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224 reviews | 4.8 out of 5

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224 reviews | 4.8 out of 5

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1-20 of 224 total reviews
1-20 of 224 reviews
Wow, Greatly Exceeded Expectations

Customer review by BigMac36

5.0 stars 1/27/2014 by BigMac36
by BigMac36

Having been a professional carpet cleaner every summer throughout college, I have experience cleaning carpets. The machines I used back then were all truck mounted and ran off of the transmission of the truck. They created high pressure, high temperature solution introduction with near complete extraction that left the carpet virtually dry. So, I had read all the reviews of this product, and figured the product would be good, but it has greatly exceeded my expectations. Knowing that the extraction process is the most important aspect of cleaning, I didn't use any carpet solution in the machine. I loaded the machine with scorching hot tap water only. However, I pretreated the carpets with a solution from a pump sprayer that consisted of 2 Gallons of warm water, mixed with 1 cup of simple green and 1/4 cup of oxy clean. After moistening the carpet with this solution, I brushed it with a medium bristly deck brush. I let the solution sit for about 10 minutes, and then began using the machine. The goal is to get all of the cleaning solution out of the carpet to avoid any residues. The result was pretty amazing. As good as a truck mounted cleaning? No, but pretty darn close. The amount of dirt that came out of the carpets was alarming, and the carpets look considerably better. The carpets were definitely more moist using this machine than when I used the professional machines, but I put my Shop Vac Mighty Mini on the areas as I finished them to assist in drying. I also turned on ceiling fans in rooms where I had them. I paid about $400 for this unit after getting a $350 quote to have my carpets professionally cleaned using a truck mounted cleaner. My solution cost is minimal, but the time commitment was clearly more than having it done by a professional. But being able to use this machine over and over again, and clean furniture and automotive upholstery...this is a no brainer in the money saving arena. The machine was easy to use. It was easy to empty and refill, and it is pretty light given its size. The only issue that I can speak to is the inability to get in close to the baseboards of the walls. In this area I used the hand held tool and actually used my shop vac with a crevice tool to ensure a better cleaning.

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Age:35 - 44
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Once per month
big green deep cleaning machine

Customer review by joe

5.0 stars 1/31/2012 by joe
by joe

this unit is the Best that i have used out of all the others there is no comparison words cant really describe the way it cleans the BEST can't be beat

Atlanta Georgia
Best carpet cleaner ever!

Customer review by R.M.

5.0 stars 1/17/2012 by R.M.
by R.M.

We bought a 20 yr old house that was previously a rental, and parts of the high traffic areas were black. We suspected the carpet hasn't ever been cleaned. I was skeptical at first about whether or not it would work, or help the look of our carpet. We used the big green machine on 4 rooms, and what came out of the carpet after each change, was - shocking. The water was opaque and black. I have never seen water that dirty, and was ill that it was in the carpet. I was skeptical no more! The carpet looks much better now and the whole house smelled wonderful after cleaning too! The Big Green machine is simple to use and WORTH every penny. This is the only cleaner you will ever need. I now want to own one, and will sometime this year. Thank you Bissell for such a great product!

Indiana, USA
Love the machine! Worth the investment for sure!

Customer review by clean freak

5.0 stars 8/7/2012 by clean freak
by clean freak

Professionally clean carpets!! Yahoo! The machine is easy to use -- was a snap to assemble -- did a fantastic job cleaning my carpets @ home and @ the cottage! The attachment hose also worked fantastic to clean a fabric chair! Very pleased with purchase!

clean freak
Grand Rapids, MI, USA

Customer review by Robert Weers

5.0 stars 5/20/2012 by Robert Weers
by Robert Weers

Very happy with my Green Deep Cleaning Machine. Easier to use than my old machine and removes more of the moisture from the cleaned area.Tanks are easy to empty and refill.

Robert Weers
Ponca City, OK, USA
Dirt and Dog Hair Carpets You have met you MATCH!

Customer review by BM Big Green

5.0 stars 2/19/2012 by BM Big Green
by BM Big Green

I bought this machine today and just cleaned my entire house took me about 3-4 hours to do but my carpets are finally clean. (Carpeted area in the house is about 1500 sq.ft.) But I vacuumed and vacuumed and still don't think anything could pull out as much hair as this thing did. I recently bought the house, I am living in I don't think the people who lived in the house before me every shampooed the carpet and probably did not even vacuum that well. The tank almost looked black with all the dirt and grim that was in these carpets yet the carpet is only 2 years old. I would highly recommend the BIG GREEN to anyone after using it. Especially since I was considering purchasing a rug doctor and when comparing the two machines there is no comparison. The rug doctor has flimsy hoses that connect to the tank and the big green does not less moving parts mean less likely to break. Need I mention that the Rug doctor that I looked at on display that was new and never used already had cracked hoses (the biggest complaint on the Rug Doctor website as well). So I must say to close my comment out "Bissell you have out done yourself with this cleaner and with the Big Green and my will to clean even the dirtiest carpets nothing stands a chance, but clean carpets in the end!"

