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1-20 of 230 total reviews
1-20 of 230 reviews
The RED Machine vs. the GREEN Machine

Customer review by PGM

5.0 stars 4/5/2012 by PGM
by PGM

I do not own any machine but I have always rented them. Always renting the heavy Red Machine, I was out looking for the rental. I ran across the BIG GREEN at my local Lowe's. I rented this machine hurried home to start my long morning carpet cleaning. I hurried home that morning because I knew that it would take me several hours of work and all the rest of the day with all my windows open, fans blowing, and my back hurting after all that pushing and pulling. WOW BIG GREEN I am in machine is awesome. It is very easy to operate, it is easy to navigate, it places just the right amount of cleaning fluid on the carpet, and NO BACK PAIN! I finished my cleaning in record time and guess carpets look newly installed. My carpets dried in record time and did I mention how clean. I did such a great job I am about to purchase this unit. Oh my neighbor now rents this same unit because she saw how clean my carpets were. Thanks Bissell for making my life better!

Flowood, MS
Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine

Customer review by DD

5.0 stars 2/6/2013 by DD
by DD

I bought this machine after my old Bissell with the bladder would not extract all the fluid that was sprayed on the carpet. Plus I got tired of constantly having to empty and refill the VERY small tank and bladder. The Big Green got out stains that the other machine could not. I was able to clean my whole living room without having to empty and refill the tanks, my old machine wouldn't even do half of the room. PRO: Very large individual tanks. Being able to see how full the tanks were. Longer attachment hose. CONS: Does not have a heater to heat the water. There is not a clear rinse switch - the cleaning solution goes in with the clean water. I did a second pass after cleaning the whole room with just hot water to remove any residual cleaning solution. Machine was of course heavier and took a little more muscle to manuever it but I was able to do it and I have had back surgery. I also purchased the rotating brush attachment for the hose which worked great on the steps.

Lancaster County, PA
Big Green Machine saved me Big Green $$$$

Customer review by Mike C

5.0 stars 9/16/2012 by Mike C
by Mike C

I purchased my Big Green after renting from Lowe's. I thought I would have to replace my carpeting as one of my pets was very sick and lost bowel control numerous times. Very messy and very smelly and the carpet was very stained. I thoroughly vacuumed my carpets before using, as recommended ( I have 2 large dogs). The big green pulled up a ton of pet hair that my Kirby missed. I used the Bissell Pet Stain and Odor formula. My carpets look brand new! Stains and odor are gone. The carpets dried amazingly fast. I had my furniture back in the rooms shortly after 2 hours. I was hesitant to buy as I thought the Big Green was a bit pricey. But after seeing the results and how easy the unit is to operate, I didn't hesitate. The Big Green is well designed, holds more solution and waste than the competitors, folds up for easy storage, and is easy to clean. Lots of accessories for stairs, floors, and furniture. Also got free shipping and it arrived it two days. Thank you Bissell!!

Mike C
Papillion, NE, USA
Best machine ever

Customer review by Mac

5.0 stars 12/13/2012 by Mac
by Mac

I purchased the Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine on 12/2/2012. It was shipped even before their estimated shipment date. I have cream colored carpeting in my whole house. I have 2 cats and 2 dogs that sometimes will get sick and stain the carpet. I have tried every stain cleaner imaginable. I even had a Bissel Pro steam. This past weekend I decided to clean the carpets. I took the machine out of the box and it was already assembled. The tanks were much larger making less filling and less emptying. The machine was easy to operate and I was amazed that all the stains came out and my carpet and looks like new again. I took pictures before and after and my friends couldn't believe the difference. A friend of mine owns rental properties and she said she will be getting one after I showed her the pictures. You may think that its pricey but it is well worth the money and will pay for itself in no time. I was a skeptic after reading the reviews thinking nothing could be this good but I am not a skeptic any longer.

Cleveland, OH, USA
Better than professional

Customer review by CesarD

5.0 stars 4/21/2012 by CesarD
by CesarD

I had seen this product at Lowe's and contemplated renting, but I had rented other products in the past as was not pleased with the cleaning quality and the drying time. I asked the store associate about the product and she gave me a good review. But, still did not want to believe so I called Kiwi to once again clean my carpets. I had four dogs, down to two, and three kids. One of which plays softball so dirt is a constant battle. The carpet was cleaned but did not feel it was as clean as it could be. A few weeks ago, with a dirty carpet in the den I was once again looking to get the carpet cleaned. This time I decided to move forward and rent the Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine. I went to Lowe's and again asked the associate for their opinion. I got a solid review as they used it a weeks earlier. I rented the cleaner and there is no looking back. Worth every penny for the rental and will be buying it once I compare prices. What can I say, I can be cautious...

