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Great for occasional use...

Customer review by Sara G

3.0 stars 11/1/2012 by Sara G
by Sara G

I received this as a Christmas gift following a back injury that made it impossible for me to lug around my heavy upright. It is incredibly light weight, easy to maneuver and allowed me to vacuum without bending. I have 2 children, and it is great for spot cleaning after them, and small enough for my 11 year-old to comfortably use. I find that it is necessary to clean the filter after each use, rather than gently banging it to remove dust. I can typically clean one room before the battery needs to be recharged, which is frustrating. My handle also broke, preventing it from staying locked into position. Today, after having dealt with this frustration for a couple of months (which only worsened with use) I called Bissell and was told that a replacement part will be sent to me. Excellent customer service! I recommend this product for occasional/light use. I will be shopping for a canister vacuum for regular use, and use this as the glorified dust-buster that it is.

Comment from Lisa - 11/5/2012

Filters can be a pain, but keep emptying them like you’re doing. It will add to the life of the unit. Thanks for your review.

Sara G
Great features - battery life too short

Customer review by Kim

3.0 stars 3/28/2012 by Kim
by Kim

This product is great if you just need to clean up crumbs in the kitchen but not so satisfactory if you need it to clean up dog-hair around the house. I love the design with the swivel head and the angling plus the hand-held feature - but the battery runs out before I'm half way through my cleaning job. I just read on the website it has a battery life of 12.5 minutes! The box didn't mention that. My old cordless (a different brand) gave me at least a half hour plus had a second battery pack always ready in the charging station. I was surprised to find that you have to plug this one in and it doesn't just slide into a charging stand of some sort which I think is much more convenient. The product specifically advertises good for pet hair, but I find that the suction tunnel is rather small and easily gets clogged by the pet hair. One other point for future designs - removing the dust cup is awkward. My hand isn't that small, but can't hold the handle and reach to push the release button at the same time to empty the dust cup.

Comment from Joe - 3/30/2012

Kim, thanks for the review. We're sorry the battery has a shorter life than you expected, but it does have the longest run time versus the leading brand. It is designed for quick clean ups so regular vacuuming with your full-sized upright is still necessary.

Los Angeles, CA
Good vacuum, bad handle

Customer review by cat4life

4.0 stars 1/31/2012 by cat4life
by cat4life

I had this product for about 3 months and the handle, which is designed to fold and also angle for ease of reaching under stuff, wouldn't stay locked in one position. I contacted Bissell through the website and they were prompt with a response and offered an exchange of the whole unit, even though it was just the handle that was the problem. I emailed them that this was the case and would only return that if they wished and if I did not hear from them I would return the whole thing. I heard nothing, so I returned the whole unit (with a return shipping label they provided) and a new one was shipped to my door within two weeks. I am sure they have a policy of only exchanging the whole unit but they might want to rethink that as the motor is heavier and if this handle has this problem a lot they would save on cost but hey, I got my new handle and so far it is working fine. I would suggest that you are very careful with it.

Winston-Salem, NC, USA
Good cordless vac for quick clean up

Customer review by Val

5.0 stars 2/23/2012 by Val
by Val

I bought this in Jan 2012, and it has great suction and works great going from wood floor to carpet. Not too bad with cleaning the filter. Just use a brush and it works better than trying to shake it clean..which can get dusty. Battery life isnt bad for a cordless vac, works great if you follow the instructions in the manual about how long to charge it and to unplug after fully charged. Not necessary to leave plugged in once its fully charged. The only disappointment would be that Bissell doesnt have a replacement battery when this one dies and cant be recharged. I havent had that problem yet, as this is still new, but wanted to know this upfront. They responded quickly to my question and I also like that you can register your vac online and earn points for replacement filters, belt, etc.

Do you want this?

