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135 reviews | 4.3 out of 5

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135 reviews | 4.3 out of 5

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1-20 of 107 total reviews
1-20 of 107 reviews
Excellent toy! The kids love it and learn so much

Customer review by cara1384

5.0 stars 9/9/2012 by cara1384
by cara1384

My kids both (girl now 5 and boy now nearly 4) got these for Christmas 2011 and they love them. They feel so grown up having their own computer as they put it and they are learning so much! They enjoy the variety of games and activities that they can play. Also LOVE LOVE LOVE that I can buy the online games and apps and put them on both of my kids Leap Pads. The battery life is not an issue if you buy good quality rechargeable batteries. They each have a set of Energizer Rechargeable Batteries and I only have to recharge them every couple weeks. And with a 15 minute recharge time, there are no tears in my house waiting for a charge. Excellent foe keeping them entertained in the car or while doing errands. I love how the games grow with them and how the Ultra Books adjust to their level. Another great toy by Leapfrog. Would buy again and a again, but with the quality Leapfrog puts out, I doubt that it will be something I'll have to do. They have been dropped a lot and are still going strong with no signs hardly of wear after almost a year of hard playing.

Oak Harbor, WA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Love it but trust me buy the LeapPad2

Customer review by SuperBelly

4.0 stars 4/16/2013 by SuperBelly
by SuperBelly

I absolutely love the LeapPad1, however if you are going to spend the money buy the LeapPad2. [I actually own one of each.] And the only reason I say this is because the LeapPad1 runs on batteries and you have to replace the batteries once a week - if you don't have rechargeable batteries. So the money you save buying the less expensive LeapPad1 will be gone and you will actually spend more money in the long due to batteries. The LeapPad2 has a rechargeable battery pack that you can purchase separately from the tablet, so once you put them in you can simply plug in your LeapPad2 at night to recharge, just like you would a cell phone. Other than that I love the LeapPad1 and I take it everywhere I go. I love that the games are educational and I can monitor their progress online. It comes in handy waiting for Drs appointment, for food a restaurant and so on.

Manhattan, IL
Would recommend to a friend? No
Too costly for what it is

Customer review by ACustomer

2.0 stars 10/30/2012 by ACustomer
by ACustomer

We bought this for our 5 year old daughter. She seldom uses it, it does not seem to engage her (she's now 6). We've had it for almost a year, since they first released it. The batteries do not last very long (uses AA's) and the apps are far too expensive. Unfortunately there was no info on how much the apps would be before we purchased it. The apps are $5 and up (most are over $5). The screen also cracked quickly. One thing we did like was the ability to personalize it and have different users. Her older brothers don't use it either though, not engaging enough. We've had many, many LeapFrog products over the years and they are usually top notch. I wouldn't recommend it to a friend and I certainly wouldn't buy one again.

Would recommend to a friend? No
Ownership:11 - 12 months
Usage:A few times per year
Wish there was a rechargeable battery pack :(

Customer review by encathome

4.0 stars 1/3/2013 by encathome
by encathome

We just purchased this for our son after much debate, we have a teenager as well and therefore know how addictive electronics can become. We were very happy to see that this system is actually very educational while being entertaining enough to keep our son's attention. He loves the games he's tried thus far, though we have had issues with the Pet Pals game shutting off during play. The only complaint we have about the system itself (and unfortunately it is a BIG one for us) is that the system does NOT have a rechargeable battery pack....we have already changed the batteries (4 AAs) twice.

Sunbury, PA
Would recommend to a friend? No
My kids love the leap Pad.

Customer review by Valleygirl

5.0 stars 1/6/2013 by Valleygirl
by Valleygirl

I bought the Leap Pad 1 for my 5 year old daughter for Christmas. She loves it. Plays with it most of the day. I downloaded the free app game that comes with it. I enjoy playing it myself. My 9 year old son enjoys playing with the Leap Pad also, so I have to purchase another one for him because the two kids fight over the one toy. I love the educational games and e-book apps that can be downloaded onto the Leap Pad. I also bought the charger to go along with it, so we do not have the issue with batteries as I have read other buyers have. They just use battery power when we are on the move.

Nassau, Bahamas
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Almost a 5 star review.

Customer review by bookworm0811

4.0 stars 1/16/2013 by bookworm0811
by bookworm0811

My kids (4 and 2) absolutely love their leap pads and I love the educational games and that they really enjoy learning new things. I feel obliged to mention one thing that bothers me as it bothers me a great deal. The sneak peek icon. I'm disappointed with Leapfrog brand that they would use such a cheap advertising ploy. In my opinion, Leapfrog has always spoken for themselves with their quality products. Kids being kids they will always want that 'shiny new toy' which can cause huge frustration as a parent. I do recommend the leap pad, I just wish there was a way around this feature!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
OK for a 2 yr old

Customer review by CalebsDad

5.0 stars 11/17/2012 by CalebsDad
by CalebsDad

I wanted something to give to my son on his 2nd birthday but wasn't sure if this was too much for his age. At first it he was slow going but after a couple weeks he's clicking away, drawing and watches the learning videos on his own. Some of the games and books are too advanced but Its ok because he can now grow into it rather than me buying him a new one. The best part is his cousins love to use it when he visits them. This was a great buy and I would recommend this to anyone with children. Hope your child enjoys it as much as mine. Caleb's Dad

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Fun for little one

Customer review by leximom

5.0 stars 1/18/2013 by leximom
by leximom

My 7 year old son got a leappad 2 for Christmas and our 2 year old daughter loved it so much we bought a Leappad 1 for her. We loved that it comes in boy and girl colors so they each have their own distinct leappad and she loves the drawing app and the music app. Even at 2 she knows how to turn it on and get into her apps and she figured out how to use all the apps immediatelly. We have several leapfrog products and we love the personalization the company offers for each toy and each kid.

south dakota
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by kmb1016

1.0 stars 3/3/2013 by kmb1016
by kmb1016

I recently purchased some things to download for my granddaughter's Leap Pad. The program said it was okay to unplug the Leap Pad from the computer, that the download was complete. I unplugged it, but I don't thing the download WAS complete. At least two of the programs will make her screen go white with lines in it and we can't get the Leap Pad to do anything...not even turn off. I am a grandmother and not very technology savvy, so now I don't know what to do.

