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So far not so good ...

Customer review by Lee1126

3.0 stars 3/22/2013 by Lee1126
by Lee1126

I just recently purchased my first Bissell, and I am not quite sure what my first impression is as well. During my first week of use, my belt just like the one person below here, broke as well. I used it maybe tops 3 times. So I called the 800 number and she says "no problem it's covered, we'll ship you one out today", it's been 9 days #being shipped by Fed X#, and it's yet to arrive. I loved the first 2 times I used it, but that's about it .... the one post said, that this person should take it to a Bissell dealer to be serviced. Why should we take it to a service dealer, why not send us a brand new one, it's what we paid for isn't it, not one that we can use a few times, and then have to send it to a dealer to be serviced. My time and money is valuable .... would I recommend this one to someone else, first use - yes, 3 time, not quite so sure. Please prove me wrong and better the service, as well as the shipping. Seriously a week ?

Comment from Joe - 4/25/2013

I'm so sorry about your issue. Please let us know if you run into any other issues. We will absolutely take care of you. We want to be your recommendation in floor care.

Dillsburg, PA
Not what I was expecting or hoping for!

Customer review by shotgunmomma

2.0 stars 2/18/2014 by shotgunmomma
by shotgunmomma

I bought this about 4 months ago. It had the features I was looking for, and the price was great. I have a Bissell floor cleaner that is great, so I figured it would be too. That is not what it was, far from it. I spent more time cleaning the vacuum filters, cups, and hoses out than I spent vacuuming my floors. The pet hair and dirt get tangled up inside the top part, and inside the filter area more then it gets inside the actual cup itself. The cord does not always want to wind up, and I had to keep pulling it out and pushing the button until it would wind all the way up. The suction on this vacuum, even with brand new filters, is no where near good enough for picking up after pets, and kids. My last vacuum lasted 8 years and was purchased from a second had store. It was not a Bissell, and was great for pet hair, and kids. I went out and purchased one of those brand new models of another brand, and I gave this to my Grandfather who has mostly hardwood floors, and no pets. He finds it useful. Even at the price I paid for this, it was not worth it.

Comment from Lisa - 2/21/2014

Thanks for your review, and we are sorry for your difficulty. We have some easy tips to get your machine working properly. If your grandfather ever needs them here is the link:

ok, to a point

Customer review by merksy65

3.0 stars 12/17/2012 by merksy65
by merksy65

I was really shocked at how much dirt and hair this one picked up after I had just used my old Eureka vacuum which I thought was doing a great job up until then, i emptied the canister about 6 times after going over the same carpet in the living room just as many times, after going over my whole house and making at least 20 trips to the trash can I thought this is defiantly the right product for me, for a few months i had no issues, cleaned the filters, canisters and the floor brush every time after using the vac, After the first big clean which happened every second day for 2 weeks I went back to doing it once or twice a week which for most part was good enough, Now for some unknown reason my vac makes a heck of a vibrating noise and I cant use it for more then a few minutes without it getting deafening, Thinking im up for a floor brush because I dont get the noise when i take the floor brush off my vac.

Comment from Lisa - 12/18/2012

Thank you for your review. The brush can be ordered direct. Please click at this link>&partid=4973&icid=ccrr.

Davenport, IA, USA
Hard to push!

Customer review by Zoey

1.0 stars 6/25/2013 by Zoey
by Zoey

Based on reading very positive reviews on several websites, I decided to purchase this vacuum. As soon as I started it, it was surprisingly loud - the loudest vacuum I've ever had. The sound wouldn't bother me if the vacuum worked well. However, the vacuum cleaner is VERY difficult to push. I have adjusted the height in the settings as suggested and it doesn't seem to make a difference. The vacuum will push one way, but it will not smoothly pull the other direction or smoothly push diagonally. I am a runner in my twenties and am in very good shape and this vacuum is difficult for ME to push. It is so uncomfortable to attempt to vacuum using this machine. My carpet is very flat berber carpet, so it is a bit textured but it is not high, fluffy carpet or carpet that has ever been an issue with another vacuum. I really had high hopes for the vacuum and would much rather keep it than go through the trouble of returning it, but unless someone on here knows how to fix the problem (remember, I already tried to adjust the settings and it didn't help), I will be returning the vacuum tomorrow.

