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1-20 of 415 reviews
Plays blu-ray discs ok, but don't expect more

Customer review by BadBiscuit

1.0 stars 11/27/2011 by BadBiscuit
by BadBiscuit

It was a rather cheap blu-ray player. The exterior quality is good, but functionality and sotware features were disappointing; I expected more from Samsung. It has played all the rental DVD and Blu-ray discs we have tried, so this is a positive, though the following negatives may be cause to reconsider purchasing this player -- it constantly losses its network connection for no apparent reason which can only be corrected with a full power cycle (aka pulling the power plug). It has been through several firmware updates and is at its latest but this problem remains. We use the Netflix and Pandora apps which work reasonably well (but not as well as on other devices), and only when the player decides to connect to the network. The remote control is of low quality and does not function all that well, so unless you plan to retire it for a universal remote this may also be a negative. Note: We have a Tivo and Xbox360 which don't have such network issues even when connected using the same patch cable, so the problem is clearly Samsung's.

Louisville, KY
Would recommend to a friend? No
Wouldn't put this first on the shopping list.

Customer review by the2000roadrunner

3.0 stars 11/19/2011 by the2000roadrunner
by the2000roadrunner

I only ended up with this bluray player becuase it was bundled with the tv .I think its rather larger by todays standards looks dated. the door to this thing make a loud "clack" when it opens and closes for the tray to slide out,the buttons on the front are basically lights behing the faceplate so it looks sleek there. as i said with the tv too. the apps are a bit sluggish. choosing a movie on netflix take a while. I have a 4Mb/s internet connection and I feel the disc images should make their way to the screen alot faster. Cars 2 came out and the 3d movie skips at parts, (there is a known issue with cars 2 the panasonics skip too) but I didnt hold it against samsung. I play the regular bluray and occasionally the screen wont advance past the walt disney screen for several minutes. the only way to get past and get to the title screen to watch the movie is unplug and repllug the bluray player. i find this unacceptable. maybe its just cars 2 but if 2 of the 3 discs (3d and br) formats act up on my first month with this i have a bad taste in my mouth,

Greensboro, NC
Would recommend to a friend? No
This product is better than the Sony Blu-ray Player

Customer review by Hard2plez

3.0 stars 7/31/2011 by Hard2plez
by Hard2plez

Every feature appears to work. The user interface is slow and tedious. Pandora works, but the older version of Pandora is better. Youtube does work, but had to change the privacy setting in Youtube account. Need to press the red-A button and login each time player is powered up. This is very annoying. If I checked "Save the password" just go ahead and use it and login in auto. Plays mp3 file in usb drive. However, it does not play by folder, which Sony player does. Can not navigate the file folders using left and right key, as was the case in older Samsung mode like BD-P1590. The two column listing format is bad. We now need to do left-and-right, and up-and-down as well. Photo viewing is slow. Ability to play selected music along with slide show is a nice feature. Again, would be nice if selection can be made by folders. The remote control does not work with my Panasonic Plasma TV. None of the 4 control code worked. The home menu is bad. Shifting items instead of moving the cursor highlight is very confusing to me. Still does not know what video format it will play.

Aurorak, IL
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Slow; Doesn't remember where you stopped the movie.

Customer review by SamsungUser2012

3.0 stars 3/30/2012 by SamsungUser2012
by SamsungUser2012

OK, I knew that the player didn't remember where it was in a movie when you turn it off but I didn't think it would bother me so much. But it takes so long to read the disc and then you have to skip through all the menus to start the movie and then you have to skip through the movie to find the spot where you left off. It is annoying that my 10 year old player can remember the disc position and this thing can't. It can read movies, music and pictures from my network server. The internet apps take a long time to load and the interface is clunky. I have a Samsung TV too and I tried the Anynet+ feature but I don't see how you use this if you ever play a CD through the player because you have to keep the TV on! If you turn off the TV, the Blu Ray player turns off. Also, when you use this and turn off the Blu Ray, the Samsung TV goes to the next input which is the cable in. I can't use the cable in so it just goes to snow! So I disabled this and plugged the Blu Ray into HDMI 1 and the TiVo into HDMI 2. With Anynet+ off, when I turn off the Blu Ray, the TV goes to HDMI 2 and I can watch tv without flipping through the other 5 inputs! The best thing about the player is the price.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
a GREAT disappointment

