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Holding Tank Problems

Customer review by Loves Clean Carpets!!

1.0 stars 7/9/2012 by Loves Clean Carpets!!
by Loves Clean Carpets!!

I purchased my first unit at our local [@]. I used it 4, maybe 5 times. When it worked correctly, it was an amazing cleaner. After that, the water and solution would disappear just as fast as I could fill it up. Just pour out on the floor and it was gone in 30 seconds. Hoover was wonderful and replaced the machine. I only opened the new one a few months ago, due to not having a need to clean anything until spring. I got it out, opened it, set it up, cleaned my carpets no problems. Did it again a few months later (grandkids) worked fine. Cleaned it and put it away. Bought a used recliner and cleaned it, worked great...then wanted to spot clean the livingroom...boom...tank problems again. As soon as I filled it and started it, the clean water and solution sucked right down into the dirty water holding tank...gone. Ugh! Couldn't believe it! I have never stored this with solution or water in it, have always wiped the seals dry..I think this model just has issues. There was a lady returning one to [@] in front of me the other day, saying it didn't work. Should probably discontinue this particular model. Seems it has a lot of problems. But, I contacted Hoover again, feeling a little crazy with it being the second machine, but again they were happy to assist me, no hassles, customer satisfaction minded, and offered again, to replace it with the model of my choice. Thank you Hoover!

Comment from Hoover Customer Care - 7/9/2012

We are sorry to hear about the frustrating experience you have been having but we thank you for giving us the opportunity to resolve it to your satisfaction!

Loves Clean Carpets!!
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Leaky water tanks (both clean and dirty tanks)

Customer review by JimmyD

1.0 stars 1/18/2015 by JimmyD
by JimmyD

I just bought this unit today and after using it for only 20 minutes I found the dirty water tank to be leaking. The dirty water tank leaks dirty water out from between the seal of the main tank and the cleanout cover while carrying the tank to empty if not held just so. The dirty water tank is made of cheap plastic that deforms under the weight of the dirty water inside the tank causing a gap in the seal.

Comment from Giselle - 1/22/2015

Hi JimmyD! We strive for quality products and that is not what we want to see. We want to help make this right and restore your faith in our products. You will receive a private email shortly, we have a couple questions.

Wilmington, DE, United States
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Easy to use!

Customer review by Cat owner

5.0 stars 2/6/2017 by Cat owner
by Cat owner

I bought a Hoover cleaner because I can depend on it working as opposed to some other brands. The salesman told me how to use it. I went home and no problems.

Cat owner
North Jackson, OH, United States
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Elegant design for effective cleaning

Customer review by pleader

5.0 stars 2/6/2014 by pleader
by pleader

I wore out my older Dual Path V carpet washer using it to clean my rental real estate for many years. I had thought it was an excellent carpet and hard floor washer. This newer design is significantly better, even wonderful! About 10# lighter, quieter, easier to empty without spilling (unlike the former unit), and cleans even better. Even the hand power tool cleaned better than the former design. I'm hoping for many years of service as I had with the previous unit. There is a slight leak of water or detergent from the supply container, but the retention design minimizes leaking outside the unit and there seems to be no great loss of liquid anyway. Just examining the dirty water tank I wonder about how the engineers came up with such an elegant design. Not exaggerating, every aspect of this design seems to be improved. I am now buying a second unit for my house in Arizona, as nothing cleans as well as this washer/shampooer when our cat has an accident. Kudos to Hoover for this design.

Edmonds, WA, United States
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Best ever!

Customer review by Doggy mom

5.0 stars 1/20/2017 by Doggy mom
by Doggy mom
Verified purchaser
Verified purchaser
Customer has been confirmed to have purchased the item from Walmart.

Have used many machines over the years, but this is by far the best I've ever's an absolute workhorse! I've been using this model for the past 6 yrs, with 5 active dogs, and over 2000 sq ft of light beige, frise carpeting..just got a replacement, and it's better than ever. The auto-rinse and clean surge features are time savers that I couldn't live without. Other new Hoover models seem to have done away with those features, which in my opinion is a huge mistake...results in double the work!

