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Miniature tank

Customer review by Driver18

5.0 stars 10/12/2013 by Driver18
by Driver18

Got my first convoy 2 years ago under the new for 2 plan that Verizon had. We renewed our contract last November and I thought a smartphone would be nice, phone, camera, inet, the whole shibang in one unit. Reactivated my convoy 2 months into the new contract. Not impressed at all with the I product. Or smartphones in general. The convoy was dropped from the cab of my 18 wheeler truck many times, covered in dirt, kicked, dropped from the second floor of our apartment balcony, and was dropped into the Erie Canal while we were launching our boat. Got it out of the water ASAP and pulled out the battery. Let it dry overnight and started it back up, display went goofy for about 3 hrs., but cleared up and worked like a champ. Had to reactivate the "smartphone" temporarily after the convoy broke. A 40 ton truck took out the "tank". Would have been alright except the flip was open and snapped it clean off. Have another ordered and plan to pick up a spare or two. The ONLY phone that has survived my treatment.

Finger Lakes area N.Y.
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
You get what you expect, and that is a good thing

Customer review by Bigmyk2k

4.0 stars 9/8/2011 by Bigmyk2k
by Bigmyk2k

This phone is overall good, with a lot of features, and only a few things missing. Pros: The phone itself works fast, and connects to the 3G network reliably. Text and picture messages send much faster than my previous phone, and the bluetooth connectivity has a much greater range. Additionally, while it is larger than other flip phones, it is much closer than previous generations of ruggedized phones. Battery life is above average. Cons: I have had 3-4 occasions where the phone has randomly reset in the middle of performing operations, such as texting. It does not have an "autosearch" feature (where the phone displays contacts that match the alpha-numeric values entered, without having to search the phonebook.) when entering phone numbers- you have to actually go into the contacts list. Some of the features tend to be a little sluggish- such as delays when selecting the text to view. There are no games available for it through the Verizon App store.

Longmont, Co
Poor reliability, annoying design flaws

Customer review by FrustratedDave

1.0 stars 9/20/2012 by FrustratedDave
by FrustratedDave

After considering several alternative models, I bought the Samsung Convoy 2 in July. I selected the phone because it was advertised as "built to strict military specs to resist almost anything you can throw at it – shock, extreme temperatures, dust, humidity and more." A little over a month after I bought it, I pulled it out of my pocket to discover that the outside screen was displaying a yellow-orange blob, making most of the display unreadable. Samsung customer support told me to send the phone in for warranty repair, which I did. Two weeks later I received an email from Samsung customer support claiming the phone is "Out of Warranty" and I would need to pay Samsung three times what I paid for it to have the phone repaired. The Samsung customer service rep told me that the advertisement on was really a third party, and these claims they are making don't apply to the whole phone, as the advertisement says. The warranty doesn't cover anything that happens to the phone (anything you can throw at it – shock, extreme temperatures, dust, humidity and more). In other words, even under normal usage, Samsung is unwilling to honor its one year warranty. Besides the poor reliability, it has some annoying design flaws. The phone doesn't allow you to immediately lock the external keys automatically, so I've sent a few annoying pocket texts and have the phone continuously beeping in my pocket because they don't lock out right away. The texting is kind of jumpy - the response time for hitting some keys is slower than for others keys. Mildly annoying. The calendar erase functions are poorly designed such that you don't know if you are erasing all the events on a particular day or for all days. I accidentally blew away all my appointments because of this design flaw. There are better choices out there. Avoid this phone.

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Frederick, MD
Would recommend to a friend? No
Age:45 - 54
Ownership:3 - 4 months
Usage:Every day
Solid phone

Customer review by bduchateau

5.0 stars 8/30/2011 by bduchateau
by bduchateau

Besides having the rugged design, the phone has been solid. I came from a Motorola E815 (an older high rated flip in its day). This Convoy 2 has everything, assuming we are not comparing to the Smart phones. So far, I have only found two areas where it falls a little short. The reception I would rate at 8.5 out of 10. I was hoping the newer phone would perform better than the old flips with the mounted antenna stubs. But it is equal at most. The reception doesn't cause much in-call communication problems. Texting does have the learning ability. It does have predictive text as well. But if you are writing and realize a word was predicted wrong, you can not simply go back, put the curser next to the word, and hit the next button to scroll trough words. You have to erase the word and retype it to get the different word options. Bottom line solid phone in performance and physical characteristics. With more use, I will update a review...