Customer review by strugglingcustomer

2.0 stars 3/29/2013 by strugglingcustomer
by strugglingcustomer

As a DVD and Blu-Ray it works fine, slow loading but OK. But do not purchase if you want Wi-Fi or SMART tech as it will not consistently play NETFLIX. Wireless does not work at all, period, Had to run a solid wire ethernet, to Router. Helps just a little but still can not use Netflix consistently. Sometimes it will play Netflix, but most of time it will do nothing but "re-buffer" the stream or lock up. When it does, I use my Samsung Plasma TV with "Smart" and it works GREAT with Netflix, Why do I use the DVD player for Netflix? Night time watching to keep the sound down. Because Samsung forget to put analog audio jacks on the TV for earphones and Netflix forgot to send the audio to the TV digital audio jacks. They only send audio to the internal SPEAKERS so they can not be muted nor can earphones be used EXCEPT on the DVD player. Using the TV on Netflix, disturbs the entire house when the movies try to blasting you out of your seat at 1AM in the morning, Answer? Forget Samsung, all of them. Laptop on lap, watch Netflilx and use earphones on the laptop if you dont mind a small screen for 'after houses watching. Samsung and Netflix are NOT there yet. They both point at each other or to my ISP but my signal is 50mps + and works great on the Samsung TV.

Would recommend to a friend? No
Bad MKV DIVX and media playing

Customer review by gabox001

2.0 stars 5/30/2011 by gabox001
by gabox001

I bought this player because it claims to be able to play mkv and divx from USB, but does it wrong, the movies are stuttering and making small pauses, also stopped from time to time to download (This did not happen does not happen with my previous Samsung BD player -P1600). This makes it very unpleasant to see a movie. It is a shame, because it has an image quality and stunning color. In the end he returned to the store for a refund. Pro: Excellent image quality, stunning colors, Apps Samsung are very good. Cons: Can not play media files correctly, (MKV, Divx HD) Conclusion: Recommended for those who are only going to play BD, those interested to play media files via USB should think about another option.

Would recommend to a friend? No
Samsung Blu-Ray 3D WiFi Ready Player

Customer review by RafaColts

5.0 stars 6/18/2011 by RafaColts
by RafaColts

Great picture quality, affordable, and reliable. Best thing about it is that you can connect external hard drives to it and play movies, pictures, and music from there. It fits very nicely and has a nice sleek design, does not take a lot of space. Quality is great, but have not tried Blu-Ray discs or 3D discs. I have not noticed a huge difference in 1080 upconvert quality with regular DVDs but then again I don't own Blu-Ray discs. Con-The sound on some discs or videos is very low and TV must be set to 100 (max) to be able to listen to dialog clearly. Tried playing with the audio settings on the player but no luck. Some movies play perfectly with audio. Also thinking of getting a surround sound with Samsung.

Arvin, CA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by SIMM

5.0 stars 5/3/2011 by SIMM

DVD players have a come a long way going with the size they are now. It took some getting used to, comparing them to the giants they used to be. Compatible, compact, easy to read display are some of the pros. Smooth, quiet operation, and easy on-screen prompts make it a breeze to set up. I installed the HD upgrade and still a little dissapointed with the picture quality of old DVD's. Still snowy and grainy but maybe watching on a 50" Samsung "plasma" may have something to do with that. I would think a LCD screen may help. Still a great product for the value. Cd's sound great on the surround sound. The remote is easy to use. Not much else to say, other than you will not be dissapointed with this item.

