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Not What I had hoped for

Customer review by Cat105945

1.0 stars 8/6/2012 by Cat105945
by Cat105945

The 1st time I tried to use the turbo brush attachment it sprang apart and flew everywhere, causing all the dust I had just vacuumed up to go flying around the room. I have had this vacuum since late March and only used it every other week or so and had to replace the belt 3 times. I remove any and all hair or other items that get wrapped around the bristle brush before and after each use. The last time I used it the motor started smoking and I went in search of the pre-motor filter that the user guide says is there thinking it may be the cause only to find out NO SUCH FILTER EXISTS. The vacuum did a pretty good job of cleaning, but it also attracted quite a bit of dust to just stick to the outside of the machine. After only a little more then 4 months I wouldn't have thought I'd be needing to buy another vacuum. I wish I would have read all of these reviews before buying because I wouldn't have bought this one that's for sure. Not sure I will even buy another bissle.

Comment from Joe - 8/17/2012

Sorry you've been unable to locate your pre-motor filter. It is located in the slide out tray underneath the dirt container. You can find instructions to clean it on page 12 of this user's guide: If this has never been cleaned it can hurt your machines suction and smell like a dirty furnace filter. I hope this helps. *The post motor filter is located on the side of the machine. The pre-motor filter is under the dirt cup.

Lodi, Ca.
Cheaply made!

Customer review by Justice

3.0 stars 9/10/2012 by Justice
by Justice

This vacuum does pick up okay; however, when I try to remove the waste receptacle, it gets jammed on the cyclone piece that becomes detached each time I use the machine. I end up having to pull very hard to get it to release. The lever loosens it only a fraction of an inch. A lot of times some dirt ends up back on the floor because of that. I have to reattach the cyclone pieces each time I dump the dirt. It seems to still pick up pretty well, even though those pieces are not very stable. It is a pain, though. Also, I had used a flea powder on my carpet recently, and ever since I vacuumed it my vacuum now roars with each use! It used to be a quieter machine. I don't think I am that rough on vacuums, but this one started messing up after about a year. The roaring thing was only this last month or so (close to 2 years after purchase).

Comment from Joe - 9/12/2012

Thanks for your review Justice. The upper tank filter may need to be replaced securely as it shouldn't hit the dirt cup when you pull it out. If the threads are damaged you can contact us to get a new one. Additionally, make sure to thoroughly clean all of your filters as that could cause the vacuum to sound loud. I hope this helps.

Great Vacuum

Customer review by mlinfla

5.0 stars 5/6/2012 by mlinfla
by mlinfla

I could not believe the pet hair, lint, etc. that this vacuum pulled out of my carpet. Being bagless is even a greater feature and the see through canister lets you see when you need to empty and shows what is lurking in your carpets and bare floors that you're not even aware of. 5 different settings make it great for bare floors to heavy pile carpeting. I have recommended this to several people already and will continue to do so. So happy I purchased this. I use to hate to vacuum and now my neighbor comments on how much I vacuum. Because it's lightweight and easy to use with the 35' cord, it makes a dreadful chore a delightful experience. Keeping the dirt out of my carpets, I feel, will give my carpet a long life expectancy.

Marianna, Florida
The Powergroom is a great value vacuum cleaner

Customer review by Treasure the Kids

5.0 stars 2/4/2012 by Treasure the Kids
by Treasure the Kids

This vacuum cleaner is compared to my former old vacuum cleaner. Bissell pros: seems quieter, headlight seems brighter, front edge seems lower because can go under small spaces better, dust collection cup removes and is returned easily, nice long cord (maybe a little too long), a little heavier, but manageable, doesn't have a dusty smell that the old one had when it is used. Bissell cons: On/Off button on left side is low and not that convenient because I'm right handed (if it was about 3" higher it would be better), handle is solid with no opening for your hand (the old vacuum cleaner handle has an opening for your hand so it does not slip out of your hand ) so you have to make sure you grip it tight.

