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30816 reviews | 4.2 out of 5

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30816 reviews | 4.2 out of 5

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1-20 of 30813 reviews
Hobbs House Pups are smiling pretty!

Customer review by wmmarine

4.0 stars 3/8/2016 by wmmarine
by wmmarine

We tested these on our 4 dogs who are of different ages to get an overall test result! This product was received by my household for free as part of the Chat Pack from Chatterbox. What a great way to check out this product! We have a 4 year old, 7 year old and two seniors in the group of the canine collective who partied hardy with this product. I liked that it was so well received by all 4 and they seemed to enjoy savoring it. I liked that it was soft enough to chew easily, unlike rawhide and served as both a dental benefit and something they liked as well. I also liked that it did not leave their fur sticky or lots of pieces to clean up. It was easy to store and convenient. Even our cat wanted to try it but we kept this for the party puppies only. I did tell others about the product and how I received it and even shared one with my sisters dog and though he is normally picky, he liked it too. We are adding this item to our shopping list as I want to see how it works long term.

Received free product:Yes

Customer review by frank_ny_9390102

5.0 stars 4/20/2016 by frank_ny_9390102
by frank_ny_9390102

I had always wanted my dog to try these treats, but my dog is just so picky that it is really tough to go out and look for a treat that he is just going to go out into the yard and burry if he doesn't like it. This makes me extremely reluctant to try new brands when he gets tired of his go to brand of the minute. I received a sample of these treats for my dog to taste and thankfully he really enjoyed it! My dog enjoyed it so much that I had to run out and buy more of them because he stopped eating his previous go to treats in order to try and force me into giving him these treats! I went out and purchased a bag of these treats because he loved them so much. The treats are made to reduce plaque, and freshen my pups smelly breath! I have noticed that my dogs breath has been more fresh smelling and I love it!!! I love these treats because my dog loves them and therefore if he loves them then I do too. I will be sure to purchase these treats for as long as he will let me!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Received free product:Yes
A decent treat that helps with tarter control.

Customer review by dee_wa_9454566

3.0 stars 4/25/2016 by dee_wa_9454566
by dee_wa_9454566

Normally when I get treats for my dog she gulps them down pretty fast. I try to keep her on one steady treat because she gets gassy when you change up her diet. At first she took the Dentastick in her mouth and walked away with it..sat it down and licked it a couple of times. I don't know if she was wondering what it was or how to eat it...but she walked away and left it there. I had my daughter prompt her into biting it and chewing it a little, which she did and after a few minutes she finished it off. I noticed her breath wasn't as bad as before (she doesn't normally have bad breath anyways though). As for plack I can't say if it got rid of what she had before..but the ridges of the Dentastix do get in between teeth which I can see WOULD help. Either way....this wouldn't be something I would normally get. She and I are quite happy with the brand of dog treats she normally has and she gets her normal check ups for her teeth already. Still not a bad product.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Received free product:Yes
Our dogs gave dentastix paws up!

Customer review by Rickandel

4.0 stars 2/27/2016 by Rickandel
by Rickandel

We received a free sample of dentastixs and shared them with our three dogs. We have a Yorkie named teenie, she's about 5lbs;a Yorkie Maltese mix, Sadie, about 8lbs; and a pound mix rescue, Loki and he weighs about 25lbs. Sadie and Loki love the dentastixs and literally ate them within 2 minutes. The little one teenie was the only one that really chewed on the stick the way it should be used. The other two just gobbled them up like treats. All three liked them but only the little one got the benefits of teeth cleaning. We love pedigree products and so do our dogs. We will definitely purchase dentastixs for our dogs. This time we will take the time to read the directions of use to our two other dogs. Maybe next time they will take the time to slowly chew them to receive all the benefits Pedigree had in mind. Will recommend to friends and family. The only improvement would be in the packaging. They get rock hard quickly and needed to be placed in a zip lock bag to keep fresh.

Received free product:Yes
no "doggie dentures" for my pup

Customer review by bade

5.0 stars 3/3/2016 by bade
by bade

My chihuahua Coco is 12 years old and lately I have become really concerned about his dental health. I only recently learned that gum disease in dogs can actually be deadly because the infection can spread to the rest of their body. I recently attempted to brush Coco's teeth and that did not go over so well. I guess that since I did not start the habit when he was little it is too late now because he will not let me near him. Since I do not expect "doggie dentures" to be on the market anytime soon I am thrilled to have found Pedigree Dentastix. I was skeptical that Coco would like them because he is so finicky. I was glad to find out that he loves them. Pedigree Dentastix reduce tartar buildup and clean teeth and the way they are shaped is supposed to clean down to the gumline. It really eases my mind to know that my Coco is getting something on a daily basis that will really help his dental health. I received a free Chat Pack of Dentastix from Chatterbox at House Party but my opinions are 100% my own.

