the router it moves to excellent (which proves that there is nothing wrong with the router). Intel graphics card is good, but not switchable. Above average performance. Audio quality is good with Dolby digital surround Web cam picture quality is nice with 720p recording. Battery life is good. Lasts about 4 hours when fully charged Thin, sleek and light weight Keyboard is nice and soft Overall. Excellent buy for <$500 laptop with i5 + 17.3" display

Great gamer laptop

This laptop is amazing for this price, it is super light, fast, and has a big screen, you would think for being a "bigger" laptop it would be heavier, but it's extremely light and easy to tote around. Also doesn't burn my legs at all! Love the keyboard and the num pad. There is just no negatives to say about this laptop, it's great! I bought it for my husband and he's a huge gamer nerd, and he plays games with ease.

Super Deal

Ordered this online, on Thanksgiving day and it was delivered FREE to my home 2 days later on Saturday. The computer itself it amazingly fast and easy to setup. Up and running in a matter of minutes. My worse issue was having to buy another laptop case so as to protect it properly. Thanks Walmart and Acer. I feel like I got a super deal and super service. I do some graphics work and my old computer was too small and this is like having a desktop that folds up and goes into a briefcase.
Great Computer for video transfering and editing. First one I ordered had a sticky S key. I returned it to my local walmart with no questions. Ordered up another and it arrived in 3 days. Crisp, Fast, and WOW what a picture--crystal clear. For the average person this computer is by far the best bang for your buck! Pug directly into your HDTV via a hdmi cable and your instantly streaming, or a cordless mouse & keyboard and have a 55" monitor,priceless.

Acer Aspire 7750-6423 Review

Looking for a 17.3" with i5 Intel processor and this was listed for $448.00 right after Christmas. (Also got a $25.00 online Gift Card) Did my research and decided to buy it. Well no disappointment here. This Acer does a great job with everything you want for a PC under $450. Quick and responsive with all the options you need. Nice that it gives you the option to buy the completed Microsoft Office version or if you just want the basic MS Office, i.e. Word & Excel then you have the option to activate it for the free MS Office version just using Word & Excel. Whats nice is that Acer quickly reminds you to make a Recovery Disk using DVD's and with the i5 processer, it wasn't long before you had a set made. Home Wireless connection was a snap and everything was great.

Awesome machine

The reviews were already great but this exceeded my expectations. Somehow it's much faster than my gateway intel i5 laptop when booting up. (no idea why) The chiclet keyboard is awesome, it's my first one but I can already tell it will lead to less typos. The sound is great as long as you don't expect real deep bass. After all, it is a laptop... Battery last a little over 4 hours. Black finish is textures so it's professional looking but not boring.. Keyboard area is a dark grey with a fine texture. Very nice feel to it with just enough texture to keep your hands from sliding around. The trackpad is integrated into the surround to keep away dust build up but it's a very smooth finish. It feels similar to the glass trackpad on a macbook pro. I'm impressed with the fit and finish and the specs already tell you the performance is going to be awesome too. Highly recommended.

A steal

Did hours of comparison shopping, not a better bargain out there. I received it in two days of ordering. My son just went out and spent 1500 on a Macbook. This is one third the price and has more features. Too many people complain about viruses etc. I have an internet security suite on all my computers and have never had a problem. I set it up for my wife deleted the bloatware and off to the races. Comparable speed to my I5 desktop I built earlier this year. After 1 week could not be happier.

What A DEAL!

If you are looking for a new laptop, this is the one to buy. I researched for months and finally decided on another brand and placed my order with a high profile computer company. Within two days, I heard about the Acer from a friend which has the exact features as the higher priced computer, so I ordered the Acer as well. Within two days the Acer was delivered to my door and I was operational within an hour after backups and saved $300 in the process. I returned the other computer and am so happy I have the Acer. All the features are as described and the Dolby sound is incredible. I would and have recommended this computer to others in the 3 weeks I have owned it and will continue to do so as I can't rave enough about the performance and the value. An additional note, be sure and order an HDM1 connector, hook it to your flat screen TV and enjoy viewing your computer screen on your TV. IT IS AMAZING!

Used Computer

The computer I received, which was supposed to be a new product, had actually been used by two other customers and had problems that I noticed immediately. I could connect to the internet, but could not get to social media sites, like Facebook. I thought there were parental controls on it so I called Acer to find out how to remove them. I found out that the computer had viruses on it and Acer wanted to charge me $99.00 to remove them. Needless to say, I took the 2-day old computer back to Walmart. I'm sure they will repackage it and give it to some other unsuspecting purchaser. The price was good, but the value stunk. I will never buy another computer from Walmart.
-Crashed with in a month and self repaired when turned on -Now it cannot recognize my printer -The AVG components got deleted -Microsoft office starter doesn't work anymore I did not create a backup. Everything will probably be okay if can I get a copy to restore from Acer support. Will try that. Other thing to note is the 'Windows Experience Index'. It is only 4.7 out of the Max 7.9. This is because of the Graphics sub score being the lowest i.e 4.7. And I don't think we can upgrade the graphics. So Even if the memory is improved the total score will still be 4.7.

