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Earthgro Organic Humus and Manure, 40 lbs

Earthgro Organic Humus and Manure, 40 lbs

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<ul> <li>A general purpose soil amendment</li> <li>Formulated from humus and manure</li></ul>
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Bag of rocks

Bought 45 bags to spread over my front yard. Had my teenagers cut the bags open while I spread it with a rake. All the bags contained many sizeable rocks and even some old carpet and plastic debris. Spent an additional hour picking this junk out of my yard afterwards so the rocks don't become projectiles when I mow later this summer. In all I picked up 18 pounds of rocks. By contrast, the compost I bought from ACE Hardware was great with no trash or rocks. Will be taking the bag of rocks back so they can see what they are selling.

Excellent Product

I made a flowerbed last year and planted 2 tiny roses into it...the flowerbed consisted of nothing BUT Humus and Manure Mix from Wal Roses have exploded with blooms during last years brutally hot summer when everything else died.....and since then, they have at least quadruplet in size....I couldn't be more happier about this product, in fact, I recommend it to all of my customers, since I work in the Garden Center and I always get asked about which soil is the best. Right now we are sold out of it and I am a bit upset myself because I want to buy lots more of it.....I would recommend this product to ANYONE at ALL TIMES!!!!!

Good product

This appears to be a good mix and not stinky or anything. It wasn't too hard to break up once out of the bag either. I put some on my fruit trees and around tomato plants and it works well as not only a fertilizer but also helps keep the sun from baking the soil underneath and drying out. I would give it a perfect score if it had a touch less moisture, however. It is not too wet to handle but the excess moisture helps stretch the product so my 40 pound bag has slightly less content than I probably should have gotten. Again it is not an extreme moisture and well worth the price. I would buy this again.

Just a quick follow up to my previous review

Please see my previous review as this is just an update. I now have plants growing in the Earthgro Organic Humus and manure next to some other growing mediums. I think I said in my earlier review that I'm unwilling to condemn the Earthgro as poor until I see how things grow in it. At the time of this early report, things aren't looking good for the earthgro - green beans planted from seed are growing, but a very light green compared to the other soils. Tomatoes look like they are struggling in the earthgro. In the last week or so I've planted squash, cucumbers, watermelon and a number of other seeds side-by-side next to the earthgro in other soil mixes, as well as several other started tomatoes (that I started all on the same day, transplanted on the same day, and the different planting mediums are separated by only one or 2 feet). If interested, please stay tuned. In all fairness to the earthgro folks, they did contact me after my earlier review and suggested that I call them if I'm dissatisfied. I plan to do so sometime next week if I have time.

Inexpensive Organic Soil Ammendment

My passion is organic gardening and I have learned a lot about why chemical fertilizer is not the best choice. About this manure humus product: this product is derived from animal waste that has been composted, it may have wood chips and other stuff in it and thats what it is. I spread one bag of this manure on a 10 foot row for a new planting of green beans. You can see a difference where the manure was applied in comparison to a different row where no composted material was ever added. Keep in mind that this product is only a buck or two and not expensive to use. The other reviews complain about product quality, you will pay more for premium product and the benefit is about the same after 3-6 months of use... I will buy this manure again because your garden needs some manure added every year to to convert organic material into useable fertilizer.

50% good / 50% horrible

Just bought 4 bags - first bag was great - oderless and spreads nicely. The second bag was one big wet clod that dumped from the bag in one big wet mess; unspreadable. Two bags good, two bags no so good. The worst part was that the two 'bad' bags had a horrible diesel fuel odor.

Pebbles and sand

I have bought numerous "Earthgro" products. It's amazing how no matter what they call their product, they still put more pebbles and sand in the bag than anything else. Clearly they are trying to swindle the consumer and Wal-mart gladly sells the stuff because it's "dirt" cheap. You get what you pay for here. I used 40 bags of their dirt last year and it helped kill all my shrubs. Use it to fill pot holes BUT THAT'S ALL! Keep this stuff away from gardens. The sand in it is terrible.

WORST soil product I ever used.