Comment from Lisa - 6/26/2013

Thank you for your review. We are sorry for the trouble. Granted you did change the height adjustment; however, the dial won't work unless the handle is reclined. If you need your machine inspected please check out the link for BISSELL locations:

Pleasantly Surprised

Customer review by RockitMom

5.0 stars 6/30/2012 by RockitMom
by RockitMom

I bought a competitor's vacuum at Christmastime 2011. Within a few months it was as hard to push around as my first one. The repair guy said it was performing to "design specifications" after using it to vacuum a floor mat! After throwing my back out using it, I went right out and bought this Bissell model. I'd wanted the pet-hair attachment, but didn't want a bagless because of asthma -- bagged vacuums are getting hard to find. I have been quite pleased with this vacuum. I LOVE that I can empty wash out the canister each time I use the vacuum, and that it has a HEPA filter, which was important to me. I love that all the tools store on the vacuum itself, for easy changing. And the pet-hair unit works very well on both dog and cat hair. There's a ton of suction, and it cleans carpet, throw rugs and floors equally well. I'm seeing no difference in the quality between the more expensive competing vacuum and this model. I'm also incredibly impressed that Bissell is monitoring this site and responding to negative comments -- exactly what they should be doing. I also own a Bissell carpet shampooer.


Customer review by Cleveland Pet Lover

5.0 stars 5/28/2013 by Cleveland Pet Lover
by Cleveland Pet Lover

We were looking for a vacuum that was light-weight and quick to grab and clean up the house due to our pets. We have two dogs a Husky and a Rottweiler and anyone who has had a Husky knows they shed bad. We also have three cats. That being said we own a vacuum you could buy ten years ago and should last a lifetime. Well obviously the Kirby wasn't doing it's job. When we purchased the Rewind Clean View Pet Vacuum and used it for the first time, I was amazed how much hair was in our carpets, two days later and I am still getting ton's of hair out of my carpets. Yes the dirt cup is small and it requires frequent dumping but we clean all cups and filters that we can after each use to prolong the life of this unit. I can't say more...if you own pets, BUY THIS VACUUM you will not be sorry and for the price you can't beat it. I only wish I had bought it sooner. This unit is great for cleaning up litter also. I also love the bagless feature and it doesn't leave that pet odor that you get when you have bagged units, that alone is refreshing. Thank you Bissell for creating this great vacuum.

Cleveland Pet Lover
Cleveland, OH, USA
Great vacuum cleaner - ligth and easy to use

Customer review by asimmons

5.0 stars 1/6/2013 by asimmons
by asimmons

We bought this vacuum cleaner, based on the reviews, after our Hoover died. Very easy to use. This vacuum is light (compared to our Hoover), the automatic cord winding is a nice feature, the canister is easy to take off. I rinse the filters and canister after each use, so it is always ready to go. I also bought and extra filter set (the round red filter below the canister and the foam filter to go around it), because, once these filters are clogged, the vacuum does not pick up anymore. With the extra filter set, you just switch to clean filters and keep going. Amazing what this will pick up! The clear canister makes you really aware of all the dirt on the floors. It is very easy to use the tools - the hose has a handy handle so taking it off and using it is a snap. And by the way, we have a Rottweiler, so a vacuum cleaner that picks up dog hair is very important.

Albany, GA, USA
Picks Up Pet Hair Like a Champ!

Customer review by Leeners81

4.0 stars 4/16/2013 by Leeners81
by Leeners81

I have had this vacuum for a couple of years now and I love it! My floors get so clean, even with four pets and a boyfriend who likes to track as much (or more) dirt in as the dog. I like that almost every part is washable, it is nice to not have to constantly replace disposable pieces. I only have two negatives with this, otherwise it would have been a 5 star instead of 4 (or 4.5). First, the belt went out after only about 6 months, sooner than any other vacuum I have had. However, this is easily and inexpensively fixed so not that big of a deal. The second thing that I am not a super big fan of is the bagless canister. This is the first bagless vacuum I have had and I do not like that I seem to get dust/dirt everywhere when emptying it which aggravates my dust allergies. I will get a bagged vacuum in future, but if you want a bagless, get this machine!

Comment from Lisa - 4/17/2013

Thank you for your review. The belt shouldn't have broken so quickly. Make sure the height adjustment is on the correct setting for your floor level. The belt will break easier if the dial is not set properly. A bagless machine will take more maintaining with the filters. The foam filters can be hand washed, and while they are drying it may be a good idea to have filters on hand. To order, click at this link:

Monroe, WA, USA
Absolutely the worst!

Customer review by ktlee

1.0 stars 2/10/2014 by ktlee
by ktlee

This is my first review ever. This product has made me so frustrated that I felt a review was necessary. I would not recommend this vacuum cleaner to my worst enemy. First, the bag-less feature sounded great, but I did not realize that this vacuum has three different areas that collect dirt. I can vacuum one bedroom and a hallway and two of the three collection areas are full. Emptying these bins leads only to dust and dirt everywhere since you have to pull the dirt out of one area by pulling in a downward direction. After one vacuuming, one of the filters is full and can only be cleaned by washing it, then waiting for it to dry to use the vacuum again. Secondly, I've had to replace the belt at least four times within the last year. Thirdly, unless the collection areas are empty, dust and dirt flies out as you are vacuuming.