Doggy mom
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Verified purchaser
Verified purchaser
Customer has been confirmed to have purchased the item from Walmart.
I love it. Easy to use does a great job.

Customer review by Suezy

5.0 stars 1/28/2017 by Suezy
by Suezy

i have had mine several years, use it twice a year in the whole house, I will buy another one when this one wears out, hope they don't stop making them.

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How a company should be evaluated

Customer review by atreefellintheforest

5.0 stars 8/27/2014 by atreefellintheforest
by atreefellintheforest

Lets be honest. The best and worst products have one thing in common; something always goes wrong. As with any relationship, once something goes wrong you then find out if they are worth it. Many companies these days forget that the customer themselves is worth more to them than wining an argument. I purchased a Hoover Carpet Cleaner several years ago and it broke down, got fixed, broke down, got replaced with the same model, broke down, got fixed, broke down, and then they needed to replace it. Well, they didn't make that model anymore. So, with out any hassle, they let me pick from the "like kind or price wise the same." I was concerned until I just used it. I am using the model number FH50240. What a machine. I am married with children and pets, this one was made for the family. And I will report that it sucks. Yes, it sucks so well, 20 minutes later I could walk on the carpet in my socks. Folks, I am giving them 5 stars for standing behind the product and for no making my life more miserable.

Colorado Springs, CO, United States

Customer review by Silkroad37

3.0 stars 1/18/2017 by Silkroad37
by Silkroad37

Motor is getting very noisy. Warranty ran out 6 months ago. With past experience of Hoover floor cleaner, water gets into motor housing, through normal use, and rusts the motor housing and damages the bearings.

Comment from Karissa - 1/20/2017

Hi Silkroad37! Your Max Extract 77 should hold up longer than this. We want to help. We will be reaching out to you privately for further assistance in this matter. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Horrible X 2

Customer review by Texas49

1.0 stars 7/6/2013 by Texas49
by Texas49

Purchased a new Max Extract 77, 2 months ago. Loved it for it's deep cleaning then after about 5 uses the solution holding tank would begin to leak. No where in the user manual does it say you cannot store the unit with cleaning solution in it. Does not make sense and the unit is not made to pour out the solution from the holding tank. Returned the unit to the store and they happily replaced it with my 2nd unit and it did the same thing after the first use. "Hoover" cleaning solution poured out all over my floor from the holding tank. Called customer service and they said it must be the valve so they sent me another tank. Got the tank 2 weeks ago and it is the wrong unit only has one valve and this one had two. Just simply frustrated. Took this back and got a refund. I really like the cleaning power of the Max Extract but it has serious leaking tank issues that need to be redesigned. Wish Hoover made a different cleaner that did both carpet and hard surfaces.

Comment from Ian - 7/8/2013

Hi Texas49, we completely understand your frustrations here and we will be reaching out to you via e-mail to make this right. Thanks so much.

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Customer review by cappi12297

1.0 stars 4/20/2013 by cappi12297
by cappi12297

I purchased this machine last March and within the first couple weeks it had an issue. The reservoir assembly, part #303806001, has plastic prongs that release the water from the tank. If this machine is going to be used frequently they will break. I called Hoover to order the replacement part and was told I couldn't purchase this piece. I did find it online and I replaced it. After a couple months the same piece broke again. This piece has a very poor design that cannot take heavy use. When the shampooer works, it works great, but my unit sat more waiting for parts than I got to use it. It was rather pricey and Hoover wouldn't stand behind it when it failed. I went out and purchased a Bissell pro clean for half the price. I'm a firm believer in you get what you pay for but, the tank is bigger and, if the water release goes out on it it's just a matter of screwing another one on, you don't have to disassemble the whole thing. Be careful spending the money on this product if the manufacture won't back it!

