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74 reviews | 4.8 out of 5

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74 reviews | 4.8 out of 5

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1-20 of 72 total reviews
1-20 of 72 reviews
A good buy!!!

Customer review by Exdirectore

5.0 stars 4/29/2012 by Exdirectore
by Exdirectore

I was looking for a post a note dispenser at a local "office supply" store and was surprised at the cost of one. ($10-12) Since I am an educator I liked the apple shape and was pleasantly surprised that it cost much less through I had it sent to the store, so I didn’t have to pay shipping either. What a deal!!!! I read some of the other reviews that it is heavy, big and takes up a lot of space. Really!! Compared to some of the others that I have seen in a purse shape, shoe and pebble design- this actually stands up and doesn't lay flat on the desk. The weight is needed to keep it where you want it. It will take up approx. 3 square inches of your desk. If you think that is too much space to spare, maybe it is time to do a little clearing off of your desk. It is eye appealing and functions very well. I don't have to look for a note paper anymore, I know exactly where I can find it; in my cute, practical and space saving Apple dispenser.

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Perfect for teachers

Customer review by pikismc

5.0 stars 2/29/2016 by pikismc
by pikismc

I bought this at the beginning of the school year. I am a teacher and sometimes my desk gets a little crowded, but I can I always spot my big apple with the hot green post-it' it!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Nothing but smiles..

Customer review by hrlaser

5.0 stars 12/11/2012 by hrlaser
by hrlaser

The red apple Post-it dispenser garners nothing but smiles from friends, co-workers, relatives, aliens, and the occasional horse (who wants to eat it ;-) .. it's just an adorable piece of industrial design, and everyone who's seen mine usually reacts with a "where did you get that? I want one!" type comment.. it's perfectly weighted, just the right size, and works exactly as advertised.. of all the new Post-it dispensers, the red apple is, by far, my favorite, and I'd hazard a guess that it's probably the best-selling, most popular of the group of custom dispensers.. there are a bajillion different kinds of desk accessories that everyone's seen and used.. this one is simply in a different league from any other kind of desk accessory I've ever owned.. every time I look at it, I smile :-) ..

So. Calif.

Customer review by LoriJan

5.0 stars 12/29/2011 by LoriJan
by LoriJan

Best pop-up dispenser I have ever bought! I bought this for my house desk but it ended up on my seven year old son's desk. He loves it, not only is it adorable but it is just a well made product that will definitely last a long time in my house. Since it has made its way to my house I have to say that I have purchased several others as gifts for people, Especially the teachers....What a fantastic item!!! And who doesn't use post-it notes? I can't think of anyone who wouldn't love this! Thank you post-it for making such a great addition to my house!

Boston, MA

Customer review by Angry

1.0 stars 8/26/2015 by Angry
by Angry


Comment from Anonymous - 8/28/2015

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback on our Post-it® Pop-up Notes Dispenser, Apple Shaped. We're sorry for the frustrating experience you've had with our dispenser. We'd like to connect directly so we can figure out what's happening and help find a solution. If you're interested in connecting with us about this further, please call 800-395-1223 and mention case number 6230711. We're available Monday-Friday, 8am-4:30pm CT and would be happy to help. We've also sent you a direct email with this information. Thank you!

Would recommend to a friend? No
Cute and handy

Customer review by scheln

5.0 stars 7/30/2011 by scheln
by scheln

I really love the look of this apple post-it pop up dispenser. The post-its come out easily and one at a time consistently. It's really nice that the apple is weighted down so that you don't have to worry about it slipping off of your desk etc. It also works as a suitable paper weight when needed. My only issue I have with this dispenser is the fact that once you take it apart to replace the post-its, the apple itself is a bit difficult to fit back together without worry of breaking something.

Mrs. Batsford

Customer review by Marisia

5.0 stars 12/29/2011 by Marisia
by Marisia

I have to say by far that this dispenser is the best dispenser I've ever used for Post-It notes. Its appropriateness, light weight, small size adds to the practicality. Teachers do not need one more apple item nor one more thing on his/her desk. However, this is one apple item that all teachers need on their desk. More often than not, teachers need to grab a piece of paper to write a quick note. This product allows for that. Plus, it's fun to use.

Phx, AZ
Excellent Organizer

Customer review by TeachesFifth

5.0 stars 12/29/2011 by TeachesFifth
by TeachesFifth

The Apple Pop-Up Notes Dispenser is the best dispenser I've ever had! It's weighted so that it doesn't tip over when I pull a note out and it is easy to reload new pop-up notes in it. Having it on my desk at school allows me to quickly make notes to myself about things I need to do as soon as I have a chance. It looks great on my desk, too! I liked this dispenser so much that I bought two more for my children's teachers to use!

