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Do NOT buy WET

Customer review by Nallah333

1.0 stars 8/1/2015 by Nallah333
by Nallah333

It pretty much ruined my 1st vacation in a year. I did not even get to go out in the sun because of the horrible reaction. So in that case, i guess it did work as I did not get any sun exposure. My face became very swollen and red. it looked very similar to what my friend looked like after she had a glycolic peal. however, with out the benefits. it took at least a week to reduce redness and puffiness then i broke out all over my face terribly. this is my first allergic reaction to any product. neutrogena has been one of my staple products for 30 plus years.....what happened ????? i would love and believe i deserve an explanation. i notice it is not for sale anymore in cream form. thank you for that

Comment from - 8/2/2015

Thank you for bringing your experience with our product to our attention. This is something not typical of our products, so we would really like to speak with you further. If you could, please call our consumer care center at 1-800-582-4048 Monday- Friday 8am- 8pm EDT. Thank you!

annapolis , MD
Would recommend to a friend? No
Skin type:Normal
Had an allergic reaction AND got sunburn!

Customer review by An anonymous customer

1.0 stars 6/25/2013 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

I bought this product because I thought of Neutrogena as a trusted name-brand. After one day of using this product my skin broke out in itchy bumps and my face swelled up an alarming amount. And on top of all that I still got a little sunburned despite applying the sunscreen as directed. After days of taking Benadryl and applying ice packs I am almost back to normal. Very disappointed in this product that is "dermatologist recommended" ... I have NEVER had this kind of reaction before and am afraid to use any other products again because the reaction was so severe. I would not recommend this product unless you already use it and know that you do not react to it. I am very upset that this product that is supposed to protect my skin has caused damage to it. I would prefer having used no sunscreen at all if I knew this would be the result of using it.

An anonymous customer
Would recommend to a friend? No
Love it!

Customer review by kanpope

5.0 stars 8/2/2015 by kanpope
by kanpope

We spend several days a week on the lake with our five kids and our favorite sunscreen is Wet. It is great for repeat applications. We never sting, no sunburn and there has been zero reaction. I am surprised by the negative reviews. I highly recommend it for people that spend a lot of time in the sun and water.

SW Illinois
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Skin type:Normal
Good, but pay attention

Customer review by dolce78

4.0 stars 6/30/2012 by dolce78
by dolce78

I haven't had any issues with burning with this sunscreen and I really like how it feels and seeing the 'beads' of water repel off my skin as this product is decently waterproof. You MUST however apply before sun exposure and more importantly, you have to pay attention that enough spray is coming out to cover your skin completely. If it's clear it isn't enough. Spray hard and directly until you see white product, then slather on skin. Anything less is like nothing at all, which isn't the brand's fault but the consumer's.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Will NOT buy this again

Customer review by Troyce

1.0 stars 7/12/2011 by Troyce
by Troyce

Very disappointed in this sunscreen. I applied it to my children SEVERAL times throughout the day and by mid afternoon my 7 year old was crying with a sunburn. Other years, I've bought 'cheaper', other brands of sunscreen and usually only apply it once maybe twice and my children are okay. This year I thought I'd be safe and buy a 'better' brand. My brother passed away from skin cancer and I worry about my children. I will not be buying this ever again and am sorry I wasted so much money.

Plainville, CT
Would recommend to a friend? No
This is the worst sunscreen ever!!!!!!!!!

Customer review by SunscreenGoddess

1.0 stars 7/29/2012 by SunscreenGoddess
by SunscreenGoddess

We applied beforehand and reapplied every 50 minutes (I have redheaded children). I was obsessed about reapplying while on the beach so much so that my nephew started running from me. We were ALL burned. I used TWO entire bottles on one afternoon and we were all burned. It ruined the next two days of our trip. Maybe you can use it if you already have tanned skinned. NOT GOOD STUFF. Also applied on wet skin where it felt like it spread better. BURNED BADLY.

Memphis, TN
Would recommend to a friend? No
Beware: hyper allergenic is more like it

Customer review by Wetandredskin

1.0 stars 9/17/2013 by Wetandredskin
by Wetandredskin

I have very sensitive and fair skin, so I thought Neutrogena sunblock would be a good choice. Various Neutrogena products have typically worked for me in the past. Unfortunately, I followed the directions and applied liberally. I then spent time in the sun, only to break out in bumps and a red rash everywhere I applied it. Thank goodness it was only my arms. Don't fall for the hypoallergenic tag line on here. I know I won't again.