Comment from Ian - 6/4/2013

Hi cappi12297, we stand by our cleaners, and we’d like to make this right. After reading your review, we’ve looked at why a tank may begin leaking. Most commonly, using non-Hoover cleaning solutions, especially those that have bleach, or storing the tank with solution still inside are key causes for the leaks we’ve seen. Our engineers have made some changes to the tank, and all Max Extract 77s sold today include them. That should lessen the likelihood of any leaking even if some solution is left in the tank every once in a while. But never use bleach! That could damage not only the cleaner, but carpets as well. You should not have to worry about a leaky tank on your Max Extract 77. Under normal use, your tank should never fail. Please give us a call at 1-800-944-9200. We want you to love your Hoover cleaner.

Kansas City, MO
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2nd unit and having the same problem

Customer review by bbarn15

1.0 stars 3/21/2016 by bbarn15
by bbarn15

I bout this unit last year at Sears, including a replacement warranty with them. When the unit stopped working several months ago, I took it back to Sears for a replacement. I have used the new one just a hand full of times since I got it probably 3 weeks ago. Today, I am cleaning my carpets, working fine for the first two tanks, and then just now it is releasing all of the detergent at one time and no clean water. I have read several other reviews where this is happening to other people as well. To me this is quite ridiculous and aggravating that after having gotten this type of feedback over and over something would have been to resolve this issue from happening again. It's very frustrating to buy a product ( a fairly expensive one at that) and it not work after only a handful of uses, not to mention that even a BRAND NEW ONE OUT OF THE BOX, did the same thing. I am a long time Hoover product user and this just puts a bad taste in my mouth, probably preventing me from ever purchasing another product in the future.

Comment from Karissa - 3/23/2016

Hi bbarn15! That sure doesn't sound like Hoover quality. We want to help. Please keep in mind your Max Extract® 77 Multi-Surface Pro™ Carpet & Hard Floor Deep Cleaner carries a two year warranty that covers for any manufacturing defects. This sounds like something one of our service technicians may need to take a look at. To locate a service center in your area please visit: If further assistance is needed feel free to give us a call at 1-800-944-9200 (M-F 8a-6p EST). We're here for you!

Memphis, TN, United States
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Better than anything I've used so far.

Customer review by TucsonLarry

4.0 stars 1/15/2017 by TucsonLarry
by TucsonLarry

The unit was well packed and assembled like a breeze (One screw- how easy does it get). The dirty water and clean water tanks are very well balanced and fill and empty easily. The tanks are very easy to install and remove from the unit. Previously submitted reviews on water leakage were not a problem with this unit for me. It didn’t leak. The MaxExtract® 77 Rug Cleaner lays down some serious amounts of water / cleaning solution. Following the cleaning instructions here is very important. (I can’t imagine a situation where I would need to use the clean surge button) After having used other rug cleaners all I can say about the Hoover® MaxExtract® 77 Rug Cleaner is that it got my rugs the cleanest I have ever seen. There are some concerns; The SpinScrub® 77 Brush Assembly has one hexagonal drive post and takes some considerable force to turn by hand (Perhaps there should have been two hexagonal drive posts to lessen the load on the drive assembly). The internal part of the brush assembly is hard to clean because of how it’s designed. The weight and balance of the unit I think needs some work. When the clean water tank is full and you are using the cleaner there is considerable weight on the handle for the user. Alternatively, when cleaning while the waste water tank is nearly empty there is insufficient weight on the nozzle suction end to effectively extract water from the carpet. In my opinion, it is only until the waste water tank is partially full that the unit does a satisfactory job of picking up the waste water out of the carpet. When cleaning the Waste water tank where you unlatch clean out cover latch and remove cover then - Rinse inside and dry. When drying; seals came right out of the detents in the tank and had to be re-installed by hand. (This is not desirable and the seals on the waste water tank seem somewhat flimsy. The seal should be held in place in the unit by adhesive or by seal design) Power cord stowage hooks could be placed further apart to decrease the number of wraps you have to make to stow the cord. The SpinScrub® Hand Tool falls out of its stowed position in the handle.

