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2927 reviews | 4.4 out of 5

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Not the product I thought I was purchasing

Customer review by TPcritic

2.0 stars 10/11/2016 by TPcritic
by TPcritic

Only half of the roll had 2 ply TP in several of the rolls in the package. Very disappointing. I've used Charmin forever.

Comment from Tammy - 10/12/2016

Hi TPcritic, I'm sorry to hear you're disappointed, but I am a little confused. What do you mean only half had 2ply? What were the balance? Did you give us a call? If not, would you? We'd like to get some information from the package and rectify any issues caused at production. Thank you

Would recommend to a friend? No
Best toilet paper you can buy.

Customer review by CharminShopperWI

5.0 stars 10/1/2016 by CharminShopperWI
by CharminShopperWI

I have tried several toilet paper brands: Quilted Northern Ultra Plush 3 ply, White Cloud 3 ply, and several others. None of them were as soft as they advertised. I decided to buy Charmin Ultra Soft and see if it was different from the other brands I previously tried. It is very soft like advertised. It is now my favorite brand of toilet paper. I always buy Charmin Ultra Soft now. I always buy it in the Mega Roll pack since I do not have much storage space in my bathroom.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great product... favorite brand

Customer review by Pattie44

4.0 stars 10/9/2016 by Pattie44
by Pattie44

Love Charmin... but on my latest purchase there was only a half roll( 1 roll was cut in half) and 5 full rolls..

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
The product is good, but the size is shrinking!

Customer review by Debi

3.0 stars 10/7/2016 by Debi
by Debi

I've always been a Charmin fan, but I've been VERY disappointed lately with the width of the rolls!!! It's pretty sad with this being one of the upper priced products that you no longer get what you pay for.

Would recommend to a friend? No
A roll that lasts longer in my house..

Customer review by infiniti0313

5.0 stars 1/23/2015 by infiniti0313
by infiniti0313

Well it's amazing, I have found a roll of toilet paper that lasts a little longer..we use a lot of toilet paper in our house, seems as fast as I put a new roll on the holder it's gone..when my husband is on the throne he tends to use a bit more tissue then the average person..hence we tend to go thru more and I must buy larger bundles to keep up with the demand..well I think I have found a great winner..Charmin ultra soft has saved the day or at least saved me some money..which is a great thing..the comfort one feels from Charming Ultra soft is amazing and I must say the quality is scratchy feeling and it holds up to the most demanding of clean ups too..(trying to be politically correct here) it's truly a wonderful thing to not run out of paper as quickly as I'm used to in my house..I think we have found a husband friendly toilet paper..woohoo..thank you Charmin Ultra Soft for saving the day or in this case week..# gotitfree free from Charming...#bzzagent infiniti0313

San Antonio, TX
Perfect Quality

Customer review by stephkuk

5.0 stars 1/19/2015 by stephkuk
by stephkuk

The other day I received a package of 4 mega rolls of Charmin Ultra Soft. I was super excited when I opened the box, I couldn't wait to try out my new TP. My first impression when I took it out, so soft. Charmin was right on when they say ultra soft. It felt like Chino fabric, or fleece like softness. Even though it is 2 ply, it is fairly thick and messes do not seem to soak through and the softness is insanely perfect. I have used toilet paper that has felt like it has given me a paper cut down there, but not with Charmin. It is thick and durable and it does not break apart leaving pieces of toilet paper behind, if you know what I mean. Its perfect to use on any part of the body. The package states that the toilet paper is "cushiony soft and you can use less". That statement is 100% accurate. So, my review for Charmin Ultra Soft is a great one. I am completely satisfied with this product and will definitely chose this over my regular brand providing I have a coupon and/or it's on sale.

Victor, NY
Softly Alluring - Charmin Ultra Soft

Customer review by AraRod

4.0 stars 2/14/2015 by AraRod
by AraRod

A received a pack of the mega 4 rolls from Charmin to try, test and write my honest review on it. First, let me tell you that I have never in my life purchased Charmin toilet paper before. I have always stuck to one particular brand and have re-purchased it time after time. When I received my Charmin 4 roll to try, I was very presently surprised as to how bulky the pack was. I did use the pack right away even though I still had rolls of my other toilet paper that I was still using, I was very excited to test and try the Charmin toilet paper out. When I opened the pack up, I was once more presently surprised as to how soft and thick the roll was, and when I first used the roll, WOW, it was ultra-soft on my behind. However, without getting to graphic, I did notice that at times I would have some breakage while wiping, that I did not like. The thing that I loved was that the paper was very absorbent, I required less paper usage, and that there were no toilet paper fuzzes (lint) flying around.