Great Laptop, Great Value.

So I have had this laptop for 2 days now, and I am very pleased with the purchase. I needed a laptop with a little extra power for some programs i have to run in my Network Engineering classes in college, and they all run very smoothly with the Intel Core i5 processor. 4 gigs of Ram ensures that everything runs quickly, but i think after the warranty expires I'm going to install an additional 4 gigs, just my personal preference. The Bluetooth works very well, so my wireless mouse connects and its good to go. Now this laptop does get a little louder than my older laptop. The Hard Drive sounds like it's constantly spinning- But it's not a really big problem. Just a pet peeve. You can only hear it in a deathly silent room, but in the lecture hall it is quiet as it should be. The screen is vibrant and bright and I am in love with the 17 inch screen. Skype works very well with the built in microphone and webcam. The keyboard is solid, and i love typing on it. The track pad works well, but i wish it had dedicated left and right clickers instead of a rocker type button. My one really big complaint is that i think they should have put the optical drive opposite of the power port. The cable gets in the way. Also, the power port does not seem all that sturdy. The cord seems to wiggle when its fully connected and i don't like how they designed that. If anything were to break on this laptop it would be the power port. Other than that, i am pleased with the quality of this laptop, the textured surfaces to keep fingerprints at bay, and the sound is decent as well. Most of my family is amazed at how nice the laptop looks and for the price-- you just can't go wrong. If I have anything to add in the future about this laptop then ill update! Thanks!

Much better luck with the second one

I bought this computer and when I got it home the screen didn't work. I returned it to the nearest Walmart (awesome returning policy, no issues at all) and I purchased the exact same laptop. I'm using it now to write this review because I love it so much. Not sure what happened with the first one, but it's not my problem anymore. It's so good of a deal that I'm looking for the catch. To get an I-5 processor with all the extra stuff this computer comes with is rare considering the price. I thought for sure this laptop would be out-of-stock soon. Anyway, I would absolutely buy this laptop if you are in the market for one. Thanks!

Best Deal Around!

When I purchased this, I entered into it thinking Acer would not meet my expectations. Boy! Was I wrong! Not only has this laptop exceeded everything I expected, it puts my Dell Core i7 laptop to shame. Thinking my Dell would run circles around this Acer, I benchmarked the systems and the Acer's Core i5 2nd Generation CPU with turbo boost beat my Dell with a Core i7 @2.8GHz! Not a single problem, and the configuration of the Acer is phenomenal with ample hard drive space and a screen that gives theatre quality movies. I am now sold on Acer products, after being a Dell user for the past 8 years. I plan to buy another Acer for my Wife (15.7"), and one for the kids (15.7"), because I am now convinced Acer is a greater value for the money than a Dell.
I got this computer for Christmas, works great out of the box. If I were to redesign the ergonomics of the computer I would move the DVD burner and USB ports, they are on the right side should be on left, the front or in back like the majority of the other lap tops. I like to use a mouse so the mouse pad interferes with the opening of DVD player. Any memory sticks, IPODS, Printers that are plugged in are always in the way. For the money is is great, just feels a little less well made than my last computer. There is no lock to keep laptop closed when in your laptop bag and the hinges are small which worries me as it has a large 17 inch screen, and I travel. Ending on a positive note, the computer is substantially faster than my last one, over all I lover it.

This is a great laptop, best purchase ever made.

I have been dealing with computers for almost 30 years, bought my first one in 1984. This system is the best I have ever owned. I had my own computer business for several years and have built computers for many companies and individuals, so I do have a lot of experience with them. I also have a degree in programming. I love this computer. It has plenty of power, speed, and does all I want and more. I have completely stopped using the desktop that I had for my main computer and only use this one. It has met every expectation and considerable more. Highly recommend this for anyone needing a good computer. Love the 17.3" screen too. Haven't watched any movies on it yet, but I am sure it will do great for that too. Want to try connecting to the HDMI on my 50" TV to see how that works and will have to update the review at that time.
This is an awesome laptop! I got it as a replacement for our main family computer and as a 2nd computer. It performs great! Has great sound and picture!!! Love it!

great value, unbelievably fast shipping

Excellent computer for the money, couldn't be more thrilled. Ordered thanksgiving had it on saturday morning. Truly amazed for the money, couldn't be happier.

Good computer, good price

I'm using this computer mainly for web surfing and word processing. I've also watched a number of videos on it. So far everything has worked great. I upgraded from an older Dell and its a night and day difference. The only thing I wished this one had is an SD port. Overall I feel I've gotten a great value. BTW, love the bigger screen.
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