Comment from Lisa - 2/14/2014

Thanks for your review. We're sorry to hear you are disappointed. What you described is a clog in your machine. The dirt/hair should only go in the dirt cup. Please click at the link to find our easy tips to get your machine to suction properly.

Norman, OK

Customer review by nerdlcat

2.0 stars 10/22/2012 by nerdlcat
by nerdlcat

I am a long-time Bissell carpet cleaner owner and have loved them. But this vacuum is a big disappointment. I have 6 cats and a dog, so hair pick up is big. For the most part it does an ok job - although the Turboeraser tool is mostly worthless. I use the hose a lot but it won't stay up in the holder when I put it back, so it's always in the way. The rubber bumper around the base won't stay put - either gets caught up under the vac, or is on top (which is where I put it to keep it out of the way). Cord is too short - even in my tiny apartment. Have to sanitize everything every time I vacuum - otherwise the filters smell. Overall - it's just not powerful enough to take care of business. Will probably go back to a vac with bags, since the whole bagless thing is just dirty. I have been really disappointed in this vacuum.

Comment from Lisa - 10/24/2012

Your machine has a 3 year warranty, so you can get your bumper repaired. Here's a link to find a warranty service center


Customer review by Suzzn11

1.0 stars 4/27/2014 by Suzzn11
by Suzzn11

I bought this vacuum this morning, and I'm already tired of it. Although it seems to clean the floor well, all of the dirt and hair gets caught in the top part, so I have to empty it frequently -- I live in an apartment with myself and my cat, who does not shed. I had to clean the different filters and containers three times before most of my apartment actually looked clean. Also, I'm not sure if it is broken or what, but the handle WILL NOT stay attached to the rest of the vacuum. So when I pull the vacuum backwards it falls to pieces and I have to put it back together. Nothing looks broken, but this is the first bissell I've purchased and most likely the last. It was more of a workout vacuuming my apartment than when I go to the gym. Not worth the time or the effort.

Comment from Lisa - 4/29/2014

Thanks for your feedback. With debris going up above the dirt cup this is an indication of restricted airflow. We have some easy tips to share at this link: The handle is connected by screws. If you are missing them, please see this link:

Davis, CA, USA
I agree with the flaw

Customer review by Randy1

3.0 stars 12/8/2013 by Randy1
by Randy1

Although the attachments work, i agree this vacuum has a flaw. The tube that the hose sits in while not in use, blows out all the dust particles and hair while hose is being used to vacuum couches or anything else with attachments. That really needs to be fixed, because I'm selling this one and buying another one that doesn't do sense in using the hose attachments if I have to re-vacuum house after using the hose because of dust and hair blowing everywhere! I will not buy another bissell, until this happens...maybe I won't have to sense I can't get reimbursed or compensated in any way. So in other words, your company just lost a customer. Also, I use the vacuum for more than carpet and need something to accommodate me, not the other way around.

Comment from Lisa - 12/20/2013

Thank you for your feedback; we're sorry for your disappointment. The machine has a very strong brush for good suction. When using the cleaning tools, make sure to vacuum the area where your machine is placed on the floor, and also the height adjustment must be on the highest setting. This way the brush will be lifted up from your carpet.

Houston, TX, USA
Great for Dog Hair on Rugs

Customer review by Clint

3.0 stars 9/21/2013 by Clint
by Clint

Well I bought it 3 weeks ago and I use it twice a week do to having a German Shepard. So far its Amazing at picking up the Dog hair from carpets and seeing it when its time to throw out. I was like WOW! The tools are ok but wish the Cord was alot longer. I understand the rewind keeps a clean look but having a big house isn't efficient enough. A few other down falls for it is I can't get under funiture or beds and if I use the wand to clean high up DON'T leave machine spinning on rug or dust and hair comes Flying out right back onto rug. Its kinda sad that the machine brushes don't turn off when the hose is out. I do like that its very easy to cllean everything and Finally No bags.

Comment from Lisa - 9/23/2013

Thank you for your review. Your comments will be forwarded for possible future changes.

Bergen, NJ, USA
1 rug in my house....

Customer review by tinygirl88

2.0 stars 8/12/2013 by tinygirl88
by tinygirl88

My house is all hard surfaces but I have one 5x7 rug in the living room and 2 large dogs, one long hair one short haired. I bought this vacuum to clean up every other day. It picks up the dirt and hair, but having only one rug I feel like cleaning all the filters every other week is way too much. (Rinsing and letting air dry) Also the static this vacuum puts off causes so much dirt on my actual vacuum. Its gross to have a dirty vacuum! I shouldn't need to dust my vacuum after using it. I thought I had a dud so I exchanged my first one for a new one, same problem. The tools are nice for the occasional couch cleaning but for a everyday rug, it just disappointing.

