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Motorola Mbp36 Wireless 2.4 Ghz Digital

Motorola Mbp36 Wireless 2.4 Ghz Digital

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Motorola Mbp36 Wireless 2.4 Ghz Digital
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A great way to keep an eye on the Grandbabies.

Nice size screen. The night vision is a good option. We don't use the scan option, but it's great to have the option. The option helped to set up initially. This monitor was expensive, but works well to our expectations. One caution: The on/off button is located on the very top of the monitor...not one of the buttons on the face. The on/off button is white just like the frame. Very difficult to see. When I first hooked up, I couldn't get it to work very well. Only the battery charge light would work. I called tech support twice. They were nice, but never asked me to press the "invisible" button. I know, you think I'm an idiot, but just trying to save you time and frustration if you purchase this item.

Great Monitor

Best monitor I've ever used. I know this is a baby monitor but I use it for my elderly mother. She has her own living area at my house and this monitor does it all. the camera can be moved by using a button on the colored viewing monitor, the night vision is great. speaker is loud enough that you can hear everything. The cost was so worth it. This product is an A+++++.

Best monitor out there!

I saw this monitor at my aunt's house and fell in love with it. I had to get one for my baby. I looked at other monitors in different stores before and didn't like them much. This one is more expensive and most stores have it online only. I wish I discovered this monitor earlier (we started using it when my baby was almost 5 months old) because I used to check on him several times during his naps and every time I opened the door he would wake up and start crying. With this monitor he sleeps 2 hours straight without me interrupting his sleep. This has everything you need to monitor your baby. You have 2 zoom options 1x and 2x, 6 melodies that can help your baby fall asleep, temperature in Centigrade or Fahrenheit, 3.5" display and a microphone. You can add a camera to the unit and monitor 2 rooms at a time if you have more than one baby. You can leave it plugged in or take the unit with you and it will work on batteries for several hours. The only thing I wish it had is a built-in clock. This product is a life saver. I was always scared that my baby might get suffocated by a blanket that he pulls on his face during sleep. Now I can keep an eye on him while he sleeps and make sure he is safe without opening the bedroom door.

Worth the money!

This monitor is worth the money. The zoom and pan functions work well. I wish the music didn't play on the parent end but that's not a big deal. This doesn't interfere with the wi-fi or my phone. The LED lights are bright at night but I just cover them up and the monitor still works. I love this monitor so I can always check on my baby and don't have to go in the room. I haven't stepped off the feet to check monitor distance but I'm able to move around the house (1800 sq. Foot ranch) and can move around outside within reason.

love it!!

Love it. It is exactly what I expected. This camera was one of the top 10 best cameras and im so glad i decide to purchase this one. I was thinking of purchasing it in amazon but then I seen it at walmart for a cheaper price. the delivery was a lot faster than I expected too!! love the fact I can talk through the camera. Night vision is GREAT And I can add 3 more cameras.. It is exactly what it is says. Its a must have!!
I got this monitor for my 3rd baby. It's very user friendly and works very well! I had a monitor with my first born, but this one works MUCH better. The pan, zoom feature is worth the extra money!! If my kids get in the room or if baby scoots out of the camera line, I can adjust to see. Love this monitor!!

High Quality product good price

Bought this for my soon to arrive son. . .tested it out upon arrival, how very cool! I does pan/tilt and the zoom, is a two position 1x or 2x (not a true zoom). The picture is fine and when you turn out the lights, it changes to B&W, but clear as a bell! - This was recommended to me by a friend, and he is right. Works everywhere in my home and I like the "big" screen. The camera also plays different lullabys and you can talk from the unit to the camera! (Pretty cool- can't wait to try it out on Jr!)

great baby monitor with video

this is an excellent albeit slightly expensive baby monitor. it has some great features that make it worth the extra expense though, listed below Notes -has video and audio; you can shut off the monitor but there are still lights that indicate audio if the baby makes any noise; helps preserve battery life -you can use the portable monitor to remotely adjust the video to track your baby no matter how movement there is! there are 4 arrow buttons that let you adjust the camera for any position -there is a 1x, 2x zoom option also -can play lullabies remotely -screen always displays the temperature (but no humidity); can display in either Celsius or Fahrenheit -night vision automatically switches on the camera when the lights go off -portable unit has a kickstand so you can prop it up; however, it doesnt have a clip that you can attach to your belt if you're on the move -battery cover requires a screwdrive to close -can connect to up to 4 total cameras and have shared views from a single portable unit -there is a button that enables an intercom between the camera and the portable unit -very quick startup and shutdown on the portable unit; almost no wait time whatsoever, which eliminates any wait time overall, this is a great unit, and is highly recommended. the ability to zoom, and move the camera remotely is a great feature to have. being able to play lullabies remotely is a nice features as well, but unfortunately, you have to cycle through them (there are 5 total songs). You arent able to just play song 4, you have to cycle through 1-3 to get to #4. minor complaint and is not a big problem otherwise. the portable unit has an antenna attached and the reception is crisp all around my house, which is ~2100 sq ft total on one floor. wasnt able to test between floors for obvious reasons. it also is powered by a lithium ion battery, and can be connected to the AC to charge. there is no charging stand. the camera has no option for batteries and is entirely dependent on AC power. I would have liked to have the option for batteries, but some people may not need that. minor complaint.