Evergreen Park, IL

Customer review by An anonymous customer

5.0 stars 1/23/2015 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

I am truly amazed at how this product holds up to it advertisements. I tried this campaign thru BzzAgents and I was a little skeptical on how well the toilet paper would hold up to it's adorable family bears commercial. First; Charmin Ultra Soft is super soft. Actually it is the softest toilet paper I have ever tried. Next, it does not leave any lint behind on the...well...the behind! It is double ply and very strong. We have tried Quilted Northern and although a good brand; does not hold up to Charmin Ultra Soft in durability. This does not tear through and a few squares goes a long way. This is also great on stuffy noses because it is very gentle and soft as well as strong. I highly recommend this brand to anyone because if they are like me, they will be very impressed with quality; quantity and presentation of this product. We will be switching to this brand and after passing out a roll to family and receiving their feedback, they also plan on switching to Charmin Ultra Soft!!!

An anonymous customer
Monett, MO
Charmin Ultra Soft Mega Roll does Mega More!

Customer review by Khouck27

5.0 stars 2/23/2015 by Khouck27
by Khouck27

We use toilet paper for EVERYTHING from in the bathroom to carrying it around the house catching sneezes, cleaning spills or removing messes. I'm so excited about Charmin Ultra Soft mega roll. This toilet paper is both soft, durable and comes with a beautiful flower design on the outside of the package that's imprinted on the paper. I tested the durability by spraying several surfaces to check if the paper would fall apart. After scrubbing the table the Charmin soaked up the water. After becoming VERY saturated it ripped due to scrubbing, but did not break into tiny pieces. A toilet paper holding up to messes and catching strong sneezes is a bonus. This quality of this toilet paper is amazing. I really like that there is four mega rolls which is equivalent to sixteen regular rolls. This means I'm changing toilet paper rolls less, I have more space in my cupboard and I have less trash to discard. I highly encourage you to try Charmin Ultra Soft Mega Roll because it does mega more!

Fpo, AP
Family's favorite toilet paper just got better

Customer review by Spkroneill

5.0 stars 1/30/2015 by Spkroneill
by Spkroneill

Toilet paper, just not something you usually think about. It's something you use many times a day in different applications, but not something people converse about. I received a four pack of Charmin Ultra Soft mega roll as part of a campaign. My first impression was "wow" it truly was a mega roll. I compared it to my usual brand and was really surprised as to how much more paper was on the roll. The next test was changing the rolls of our usual toilet paper and replacing with the Charmin ultra Soft mega roll and seeing if anyone noticed. My husband noticed that we didn't have to change the roll as often, and my kids said that the paper was softer, especially when using it to blow their noses. I definitely see myself purchasing the Charmin Ultra Soft mega roll as a total replacement product in my house. The softness of the sheets and the amount of sheets on one roll sells the product wonderfully. Even though we are presently Charmin users Charmin Ultra Soft is our new toilet paper of choice.

Cochranville, PA
Long Lasting

Customer review by ldbarnes

4.0 stars 2/14/2015 by ldbarnes
by ldbarnes

We are not the type to stick with one particular brand so there's no loyalty to any one type. However, I have been surprised by the Charmin Ultra Soft. On the positive note, this is definitely one tissue is that it is strong while still being soft. It gets the job done without having lint everywhere. Another thing is how long the roll lasts. Typically we go through a few rolls a week. These however have lasted up to four rolls in one title that they boast of. Another good thing is that while they last long, they still fit on the standard size roll. On the negative, the toilet paper does seem to clog a little bit more than normal for us. After using a roll or two, this doesn't seem to be a problem anymore, but originally it was. All in all, I would definitely consider picking up the the ultra soft brand in the store when we go in. Typically we do not go for the softer brands, but this one seems to fill a niche that has been left behind (no pun intended), from the other brands.