You should add water & hydrochloric acid to the list of "resitant to"

Customer review by pyromantis

5.0 stars 1/17/2014 by pyromantis
by pyromantis

As someone who suffers from vertigo, the most important feature in a phone is that it can handle my constant stumbles and falls. I used my Convoy 1 for nearly 4 years (even after being dropped, lost & submerged in a puddle for nearly 3 hours in the parking lot at work within the first month) until the earpiece finally started to give out & I decided to use my upgrade. Similarly, I had this phone for about 2 weeks before it was subjected to something awful(Wow, I really am rough on phones aren't I?!). I was feeling nauseous & rushed to the bathroom. I apologize for being graphic but I accidentally dropped it in the toilet & vomited on it. Six months later, even after a very thorough cleaning & drying and some other falls, it still works just fine. This is by far the toughest phone I've ever seen. I'll definitely be getting the latest version of this model that's available whenever I finally wear this one out.

shepherdstown, wv
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great Flip Phone, if a bit bulky

Customer review by ddcfamily

5.0 stars 9/20/2011 by ddcfamily
by ddcfamily

Great Phone - call quality, reception, durability, battery life, camera (with flash), flashlight, blue tooth, micro sd card to hold music are all excellent. Downsides? Size - it's big. It's really big for a flip phone. Also the headphone jack is not a standard size for your ear phones if you want to listen to your music. Bought this phone to replace my Moto Rzr. Very happy with it. It meets all my needs, plus has VZ navigator for geting around plus mobile email and mobile web. It is NOT a feature phone like a droid or a iphone - the screen is to small for that, it's not a touch screen, etc. But it does what it does well Battery life is crazy long - I make about 500 minutes of calls a month, plus about 100 texts and never turn the phone off - I charge it once a week - that's right - once a week. I also appreciate it is a mil-spec phone - much tougher than most phones - I appreciate that.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Ran over by 8 Jeeps and still going strong!

Customer review by jeepinghillbilly

5.0 stars 7/14/2012 by jeepinghillbilly
by jeepinghillbilly

My Jeep club bsjeepers was having an off road trip at Big Dogs in Cove Va. I had my phone hanging on my hip and was riding in the passenger side of a friends Jeep TJ with the doors off. We were in a line of 10 Jeeps on the trail behind our guide and my phone fell off my hip. I did not know where at? We were on a loop back and when I saw the last jeep going into the loop I ask him to watch for my phone. After we came out the loop and was headed back up the trail there was my phone laying in tire tracks on the trail and crushed into the ground. We were 2nd in line so that meant 8 Jeeps had run over my Samsung Convoy cell phone! Picked it up and checked it over and used it and all was fine! Been several months now and still no issues with it. The Samsung Convoy can get run over by a convoy of Jeeps and keep on going. Dont know of any phone that could have survived this?

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Way better than I expected!

Customer review by Tony4Life

5.0 stars 2/1/2012 by Tony4Life
by Tony4Life

I use two lines out of five in my cellular family plan. One line is for my smartphone and the other I used exclusively for making calls (and the occasional text message). The Convoy2 appealed to me because of it's "rugged" category and there are plenty of accessories for it. It's been a while since I purchased a basic "flip phone." I can see why Samsung is still producing them. There were features on this phone that I never expected! From the tool, to the variety of settings options, to even a built-in "Fake-Call" app, this handset is perfect for situations where one shouldn't take a smartphone. It's size and weight are also convenient and it can easily fit in a pocket or purse. The value of this handset it something I appreciate and if you're looking for a durable handset with outstanding voice quality and reception, I highly recommend the Samsung Convoy2!

Fort Worth, TX
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Too many buttons

Customer review by Not2Picky

4.0 stars 11/14/2011 by Not2Picky
by Not2Picky

Despite the following comments I do like the phone and the battery life seems ample, I can go three days so far without a charge but my phone usage is pretty basic. This phone has more functions than I will ever use. My last Samsung flip phone lasted about seven years and I only upgraded because the buttons on it were starting to become unresponsive without a good deal of pressure, other than that it still worked well and I was not gentle with it. I am hoping this phone is just as rugged. Samsung needs to give the user the ability to disable the buttons on the front of the phone, which to me the fact they are there seem redundant. There is not much you can do with them without opening the phone, except turn on the flash light which blinds you when it comes on. The buttons are proud of the front of the phone and I get tired of hearing the phone beep every time I move when the phone is in my pocket because the buttons are constantly being depressed, even when the buttons are locked. The T9 feature is pretty stupid also, I can't believe all the simple words it doesn't recognize and its suggestions are really off the wall.