Treasure the Kids
Sacramento, CA, USA

Customer review by AMANDA28

2.0 stars 9/25/2012 by AMANDA28

I purchased this vacume 6 months ago before I had my baby and it is already broken. The vacume is making a load noises and blowing dust all over the place. I thought spending a little more money on this vacume would be worth it, but unfortuantally it is not the case. The hose always comes detached and it drives me crazy. The heppa filter has a gap in it since day one, which blows dust out of it to. I am more concerned why it is blowing dust all over and ready to blow up? It worked fine the first week. I took the bottom apart, the belt is not broken and cleaned it all out and no luck. How long is the warranty on this? I should of purchased the extended warranty from walmart..errrrr

Faribault MN
Loved it- But It broke after 6 months

Customer review by EricaS

3.0 stars 6/18/2012 by EricaS
by EricaS

I bought this vacuum from Walmart about 6 months ago. Loved it's features and price. It picks up dog hair like no other! I absolutely loved it until about 2 weeks ago. I turned it on and it it makes a very high pitch noise, and vibrates. The canister lock vibrates towards the unlock position. I've had my husband look at it, and there's no loose screws or broken parts. It almost sounds like there's a problem with the brush, and something inside the motor compartment. The closest repair facility is over 100 miles away. Totally not worth the trip. Anyone else having this problem? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I just wish I could locate my receipt!!

Missoula, MT
The Good & The Bad

Customer review by tee42

3.0 stars 10/6/2012 by tee42
by tee42

We bought this product in Jan. & for the most part it works very well. We have 2 Labs and have to vacuum everyday..lots of dog hair! After the first month, we noticed the suction was not as good as it used to be..we dump the cup after each use but upon further inspection..noticed the filter drawer under the was so full the door would not even open. Now, we clean this fliter after each use along with dumping the cup...when the filter is clean it works great...once hair gets in there the suction changes. I was wondering if the collection of hair on the filter is normal...shouldn't the hair go into the canister and just the dust into the filter??

Comment from Joe - 10/8/2012

No, the hair shouldn't be going straight to the pre-motor filter. Check to make sure your upper tank cyclone is inserted correctly with the thin mesh plastic grill around it. If these are installed incorrectly, the hair may get stuck in the filter you are cleaning. Try locking the grill in place in the upper tank, and then inserting the rest of the cyclone until it locks into place. Also, check to make sure it is not cracked or broken. Here are links for the parts. Cyclone Grille: Inner Cyclone:

Sunrise, FL, USA
Don't waste your money

Customer review by Nikki79

2.0 stars 6/25/2012 by Nikki79
by Nikki79

At first I was impressed with the vacuum for the price, but that lasted until the 1st time I used the hose attachment. When you pull out the hose all the dust and dog hair come flying out the hole where the hose connects, making your whole time spent vacuuming pointless! Also it boasts a "wide path" but in all reality it just gathers the hair and leaves it in a line towards the outside edges of the brush. We have 2 dogs and I vacuum every other day and still have to go over areas 2-3 times be fore it picks up "all" the hair. I truly wish I had returned this vacuum before the 90 days had ran out of my receipt.

Comment from Joe - 6/28/2012

Nikki79, sorry to hear about your issue with this vacuum. Several other models offer the brush on/off switch for upholstery hose use, but this one like most, does not. Additionally, you may have a clog in the lower hose if it is leaving hair and debris behind. To check this, unplug your vacuum and remove the brush and belt. Then disconnect the upholstery hose from the base and run the end of a broomstick through the lower hose to remove any clogs. You can do the same with the upholstery hose to be sure to check for clogs. I hope this helps.

Olympia, WA
Love my Vaccume

Customer review by JEssicaV

5.0 stars 6/30/2012 by JEssicaV
by JEssicaV

Okay first of all i have 5 messy kids. This vaccume works really well for cleaning up lots of messes. It has a extra long cord which comes in handy when ur vaccuming around ur house or when ur vaccuming the stairs. The filter system is easy to clean and easy to dry. I use my vaccume all day long cleaning and have never had any problems with my vaccume. I use it in the kitchen on my pergo, in the track of my sliding door and just about everywhere. My kids even like using the attacment tools because one of them makes a cool sound when in operation. Big APLUS from us.. thanks the V family

Oak Harbor, WA, USA
No problems

Customer review by ernman1

5.0 stars 10/1/2012 by ernman1
by ernman1

Well...i have to admit i think some of these reviews are really weird...they make no sense to as far as i'm concerned, it's the people, not the product...i bought this about week ago and used it every day...i must say that for the $88.00 this is an excellent vac (so far, at least) great, easy to clean and feels like a quality problems with hoses, belts, leaks, smells or, i say that with a caveat...lets see how it works six months from now and i'll update this post...