Customer review by cinn

1.0 stars 5/15/2012 by cinn
by cinn

Reasons you might: only have very small space to clean, ie, under messy toddler's chair to pick up cereal. only need to use for under 15 minutes. only have very small messes to clean up. have need of machine that is hand vac/stick vac. have need of machine to clean [small] oriental rugs. don't have the strength to use another sweeper or hand vac Reasons you don't: doesn't work for more than about 15 minutes in brush mode fully charged before needing to be recharged. design flaws - very small dust catcher needs emptied every few minutes; flap in dust catcher retards cleaning of anything other than dust - not spider webs or anything with any bulk - small plant leaves, clumps of dirt. not for use if you really want to clean more than light dust or cereal. in vac mode w/o brush doesn't clean well. as hand vac doesn't have enough dust catcher to use for more than short time Recommendation: if you need a sweeper, buy a different one. if you only need a hand-held buy a different one. If I had been able to try this machine in the store, on real dirt, I wouldn't have bought it. The ONLY things I really like about it is the adjustable handle that allows to vac under chairs, etc. and swivel brush head.

New Hardwood floors

Customer review by picky chef

5.0 stars 12/28/2014 by picky chef
by picky chef

I am in the process of putting in hardwood floors and looking for an easy way to keep them clean, I purchased this as a gift for my girlfriend, and after using it my self I was impressed how well it did, I had also put in area rugs in the rooms that are completed and this machine had no problem with that as well and the handle feature is great, especially under the air conditioner handler, easy to empty and maneuver, I highly recommend this product., you might not think that the run time is sufficient, but it is more than long enough to get the job done, once a month I might pull out the heavy duty machine. So far every piece of equipment I have purchased has been great, and I still use today, I might recommend that you purchase a couple extra filters to have on hand.

picky chef
Florida, USA
This products has great featurs and works well

Customer review by rodrigre

5.0 stars 2/1/2012 by rodrigre
by rodrigre

Bought this vaccum cleaner for my aunt, over her objections, because she is unable to lift heavy objects as result of having open heart surgery and falling and hurting her right arm. As soon as she started using it she fell in love with it! She likes that she can lift it with one arm, something she couldn't do with her other vacuum cleaner. She is cleaning a maniac and she loves the way it picks up dirt. Likes that it turns into a hand vac which allows her to clean more than just floors. And loves the flexibility because she doesn't have to bend to clean underneath the bed, sofa, etc. By the way, she has girl who goes to her house to clean once a month and she too fell in love with this vacuum cleaner!

Brooklyn, NY, USA
Not as good as I hoped

Customer review by lcs29

1.0 stars 3/20/2012 by lcs29
by lcs29

Got Lift off as a Xmas gift - handle broke on second use. I'm a Bissell supportor, this one is not worth purchasing. Very disappointed. I have too hold arm to use this, otherwise it keeps snapping in a folding position. After reading other reviews I see this is a very common problem. I don't use it anymore, it was too frustrating, not quick and easy when you have to fight to use it. Bissell may want too take another look at this design. Also the suction is not very strong. If I remove the hand vac from stick, it picks up better, still not as good as my other cordless vacuum I use. Does not pick up crumbs on tile flooring well. Very disappointed with this one, I don't recommend it at all.

Comment from Joe - 4/2/2012

LCS29, we are sorry you are experiencing difficulty with your handle. The folding handle was designed for small closets and small apartments. If you are having problems with the handle on this unit please contact our Customer Care by phone or email at:

Phoenix, AZ, USA
My first stik-vac

Customer review by Mrs. NAM

4.0 stars 1/9/2013 by Mrs. NAM
by Mrs. NAM

I have had my Bissell Lift-Off Floors& More for a little over a month now and overall I am pleased with it. It is light weight which makes it easy to maneuver and I like the swivel handle so that I can get the vac under furniture and in small spots. It is relatively quiet and easy to use. I also like the fact that you have the use of the detachable hand-vac. On the down side, I wish the motor stayed charged up longer than it does. Also, I don't like the fact that you can't leave the vac free-standing - it doesn't lock in place so you have to make sure it is leaning against something or it will fall. The ultimate test will be to see how long this vac holds up to normal household use.