Tucson, AZ, United States
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by Paisano in NM

1.0 stars 6/29/2015 by Paisano in NM
by Paisano in NM

Do not purchase this Hoover - Max Extract 77. I purchased one in 2010 and had to return it to be serviced over 5 times with in the first year. Such problems were: 'not dispensing soap, leaking water and solution, trigger defaulted, not deep cleaning, and just recently, dispensing the water/detergent but NOT picking up the excess water off the carpet like it should. I'm very disappointed as I am a big fan usally of Hoover Products. For example, I owned a 'Hoover Floormate Hard Floor Cleaner' for over two years and it did a great jog! I didn't have to replace anything; it just stopped picking up the water just recently. Yesterday, I purchased another hard floor cleaner (that's how much I like Hoover Products)!. However, this Hoover-Max Extract77 disappointed me (at first it did work well, like it should), but it had its share of issues. I cannot afford a new carpet cleaner right now but if I could I would try out the Hoover-Max66; after reading the reviews.

Comment from Giselle - 6/29/2015

Hi Paisano! Sorry to hear about the many issues you've had with your Max Extract 77. We do not want you to feel discouraged in any way. We truly appreciate your loyalty and want to keep you in the Hoover Family for many more years to come. We want to help. You will receive a private email shortly.

Paisano in NM
Rio Rancho, NM, United States
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Very Frustrated!

Customer review by GBev

1.0 stars 2/19/2015 by GBev
by GBev

I have purchased only Hoover vacuum and steam cleaners over the last forty years. I have always been more than pleased with each purchase I have made until now. I bought my eighty year old Mom a Max Extract 77 carpet cleaner just under six months ago, so I would not have to continue to take mine to her home. I have used this carpet cleaner once, and am here for a visit and decided to clean her carpets. It made it through half of a very small bedroom before it quit! I unplugged it thinking maybe it overheated. When I came back and turned it on and all it would do is make a clicking noise once I pressed the red on button. I have just returned from Walmart where I purchased the Hoover carpet cleaner and they told me they would only replace it if it was purchased in the last 90 days and that I would need to take it to a Hoover Service Center for repairs. I do not want a repaired carpet cleaner. I want this one replaced, it is obviously defective and I did not pay over two hundred dollars for a defective carpet cleaner.

Comment from John - 2/19/2015

Hi Gbev, That should not have happened and we want to find out what's going on here and how to help. We are sending you an email to get some more info. Thanks!

Fort Worth, TX, United States
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Customer review by JILL87

1.0 stars 12/23/2016 by JILL87
by JILL87

This is our second hoover steam cleaner! first one we had for 10 years! This one HAS never worked properly. Always leaks out the back! Do not buy it. Even after Hoover troubleshoot...still does not fix the problem! Stay clear...but another one! Was WAY expensive too!

Comment from Kenya - 12/27/2016

Hi JILL87! That sounds frustrating. We have a good idea what’s causing the leaking. Behind the clean water tank is a square overflow opening. Because the trigger is constantly being pressed there is often an overflow. The overflow of solution will come out the opening in the back. We hope this clarifies things. Please let us know if you still need us!

College Station, TX
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Poor suction

Customer review by LiverpoolYNWA

1.0 stars 12/5/2014 by LiverpoolYNWA
by LiverpoolYNWA

If Dyson came out with a wet carpet cleaner I would buy that. We had a hoover as a regular vacuum and I didn't last long as well. Comparing this to other brands it seemed the most likely choice to get this model. The first time I used it the water tank had a leak it in, not at the valve but where the back of the tank meets the bottom and is glued together. I called Hoover to get replacement in which they sent me the wrong tank, I called a second time and got the right take w/o leakage problems. Now we clean the carpets once a year, the tank which holds dirty water seems to suck in a lot less water than it used to, leaving my carpets very damp for a long time. I've opened windows and turned on ceiling fans to help it dry quickly but Florida is quite humid. One room in particular has a small window with no fan and now smells moldy. If I clean this again will it remove this smell? should I add a little vinegar to the water tank when cleaning/rinsing?

Comment from John - 12/5/2014

Hi LiverpoolYNWA, We're sorry you've had so much trouble with your Max Extract. We are sending you an email now to further assist you. Thanks for your patience.