McComb, OH
Apple Dispenser

Customer review by Muffy

5.0 stars 9/27/2011 by Muffy
by Muffy

I am enjoying my Apple Pop-Up Dispenser. It really stands out on my desk at school. As a teacher, I use Post-It notes frequently. In this whimsical dispenser, I can easily reach for my Post-Its. The apple itself is weighted just enough so that I don't pull the whole dispenser off my desk. It stays put and only the paper comes out. Filling/refilling it is a breeze. I'm going to have to get one for my office at home!

Oak Park, Michigan
Handy Dandy Apple

Customer review by Santalady

5.0 stars 12/29/2011 by Santalady
by Santalady

I have this right by my classroom door and it is terrific when a parent pops in to take a quick note for me or them. I also use it when others stop by and need to write a date,time,or etc. down. It is always handy and easy to change the dispenser paper when I run out. The apple is weighted so when you grab a post it note the dispenser doesn't fall on the ground! Great product!

The Apple that will make your day bright and easy!

Customer review by Jeanne

5.0 stars 12/28/2011 by Jeanne
by Jeanne

You'll never have to hunt around for a piece of paper again! This bright eye-catching Apple Dispenser will not only make finding paper to write a note easy but you can also post a note on the side of the dispenser to alert others that you've left a note for them. You can also use it as a great accessory for your desk or countertop to send a bright welcome to all who enter.

Wakefield, RI
Apple Dispenser

Customer review by TeacherJ01

5.0 stars 12/31/2011 by TeacherJ01
by TeacherJ01

I use a lot of your products for personal use as well as in my classroom. I purchased the dispenser for my desk. The dispenser helps me to stay organized. The quality of your products are just what the consumer needs and wants. I would like to thank your company for creating such products with everyone in mind from the average student to the business professional.

Merrillville, IN
Bright, cheery, well-made!

Customer review by MissE

5.0 stars 9/11/2011 by MissE
by MissE

The pop-up apple has a cheerful and contemporary look to it, and it is a perfect addition to my desk. It is heavy, so it doesn't tip over or get overpowered on my occasionally (okay, frequently) messy desk. The bright green post-its look perfect in this dispenser. I have a red-accented kitchen, so I'm probably going to buy a second one for there!

Jupiter, FL

Customer review by JnnS

5.0 stars 9/15/2011 by JnnS
by JnnS

I'm loving it! It's so cute. It is a bit larger, and it does make the "sand" noise when you move it, but it is extremely functional. I love how it is weighed. The weight is just right so that it doesn't move when I pull a post-it and I can also use it as a paper weight. It is very bright and I love how the red adds a pop of color to my desk!

my "flexible" memory

Customer review by ksumusicgirl

5.0 stars 3/31/2011 by ksumusicgirl
by ksumusicgirl

As a non-traditional full-time student I rely on post-it products in any shape or form. My planner, desk, fridge, cupboard - everything becomes a message- or reminder board. The dispensers are great for the desk/office. They are cute, decorative and offer one post-it after the next. Refilling them is easy and it's always handy.

Apple Shaped Post-it; Pop-up 3x3 in notes

Customer review by oldmotherhubbard

5.0 stars 12/11/2012 by oldmotherhubbard
by oldmotherhubbard

Gave this to my daughter-in-law earlier in the year for her desk at school. She is a first grade teacher and the children adore her pop-up notes from the red apple which sits on her desk. I would recommend any of these fun dispensers for both notes as well as scotch tape. All of them make great gifts for colleagues, etc.

Columbia, SC
An apple a day!!

Customer review by Grammie13

5.0 stars 9/22/2011 by Grammie13
by Grammie13

I've been using this a for awhile now and just love it. I've been working on a project that has my desk covered in paper. But no matter how much paper I have on my desk, I can always find my Post-its. This fun apple dispenser sits up and is hard to miss. Much more fun that than just a pad of post-its sitting on my desk.

Visalia, CA
Apple for the teacher

Customer review by frstgrdTcher

5.0 stars 9/22/2012 by frstgrdTcher
by frstgrdTcher

camt describe how much I love this post-it pop up dispenser. It has made it so easy to conference with my students, where I sit with each child and have to quickly jot down some goals for the student, and the student has to store it in his notebook. So quick to grab, jot, and stick! Thanks for the free Apple!,,

Yonkers, NY
Apple Post-it Notes Dispenser

Customer review by janew

4.0 stars 9/12/2011 by janew
by janew

The Apple Post-it Notes Dispenser was very convenient to use. The Apple design is cute but it's bright red color made it a bit too conspicuous to use for my office desk; I am using it on my desk in my home office. The fact that it is well weighted is a plus as it remains in place when pulling out a note.

Great for teachers!

Customer review by Justine

4.0 stars 12/28/2011 by Justine
by Justine

I keep this dispenser on my desk at school. It is a great way to quickly jot down notes for myself or to give quick feedback to my students. The weight of the dispenser allows you to grab a note with one hand, as opposed to the smaller paper holders (which are not as sturdy). Definitely worth the money!

Syracuse, NY
1-20 of 72 total reviews
1-20 of 72 reviews