BM Big Green
Grand Prairie, TX, USA
Great machine

Customer review by Ginger

5.0 stars 1/24/2012 by Ginger
by Ginger

Best cleaning unit I've ever used. Tried just about every cleaning machine out there and this one beats them all. I even cleaned my mother-in-laws condo. She couldn't believe it! Better than the professionals! the hose is easy to use so cleaning stairs was easier than I thought and when i had to clean it OMgosh I didn't have to take it outside or lift the entire unit. Thank you Bissell.

Best cleaner EVER..get what you pay for /this one

Customer review by Big Green Girl

5.0 stars 8/5/2012 by Big Green Girl
by Big Green Girl

I love this cleaner..I am an old Bissell customer who has the old original canister round big green machine and it still works and has not died. I needed another one for my condo at the beach, needless to say I decided to buy the 2X proheat based on the consumer reports and was very dissappointed, I ended up returning it and got my money back. That did not live up to the reviews. I finally decided to bite the bullet and pay the extra and get the follow-on to the Big Green machine I've had for 10+ years. This new one was the best purchase I've ever made for my home, I am a clean freak and like to keep the house clean and this baby is the answer to carpets. It actually does better than a professional carpet cleaner which I've hired multiple times at the beach house. The carpets look brand new and all spots, etc. are gone in a couple of sweeps over the carpet. It fluffs the carpet as well making it feel great afterwards. The water container capacity is wonderful allowing you to do several rooms without having to dump and refill constantly like I had to do with the 2x Proheat. The assembly was nothing! My husband loved that, just pulled it out of the box and its ready to go. The instructions are simple, if you can't work this one, you don't need to be using a cleaner! The drying time for this cleaner is also the best I've experienced EVER, including a professional cleaner. It's a little heavy but I have had back problems and this machine didn't bother me one bit, I used 2 hands and that worked great. If you are wanting a great cleaning machine and don't mind the extra cost please buy this one...HANDS DOWN THE BEST CLEANER...take it from me, consumer Guide reports was wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are going on cost, I'm going on getting the job done and this machine will do that for you. You won't be sorry you bought it!

Big Green Girl
Purchased Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine

Customer review by Denny

5.0 stars 8/21/2012 by Denny
by Denny

We purchased the Big Green Cleaning Machine and we are very happy we did. We should have purchased one of there years ago. It's easy to use, easy to fill, easy to clean and does a great job of cleaning the carpets. It also works very good on your hard floors. We have a lot of tile floors and it just cleans them very well. It will pick up all the dirt and cleaning solution and the floors are dry when you finish. This is a great product and you won't be disapointed with your results.

Portland Oregon
Dogs, Kids & Dirt

Customer review by Mom

5.0 stars 2/11/2012 by Mom
by Mom

I have owned many carpet cleaners, uprights, cannisters and some were " other brands" but I always come back to Bissell. What I have paid in the last 10 years for cleaners more then covers this one. With a 5 year warranty it is worth every penny. My carpets take a beating and the day this arrived I used it in my worst room the family room. The amount of dirt I removed hurt my feelings but the fact that the carpets were clean and dry in 2 hours was worth the hurt feelings. The suction does very well at removing the dirty water and leaving it SLIGHTLY damp. I will recommend this to everyone I know!!!

pro.cleaner 2012 bissell big green one of the best cleaners

Customer review by robert

5.0 stars 6/16/2012 by robert
by robert

I am a professional carpet cleaner for about, 20yr. and can say this machine really works, but it can be better with a little more work, but i like it!! i have one and it do clean like the big boys; it just need heat in it and it will be the best machine out there .!!!

Dolton, IL, USA
Don't bother with other cleaners.............

Customer review by Clean Rugs Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5.0 stars 5/24/2012 by Clean Rugs Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Clean Rugs Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This machine cleaned carpet heavily soiled and spotted in our house, that we were going to rip up and replace with tile. It looks new now! It was amazing how much dirt and garbage it pulled out of the rug area. Uses about 2/3rds less chemical than brand x rental machines. We also pre-spotted as recommened. Some of the really bad food stain/ spots needed to be gone over more than once, but you can't tell they were even there now. If you can't afford one then go rent one. We already got our $$$ worth in one use as most of the house is carpet. Just take your time and let the machine do the work. Criss-cross cleaning bad stains helps. Best $$$ we ever spent!!!!!!!!!! :) Thanks, Bissell!!!!!