Comment from Lisa - 8/15/2013

Thank you for your review. The filters do need to be cleaned frequently; this is what protects the motor. To keep extra filters on hand, click at this link: Even though you have good suction there may be restricted airflow with your machine with dust on the outside of your machine. Please check out this link to check a few things that could be the cause:

California, USA
Piece of junk.

Customer review by House mom 38

1.0 stars 12/2/2015 by House mom 38
by House mom 38

I despise this vacuum. I will never get a "bag less" vacuum again. Takes up way too much time to clean up the filters and it's just gross. It's cleaner and more convenient to get a vacuum that uses bags. When I vacuum the suction is questionable as I'm having to repeatedly go over the same area to pick up the dirt. I really hate the nozzle because when you use it, it leaves a hole open in the vacuum and blows out dirt as your using the nozzle. This is my second bissell vacuum, the first one broke within the week. I'm highly disappointed and will look for a vacuum that uses bags.

House mom 38
Upland, Ca
Horrible if you have pets

Customer review by Melissa H

3.0 stars 4/28/2012 by Melissa H
by Melissa H

I bought this vac when my old one died. We have 2 Akita's and deal with year round shedding. I have to clean all of the filters after each use and for the foam filter inside the lower cup I have to use duct tape to clean it after vacuuming each room so I can finish the house. I tend to vacuum at least once a week (we have a 3 bed 1500 sq ft home, all carpeted) and twice during high shed season and this just doesn't do it if you have pets. I JUST had new carpet installed 8 months ago and the vacuum is not doing the job I hoped. For the price, it's probably awesome for someone who doesn't have pets but if you have multiple pets, go with a bagged vacuum.

Melissa H
Newport News, VA
not the best but has held up

Customer review by palosteph

3.0 stars 7/14/2014 by palosteph
by palosteph

I've had this vacuum for a little over 2 years. Not the greatest suction and pet tool doesn't work that well (unless you use some elbow grease) but it serves it's purpose. The maintenance says the filter can be washed in mild soap. This is a great feature for the foam filter, since I am a neat freak I tend to wash all of the removable parts from time to time, but the inner filter should not be washed. Even when dried completely, as directed, it develops a bad oder that lingers after I vacuum. This will be my 3rd filter I am purchasing because I can't bare the smell. Hopefully I learn my lesson and don't wash it again, even though it says you can.

Dallas, TX, USA
Excellent Pet Hair picker-upper

Customer review by DeniseAnn

5.0 stars 8/16/2012 by DeniseAnn
by DeniseAnn

I had an old vacuum over 22 years and it wasn't picking up the dirt anymore. I didn't realize how much dirt it was leaving behind until I got this new product. I love it! I pulled the equivalent of 2 kittens worth of cat hair off my dining room rug! My little dog has allergies and now I can keep the house clean so hopefully she will not have itchy paws anymore. this vacuum is so easy to use. I love the attachments being right on hand without the machine being heavy at all. I love the little pet hair attachment that can do the curtains and chairs where the hair collects. I can't say enough about this product. It is actually fun to clean house now!

Cranston, RI, USA
Great Suction- Retr. Cord

Customer review by txlady25

5.0 stars 6/16/2012 by txlady25
by txlady25

I don't have pets anymore but still found that this picked up old pethair and lots more. My last vacuum was also a plain Bissell bagless and it lasted seven years, till I hooked up beater bar in berber going wrong way and I was too far away to unplug so burned up motor. That was my fault. Anyway this one does pick up dirt you can't see. I am amazed how much stuff is in canister when done. Other reason I bought this one is the RECTRACTIBLE CORD, and it is well worth the $ just for that. Truly love that function. HOWEVER PLEASE make next version with 35 ft cord and maybe have the power switch at top of handle not half way down the side.

Odessa, TX, USA
I'm impressed. Great performance at a resonable cost.

Customer review by rg55

5.0 stars 12/16/2012 by rg55
by rg55

This is the first Bissell product that I have purchased. I'm very pleased with that choice. The upright sweeper is lightweight, easy to push & pull, and works very well on my carpets. I like the cord rewind feature too. The only problem I have with this model is the hose & attachment feature is a little short. I can deal with that. The first time I used this sweeper, the dirt container was almost full. I was shocked and could not believe that much dirt & pet hair was in my carpet. I would recommend this vacuum to anyone who wants their carpets & floors to be clean. Way to go Bissell!

Brookfield, OH, USA
1-20 of 107 total reviews
1-20 of 107 reviews