Bogart, GA
So Soft but Strong

Customer review by Garysgirl

5.0 stars 2/21/2015 by Garysgirl
by Garysgirl

Now that I've used the Charmin Ultrasoft for awhile, I am even more pleased with it's quality. I've always trusted and liked Charmin products so I expected only good things out of this latest product. My only concern at first was the narrowness of the roll. Would it be too narrow to handle easily on the roller? Would the size difference be an issue with keeping hands clean while using? Would I find myself using more sheets to make up for the narrow size? I can honestly give a big NO answer to all those questions. It's easy to manage on any standard roller so changing that is not an issue although Charmin might like to make an adapter that could come free included in their packages. I am not having problems with the sheet size being smaller and such, am not using anymore than usual. This Charmin paper is so soft and gentle yet it's strong enough to do the job. I will definitely be watching for this in stores and have let many people know what a great product Charmin has created.

Tucson, AZ
Charmin Ultra Soft - The Pros and the Cons

Customer review by kslgizmo

4.0 stars 2/14/2015 by kslgizmo
by kslgizmo

As a BzzAgent I really enjoy (most of the time) the different products I receive directly from manufacturers. My current product I received directly from P&G. I received a 4 roll pack of Charmin Ultra Soft bathroom tissue/toilet paper. My family normally uses a different product from a major big-box store. We use their own brand of toilet paper which we have never had a problem with so I was curious to see how the Charmin compared. After using the Charmin Ultra Soft I noticed how thick the product was - much thicker that my normal brand. The product is also very, very soft and has a nice floral design. I was afraid that the paper would cause some clogs in our system but after several days of use we encountered no problems. I also learned that I could use less of the product because of how thick it is. My only complaint about the Charmin Ultra Soft is that the roll is about 1 inch narrower than our usual brand. It seemed odd at first but we quickly got used to it. I would recommend this product.

Brick, NJ
More Than The Bare Necessity

Customer review by surae53

4.0 stars 1/25/2015 by surae53
by surae53

I received the mega-roll four pack of Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Tissue and, to start off, was a little surprised to see on the package that it took the place of 16 regular rolls of toilet paper. I'm still not convinced, based on our usage, that this is the case but I guess that is something that will vary among users. I see these kinds of claims on products frequently and I think it does an injustice to the consumer. The toilet tissue definitely is soft to the touch and I have very little 'break-through' when wiping unlike when using other products that claim to be extra strength. I do, in fact, use less paper per bathroom visit because it is much more absorbent than brands I have been using. I would like to see more, deeper embossing on the paper though because I feel the embossing helps in the wiping/cleaning process. The truth of the matter is that I'd almost rather use this Ultra Soft Charmin Toilet Tissue in place of my facial tissues just because it is so soft and strong at the same time.

Alta Vista, KS
Is there such a thing as too soft?

Customer review by holly02042

4.0 stars 1/26/2015 by holly02042
by holly02042

When asked to review Charmin from the company I was excited to try something new. With a family of 5, we certainly go through a ton of toilet paper! Especially with kids. I'm a very savvy shopper and love to save, so I do not always buy the popular name brands. With paper products there is a huge price difference!! When the package arrived from Charmin, everyone took a roll to keep in their bathroom. While it can be hard to determine whether it lasted longer or not than our regular brand, it was noticeably way softer! The kids more than anyone else in the house races about how it was so fluffy and soft. However, I personally found it to be too soft leaving bits and pieces flake off. The mega roll may have more absorbency per sheet, but I find no matter what brand you use, you tend to still use the same about of paper per use. I do feel Charmin is of much higher quality, but for the price difference alone, I'll stay with my "other" brand. Charmin is pictured on the bottom, the slightly larger roll.

Streetsboro, OH
Charmin Ultra Soft, amazing soft for your tush!

Customer review by jennieb1024

5.0 stars 1/19/2015 by jennieb1024
by jennieb1024

My family received this for free to review from Charmin. The sheets are plush and thick, and they are super-absorbent, therefore I find myself using less paper per trip to the bathroom. I have a toddler who is being potty trained and I have always used baby wipes to clean his butt, but not anymore this paper is extremely soft for his sensitive butt and does not break apart like other toilet paper. Charmin Ultra soft mega rolls last longer, I do not know for certain if this lasted longer due to the fabulousness of the Ultra Soft Charmin but I am sure that I can attribute the longer-lasting roll to the amazing softness of Charmin Ultra Soft. The only thing I can say is that it definitely lasts longer than a "regular" roll. I probably used half as much, on average. The roll of Charmin is larger, fluffier, and hands-down a much softer, quality product. This is a new favorite in our home and with it being septic tank safe as well, we will definitely be buying this from now on.