Comment from Lisa - 1/11/2013

Thank you for your review. We will forward your comments for possible future changes. For a longer chargeable machine, click at this link to view:

Mrs. NAM
Lapeer, MI
Good but hard to clean

Customer review by Mickele

4.0 stars 3/20/2012 by Mickele
by Mickele

This is our second cordless. The replacement battery for our previous machine cost almost as much as a new vacuum. We bought yours because of the name. The machine cleans nicely, picks up well, is quiet . . .but . . .there is always a but . . . the filter is a pain to clean. Our previous cleaner was also bagless with a cloth filter. The dirt and dog hair stayed mostly in the bottom of the the container. This machine sucks the hair onto the cloth filter and has to be cleaned off by hand. Almost nothing goes into the plastic container. Another reviewer mentioned there is no replacement battery. That's not good. If you do something about the design of the filter, please let me know.

Comment from Joe - 3/22/2012

Thanks for the great review Mickele. Cleaning hair can be bothersome, but the sand and dirt should collect in the dirt container. Another thing I wanted to mention is that if you follow the initial and repeat charging instructions in the users guide you should get a nice long life out of your unit. Thanks again.

Winter Haven, Florida
Hate It Don't buy it.

Customer review by Sherrytoo

1.0 stars 12/23/2013 by Sherrytoo
by Sherrytoo

Previously had Electrolux much like this one & liked it a lot, when I finally wore it out I purchased this model. Absolutely hate it. I Have tile floors and it either doesn't pick up the crumbs, etc. or it picks them up and then spits them back out. Spent 3 times as much time to vacuum as before and still won't pick up. As soon as you turn it off it spits back out as many crums, debris, etc. as it originally picked up. It is flimsy and feels like it is going to break or collapse when pushing it. Tried it for over a week, but I am returning it before I get stuck with a piece of junk!!!! Seriously, it is worthless for vacuming up the slighest amount of debris.

Comment from Lisa - 12/31/2013

.Thanks for your review; we're sorry you are disappointed. With dirt blowing back out this in an indication of a clog. You may want to remove the nozzle and check for debris that may be restricting airflow

Bradenton, FL
gave it a chance but........

Customer review by cathy

1.0 stars 7/23/2012 by cathy
by cathy

i bought this and then noticed it only runs for a bout 12 mins. i was skeptical but i thought i would try it any ways. charged it for the 24 hours, then tried it. worked great. handled all that i put it through (dog hair that is.). lasted about 15 mins but i got alot done. i used it till it needed charging. i cleaned it top to bottom then charged it for the 16 hours required. when i went to use it , (and i was excited to use it), it didnt seem to b pickin up any thing. so i am totally bummed about it. i was loving everything about it. but now i am taking it back. it just doesnt do what i need it to do, and thats picking up dog hair and other messes..

Comment from Joe - 7/26/2012

Cathy, try checking to see if the brush is spinning. If not, look to see if the hand vac is connected to the main body. If it is, power should be going to the foot, so you may want to check and see if the dirt cup is full. This could limit suction. Please let us know if you can't resolve your issue:

Alberta, Canada
Just what I was looking for!

Customer review by Pet lover

4.0 stars 1/31/2012 by Pet lover
by Pet lover

With three cats and a dog I was constantly hauling out my vacuum to pick up the hair. I had used a "stick vacuum" at my daughters, liked it and decided that was what I needed for a "quick clean". I purchased a competitor's vacuum, used it and returned it. Saw the Bissell on HSN and decided to try it! What a fantastic machine!!! It picks up the hair and other dirt without fail. If I could change one would be to find an easier way to empty it. In my case the hair clings to the filter and I have to remove it by hand. But that's a minor thing to do when considering how well this little vacuum performs.

Pet lover
Lightweight & easy to use

Customer review by Bobbi

4.0 stars 9/20/2013 by Bobbi
by Bobbi

This stick vacuum was perfect for what I needed. I have hardwood floors in my main living areas & I have a dog and a cat. I needed a vacuum to pick up stray cat litter, dog & cat hair. This is a great help to me. Keeps you from having to use a broom & dustpan all the time. It's lightweight & easy to maneuver. I did see previous reviews about the battery life. This vacuum is not to be a primary vacuum. The battery for me lasts long enough (35 minutes) to get my job done. Just put on charger for the night & it's ready to use the next day. Perfect for my daily routine keeping my floors clean.

Lancaster, PA, USA
Works awesome...but....