Received free product:Yes
White Teeth Thanks To DentaStix

Customer review by kimberlyingram

5.0 stars 2/24/2016 by kimberlyingram
by kimberlyingram

Pedigree Dentastix Daily Oral Care treats are awesome! We love to spoil our dogs and why not spoil them with something that is going to help them too? My dog loves these. He can eat these without a problem at all. I love that you can buy these in different sizes because I have a medium dog and the smaller one's would be too small for him Dentastix really do visibly help their teeth. I noticed after a while that my dogs teeth were getting whiter and I hoped that meant they were overall getting healthier too. I sometimes try to brush his teeth, but it is really a chore with my dog. He does not like it at all! With brushing his teeth being so hard, I am so glad to have found a product like this that can help their teeth too. The price is just right, I definitely think it is worth it since it really does do it's job. I would recommend Dentastix to others because they work and the dogs really do enjoy them. I have seen absolutely no side effects from my dogs eating these.

Received free product:Yes
Hyper Dog

Customer review by Boymomma

5.0 stars 2/20/2016 by Boymomma
by Boymomma

Our dog is 12 1/2 years old-- she normally does not get excited about anything unless the doorbell rings on TV. The first time we opened the Dentastix bag-- she came over and wagged her tail. The 2nd time we picked up the bag-- she was up the steps, running around the room-- Sitting down, trying to roll over, lying down and all over again-- and this was all before we pulled the stix out of the bag! She absolutely loves them! I was pretty impressed with what she will do for a treat. I personally don't like the smell-- they smell like really salty bacon-- it is really over powering-- the dog on the otherhand--- gets SUPER excited over the smell. I did notice that she drinks a lot of water afterwards and her breath does smell like the treat. She's an old dog-- and for cost of the treats and the excitement of the dog for 12 1/2 lab-- it is worth every penny! Our dog was extremely lucky to be chosen through House Party to try the treats for Free! This is one treat we will keep in the house on a regular basis!

Received free product:Yes
One Happy and Satisfied Dog

Customer review by alisha_us_9960569

5.0 stars 4/30/2016 by alisha_us_9960569
by alisha_us_9960569

I'm always excited to receive FREE SAMPLES for my favorite furry girl! Especially when its a POPULAR, NAME BRAND product...and a TREAT, at that! I knew she was going to absolutely love it, the minute I ordered it! There's not a whole lot she don't like, when it comes to treats! I always assumed that, this certain treat was soft and chewy, so I never bought it...but to my surprise, it wasn't...which was a good thing, considering my dog has big, sharp teeth and can chew things up VERY QUIK! This treat was tough enough, it actually lasted a couple minutes of her chewing on it...which was a huge surprise to me...and it wasnt messy either...which is another plus for me! Therefore, I will definitely keep this product in mind, next time Im looking for treats, and lean more towards buying them...I will also be recommending this product for sure!!! Thank you so much for the opportunity to sample this for FREE! Its greatly appreciated!!! :)

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Received free product:Yes
Dentastix for my dogs

Customer review by marbar

5.0 stars 7/13/2016 by marbar
by marbar

I know they work as my 10 year old shitzu finally got his teeth cleaned for the first time. I have always given them the sticks. He has aways had a pearly white smile. Thats tanks to the dentastix I have always given to him. And his new brother English Springer sapinal gets them also. Happy dogs and happy owner of two great babies of mine.

San Tan Valley, AZ, United States
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
My fur babys favorite treat

Customer review by Olivia2015

5.0 stars 7/9/2016 by Olivia2015
by Olivia2015

I bought this product about3 months ago and I have came home to her treat canister on the floor and all of her dentasticks gone all her othets laying all over untouched. She hid them in her special spots all half eaten. Under the couch cusian in the bathroom behind the door, under my bed she loves these things. She is a funny girl but training her to do tricks for a small piece of her dental sticks she likes the mint ones too.

Mt Vernon. Washington.
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
These saved my dogs gums & teeth!!!!