N.W. Ohio
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great phone

Customer review by ThePitGuy

5.0 stars 6/10/2011 by ThePitGuy
by ThePitGuy

Was looking for a replacement phone, one that was simple enough yet had some extra features. I don't use my phone for internet access so I checked into some simple clamshell designs. The Convoy had an excellent rating. The battery life is super. I only need to charge it about every 10-12 days. I like the additional storage capacity that the micro-SD card provides for music and photos. The loading of information to the card is best done through an SD card adaptor, directly from a computer, instead of by the USB connection. The phone is built well and is a rugged design. The only drawbacks that I have with the Convoy is the lack of a one button keypad lock. I prefer to keep it locked and the current locking method is time consuming. The second is the lack of a "flash" function for the camera. Relatively small negatives for an otherwise great phone.

Central South Carolina
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great Basic Phone & more

Customer review by JSM69

5.0 stars 8/3/2012 by JSM69
by JSM69

I had the Convoy & loved it, so when it was time to get a new phone from Verizon, I got the Convoy2. You dropped the "waterproof" part of the military specs, but kept all the others & that's still a good thing, living at the beach in Florida. This is a high quality basic cell phone built to last. I use my phone for calls, texts, picture texts, taking some pictures, very little email or Facebook or Internet stuff, and it's also my music player. I have a 16G memory card in it, & listen to tunes every day while walking/jogging, & I can share music on the beach with friends with the loud external stereo speakers (there is even a built-in equalizer). If you make a Convoy3 soon, that will be my next phone...unless I finally step-up to a smartphone, and I hope I can get a rugged Samsung smartphone. This is a great little phone! Thanks!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Suits me just fine!

Customer review by durvana

5.0 stars 5/9/2011 by durvana
by durvana

I'm not a smart phone user, not do I wish to be. This phone is perfect for my type of usage. Although a bit on the thick side(about an inch), it fits nicely in my pocket. The extra thickness comes as a result of an oversized battery which gives the phone a great amount of stand by, and usage time. Though I use the phone quite a bit, I only charge it about once a week. By the way, if you don't continuosly recharge your phone, the battery will last a lot longer. The extra large buttons make dialing a breeze as compared to my previous Samsung Alias that had tiny keys. The extra loud speaker has a nice clear tone, and works about as good as it can get with the included mp3 player. The removable memory can address up to about 7,000 songs should one be insane enough to load that much into it. The phone is also very sturdy as a recent drop from my second story balcony proved. Other reviewers complain that buttons are activated when one handles the phone in a pocket or holder has not proven to be the case, with me anyway. All in all I would give this lettle gem five stars if you're not into texting and just want a simple sturdy straight forward phone.

Durango CO
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Basic phone

Customer review by LandscapeConstruction

3.0 stars 11/15/2012 by LandscapeConstruction
by LandscapeConstruction

We purchased 24 of these phones. Unfortunatley, we could not try the product prior to the purchase. We needed a PTT service for our company specifically for our drivers. If you're looking for a basic phone, it would work, however, there are a few drawbacks. The chirp for the PTT service is extremely low in volume. There is no way to change this unless you change it to vibrate only. So you either have a very low chirp, which our guys cannot hear over their trucks and equipment, or you have it vibrate, which no one would be able to feel if they are using any form of our equipment. Some have had to revert to calling cell to cell, not using the PTT because they get no response to the quiet chirp. This is something that Samsung really needs to correct on this phone as this is the largest complaint that I've received about the phone. If you're wanting it for personal service, it should work. Durability is also important. So far only one has been damaged due to someone falling out of a truck and landing on the phone. That's not bad for 24 phones. Also, some of our guys are afraid they will break the phone because it's a flip phone, but they are doing well.

Would recommend to a friend? No
highly reviewed

Customer review by chris99

5.0 stars 1/28/2010 by chris99
by chris99

I went on line to search for cell phones before selecting this one to replace the sleek and shiny 'non Samsung' phone that the dog ate. (He likes all things plastic.) Virtually all of the reviews said things like 'I love this phone!', 'Best phone I ever owned', etc. Many were written by contractors who dropped the phone off a ladder, or other high places. One said that the phone flew off his car, into a snow bank, was missing in the snow and rain for a couple of days, swept up by the street sweeper and still worked! Now that's my kind of phone! I even bought the hard rubbery case. This thing should bounce when dropped. It's not sleek and shiny. It's rugged and handsome. AND the features are far superior to my eaten phone (which was about the same $) - and far easier to to find/use even for someone challenged like me. I figured out nearly everything without even looking at the manual. AND the contacts can be saved on the memory chip. I had to point that out the sales person who sold it to me. She and those around her were surprised at this feature, as it is apparently uncommon. Now that's a feature! A few calls - sound is great. Just got it and I love it already!