Nice Baby Monitor

I purchased this as a shower gift. It was on the couples' registry. I haven't given it yet, but I'm sure they will be happy with it. It has a nice zoom and tilt feature as advertised, which was probably one of the reasons for choosing it. The price is high, but I was able to purchase this for $10 less at Walmart.

Liked the product - did not work

The product was exactly what i wanted. Unfortunately I could not get the camera to work. Called the help center and still was unsuccessful at correcting the problem. The return process was easy and quick and my account was credited immediately. Actually I would have liked to exchange the baby monitor but this works just as well. Receiving, return labels and credit service was excellent.

The best so far

This is my third video baby monitor in four years. I have to admit it is by far the best quality sound and picture yet. I like it so much that I purchased a second unit to put away to use after this one dies or is broken. (the monitors are always the first to go) I have a very large home (+4000 sq ft). The signal is very strong and very quiet. The zoom and pan on the camera units is extremely quiet and the voice microphone is a awesome added bonus. My favorite feature is that you can choose the monitor to scan between all your cameras. I have two children and it is nice to put the monitor on scan at night so that I can hear both rooms and not just one.

Best one

We bought the previous one and loved it. Now having a second child we think it has the best quality picture.

Everything I expected

ONly complaint I have is that is didn't arrive when it was supposed to. Was supposed to be here on a Friday and didn't arrive until the following Monday. I specifically paid postage so i would get it on Friday.

Great camera. Works perfect.

I have been using this item for over a year. The only thing I can say that don't look the price and buy it. It has a great picture and sound. Never had any problems. Thanks Motorola.

great video monitor.

Good picture clarity. We have another monitor...4Ucam that has even better clarity. What I really like is it shows room temperature, 2 way audio is great, and the zoom.

Great Baby Monitor

My wife and I purcahsed this video baby monitor for our new grandson. It surpassed ALL OF THE OTHERS, BY FAR. Plus the price was outstanding. Thanks Walmart.
Horrible! The first one I received broke as I was putting the battery in, the wires connected to the battery pack just broke off in my hand. I sent it back and ordered a second one. First night it worked great, in the morning the parent unit lost signal to the only camera paired with it. I have not been able to keep the signal connected unless I am in the baby's room!! If I step more then 5ft from the camera it loses signal! I will be returning this one as well!!! Garbage!

Great Product

After trying the Summer Infant Baby Touch video monitor, which is also a good product, we were unhappy for two reasons. The range was not very good, walking out of our house we would lose signal. (and this was after phone calls to Summer, and switching wireless router channels to help the range of the monitor). The other reason was there was no low battery indicator, if the monitor was dying in the middle of the night, it would just die. No beeping to alert you to plug it in. Some people may like that, but we didn't. After researching EVERY product on the market currently, we found this Motorola 3.5" to be very comparable, and better on these two issues I mentioned of range & low battery indicator. The sound and video quality are very similar (really couldn't tell a difference) to the Summer Baby Touch. The video is 'real time', we like that we can turn the video on, see what our child is doing, and then turn the video off. All of the functions work well and meets or exceeds our expectations. The two things I would like to change are a longer battery life. It seems this one lasts 2-3 hours, or less if we have the video on a lot. And I would like it to have a belt clip, it only has a kick stand. After researching for months, we found the Summer Baby Touch and the Motorola 3.5" to be the two best products on the market, and after trying them both, we have been happiest with the Motorola for what we need in a video monitor for our family.

Great video monitor!

I have had 2 different video monitors over the past 6 years. I am pregnant with my 3rd and decided to upgrade our existing video monitor. I have been very pleased with this monitor. It has lots of functions that I will rarely use but it seems to do a good job with everything it advertises. We have tons of electronics and a large home network but have not had any problems with interference or static. I can also go outside and the reception is great. When unplugged it the screen turns off but you can turn it back on by pushing a button. This gives you a peek into their room and then it turns back off to save energy. The screen is a great size the picture is great both at night and during the day. The 2x zoom is a nice feature and the pan and tilt is awesome. I have also used the microphone to tell my 2 year old to go back to sleep. The lullaby feature is nice but I have only used it a few times. The thermometer if fairly accurate. I used to have to go into my babies room to check the temp. I love that it is displayed on the screen. You also have the option of turning off the screen so you just have audio. This is great b/c I like to sleep in a very dark room. I bought a 2nd camera at a different store. It was super easy to pair and you can set it to stay on one camera or scan between the two. All in all a terrific baby monitor!

Best monitor for baby and toddler

I bought this monitor for my toddler. He is moving around a lot and starting to try to climb out of his crib so i wanted to keep an eye on him. The talk-to-baby intercom is great, if not for your newborn, then for your baby as he grows. I've used it several times to tell my son to "go ni-night" or "lie down" or "no climbing out". Instead of walking up and down the stairs each time, i just use the intercom. Great! The pan is also very handy as he moves around his crib a lot and i have to pan to find out where he is. The handheld is very light and the screen is HUGE! Its very clear in day or night. I love it. The only cons are: no volume on lullaby's (although the standard volume is ok), no belt clip on the handheld, and i wish the monitor itself would point down a little more. Besides that GREAT MONITOR! I researched for literally days after asking all my "mom friends" what they do and don't like about their monitors. I could't be happier with my choice.
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