Customer review by socalguy

4.0 stars 8/22/2012 by socalguy
by socalguy

Bought this after reading the reviews. We just moved into a new home with very nice hardwood floors and with our dog shedding as much as he does, figured we needed it. I charged it for 24 hours and just got around to using it and it worked great but after about 10-15 minutes it started dying out like the battery needed charging. I got the Bissell site and that's when I noticed it only runs for 12.5 minutes. HUH??? That makes it tough to use on as much floor as we have. Question for Bissell - Can the vacuum be run while plugged in? I'd be willing to use an extension cord if needed.

Comment from Joe - 9/7/2012

Socalguy, you have to have the vacuum in the off position to charge, so you can't run it while charging. After the initial 24 hour charge, repeat charges only need to be 16 hours. I use mine daily in our house and run it dead. Then I charge it overnight and run it down the next day.

San Diego, CA, USA
So far, so good

Customer review by Rich

4.0 stars 3/31/2012 by Rich
by Rich

Just had this product for a week. It seems to work pretty good. I just saw on this website that the battery is good for 12.5 minutes per charge. I didn't see that mentioned on the box, but that should be enough time for quick pick-ups (I hope). I see that other people have problems with the handle after a while. The display model at the store had a broken handle too. I hope this will not be a problem for me. It would be nice if it was manufactured in the US! I see no mention in the booklet if it should remain plugged in all the time, or unplugged after charging.

Comment from Joe - 4/2/2012

Thanks for the review Rich. Discharge the battery fully before recharging. Your initial charging time prior to first use should be 24 hours, and then 16 hours of recharging each time you drain the life of the battery. I hope this helps.

Asheboro, NC
Lift-Off 53Y8

Customer review by Nana

5.0 stars 10/30/2013 by Nana
by Nana

This is the most wonderful vac tool ever!!! It's lightweight, quiet and has great suction. It's cordless and holds a charge for hours and hours. The swivel head has just the right amount of swivel without being floppy. The folding handle is great for getting under furniture and for storing it away when not in use. The lift off hand vac is easy to take off and on. Even the dust cup is easy to empty. In my opinion, there is not one negative thing about this. It's a well thought out design and seems to be sturdy. Oh, did I mention how much I love this vac? <g>

Georgia, USA
Perfect for me!

Customer review by meg411235

5.0 stars 7/5/2012 by meg411235
by meg411235

This cordless is PERFECT for me, my small apartment (mix of hard wood and carpet) and my 80 pound lab who sheds all day everyday. No messing around with cords, it is very light weight and can stow away and very small space, and is very attractive. The swiveling head makes it easy to use. also i love the hand vac that pops right out at the touch of a button it makes it easy to spot clean furniture, cars and hard to reach spaces. The suction is powerful and long. This vac is better than i expected. FYI:The battery charges best if the dust canister is empty.

Myrtle Beach, SC, USA

Customer review by Laurylee

5.0 stars 9/17/2012 by Laurylee
by Laurylee

I was skeptical of the product because of it being battery powered and so light weight. How could it possibly be as good as the old uprights? I was having trouble with my shoulder and found it hard to push my old upright around. I decided to buy it anyway thinking I could always return it if I didn't like it. Well I tried it and I love is lightweight and is so handy for cleaning hardwood floors and throw rugs that I have throught my house. The fact that it also becomes a hand held vacuum just makes it a perfect product...TRY IT YOU'LL LIKE IT TOO.

Deerfield Beach, FL, USA
My second cordless vacumn

Customer review by Bill

4.0 stars 3/16/2012 by Bill
by Bill

I had a famous name cordless vacumn prior to purchasing the Bissell Lift-Off. I am very plesed so far, but I have had it for less than a month as of this writing. It has good pick-up, is quiet, is easy to push around, and is easy to use. My wife and I both love the way the head swivels around to make it easy to use on both area carpets, and wood floors. It also has very good suction (Very important), and is attractive to look at. The brush roll is key to helping the vacumn pick up pet hair. I may write another review after I have had it for 6 months.

Binhamton, NY
1-20 of 166 total reviews
1-20 of 166 reviews