South Shore/Boston
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
First one had bugs

Customer review by Davebuff

3.0 stars 11/14/2011 by Davebuff
by Davebuff

Ordered this model directly thru VZW online. I test all of my new cell phones by turning them on and off about a dozen times over 24 hours. The first phone developed a light blue streak thru the display after about the tenth time on/off. Restored to original settings and MyVerizon, Backup Assistant, Search, and Browse no longer worked. Also, the clock face on the front display disappeared and only showed hands. Asked for and received a new phone from VZW in exchange. Was told I might get charged since Samsung saya a blue line thru the internal display indicates the phone (a ruggedized phone) had to have been dropped for the blue line to appear. It was never dropped, Didn't even "wear" it any place. Just a bad phone. Second phone works fine but there is nothing that sets apart from my old LG 8350 since Samsung does not really mean it is a ruggedized phone. If they did, they would not have in their database that dropping it caused the blue line. Being an engineer, I know that the blue line in the display is either from a bad chip, bad software, or residual stresses in the assmembly. If it is ruggedized to Mil Specs, just dropping it would not cause the blue streak in the display.

Midland, MI
Could be a good phone if...

Customer review by MerlinWerks

1.0 stars 9/3/2013 by MerlinWerks
by MerlinWerks

you could completely disable the front buttons, as many, many others have pointed out. Had the original Convoy and it worked fine. This "upgraded" model is significantly worse because you cannot fully lock-out the external buttons. These are constantly bumped when in your pocket or holster, greatly reducing battery life. Even if you do select the available button lock setting, when any button does accidentally gets bumped it displays a message to "Open Phone To Continue", Seriously??? I already know that since I'm the one who locked the buttons to begin with.... Fortunately this is a company supplied phone and I did not have to spend any of my own money on it. Hopefully they will listen to there customers when they design version 3.

Would recommend to a friend? No
Great Phone

Customer review by jbones42

5.0 stars 11/24/2009 by jbones42
by jbones42

I have had this phone for 6 days now it has been great so far. I had a Motorola v325 for 3 years and it was tough. I do hope this phone exceeds all of my expectations. Sound quality and volume of the speaker is better than excellent. I have a hearing problem and I need a phone that is loud when it rings. So for I have had no problems with that point. The battery life has been excellent. I only have problems with the Verizon software. I had to set my "one touch" manually. The feel is great. The fonts have the ability to be enlarged so I can read them at a glance. This phone has a great key pad.My big fingers do not work so well on a touch screen. For an older (67) guy I really think this phone is what I needed. Good work Samsung.

Houston, TX USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Useful phone

Customer review by leshort

4.0 stars 12/17/2011 by leshort
by leshort

Easy to use and fairly self-explanatory, this phone is what it claims: rugged. It resists drops on hard flooring well. The speakers deliver good sound, without being tinny on high notes. The screen doubles as a good flashlight. The ease at getting the phone to do what you want is nice. It cradles easily, when hands are not available, without the risk of the face squashing the keypad. There are rubber seals for weatherizing the electrical output connections Minor drawbacks, the earjack is awkwardly inset, making proper fit a challenge also due to the rubber seal hanging around. The side volume buttons can be easily pressed during conversation, until you learn how to "hold" around them. The product manual is not very explanatory.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
The IMMORTAL flip phone

Customer review by Monstertruck

4.0 stars 8/16/2012 by Monstertruck
by Monstertruck

I got two years out of my 1st convoy. I decided it was time to test if it was waterproof not just water resistant, so I sent a picture message of the movie we were watching and dropped it behind me into the pool. Water resistance - yes. waterproof - no. Resistance is futile. It started acting funny and failed. I got a second one because it is a great phone for calling, texting, basic phone necessities. One year later, I think an insufficient amount of watery hand contact screws the second phone. By chance, I plugin the 1st phone and after one year of inactivity and my one-year-old son beating it, it works perfect. Customer for life Great battery life Simple to use Shock proof - YES Waterproof - No Water resistant - Mostly

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great, but poor calendar

Customer review by An anonymous customer

4.0 stars 9/15/2010 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

This seems like a very good phone - I just picked it up yesterday and I am impressed overall. However, the CALENDAR function is seriously deficient for someone who actually uses it. It does not offer the option of every 2 weeks or every 10 days, etc. or anything other than monthly, weekly or yearly. Most other cell phones have much more robust calendar functions. I am hearing others complain about the reliability of samsung calendar funtions, but I cannot comment on that. I hope that Samsung will come out with a software upgrade for the calendar. If I hear of such from a reliable source, i will keep the Convoy; otherwise, I will turn it in for an equivalent ruggedized product.

An anonymous customer
Greenville, SC
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
1-20 of 139 total reviews
1-20 of 139 reviews