Plano, TX, USA
Good floor cleaner...but

Customer review by Tom

4.0 stars 7/26/2013 by Tom
by Tom

This machine is good at cleaning floors and does not require so much water to clean. The removable water containers is very convenient and is the best design I've seen thus far. The upholster hookup is very well design as well. It makes cleaning the carpet and re-filling so easy. However there is something i feel that should be better designed and that is the hand attachment upholster cleaner. It is not as effective at cleaning seats and sofa. There needs to be more angle between the brush head and the hand held tube. It is so flat that my fingers touch the fabric when I am scrubbing across the seats. Give more angle so I can apply more pressure when I am scrubbing. The head is a little too big as well. Make it smaller so I man maneuver tighter spaces and angles. The brushes don't agitate which is not good. The brush section needs to cover the entire length of the brush head as well. This makes scrubbing easier. Overall, I feel the hand attachment needs to be re-design, but the machine itself is as good as it gets.

Elk Grove, CA.
What a great cleaner!

Customer review by GingerLA

5.0 stars 6/9/2013 by GingerLA
by GingerLA

Bought this machine about a month ago. Used it on one area in my home and then went on vacation. Since I returned home I have used it in my living room and dining room and even used it on two 9x12 wool area rugs. I have to report that it was hard work but this machine works great! Dries really fast! I did put a fan on the floor and leave it for several hours before returning the furniture to the rooms. Don't use much of the cleaning liquid because it is very concentrated. And make sure you rinse the carpets after you clean them. Am sure glad I decided to buy this machine rather than renting. I can clean one room and wait until I want to clean another without being rushed to return a rental unit. I have a bad back and having to use both hands on this machine rather than pushing with only one did not hurt my back at all. I have owned two Hoover cleaners but this Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine by Bissell is far superior to either of them. I give it 5 Stars!

Louisiana, USA
Truly Great Carpet Cleaning Machine

Customer review by Dawnjmh

5.0 stars 1/25/2012 by Dawnjmh
by Dawnjmh

I rented the Bissell Big Green a couple times from Lowe's prior to purchasing mine so I knew the features and how well it actually worked. I had used Rug Doctor machines in the past and just really liked the ease of the Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine so much MORE. I live in Indiana and I have four dogs that are in and out of the house all the time. In the past, I had purchased the Bissell ProHeat 2X and while it was lighter and easy to use, it didn't do as great a job as the Bissell Big Green Machine. In fact, after about a year and a half the pump went out on the ProHeat model. So, that was a huge consideration when I went to purchase the Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine. It's great to have it in my home so that I can clean a small spot or if I just decide to do one room without the hassle of going somewhere to rent one. I can clean carpets before our family gatherings and holidays, all ON MY OWN SCHEDULE rather than killing myself trying to get it all done in one day. I thing you'll absolutely love this machine!!!

Mooresville, IN
Excellent Carpet Cleaner

Customer review by Man cleaner

5.0 stars 9/29/2013 by Man cleaner
by Man cleaner

I bought the Big Green Machine after doing much research and looking at machines in retail stores. It has the features I am looking forward and is easy to use. Without going into every technical feature let me just say that assembly is 1-2-3 and mixing the solution is very simple and so is the operation of the unit. I followed the directions for cleaning which are easy to understand and the results are amazing in every way. Just empty the dirty water container and you keep on cleaning. Stairs take more work but the results are equally outstanding. I have a multi-story home and I am able to maneuver the big green machine up and down stairs with no problem. I'll close by saying that as long as I am able to clean my own carpets with this machine I will never use a professional carpet cleaning service again. Sure it takes work and patience but if you want clean carpets and stairs and you don't mind the price tag then this is the machine for you.

Man cleaner
Santa Ana, CA, USA
What a difference a carpet cleaner makes

Customer review by Pamepot

5.0 stars 10/14/2014 by Pamepot
by Pamepot

I had an older Bissell which broke halfway through cleaning. I wanted to buy a cleaner and decided to look for the big Green deep. However no store sold locally. So I decided to rent a Big Green Deep. Easier to setup and use and like the convenience of the fold down handle. I returned to finish the job and decided to test the carpet I already had cleaned. Wow the water looked like I never did a thing; filthy even with grime in the water. Unfortunately I ended up redoing the whole room. I took pictures to show my sisters, before and after, they were shocked! I returned the rental and ordered mine. I used in our office and spots that my husband assured me were permanent came up. Now we are not replacing the carpeting! Renting one first was definitely a plus. It is a good workout but less time overall because of the deep cleaning process. You can even get coupons to fray the cost. I believe long run my friends will try to rent from me :)