I would have given this product zero stars if I could. In years past I had used a Organic Humus, (NO manure was listed on the bag) Bought from Walmart with great results.Not since about 2005 Had I bought any but this year I had run out of my own homemade compost. And needed something to take care of some loose ends, bought 4 bags of this, it was full of sand, rocks, plastic pieces, you name it. Water will not drain through it. and it packs down hard. The stuff grown in my rabbit manure compost is all triving and doing fantastic. The one small garden that I filled with this stuff. (I can't call it the name on the bag) I planted blackeye peas and black beans in, ONLY two seeds sprouted out of the entire garden and those are struggling. The Swiss Chard in the same garden that was doing fantastic, almost immediatly stopped growing and is now about dead. I had some grapes the I was not ready to plant in the ground yet because I need to ammend the soil, VERY HAPPY I DID NOT try to use this stuff. They are currently in pots both planted the same day. The one I was able to plant in Rabbit MAnure compost is neary 5 times larger than the one I planted in this bag of poorly drained rocks and sand. and the large pot I planted my Pomagranate in well it's Alive but that is all the more credit I can give it. Organic - possibly, Humus - By definition only and as far as manure. Well there is another word I would use that rhymes with spit but I wouldn't call it manure. DON"T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS PRODUCT, I can find you something just as bad on the roadside that nothing will grown in, for free. Or I am happy to sell you well rotted rabbit manure compost made with oak leaves, kitchen scraps and garden waste, that will do wonders for you. No rocks but you may find the occasional peach, plum or nectarine stone. Don't believe me, buy a bag or two for yourself. you'll find out. But I wouldn't open a whole truck load of it, hoping for something better. I wouldn't use this stuff for fill dirt.


Purchased several bags of this product not realizing it was a Scott's product. Had I known, I would have never bought it. At first, this product seems fine. It's not until it rains or you water it that you realize that this product is horrible. Sand, rocks, wood chips, tons of shredded plastic bag pieces, hard plastic pieces, and yes....pieces of GLASS!!! Every time it rains or I water, I feel as though I am on a treasure hunt wondering what I will find next. Last year I bought Scott's Miracle Grow for Gardens & Vegetables and experienced the same problem. They must be getting their soil from the same location. I will be calling the company to voice my opinion. I can't even begin to tell you how disappointed I am in Scott's!!!

Great product

Loved it and couldn't beat the price...
Don't waste your money on this product, not even at $1.47 a bag. Mostly sand and small pebbles. Bought a bag similar at another store and what a difference..

Great Stuff!

I bought 15 bags and found only a few pebbles and twigs in each. If you find stones, check to make sure they aren't just hardened manure like I found. It sure helps the grass grow!

great poduct for transplanting

I purchaser 20 bag, to try w/ 20 bag of top soil, to mix for transplanting,I do about 2-3 thousan plant a year for my farm and my nursery. I will buy more to finshing out this year an store for next year season.

Labelling is a lie! NOT ORGANIC!

This is labelled by maker as "organic" but if you read way down on packing, in tiny print, it says to NOT use it for organic crops or food production... SO IT'S NOT ORGANIC!!


I bought ten bags and didn't find any sand or pebbles in mine at all, must have been the location of the dealer that it came from.
BOUGHT 10 bags came home and put into my raised beds. I liked it so well I went back and boughr 10 more bags. Very good texture.

don't wast your money.

as previous person said, it is all sand and small pebbles, contains nothing that looks organic.

Great Product

I have used this product for years. In years past, was hit or miss. Completely satisfied. I bought several bags and have them out in new flower bed which is flourishing. Going to get more.

Manure? Organic? Sticks and Stones

I recently purchased 5 bags of the organic manure at my local Somerset, Ky Walmart. Upon opening the first bag, it was rich, no stones, sticks. But then the next 4 bags were full of stone rocks, sticks, I have my tomato plants, green pepper plants, and even my Petunia flowers planted in this "so" called dirt, and nothing is growing. Now to buy some actual dirt and replant everything.

Great for side dressing plants.

No trash-have used for years
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