Denver, CO, USA
Love my powergroom!

Customer review by Diabeticdoode

5.0 stars 5/28/2012 by Diabeticdoode
by Diabeticdoode

I bought this model because I thought it was really good looking. If you haven't seen this model in person, than you really should. It's a beautiful color. Course, my favorite color is blue so I guess that's biased lol. Anyway, the performance of the machine really matches it's looks! The suction is excellent, and constant. There's no filter in the dust cup, so nothing really gets all clogged up. It's got a HEPA filter which is great. The hose is very long and stretchable (is stretchable a word? idk.) and easy to use. One complaint about the hose though, you do have to hold the machine when using it, because it has tipped over on to me before. One more suggestion (apparently it's on all Bissell's, not just this model) the dusting brush/upholstery brush they give you. It works, but I'd much prefer longer brush brissells. They're pretty short. And the way it's a 2 in 1 kind of deal is annoying too. When you're using it, it can very easily swivel. Also, the suction seems to be biased to one side when you use this tool. The power-tool they give you however, that works fantastically. I use it on drapes, beds, the sofa, even the floor mats of my car. That works excellent! It's not too noisy, which is a plus. Some vacuums are like exploding tires when you turn them on, this one is pretty quiet. The cord is very long, very useful. It's easy to take apart and clean all the pieces. And um... I think I pretty much covered everything. I definitely recommend this vacuum!

Tulsa, OK
Dust Issues

Customer review by alice23

1.0 stars 7/1/2012 by alice23
by alice23

I thought this product was a great buy until I started using it. This is the first time I buy a product from this company and was greatly disappointed. The vacuum would do a fair job when cleaning, however, dust would constantly come out from the filter area. The dust was so intense that it would set off the smoke alarm. I checked the filter area and replaced it with no success on resolving the issue. I have only had this vacuum about 3 months and I hate it. I advise consumers not to purchase this product.

Comment from Joe - 7/6/2012

Sorry about your experience Alice23. The filters should be checked regularly and replaced every 3-6 months or sooner if they get dirty. They can be purchased at this link If your unit is setting off a smoke alarm from dust, you should have a BISSELL Authorized Service Center inspect it before using again. You can locate a BISSELL Authorized Service Center at this link: If the upper tank filter is not properly reattached the dust that should drop into the dirt cup could be going straight into the motor area and out the post-motor filter.

El Paso, TX, USA
This vacuum really sucks.

Customer review by Bissellluvr

5.0 stars 3/18/2012 by Bissellluvr
by Bissellluvr

That was a play on words because this vacuum has great suction. We have a dog and cat who shed constantly and this vacuum along with the furniture tool does an absolutely thorough job on the carpeting,floors and furniture making all look new again. Couldn't believe all the dirt that my last vacuum didn't pick up and you had to really work at what it did pick up. This vacuum is built stronger, easier to empty and keep clean. You can see and feel the difference of this vacuum. My husband and I Love it!!

Pennsylvania, USA
Can't connect the accessories to the hose

Customer review by leQ

3.0 stars 10/23/2012 by leQ
by leQ

these accessories don't fit. the only extension that fits is the extension hose, and the brush/rug cleaner. the power brush doesn't fit any of the hose exenstions, and the crevice tool doesn't fit either. why does bissell make it so hard for these things to fit? it's like you need a PhD to get these things to work like they should. the suction is great (4 stars), IF you don't use the hose. you won't be able to use the hose because none of the extensions fit. barely a 1 star for that reason alone.