Homestead, FL
Meet my new BFF....Charmin Ultra Soft

Customer review by An anonymous customer

4.0 stars 1/14/2015 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

Everyone gets excited to receive a toilet paper sample for review, right? Well as a mom of a toilet paper loving preschooler and the wife of a husband who enjoys his time on the throne I was thrilled. Honestly, much to my husbands disappointment I usually buy whatever TP is on sale or store brand. After trying Charmin Ultra Soft we have been converted. The roll is huge, no really it's huge, one roll lasted just about a week in the bathroom that whole family uses. Sometimes the larger roles are thin, not the case here, it's thick and soft on the tushy. My husband actually said it doesn't irritate like other brands we have tried. My preschooler has been known to use more than his share of toilet paper and has clogged the toilet on a few occassions, not so with the Charmin Ultra Soft. Even when he uses more than necessary it flushes away with ease. Give it a try, it can actually cost less than some bargain brands when considering the size of the roll and how long it lasts!

An anonymous customer
Everett, MA
Saved my behind!

Customer review by An anonymous customer

5.0 stars 1/21/2015 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

I got this free sample from Charmin and boy did it come right in the nick of time! Just as I ran out of my Quilted Northern TP. Despite the fact that it saved me a trip to the store that day, I was still fully prepared to write a review about how bad it was. However, it's actually pretty darn good! My fiance is a die hard Quilted Northern fan because it's 3 ply so very rarely do we buy anything different. The Charmin Ultra Soft is 2 ply but honestly I can't tell the difference, seems just as strong and sturdy as the QN 3 ply. It really does live up to it's name too! Right when I opened the package I noticed how soft it rub it on your cheek, commercial style, soft. Side by side next to the QN, it's definitely softer. If my fiance doesn't convert, I just might continue to buy this for myself. All in all, good stuff! Oh but there is one thing I definitely dislike about Charmin...those stupid bear commercials! Please get a new ad agency and change that up ASAP :-)

An anonymous customer
San Jose, CA
Loved the Velvety Softness

Customer review by butterfly777

4.0 stars 2/14/2015 by butterfly777
by butterfly777

Yes, I did the "Squeeze the Charmin" move as soon as I tore open the package! Charmin Ultra Soft was everything it promised soft, thick and had a cushion like velvety feel. I was happy with Charmin "except" I noticed the rolls were shorter than my regular brand. I'm not really sure how this effects its performance but it was noticeable. I did bzz with a few people at work about the product. It seems like most people already have a favorite TP and weren't really into discussing anything else. A lot of my coworkers and friends shop at warehouse clubs and buy the store brand, both for price and convenience, and they voiced that they are happy with that choice. Although I was happy with the Charmin Ultra Soft sample, I would not change my present brand unless Charmin was less expensive. I did bzz about the Charmin Relief Project and shared the website. I think its a GREAT idea and I hope it gets MORE advertisement. Charmin Ultra Soft was Nice but not that different. Thanks!

Jupiter, FL
A little piece of Heaven in Charmin Ultra Soft

Customer review by Jessica228

5.0 stars 2/3/2015 by Jessica228
by Jessica228

No one ever takes the time to write down their thoughts regarding toilet paper. Well, let me tell you about Charmin Ultra Soft. This stuff is the best there is. It is soft, durable, and has minimal lint. There are 5 people in my house and Charmin Ultra Soft rolls ensure we have toilet paper for days and days. The rolls are large enough that we don't have to replace the them too often but not too large so they still fit in the holder. The softness of this toilet paper is by far far superior to any of those off brands I've used in the past. Even though it's the softest toilet paper I have ever used, it does not lack any strength. I never have to worry about this stuff breaking apart or tearing. Thanks Charmin for sending me the awesome 4 pack of Charmin Ultra to try out, It's getting put to good use and it exceeds our standards for cleanliness! This is something that we have to have in our house and I absolutely love Charmin and will never use anything else in my home.

Santa Maria, CA
1-20 of 2927 total reviews
1-20 of 2927 reviews