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73 reviews | 3.9 out of 5

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73 reviews | 3.9 out of 5

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1-20 of 72 total reviews
1-20 of 72 reviews
Good camera

Customer review by Basil211

5.0 stars 3/12/2012 by Basil211
by Basil211

It's a nice camera. I've been happy with the capabilities for the most part. My only complaint, really, is that it's kind of slow so taking pictures in quick succession doesn't work.

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great upgrade

Customer review by kidzcook1

4.0 stars 8/10/2013 by kidzcook1
by kidzcook1

This is my third Canon point and shoot camera, upgrading each time, and my favorite camera thus far. My first digital was not a Canon and the power button broke within a year of use. I have stuck with the Canon brand, upgrading to newer models with higher pixels. The feature settings are easy to use - we have enjoyed many a laugh over the fish eye pictures. The color accent and color swap features bring a 'story' to my photos. The videos are sharp and clear. The zoom is great for extreme floral close-ups and not-so-bad for distant landscape close-up shots. I carry an extra set of lithium batteries in my camera case, but only as a safeguard backup. I take over a hundred pictures at a time with great battery life. There are a lot of features built in to this camera which I hope everyone knows about and tries them out. Great camera for the price. It goes with me most everywhere. I see a Rebel in my future but only as a companion for my SX150.

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Nice camera

Customer review by gonelegal

5.0 stars 2/9/2013 by gonelegal
by gonelegal

I have heard a lot of complaints about battery life. I always use the Ultimate Lithium batteries or rechargeable batteries. I do not leave batteries in camera when not using. I always remove them at night and put them in when I know I am going to be taking pictures. Some people complain about the flash recycle taking so long. I find it is pretty fast at recharging the flash. I find I don't often need to use flash with the low light setting. The zoom is great when taking pictures as you don't have to stand on top of someone to keep clutter out of the picture. I use the zoom to cut out the clutter. I have only had the camera for two days, but it is a keeper. The pictures come out very clear. I believe that of all the cameras I own, this is going to be my favorite, meaning it will go everyplace with me. I have another camera that has like a 36 x zoom that I use when I will be out taking landscape pictures. I do like that this takes AA batteries so if I run out of power unexpectedly, I can always run to the nearest store and be taking pictures again in a few minutes.

Sacramento, CA
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Great Camera (Thanks Canon)

Customer review by canon fan

5.0 stars 3/24/2012 by canon fan
by canon fan

I own a few Canon cameras. AE1, Sure Shot Ace Date - Both great cameras. Digital ones A550 and this one. You get alot of camera for you money. First, the lens is 12x optical zoom (meaning 28-336 MM) Second, has digital tele-converter 1.7 or 2.1. That more than doubles the lens. Third, You can have shutter or aperture priority. (remember your old camera) Plus there are so many other features. The first thing that surprised me was the way the camera ate batteries. Like cookie monster eats cookies. I solved that problem by buying Canons CBK-300 Battery and Charger kit. The last thing that surprised me was that you can buy a AC Adapter Kit ACK-800 and the DR-DC10 DC coupler. Can you imagine just plug you camera to the wall and you don't need batteries (so cool) great for parties and family gatherings. Remember this is a HD camera and the video is really cool. This is a great camera for everyday people.

canon fan
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Customer review by pinbust

4.0 stars 6/24/2012 by pinbust
by pinbust

I purchased this after my experience with the previous model, which i absolutely loved!! Unfortunately something spilled on the lens and it was damaged.. In comparison, I have found this to be not as superior a product as that one, for one, the change in the scene settings, deleted some of my favorites for low light conditions..I used the aquarium setting almost religiously at concerts.. worked amazing with the stage lighting, weddings, almost any indoor setting with low light situation, I have yet to find a comprable setting on the new version.. On auto, the photos are adequate, the zoom is awesome, has improved over the older version, I use lithium batteries, and get tons of photos, may need to try the rechargeables mentioned.. It also not as easy in the hand, or manipulating the settings as the older version.. which is why I did not give it 5 stars..

central jersey
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The Perfect Camera

Customer review by Ryan

4.0 stars 5/15/2012 by Ryan
by Ryan

I bought this Camera as a way to enter the world of photography and that is exactly what it did. If you really want to take some good photos without buying a entry-level DSLR then this camera is probably the best out there for its price. One thing that is not against the camera itself that you may want to keep in mind is its size. While the camera is compact it is really to big to fit in your pocket, meaning you kind of get the worst of both worlds in terms of size. Also, people say using AA batteries are a pain, this is simply not true. As long as you use rechargeable ones there is really no limit to your battery power as long as you have a lot of batteries to charge and swap when needed. While the auto mode is pretty good if you just want to take pictures, i think one of the greatest things about the camera would be the options it gives you. With a variety of modes you can do the same things you would do with a DSLR like adjusting aperture, shutter speed, white balance etc. Overall the it is everything it is made to be, an amazing camera that has power and abilities of an entry-level DSLR with the simplicity and low cost of a point and shoot.