Comment from Lisa - 10/25/2012

The crevice tool and turbo brush should slip right on the end of the wand like the other tools. Sorry for your trouble. Will you contact us so we can assist you at

Cheap Handle Release Pedal

Customer review by anvic

1.0 stars 5/16/2012 by anvic
by anvic

After only 7 months, the handle release pedal lever broke, so that the handle will not stay upright. THe cheap release is a thin plastic spring which broke easily and the repair shop does not carry this flimsy part. Unfortunately we bought another more expensive Bissell vacuum and the same cheaply made lever also broke after 6 months. This same flimsy release lever is also used in quite a few of Bissell's vacuums and should definitely be replaced with something sturdier. BUYWER BEWARE!!!

Comment from Joe - 5/22/2012

Thanks for the review Anvic. If you just bought the unit this would be covered under warranty at one of our BISSELL Authorized Service Centers. Please find the nearest one in your area at this link

Highlands Ranch, Colorado
lousy cheap vaccumn

Customer review by george

1.0 stars 10/28/2012 by george
by george

we bought this vaccumn in feb of 2012, all the paperwork got burned up in our house fire, the on/off switch broke in april, we have to plug it in and unplug it to use it., The dirt cup fills up way to fast and looses suction, we have to clean the under filter everytime we empty the cup, this is the worsts vaccumn I have ever had, I would tell everyone not to buy one, it is horrible, and I cant afford to keep buying a vaccumns, thought this would be a good one, wrong.

Comment from Lisa - 10/30/2012

Sorry for your disappointment. A bagless vacuum needs a little more maintenance. The filters protect the motor, and clean filters will help with suction. With the powerful brush, the dirt cup will fill up fast. We hope this helps.

Queen Creek, AZ, USA
This vacuum cleaner sucks!

Customer review by BobInBerwyn

4.0 stars 4/27/2014 by BobInBerwyn
by BobInBerwyn

It sucked up more dirt in my carpets than I imagine was in there. I have 2 dogs and had 2 cats. I was quite amazed at how much animal fur came out of the carpets. My last vacuum was the kind that drags behind you and I didn't like using it, hence, my carpets were rarely vacuumed. The upright makes it so much easier and so less time consuming. I probably get the job done in 1/4 the time, so hopefully it will get used more frequently than the old vacuum cleaner.

Berwyn, IL, USA
Good suction but......

Customer review by Jeannie1

3.0 stars 10/7/2012 by Jeannie1
by Jeannie1

The Powergroom is not a bad vacuum cleaner but there seems to be too many parts that will need replacing and too many places within the vacuum itself that you have to clean. Also, I don't know if I'm doing something wrong but everytime I use the attachments stuff blows out of the opening where the wand base fits into. While using the attachments if you are not careful how you reach the vacuum will tip over. I don't have a problem with straight vacuuming.

Comment from Joe - 10/16/2012

Regular maintenance of the filters is necessary, which are the replacement parts I believe you are referring to. Check the user's guide to find out what filters are washable. Additionally, since this model doesn't have a brush on/off switch, please make sure to vacuum the area the unit will rest on before removing the upholstery hose. Finally, try not to over-extend the hose when in use. You can use the dusting attachment which allows air flow and inhibits total suction of the tool. Try that and see if it helps.

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Customer review by Leslieh01

4.0 stars 5/11/2012 by Leslieh01
by Leslieh01

Picks up the hair and dirt like nobody's business! Only a few issues: After so many uses, you have to take parts of it apart to clean. (Would bags be easier?) I like that I can see the dirt and possible missing bits. Just like with any vacuum, you gotta clean the rolled around hair off ever so often. It's a little heavy but not bad. Overall, best vacuum I've had. It really "sucks". Haha. Oh works well on many levels of carpet and tiled floors.

Midlothian, TX, USA
Motor blew in less than 6 months

Customer review by KDH

1.0 stars 4/28/2014 by KDH
by KDH

I purchased this vacuum last November. I was fairly happy with it until it started getting louder and louder, then all suction stopped, I smelled something burning and assumed a belt had broken. I took it apart and the belt was intact, but the motor was overheating and the vacuum would not work. I assume the motor was blown. I've never had a vacuum completely stop working in less than 6 months. Definitely was not worth the price I paid.

Comment from Lisa - 4/29/2014

Thanks for your feedback. We're sorry for the trouble. Please click at the link, so we can help. Your machine includes a warranty.

Clarksville, TN, USA
1-20 of 118 total reviews
1-20 of 118 reviews