Customer review by juliea1031

5.0 stars 7/12/2016 by juliea1031
by juliea1031

'nuff said. We tried all kinds of "dental" type treats, either she didn't like them, or they didn't do the job. She loves Dentastix, and they're good for her. That's a home run as far as my husband & I are concerned!!!

Winter Haven, FL, United States
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by jendavis

4.0 stars 7/13/2016 by jendavis
by jendavis

I buy them for all 4of my dogs and they love them!

Primm, Nevada, United States
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by Samantha

5.0 stars 7/11/2016 by Samantha
by Samantha

I buy these every week for my pom and yorkie. They love them. I've had there teeth checked each year and they are great. I know they work.

Chapel Hill, N.C.
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Its great

Customer review by Buffman14

4.0 stars 7/12/2016 by Buffman14
by Buffman14

It is a great product for your dog it helps your dog and my dog loves it

Would recommend to a friend? No

Customer review by AMA1

5.0 stars 7/11/2016 by AMA1
by AMA1

Good job my dog love this food she always runs for it when it comes out

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Whats not to love?

Customer review by A080804A

4.0 stars 2/22/2016 by A080804A
by A080804A

When I first got my box the dog was curious as she always is as to what was inside. So I opened it on the floor slowly and let her take a sniff inside...Due to the packaging she was unable to get truly excited about the content, however once I opened it and she saw the puppy on the package she was wagging her tail and ready to have some of whatever was inside. The package was an interesting design, the outer cardboard packaging has a tab that you can close when you are finished however the foil packaging on the inside provides no closure and since there is a hole (viewing window) in the outer box it really doesn't do much you might as well leave the box open (I choose to place them in a plastic bag) that's the only down side to this particular packaging design. The dog however does not care how it was packaged and was thrilled to get her paws on this product. She is finicky when it comes to things she eats so I was pleasantly surprised when I gave it to her that she actually started chewing on it. I will absolutely buy these again.

Received free product:Yes
My two fur babies love them

Customer review by Fingers1

5.0 stars 7/9/2016 by Fingers1
by Fingers1

It is a great product. My babies love them. I have been giving it to my dogs for years and it helps keep there teeth clean.

Las Vegas Nevada
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Dental stiks

Customer review by Roxie

5.0 stars 7/10/2016 by Roxie
by Roxie

My dog loves this treat she looks forward to them after she has been outside.

Apollo Beach, FL, United States
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Good snack

Customer review by Krystaline

2.0 stars 11/1/2015 by Krystaline
by Krystaline

my dogs are now 17yo littler mates m/f yorkie/silkie mix. Small dogs, small mouths, big teeth problems. After years of daily brushing and using dentastix because they were supposed to be healthier than the milk bone type bisquik. The dogs loved them, but I saw no improvement in their dental quality and for most of their lives they have had to have dental cleanings twice a year. Yes I know small dogs, small mouth, small bites pressure.. But that is why I tried dentastix in the first place, because their smaller yorkie "house sibling" couldn't chew anything bigger or harder. She saw the vet sometimes 3 times a year for cleaning and teeth pulled. You may say that it could of been worse, yes it could. But I'm saying there was no change from before or after we stopped. So nice treat for the little ones, but no benefit health/dental wise. They are 17 now and we tried them several years when they were still between 3 /4 and 8 / 9. They are old and dying now, I will wmiss them

Anchorage, AK, United States
Dog loved it!

Customer review by leslie_tx_9432142

5.0 stars 3/24/2016 by leslie_tx_9432142
by leslie_tx_9432142

We have a chocolate lab that sometimes suffers from bad breath, occasionally really, but It never ocurred to me this would help with that, I had tried another brand before but always thought of them as a way to keep his teeth clean since he hates having them brushed. The moment I received the free sample on the mail, I gave it to my dog, he wanted more!!! Kept trying to get the wrapper because he wanted more so when we went grocery shopping my husband wanted to buy them for Bentley, our dog, since he loved them so much. Three days ago for some reason he had really awful breath when we were in bed, sooo bad! First time ever, like he had eaten something rotten, anyway, I couldn't stand it anymore so I thought I'd give him one of these, I did and omg! It took care of it as soon as he finished his stick. His bad breath gone!! I will definitely keep buying these for him to help keep his teeth in good shape. I would definitely recommend.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Received free product:Yes
1-20 of 30813 total reviews
1-20 of 30813 reviews