Hilton Head Island, SC, USA
Love My Big Green

Customer review by Marine Mom 23

5.0 stars 2/11/2014 by Marine Mom 23
by Marine Mom 23

WOW what a machine this is. I just love it. This is a Birthday present for myself I order this yesterday 1/23/2014 and It arrived today 1/24/14 and free shipping Can't beat this deal. As soon as the machine was unpacked I was cleaning my carpets I cannot believe how great they look. I have 130lb Rottie that brings in a lot of dirt on his feet even after I try to wipe them off. This machine is by far the best I have ever used. It will give you a work out but it was well worth it .Im telling you they look brand new I have never written a review before, but couldn't wait to give this 5 stars. Usually I have buyers remorse after spending this much money on something but not this time I'm just so happy with it. Easy to use love the forward and back motion for cleaning and sucking up the dirty water..Carpets were dry in no time Water stayed hot the whole time Hope this helps if you are on the fence about purchasing this great carpet cleaner

Marine Mom 23
Reisterstown, MD, USA
Great machine worth the money

Customer review by Cleaning Machine

5.0 stars 4/10/2012 by Cleaning Machine
by Cleaning Machine

My parent bought one of these and I have cleaned my house, their house, friends house, and my brother done his. So it's worth the money if the whole family gets use out of it. We have 2 dogs, puppy, teenager and 6 yr old. So our carpets needed a good cleaning. This machine made the carpet look about like new. My friends carpet had stains coming up and looked pretty bad. I did thiers and when they got home they were amazed of how good it did. Thier carpet looked like new and even made the carpet soft and more plush. I've used a rental from home depot in the past and this machine does a better job. I use it pretty slow but the carpet I cleaned was pretty bad but taking my time payed off. Purchased machine <400 has a 5 yr warranty, it's worth it! Only one bad thing I wish it was wider, but don't let that stop you from buying one. Just look at reviews on this wesite or and you'll see how nice this machine works.

Cleaning Machine
Jaw Dropping Results

Customer review by Bklyndior

5.0 stars 4/30/2015 by Bklyndior
by Bklyndior

We have a 3br 2Full Bath , open living, dining , kitchen concept. Its one floor & There is carpet, EVERYWHERE except the kitchen & Bath rooms. It was annoying at first, but got used to & accepted it. It was a Brand new place, no one else's dirt, but after 2 yrs & a toddler, its seen better days. We tried everything.. Probably more than everything.. to get the winter dirt/slush & rain mud, juice, baby spills, spots from other cleaners & whatever else that was in there! My husband found this machine. I procrastinated a bit because of the price. But... Finally caved in & bought it for an upcoming party for the Mayweather fight. I was skeptical & told him if it doesn't work its going back! Well...needless to say, I'm now buying accessories to protect it. I love it! Worth every single penny. You just need patience to slowly go back & forth...its something you can zip thru on the first time. Again, well worth it.

Brooklyn, NY
Can't go wrong!!

Customer review by wprince01

5.0 stars 11/14/2012 by wprince01
by wprince01

I purchased the Big Green about 2 week ago to replace an aging and failing Pro Heat 2x unit. I have 3 cats and a dog - and while I found the 2x to be adequate, I still wound up having the pros come in at a cost of $250 per trip to do a proper cleaning about every 3 - 4 months. This unit has exceeeded my expectations. It was for the most part ready to use right out of the box (had to add water and cleaner.....), plugged it in, and off I went (after pretreating a couple of spots). Not only was it much quicker to use than the 2x, the carpets were dry within about 4 hours of completing the job - and it took the capets in my house that are about 15 years old and practically made them look brand new - removing spots, stains, and odors. All in all, an excellent unit - I don't think a person could wrong. I realize it's pretty expensive, but if you're like me, not only was I paying for the cleaning solutions for the old 2x unit, but also about a $1000 per year to have them professionally cleaned - gave me an ROI of about 6 months - well worth it!! Thanks Bissell!!

Cincinnati, OH
Great machine. Very durable. Cleans well.

Customer review by Buckleybeagle

5.0 stars 9/1/2012 by Buckleybeagle
by Buckleybeagle

I previously owned a ProHeat 2X® CleanShot® Deep Cleaning System which was decent but the construction was not the best. The plastic used on that machine broke easily. All of the attachments cracked and the hose didn't work too well. I was looking for a commercial grade steam machine and saw this one which is the same one you can rent at Lowe's. I purchased it after reading all the great reviews and I was not disappointed. It is extremely durable, and compact. It also cleans really well. I did some upholstery first and it got all my chairs very clean for the first time. I then did an area rug using the main unit and the same thing. Much better than the ProHeat 2X® CleanShot® Deep Cleaning System. The only thing to consider is a laundry bag for the attachment hose. It does not store on the unit itself, so you need to store it seperately. I saw this suggestion in another review and got one. Very good suggestion.

