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<ul><li>Designed to improve your swing while providing a core muscle workout</li><li>Fits easily in golf bag</li><li>Builds muscle memory</li></ul>
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Batter than lessons.

The Gold Flex is an intuitive swing trainer that can automatically improve your flexibility (shoulder turn), balance, timing and swing speed. Though I am over 65, I have gained 10 yards on my driver immediately and look for much more in the coming weeks. It also has improved my ball striking on my irons. Just use it daily in the back yard for ten minutes and you will see the difference. Bought one for my son-in-law and he loves it too. Best product for the money.

Great training aid for seniors

This product is a great device. It is exactly like the $109 version at local golf stores. Works well for pre-stretching, and as an aid to increase swing speed. Well worth the price.

SKLZ Gold Flex exceptional value.

Your going to want to buy this over the O whip! The other product is not $50 dollars better than SKLZ Gold flex. Swing it 20 times rest a few minutes to regain the feel of your clubs and go out to play better. Adds length feel and control. Better tempo better swing path better golf. Great tool for any golfer. If your new it makes you find a better swing. If your older it will give you more core streghth and flexibility. You just can't go wrong and Walmart offers a great price and easy pick up in store.

Does what is says

I ordered the SKLZ Gold Flex and received it within a few days. I've since used it a couple of times at the practice range, and have noticed that after 5 - 10 practice swings, it helps me with my tempo and, therefore, my weight transfer. It's also much heavier than a regular driver, so when you pick up your driver it feels like a feather. I'm usually not a fan of golf 'gizmos', but I'm very glad I bought this training device.
Excellent tool/aid for warm up prior to playing or practice. Increased my range of motion. Would recommend especially to those of us over 50 where it takes a little longer to prepare.

Great traing aide

An awesome training aide. Swing this a few times and get instant feedback. The weighted clubhead and flexible shaft give you instant feedback to let you know if your swing is on plane.
used the flex trainer the day I received it. swung about 8 or 10 times and went for my driver, what a help this has been. It helped my tempo, balance and the feel of a good swing. it has defiantly made a big bust in my confidence in my stroke.

Does it all

This is a great trainer for strength, swing plane, and tempo. It does it all.

30+ yards

After 1st week using this, I can see my driving is much straighter and further, 30+ yrds. My irons more consitant.

Good quality and seems to do the job

I wanted this trainer to help me build better lag with my golf swing. While I have no experience with the Orange Whip, i can't imagine that I have given up anything with this trainer. It really does force me to pull the club and cuts down on my right hand casting. It is quite long, much longer than my driver, which at first is disconcerting. But that is intentional for it to do it's job. The length forces me to change my motion a bit compared to a golf club but that is OK. if i ever feel like it is too long, then i can always choke up on the grip a bit. my only complaint is that sometimes feels like a bit of a cheat. it is so easy to create lag with this trainer that I'm not sure if I'm building the right muscle movements to get lag naturally. my advice is to use it occasionally to confirm the right feeling and then immediately try to recreate with a regular club.

Husband loves it

My husband lives and breathes golf. He was quite happy to receive this as a gift. He's already used it on the course and loves it.

Prefer this to more expensive orange swing trainer

does the same thing as the more expensive orange swing trainer which sells for $120. highly recommend.

Excellent training aid

I chose the shorter 40" model to help with tempo for great...allows one to feel the swing and create better tempo...excellent training aid!

SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Trainer

Great way to develop proper rhythm in a golf swing.

Sklz Gold flex trainer

It does help with the tempo and builds muscle memory

Excellent product at an excellent price.

Great product. This product helped cut my pregrame warmup time in half.

Brings out the Aches and Pains - a good thing

I first saw this item advertised on the Internet. I was intrigued, and so I went to You Tube to look at the tutorials, the reviews and so on. After watching them, I felt this would be a good training aid for me, and so I ordered one from Walmart, as they had the lowest price. After receiving the item, I have tried it out several times - thus the comment on aches and pains. This device forces one to use muscles that have been dormant for a while. It really makes one slow down the tempo of the swing, and if you over swing, you pay the price - and you say: "Geez! I won't do that again"! I am disappointed because there should be more instructions included (like a video), explaining the tips of the training aid. This trainer came with no instructions.

Great swing aid,, but one thing to beware

I have been looking for a tempo aid for yrs. and this really fits that bill. As someone else previously stated it also helps with iron play, training you to pull down into them correctly. The one thing I did realize at the range today, though, is that it had gotten me away from my full balanced finish. That is difficult to do with this trainer. Still a great product well worth your consideration.
really helps to slow down upper body and allow lower body to take over the swing like it should be doing, also works out the key muscle group to gain strength where needed

Helps stretch my swing.

Great for stretching out my golf swing. Weighted, so it makes the golf clubs feel lighter, increasing swing speed. Similar to a baseball player warming up with a weighted bat.
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