New Jersey
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by An anonymous customer

1.0 stars 6/10/2012 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

I first got it thinking it would be a great camera! Got home got it out of the box, and tried it out. Well It is VERY slow taking pictures! And, when you go back to look at them, it does not look HD at all! I myself as a photographer do not reccomend this camera! I am going back to sony and returning this one!

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An anonymous customer
Laurel Fork, VA
Would recommend to a friend? No
Age:25 - 34
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
use correct batteries!

Customer review by snaphappy

5.0 stars 2/2/2013 by snaphappy
by snaphappy

Great great little camera. I carry it in my purse all the time..never know when a photo op comes up. my children are grown and gone, but this wld be great camera for moms/dads to keep in diaper bags, to never miss a moment as the video is great too. I have seen many reviews complaining of battery life. This is not a camera to throw in 2AA alkaline batts and think they will last 12 months. I use only LITHIUM batteries in mine, battery life lasts and lasts (I take alot of photos and video). of course I always have a backup pair of batteries as well, I never want to miss a shot! I am looking forward to moving up to an EOS camera, but will still keep this gem in my purse for everyday. Only neg I have, like others..takes the flash forever to charge up, then recharge again after a shot.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Not my favorite camera...

Customer review by Picture lover

2.0 stars 7/2/2012 by Picture lover
by Picture lover

I got this camera as a gift because my other camera was a little outdated. At first I LOVED the camera, as it takes wonderful pictures. But I like to snap pictures all of the time... and this camera IS NOT made for that, unfortunately. Since I've had this camera, I've learned to only take pictures when I REALLY want to take one, and have lost out on a lot of good shots because of it. The batteries die SO FAST - Believe me - FAST!! I thought maybe it was because I was using regular batteries, so I went out and bought high quality rechargeable batteries (that another reviewer recommended) and it said to "Charge the Batteries" after only taking 6 pictures. :( it eats batteries way way too quickly.. I wish it had a battery pack that you could charge and lasted longer.

Picture lover
Would recommend to a friend? No
Very Good Camera - Bad Battery Life

Customer review by Klarenze

3.0 stars 1/11/2013 by Klarenze
by Klarenze

I was looking for the Canon SX200 when I came across the SX150 at a local store. I was told by the sales person the camera was similar to the SX200, but less in price. I examined the SX150 camera in the store and was impressed by how well it worked, so I purchased one. What I was unaware of was the " very short " life of AA Alkaline batteries. The batteries that came with the camera lasted about 20 minutes at best as I took some practice stills and some video sceens. I put in a set of new batteries, same result. I will try using rechargable batteries. As for the camera, it performs quite well - the video is very good and clear, very detailed and sharp. All considered, I wish I had purchased the SX260 - for better battery life and HDMI output for video.

Baltimore, MD
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Not Good

Customer review by jo

1.0 stars 9/14/2013 by jo
by jo

This camera is my first Canon Digital, and I received it as a birthday gift. Unfortunately, I cannot even take 10 pictures without needing new batteries, which is frankly ridiculous. I received an extended return/service plan with this and I will definitely be taking it back. In this day of camera phones that take great pictures and have long battery life I cant even believe anyone would think this camera is OK. Im so disappointed. Ive tried to bring this to concerts and special occasions, but I literally have to change the batteries 3 or 4 times in a couple hours!!! So I end up just using my 4 year old phone that has no adjustability features and still manages to take just as good quality shots and lasts days and days on the same battery charge.

Would recommend to a friend? No

Customer review by Julie

4.0 stars 11/26/2011 by Julie
by Julie

The camera itself is very nice, it's light and the quality of pictures are really nice! I love all the features, ex) fish eye, toy camera effect -- it's a real big bump for me from my digital camera I had before purchasing this product. The Cons I'll say about this product is, personally when I tend to get a new item I tend to play around with it at least 1 hour just to get used to it and see what it has and etc... but really, I only spent about 30minutes? and it tells me I'm on low battery ( the battery was brand new from the box! ) I was very disappointed; but when I returned my camera on the low battery sign was gone? so I'm not sure if it's my camera or what I'm really not so happy with the battery life ! -- I might go return it.