Woburn, Ma.
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Firmware ver.1018.1

Customer review by nb3o

3.0 stars 11/15/2011 by nb3o
by nb3o

The BD-5500 performs well and integrates seamlessly with Samsung's UN55D8000 television with the following exception: The BD-D5500 current firmware version 1018.1 (October 18, 2011 release) does not properly play Cars 2 Blu-Ray 3D without freezing. The Cars 2 movie was released on November 1, 2011, two weeks after the firmware. Earlier Blu-Ray 3D movies work properly, as do 2D discs. I have not tried other November-released Blu-Ray 3D movies. I understand Samsung will be releasing newer firmware in the near future which will resolve this problem and am periodically checking their website in hopes of finding the update, since there will be additional later-released 3D movie purchases we wish to enjoy.

Winchester, VA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Lots of features

Customer review by Crunchynoodles

4.0 stars 4/30/2012 by Crunchynoodles
by Crunchynoodles

This is the first Samsung DVD for us. We have other Samsung products & this one fall a bit short on quality. After 30 days, the flip down access door won't return to the close position, staying open. A light tap on the door will snap the springs back & close the door. Netflix was real slow & buggy. But the constant firmware updates do help increase its usefulness. The picture is good & the sound decoding is not better than the best in it class. DVD start & stop do lag. It is not as fast the box claims. Last week, I believe the network port has stop working. But I do have the wireless dongle through USB. This is not the high quality standard I come expect from Samsung.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great Features but slow

Customer review by aaazzzaaa

3.0 stars 11/21/2011 by aaazzzaaa
by aaazzzaaa

The samsung BD-D5500 Blue-ray disc player is really good at its primary job, playing DVD and blue-ray dics. It also comes with a flashy user interface and the ability to connect the device to the internet and run other applications; this is a great idea but the device is sevearly under powered and I simply got frustrated using it to the point that I went out and purchased a competitors product to do the same job. I would have been happier knowing that the product only played discs and no more, but the fact that you put the features into a unit that is clearly not capiable leaves me comparing it to others that do a better job. Its all about perception.

Bendigo, Victoria
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great but slow software

Customer review by kenskreations

4.0 stars 11/15/2011 by kenskreations
by kenskreations

This unit has been great. We use it for watching movies on DVD and have looked at pictures on our computers plus listened to music from the computers. A major drawback has been the screens shown when using the Allshare software. It's slow to respond and does not sort the music or pictures as they are in the computers. It is thru a wired network. The second drawback is the time needed to enter an account for netflix, etc and the wasted time going thru the screens that require you to create the accounts. Way too long. But the main reason for purchasing was to watch DVD's and there are no complaints on that. All is perfect doing that.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Works like a pro

Customer review by Reaver

5.0 stars 10/5/2011 by Reaver
by Reaver

The BD-D5500 blu-ray player works very well for it's price and performance. The 3d works perfectly, the boot-up and disc load times are very fast compared to 1st & 2nd generation blu-ray players. I didn't have to update the firmware to be pleased with the player but updates are always welcome as they improve the unit every time. Picture quality from a hdmi 1.4a cable and audio quality via optical (TOSlink) cable to a home theater are amazing for the price. I highly recommend this device for any hd3d tv, especially Samsung units for the sync feature. ***Note: Sync to a Samsung PN43D490 43" PDP3D tv and works perfectly.

Apopka, FL
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great features

Customer review by Archie69

5.0 stars 5/14/2012 by Archie69
by Archie69

You can buy this product in place of a SmartTV for your bedroom, etc. I bought this for the 3-D Player abilities and internet access option. I, also, purchased a 59" Samsung SMARTTV. The features are almost identical so the Player's ability to reach the net is duplicated by my TV. You don't need both this Smart Player model and a SmartTV as they both do about the same thing. If you have another 3-D TV without internet capability, then this is the unit for you. For best results you need a highspeed broadband type internet connection. NetFlex is already a "button" on your remote control - A nice feature.