Lakeland, FL, United States
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Works Great....when it works

Customer review by not happy with a Hoover

2.0 stars 7/2/2012 by not happy with a Hoover
by not happy with a Hoover

I purchased this product in Nov. of 2011. It gets used a couple times a month to clean up spills, pet accidents etc. I does not get heavy/hard use or abused. It does do a great job on the carpets and does leave them drier than my old bissell. Thats were the good parts stop. It only works well when it isn't broken. In just over six months time, the solution take broke. When you took it off the machine, the water and chemicals just poured out the bottom. Hoover re;laced that free of charge since it was covered under warranty. IK have had to completley tear it appart several times to fix the smaller solution hose that is inside the upolstery hose. It comes off either inside the handle or down inside the machine itself and water either sprays everywhere from the hose handle or just gets pumped out at the base of the machine into the recovery tank. Overall, the quality of this doesn't say much for Hoover as a brand. I think I will probably go with another brand the next time. This was fairly expensive and isn't worth what it cost.

Comment from Hoover Customer Care - 7/2/2012

Thank you for your comment. We are always trying to improve our products so we appreciate all the feedback that we can get! Please Call in to customer service 1.800.944.9200 Monday-Friday 8am-7pm EST so that we may further assess the root of the problem. Thanks again!

not happy with a Hoover
Lebanon, Oh
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Customer review by debaug1

1.0 stars 11/11/2013 by debaug1
by debaug1

I bought this Hoover on October 8, 2013 and have been extremely disappointed in it.  It cleaned wonderfully the first time I used it, but the next time I tried to use it, neither the solution nor the water would spray out.  I had an older Hoover Scrubber that I used for 15 years and was excited that the new product would be such an improvement over the olders model.  I was wrong.  Now I am stuck with a $300 scrubber that I cannot use and cannot afford at this point to buy another one.  I cannot in all good conscious recommend this model to anyone.  I am past the limit that the store would permit me to return it and I am not shipping it anywhere.  Guess it will just sit under my stairway and collect dust rather than steam clean my floors.  Sorry, but I am extremely disappointed.  Plus I do not like the dual tank, but I could live with it, if it just worked.  PS:  I also have the leakage out of the back of the machine just like everyone else has.

Crown Point, IN
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Do NOT buy this machine, it is junk!

Customer review by jlrw

1.0 stars 9/21/2013 by jlrw
by jlrw

I bought the Hoover Max Extract 77 Multi-Surface Pro about a month ago. The first time I used it, the tank leaked all over my light colored carpet leaving a stain. I returned the machine thinking that It was a lemon and I would exchange it for another one. The store was out of them, so I had to wait until today to get another. I started cleaning the carpets and there it was again, the tank leaking water out the back of the machine. Seriously, I have been telling everyone how much I loved my old Hoover cleaner, I used it 18 years before replacing with this one. Obviously they do not make them like they use to. I called Hoover and tried to explain, but the lady said find a Hoover repair shop to fix it or return it to the store. REALLY??? I am not keeping a machine that I paid $250.00 for to a repair shop the first 30 minutes of use. I am no longer a fan of Hoover and will be sure to let others know not to waste their money. Very disappointed!!!

Cody, WY
Would recommend to a friend? No

Customer review by AlphaOmega

5.0 stars 12/30/2012 by AlphaOmega
by AlphaOmega

I am a loyal Hoover user. I have owned a number of Hoover vacuums and carpet/steam cleaners over the years. The MAX Extract 77 is by far the best Hoover steam cleaner I have ever used. I am a professional and I am not domestic. I want to spend minimal time and effort cleaning, as I have a higly technical position and far more important things to do. I have 1 dog and 1 cat and I am leasing a house with brand new carpet and brand new laminant flooring. This machine does it all, quickly, effectively, and reliably. Just one pass and my carpets and floors are 100% clean. I read the manual and have no problem with anything. Takes a little elbow grease to clean the spin brushes;however, I find Lysol Kitchen Soap in the automatic dispenser makes this a breeze. I bought this on the site when it was 30% off and was the best price out there. Fast delivery and meets all of my expectations. So WOO HOO for Hoover. TYVM for an excellent product.

Columbia, MO
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1-20 of 403 total reviews
1-20 of 403 reviews