Dallas, Tx
Would recommend to a friend? No
works if you use it right

Customer review by Kat6996

5.0 stars 5/22/2012 by Kat6996
by Kat6996

As with all sunscreen, you have to put it on before going out into the sun. We have used this sunscreen since it was available and it has been wonderful. We have a backyard pool and the kids swim everyday - have never been burned but that is because I apply it to them AT LEAST ten to fifteen minutes before they head outside, then I do reapply every couple of hours while swimming and love that can do so without them having to dry off.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Horrible Reaction

Customer review by Mamma Jo

1.0 stars 9/17/2013 by Mamma Jo
by Mamma Jo

I wish I had read these reviews before I bought this product. I took this on a vacation to the Mediterranean and it nearly ruined my vacation. I broke out in a rash and blisters all over my arms and legs - which I have never done before. I had to stay out of the sun during half my trip! It took nearly a week of hydrocortisone treatment to get the bumps down and relieve the itching. Don't use this stuff!

Mamma Jo
Would recommend to a friend? No
Skin type:Normal
Absolutely the WORST sunscreen.

Customer review by williams447

1.0 stars 8/3/2013 by williams447
by williams447

This product should be pulled from the market. We applied, and reapplied, this product very liberally before and during a day on the lake. Everyone that used it, including three children, got burned to a crisp! The one that used the generic sunscreen did not. This is absolutely the WORST sunscreen on the market. Neutrogena has lost a customer for good. Never will I trust this brand again.

Would recommend to a friend? No
Got a little Tanner but Safely

Customer review by Nikros18

5.0 stars 6/2/2012 by Nikros18
by Nikros18

Bought cuz I saw it in my sports illustrated, anyway I'm an 18 yr old dude, and an avid swimmer/surfer, I applied every 30 minutes and did not get burnt at all, felt amazing to be outside on the beach, my friends made fun of me for reapplying every half hour but they ended up getting lobster skin hahah, great product and I noticed a little bit of a tan develop

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Doesn't work

Customer review by crispytoast

1.0 stars 7/14/2011 by crispytoast
by crispytoast

I applied to myself and my six year old. Then in a five hour period I applied it twice more. We used a lot. Had a lot of skin to cover 3 times each. She is lightly burned(she is not as fair skinned as I am by nature) and I am burned seriously and in pain. I used another brand, but a store clerk doing a display talked this one up. She was wrong.

Would recommend to a friend? No
It worked Great!

Customer review by JCS94

5.0 stars 7/12/2011 by JCS94
by JCS94

Being a rower I am often in the sun for 6+ hours daily with no opportunity for reapplication. I put this on about half an hour before getting out on the water and it is great! My skin has not burned at all and it is not oily like many other sunscreens. Highly recommended!

Warwick, RI
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Re-applied 3 times in 6 hours. I'm so sunburnt!

Customer review by sw33tt3a03

1.0 stars 6/27/2011 by sw33tt3a03
by sw33tt3a03

Worst spray sunscreen ever. I sprayed myself and my boyfriend 4 times (We used more than half the bottle) and we both came out looking like tomatoes. There were lines on our bodies where the spray landed, but nothing else. Use a cream based sunscrean instead.

Dallas, TX
Would recommend to a friend? No
Turns light colored bathing suite/clothing orange!

Customer review by MIMamma

1.0 stars 7/11/2013 by MIMamma
by MIMamma

I used this sunscreen & it worked to protect our skin, but it turned any bathing suit or clothing it came into contact with ORANGE!! I tried using multiple stain removers as well & it did NOT come out... very disappointed!

Would recommend to a friend? No
Bad reaction

Customer review by Sunburnt

1.0 stars 1/22/2014 by Sunburnt
by Sunburnt

After using this product I got burnt and had a serious reaction with a rash and affected my eyes, My sister didn't get a rash but was sunburnt. It's not worth the risk to use this product!

Would recommend to a friend? No
Skin type:Normal

Customer review by Sls2

1.0 stars 5/27/2012 by Sls2
by Sls2

Applied twice in a 4 hour period, we are all sunburned badly. Will never use again, going back to Coppertone sport!!

Cumming, GA
Would recommend to a friend? No
Ok you have to wait 15min before going out

Customer review by Bunny

3.0 stars 7/5/2011 by Bunny
by Bunny

I used 1/2 the can and also burned but I did not wait 15 min before going outside. DUhh on my part.

SF ca
Would recommend to a friend? No
It needs work

Customer review by pinerss

3.0 stars 7/21/2011 by pinerss
by pinerss

it needs a bigger bottle and larger spray. I got a pattern sunburn.

Boca Raton, FL
Would recommend to a friend? Yes