Clean Rugs Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brooksville, FL, USA
Great light weight machine

Customer review by Momof3dogs

5.0 stars 7/7/2012 by Momof3dogs
by Momof3dogs

About a year ago we had Stanley Steamer come clean our (1 year old) carpets and we were disappointed. They couldn't get a pet stain out and our carpets did not look any cleaner. We have since adopted 2 puppies who get excited and dribble as they walk. Our carpet was hideous. I rented the Big Green deep cleaning machine and did the carpets and couches. The pet stains came out, even the one the professionals couldn't do and our house looks and smells new.

Camden, De
Works as advertised

Customer review by Keith

5.0 stars 1/31/2012 by Keith
by Keith

We purchased the cleaner almost a year ago and have now used it a number of times as well as our family members who continue to borrow it. The bristle bar spins fast like a vacuums beater bar, really scrubbing the carpet. The suction is very powerful, pulling out most of the water that's applied. It truely is a short drying time between the powerful suction and the heater/ blower under the machine. I now see the big green offered for commercial use/rent at large stores that used to offer the Red commercial machine.

Muskegon, MI, USA
WOW! what a great carpet cleaner.

Customer review by Joe1958

5.0 stars 1/31/2012 by Joe1958
by Joe1958

I can't beleive what a great job Big Green did on my carpets. I have off white carpet and a new puppy, need I say more? I had another brand cleaner and was happy with the job it did but I broke so I decided to get a Bissell and was so very glad I did! I still can't believe what a great job it .

Elgin, Illinois
Awesome Big Green

Customer review by S.

5.0 stars 1/17/2012 by S.
by S.

This Big Deep Clean Machine is the best carpet shampoo'er I have ever tried. I had my carpets cleaned and and one of the rooms still looked dirty, my friend lent me her shampoo'er and OMG my carpet looked brand new and was dry in no time, felt and smelled clean.. I love this shampoo'er.

Kent City, MI
The BEST Machine Out There...Hands Down! Nothing Compares!

Customer review by Family of Five

5.0 stars 8/12/2012 by Family of Five
by Family of Five

Having 3 children and all their friends over all the time our carpets do get pretty roughed up...dirty shoes, spilled food, etc. We have always rented the Rug Doctor to get our carpet looking good again and never considered anything else. We were in our local grocery store a couple weeks ago and saw this machine. My husband and I decided we would try it to see how it did. We rented it, along with the upholstery tool, and used it over the last couple days. WOW!!!! We will NEVER be renting another Rug Doctor again! Our carpets look NEW again! The high traffic areas look CLEAN! Our carpets dried quickly, my sofa and chairs look great, and I LOVE the up and back motion instead of the Rug Doctor which you have to lift up and push it all the way forward then set it down and pull it back. The design is amazing! The solution measuring cup is the lid to the clean water tank. You don't have to use a water pitcher to fill it, just take it to the tub! The dirty water tank doesn't have a large lip so it's easier to dump and get all the sand and dirty water out. The clean water tank lasts longer, which means less trips to the bathroom and back. We also used it to clean our kitchen floor, which is vinyl, and it came SOOO clean! This is an amazing machine and we will be buying one!!! Bissell, we have always believed in you as a vacuum cleaner manufacturer, and own the PowerGroom and LOVE it, but you have now acquired 1 more steam cleaner customer!!!!! Keep doing what you're doing!

Family of Five
Michigan, USA
Best Machine Ever

Customer review by Stacey13

5.0 stars 3/14/2012 by Stacey13
by Stacey13

I have used the other Bissell carpet cleaning machines, and they did a great job. The Big Green Deep Cleaning machine is just amazing. I moved into my home 12 years ago & am still remodeling all the rooms, but the living room carpet is the worst. I used my machine this past week & was utterly amazed by how clean the carpet got. I know if I had time to keep going over it that it would be even better. Even my family was amazed. I know it is pricey but it so worth it. I luv this machine.

Alta Loma, Rancho Cucamonga, CA, USA
Super carpet cleaner!

Customer review by Slim

5.0 stars 2/27/2012 by Slim
by Slim

I was online looking for the rug doctor carpet cleaner and came across bissel. Must I say that this machine is super awesome!! Just cleaned all the carpets in my house today and it is super clean. The machine is so easy to use and cleans really good! I recommend this machine to everyone!

Sacramento, CA, USA
the best carpet cleaner

Customer review by joe

5.0 stars 4/25/2012 by joe
by joe

I decided I would go ahead and purchase a big green machine. I have realized that since I like to be able to do my carpets when I want to, it would work out better to just buy one. . I have used all of the orther carpets cleaner available in the past and this one works very well.. In the long run although this machine may cost more it works so much better than one of the other machines that cost as must as this one. it did a good clean on my carpet. i would buy again if i had to. if you need a good carpets cleaner buy this one it will do the job one do Share this review:

Columbus Ohio
1-20 of 224 total reviews
1-20 of 224 reviews