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144 reviews | 3.9 out of 5

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144 reviews | 3.9 out of 5

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1-20 of 142 total reviews
1-20 of 142 reviews
Worst wand ever

Customer review by lilicake

1.0 stars 1/26/2017 by lilicake
by lilicake

I recieved this mascara as part of a gift, and was excited to see it was my old favourite. Imagine my DISAPPOINTMENT when Im greeted with this horrible, tear-drop brush with little to no bristles. It went on super thick, extremely chunk, and didn't seperate my lashes at all. I look like I have about 4 eyelashes when it's applied. Awful.

Would recommend to a friend? No
Eye color:Brown
Not for me

Customer review by Goldi94

2.0 stars 1/17/2017 by Goldi94
by Goldi94

I usually really enjoy this type of mascara but the brush was a way too harsh for my lashes & it dried up fairly quickly. It's been years since I've touched this but haven't turned my back completely on the others.

Would recommend to a friend? No
Skin type:Combination
Eye color:Hazel

Customer review by LG77

5.0 stars 9/23/2016 by LG77
by LG77

I like the original Great Lash,but for bottom lashes only.Lots O Lashes lives up to it's name. It defines my "problem" lashes perfectly,which are my inner and outer corner lashes. Cheers to another "GREAT" one Maybelline.

Ultra Lash

Customer review by Snow Ball

5.0 stars 8/21/2016 by Snow Ball
by Snow Ball

When will the Ultra Big Ultra Lash come back? I really miss it.

Snow Ball
good for inner and outer lashes

Customer review by AyeLex

5.0 stars 8/8/2016 by AyeLex
by AyeLex

This mascara gets my out-most lashes that my eyelash curler can't curl, the small end on it gets close to my inner eyelashes without clumping!

Go-To Fav

Customer review by makeup gal

5.0 stars 6/24/2016 by makeup gal
by makeup gal

This has been my go-to mascara for a long time. At a great price point, I think it provide great full coverage, without clumping.

makeup gal
Bring Back the BLUE

Customer review by ado5150

5.0 stars 5/2/2016 by ado5150
by ado5150

I've worn Royal Blue for decades, it's become my signature. I always get complimented on my eyelashes. Now I've discovered it's no longer available - grrrrrr - and now I'm stuck with having boring eyelashes?? PLEASE bring back the Royal Blue !!

very smeary

Customer review by RED777

1.0 stars 4/22/2016 by RED777
by RED777

sorry but this maskara does not go on well, its been smearing underneath my eyes, i never had this problem before, i get to work and have to wash under my eyes!

Please-Bring Back Blue!

Customer review by CheriBaby

5.0 stars 3/14/2016 by CheriBaby
by CheriBaby

Please bring back the blue! I have worn it for 40 years and I can't find it anywhere! Not even in back rooms! Please bring it back! I HATE wearing black! I only get compliments on my eyes when I wear Blue! I miss that, too! Please bring back blue!

Bring Back Royal Blue

Customer review by kaycee1957

5.0 stars 3/18/2016 by kaycee1957
by kaycee1957

I have been wearing the Royal Blue Great Lash Mascara for over 30 years. I am so disappointed that it has been discontinued. I have always received compliment on the color. Please Please bring it back!!!

Breaks, clumps, flakes, messy

Customer review by chelseaarow

1.0 stars 3/18/2016 by chelseaarow
by chelseaarow

Worst mascara I have bought from Maybelline yet. I have three in my bag and this is the only one that breaks after wearing for 2-4 hours. It flakes off and is very stiff. Very unhappy with this one!

Royal Blue

Customer review by rsoto

5.0 stars 3/22/2016 by rsoto
by rsoto

Please bring back the Royal Blue of this mascara, I have been using this color more than 20 years and now I have been looking for this color and can not find any.

Doesn't give me volume

Customer review by StarlightIntuition

2.0 stars 2/9/2016 by StarlightIntuition
by StarlightIntuition

I didn't get volume, but it lengthened my lashes. It also made them look very straight and I normally don't have that problem as my lashes are very curly. Many coats were needed and made my lashes look crusty, but it was a "cheap-ish" mascara.

Bring back the Royal Blue!

Customer review by Carmella52

4.0 stars 1/29/2016 by Carmella52
by Carmella52

I can see that many others are just as upset as I am that you no longer have the Royal Blue line of Great Lash. I have blue eyes and I can tell you that this is sales catcher because I can count the number people that have complimented me on my eyes

The Best Color Ever-Please Bring back the Blue!!

Customer review by BLUEinRSWY

4.0 stars 2/21/2016 by BLUEinRSWY

I have been using the Royal Blue since I was in high school. I have very light lashes and this is the only mascara that wears well on me. Please bring it back!!!

Bring back the blue!

Customer review by Bobbi by the Beach

5.0 stars 1/18/2016 by Bobbi by the Beach
by Bobbi by the Beach

I have worn your blue mascara for (hard for even ME to believe) but over 40 years! I have tried many other makeup lines and I have never found anything that compares. I don't even bother with any other mascara - PLEASE bring it back!

Bobbi by the Beach
It good

Customer review by kelseylynn442

4.0 stars 10/22/2013 by kelseylynn442
by kelseylynn442

I have used this mascara since the beginning but I will have to say that it does have problems. Sometime the mascara gets clumped on the brush and i have to brush my lashes a lot before it gives length. It lasts all day though and it gives good length when you first get it. I keep mine until it runs out and you should replace it every 5 months I think because it starts to not work so well after that. The brush really doesnt do a good job but it gets the job done.

Fabulous Mascara

Customer review by Snowfazam12

5.0 stars 11/1/2012 by Snowfazam12
by Snowfazam12

I have purchased and used Great Lash Mascara for years! Not only does it have great pricing it also has great color seletion. I most especially love the light, light blue!! The ONLY Mascara I can get the Lightest Blue Color in!! The deepest, darkest black and the lightest blue are both two of my favorites!! Hearing that also the color selection is increasing and hoping soon that Wal-Mart will be carrying also the additional new colors. Can't wait to try some!

great mascara

Customer review by Ellyinman

5.0 stars 2/8/2016 by Ellyinman
by Ellyinman

this mascara is great. it separates my eyelashes and doesn't become clumpy. i recommend this mascara to everyone.

Never again

Customer review by JMurdoch

1.0 stars 9/21/2012 by JMurdoch
by JMurdoch

I had been looking for another mascara since many of the other brands have been flaking and irritating my contact lenses. I picked this up thinking it would be a good product, but it is anything but. The brush is awkward to use and clumps all the mascara on my lashes. I end up looking like Tammy Fae Baker. Also, after half a day of working I end up with smudges under my eyes from the formula. I would take it back if the store took this type of returns.

1-20 of 142 total reviews
1-20 of 142 reviews