Bristol, VA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great features, horrible execution

Customer review by MeatMan

2.0 stars 11/14/2011 by MeatMan
by MeatMan

Love the player when it works. All too often it has me tearing my hair out, however, and I'm pretty technically savvy!! Every so often it'll refuse to communicate with the internet gateway (despite having connectivity and seeing/accessing other media devices on my network). It will also at random delete apps from the smart hub forcing me to reinstall them, relog in, etc. At present I'm fighting with it to figure out why it deleted Netflix and isn't showing it in the 'app store' to reinstall. Pandora loses it's registration, etc etc. All in all? A great product let down by horrible software.

Mid Nowhere Texas
Would recommend to a friend? No
Blu-Ray has issues

Customer review by Samsungfanatic99

2.0 stars 3/9/2012 by Samsungfanatic99
by Samsungfanatic99

I am a big fan of Samsung products but I would not buy this player again knowing what I know now. I have to use an ethernet cable to connect to the internet for updating the firmware because it will NEVER connect to my wifi even with two different Samsung wifi adaptors. My Samsung TV connects in the same room with no problems and updates. Every other new movie I watch locks up the unit at the start of the movie and I have to turn it off and turn it back on before I can get it to play. The unit is too light and when I press the button to eject the disc the whole unit slides off the shelf.

Wichita, KS
Would recommend to a friend? No
So far so good!

Customer review by jyannotti

5.0 stars 12/19/2011 by jyannotti
by jyannotti

Just got this Blu-Ray player with a bundled TV deal and it's been pretty good so far! Loving the cool touch screen buttons on the front of the player, smart hub features and the 3D abilities. It's very stylish and goes well with my 3D plasma TV. Like how the player communicates with the Tv and optimizes and makes sure everything works seamlessly when they are both on. No issues and let's hope it stays that way, haha. I do wish it had built in wifi but I guess I would of had to get the more expensive model, no biggie. I ran a hard wire LAN cable to the player and it works just fine.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Blue Ray D5500.

Customer review by SamsungtoYou

4.0 stars 3/29/2012 by SamsungtoYou
by SamsungtoYou

The picture quality is great. Functions are good as well. I do though miss the time display. Initial set up not bad when purchasing TV as well from Samsung. HDMI to TV, and for me due to older component system AV cables. The sound quality is great!!! Down side is when I turn off the component(Surround Sound) it shuts off the power to the blue ray then when I turn Surround on it activates Any-time net and I have to choose source on TV. I have not yet had the chance to trouble shoot to see if fix. All in all I do like the blue ray player. Thank You Samsung for a great product!!!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Just Ok

Customer review by SFBayGirl

3.0 stars 10/13/2012 by SFBayGirl
by SFBayGirl

I purchased this blue ray player as a package with my LED HDTV. I'm glad I did as the pairing extends the Smart TV features. Through BDWise the display settings and some blue ray player controls can be controlled through the TV instead of having to do individual setup. The WiFi, audio, SmartHub are separate which I would prefer that they were under BDWise control too. The WiFi is weak on the player and as previously mentioned, it seems a waste not to be able to leverage the SmartTV built in WiFi. The player does a good job on playback of discs. The remote styling is good.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
ok with some problems

Customer review by pecold

3.0 stars 8/17/2011 by pecold
by pecold

Got this bundled with 3d 7000 series TV. The player seems to work fine with two issues: 1) major one - if you leave the disc in the player, turn it off and turn it back on it freezes completely - there is a LOADING prompt displayed but you have to turn power off to make it work again 2) minor annoyance - the BD Wise causes skipped frames when regular DVD is played on UN46D7000LF - setting to blue ray to produce 1080 signal fixes this but the BD Wise was supposed to help you to get the best picture out of Samsung components so something is not quite correct here

1-20 of 415 total reviews
1-20 of 415 reviews