Salem, VA
I love this machine!

Customer review by TinaJo

5.0 stars 10/2/2013 by TinaJo
by TinaJo

We have two big dogs. One is an old girl that can be kind of "leaky". Nuf said! I am so glad I decided to buy this carpet cleaner. I will never pay for carpet cleaning again. This does just as well as a professional carpet cleaner. What I really like is that you can go over the areas that you know are likely really dirty more than once. Also, if you go over the carpet after your done and not put down any cleaning solution and just vacuum, your carpets are nearly dry when you're done! An added benefit is that I can pick what I choose to clean the carpet with. I'm very conscious of the cleaning ingredients that I use and stay away from toxic, chemical-laden cleaners. I have cleaned our bedroom and living room with this machine and am so pleased with the results. My husband was a disbeliever when I purchased this, but not anymore after seeing how well it cleaned the living room carpet.

Greenwood, IN, USA
Fantastic and I'll tell you why...

Customer review by rocketman

5.0 stars 8/8/2014 by rocketman
by rocketman

I used to rent the Rug Doctor from the local supermarket once/year. It became a hassle trying to do 2 living rooms and 3 bedrooms in one 24 hour period before the rental expired. I got old. Now I just want to do my rugs and carpets when IWANT to at MY schedule. This is better than rug doctor. It is equally as well built (sturdy, no toy), but it cleans and sucks out the water better than RDoctor. I wanted to use it quickly to make sure it operated correctly but I didn't yet have any shampoo. So all I used was hot tap water for one bedroom, just to make sure the darn thing worked. It sure did. It took out entire stains with just hot water and the dirty water from that one bedroom (cleaned WITHOUT the benefit of a shampoo ingredient-Just hot water) was black. After I got shampoo I did it again, of course, and got even more dirt out. Love this thing.

baton rouge, la
From a part time house husband

Customer review by Art

5.0 stars 12/13/2013 by Art
by Art

I did the research and decided to go with this machine. I'm recently retired and my wife is not, so I anxiously awaited the Big Green's arrival from Bissell and so I got to test drive the machine first. I was not disappointed in the least. In fact I'm thrilled and I tell my wife constantly how happy I am we purchased this machine. I also tell her I'm pretty proud of how well the carpets turned out, how they look so clean. I think she's proud of me too. I've also used the attachments and was equally excited to see how easy they were to use as well as what a nice job they did. Among my endeavors, I suppose I'm at least a part time house husband, and I take pride with having a clean house and clean carpets. This may sound a little strange, but I look forward to using the machine in the future when it's time to clean the carpets again. Way to go Bissell.

Red Bluff, CA 96080, USA
Lives up to the reviews

Customer review by multipets

5.0 stars 3/1/2013 by multipets
by multipets

I had no intention of investing this kind of money in a carpet cleaner until I read the reviews for the Big Green. I thought I would just buy another Proheat 2x. I have multiple animals so I clean my carpets several times a year. The reveiws were spot on as to how good this machine is. The real test was when I cleaned the 10year old, light beige, builder grade carpet in the "cats room". Every stain was removed and it looks like new! I was thinking of replacing it, but no need to now. I was also amazed as to how dirty the dirty tank water was, the Proheat never got this kind of dirt out of the carpets. You have nothing to lose in trying it, Bissell gives you 30 days to try it and if you don't like it, you can return it for only a few dollars in shipping costs. That was my thought when I placed the order and I have NO intention of returning it.

Doylestown, PA, USA
Best machine available!

Customer review by Techguy7

5.0 stars 8/1/2012 by Techguy7
by Techguy7

My old carpet cleaner died last year so I decided to rent a Big Green Clean Machine from Lowe's and was truly amazed at the results. It even removed ground in dirt from high traffic areas. The build quality is excellent and the machine is very easy to use. Considering that most of the cheaper machines by every manufacturer don't seem to last more than a couple uses without problems, I've recommended this machine to friends and relatives who are interested in buying a steam cleaner. Most people would rather own the unit to eliminate the hassle of rental pickup and return so if their budget allows, I always tell them to get this one. The machine is a little heavy to navigate but that's a minor problem for me. I'll enjoy having a clean carpet throughout my condo and hope this cleaner will be an excellent long-lasting investment.

Columbus, OH
1-20 of 230 total reviews
1-20 of 230 reviews