Would recommend to a friend? No
LCD viewer -Batt Life-User Guide

Customer review by vacation wiz

5.0 stars 6/1/2012 by vacation wiz
by vacation wiz

Needed a replacement camera before taking a two week Euro cruise. Got the SX150IS based on price and the features that I was lookng for. But until you try taking pictures in bright sun the LCD veiwer is worthless. Not having the old viewer without the LCD functioning I thought it was a let down. Besides I think the LCD veiwer is killing the battery life big time, I believe. My old camera you could select the LCD window if desired. And now the Battery life which I think was another big let down. On a 12 day cruise I went through 12 alkiline AA batteries. Took about 1000 + pictures. Have yet to down load them onto my computer for a bigger view. But once I figured the battery life was low I started looking into other batteries without purchasing anything else. In reading other reviews I think the Lithium batteries will be my next purchase for longer life. Next the user guide dilemia. I have an IBM computer with the 2003 Windows software. And reading the info in the box it said that my computer would not accept the CD-ROM disc to download the user guide. Well don't beileve that. After not having instructions and not knowing how to use the features we just tried downloading and bingo it does work. Somebody needs to recalulate their facts. Just wish I'd had this before I went on vacation!!!!!!!

vacation wiz
Dayton, Ohio
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Best AA Ever

Customer review by gpezun

4.0 stars 6/15/2012 by gpezun
by gpezun

I’m happy with my powershot sx150is I upgrades from sx110 they are build like a tank. This camera is even more solid. Buyer be aware that is designed specifically for AA batteries for the convenience of the traveler, the manufacturer will not suggest it, but as soon as I got it I replaced the alkaline batteries that came with it for rechargeable ones, they last a long, long, very long time (alkaline batteries are probably included for testing, you get to take 10 pictures at best). After that, I tossed the camera into my luggage sometimes it fell and my kids rough handled it with no signs of damage, it is build to take it. Good pictures, I won’t mind paying more for better glass.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
A Great Beginning

Customer review by Claire

5.0 stars 1/4/2012 by Claire
by Claire

I recently got this camera as a gift, and I really enjoy everything about it so far. I was looking for the next step up-a digital camera that was not too expensive but would do things a cheapie would not. I am using it to learn more about photography, and it is the perfect thing to learn with. The auto feature is great for the beginning, but there is plenty of flexibility when you get more confident. I have already taken some wonderful pictures, and I am looking forward to taking many more. The battery life is on the shorter side, but better batteries should sort that out. The controls are easy to grasp, the picture quality is amazing, and it is all in all a great camera.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Very Satisfied

Customer review by Photo Buff

4.0 stars 12/6/2011 by Photo Buff
by Photo Buff

I have owned this camera ( SX150 IS) for about three months. I needed to replace my SX100 IS and did not want to go up to a bulkier camera. I used the camera three days ago and shot 500 pictures over a time frame of five hours. I was using a drugstore brand of rechargeable batteries and I did not have to change them for the entire shoot! However, I was shooting without the flash which I know does make a difference. Overall I am pretty satisfied with this camera. This is my third Canon and I keep buying these cameras because they are so user friendly. On the flip side, I was not happy they have stopped putting manuals in the box with the camera.

Photo Buff
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great lil camera for daily use

Customer review by Kathy

5.0 stars 1/30/2015 by Kathy
by Kathy

I love taking pictures and have multiple cameras for when I want to take extreme photos. However as we all know phone cameras are not the best quality so I wanted something I could use daily and have handy for the nice picture on the spot. This does just that great zoom and pixels and easy download. The pictures come out better then what the screen on the back shows when you print them. Would also recommend a cannon photo printer so you can wirelessly print photo from your camera, no fuss and easy!!!

Perfect Camera

Customer review by molly

5.0 stars 5/3/2015 by molly
by molly

I would not buy anything else other than a Canon camera. This model gives you professional settings but easy to use. Fantastic camera...!!!!

More zoom than what is advertised!

Customer review by Jerry

5.0 stars 12/27/2012 by Jerry
by Jerry

The camera is of a design that offers much more than just an "automatic snap shot camera" in that you can control both exposure and focus manually when needed. One unlisted advantage of the SX150IS that I've found is that when used in the "W" mode (16 x 9) there is an effective added magnification of close to 15% due to a certain amount of "cut off" on the sides of image. This adds to the 33% effective magnification of the image (3771 x 2104). This increases the total apparent magnification from 336 mm to 504 mm. Very useful for taking pictures of birds and other small animals such as squirrels.

Muskegon, MI
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Nearly perfect

Customer review by skinsdiver

5.0 stars 5/28/2012 by skinsdiver
by skinsdiver

The only problem is the well-known limited battery life. I solved that by ordering Canon's compact Battery and Charger Kit CBK4-300 for longer battery use. I'll use it when I have access to recharging, but non-rechargeable batteries (in adequate numbers, of course) will do when I am in remote areas for a longer time. Controls can be complicated but need to be for a camera with its variety of effective functions--if you elect to take advantage of the complexity. But simpler usage is readily available and quite satisfying for undemanding usage. Some cameras are smaller but not close in price.

Chicago suburbs
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
1-20 of 72 total reviews
1-20 of 72 reviews