Columbia, Mo
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
love it

Customer review by georgette

5.0 stars 2/27/2013 by georgette
by georgette

My son loves it! After waiting for weeks for it to arrive finally we have it. Leapfrog does not ship to our country but I find ways to have it here and so happy for the product, the parcel are all good. The color is lovely and the overall quality is superb! My only problem now if I have some technical problems I cannot give it to the service area, crossing my fingers things like that will not happen. :) Thank you, hoping you ship to my country soon.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Leap pad 1

Customer review by BekkaA

5.0 stars 4/15/2013 by BekkaA
by BekkaA

We LOVE this product. I wish it had the cool rechargeable feature like the new one, but so happy with this product. My daughter has speech problems and the way the machine sounds out letters has encouraged her to have more confidence in achieving her goal of learning to be able to effectively communicate with others. I like that we can download games without having to search all over the place for a certain game or book at different stores.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Easy to set up and use

Customer review by Sisbobbie

4.0 stars 1/7/2013 by Sisbobbie
by Sisbobbie

I bought this as a family gift for my 3 children ages 5 year old and 2-1/2 year old twins. My 5 year old can play on her own no matter the game. My twins need some help, but can play most of the games that we have chosen to get. If you do buy this make sure that you also buy an app card so that you can get apps/other games to play it. Oh and make sure you get rechargeable batteries... We've had to change batteries 4 times since Christmas!

Spanish Fork, UT
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Leap Pad

Customer review by Toadhollow

5.0 stars 10/21/2012 by Toadhollow
by Toadhollow

I have bought 6 of these now, all my grandchildren (ages 4 to 7) so they each have there own. It keeps there interest while they actually learn new things. The only problem I have is the original leapPad goes through batteries (we use rechargeables), if you have chewers the pen has a metal piece inside that scratchs the screen, however even with those problems is is a super toy for children with disabilities (ADD/ADHA/Aspergers/Autisc).

Layton, Ut
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
finally peace at our house

Customer review by EmilyandGradysmom

5.0 stars 12/7/2012 by EmilyandGradysmom
by EmilyandGradysmom

I have a 2 year old boy and a 6 year old girl there are very few times when one product holds both of their attention. Unfortunantly that is exactly what has happened since last christmas when big sister got her leap pad, and there have been many of disputes since. So I am soo excited to see Gradys face when he opens his very own leappad not to mention the peace and quite for mom when they each have their own!!!!

green cove springs,fl
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Love our Leap Pad but wish it had more memory

Customer review by lizcat1271

4.0 stars 11/29/2012 by lizcat1271
by lizcat1271

We bought the Leap Pad last year for my children. They love it and so do we. It has alot of educational applications and now it there are videos you can purchase on the app center for them to see. Unfortunately with the limited memory this Leap Pad has it gets full very easy and it limits how much you can take with you on the go. We wish there would be a memory expansion for the LeapPad.

Miami, Fl
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Expensive games, incredibly disappointing service

Customer review by twosweetpeas

1.0 stars 11/19/2013 by twosweetpeas
by twosweetpeas

Before you buy this device, look on the website to see how much you are going to be spending in games / books / videos etc - I wish I had done so! Also, once something goes wrong (the touch screen has stopped working on my daughters LeapPad now making it useless) Leap Frog suggests I buy a new one as I purchased it more than 12 months ago, there is nothing they can do to help me! Now the LeapPad, plus the money I spent in online games for it are all garbage - just like the customer service from LeapPad.

Would recommend to a friend? No
Age:35 - 44
Ownership:Longer than one year
Usage:Once per month
Really, Leapfrog? Still?

Customer review by aKeriwithaK

3.0 stars 9/5/2012 by aKeriwithaK
by aKeriwithaK

I was all ready to buy this for my son's birthday in a couple weeks, and then I saw the bad news deal breaker: "takes 4 AA BATTERIES"!! Really, Leapfrog? I mean come one!! I wanted to get my almost 6 year old back in to the Leapfrog products instead of the darn Nintendo DS, (which is chargeable!!). Our two Leapsters eat batteries like a starving Cookie Monster. Get with it Leapfrog!!

Would recommend to a friend? No
Good product, heafty price

Customer review by Tampa

3.0 stars 1/18/2013 by Tampa
by Tampa

I love leapfrog products. Leapfrog does a great job integrating fun and education into their products. Leappad tablet is no exception. My only real objection to the product is the cost and variety of apps. I would like my daughter to be able to have a wide variety of apps on her tablet just like a grown up does. Hence, more variety and lower priced apps are a MUST for me.

Tampa, FL
Would recommend to a friend? No
We had to have 2 of them.......

Customer review by Garnet

5.0 stars 2/20/2013 by Garnet
by Garnet

My 7 year old son received the LeapPad as a gift for Christmas in 2011 and his 2 1/2 year old sister found it about a month ago and wouldn't stop playing it, so to end the fighting I ordered her a pink one with the purple gel skin and she couldn't be happier!! She LOVES it and takes it everywhere!! Leap Frog products are always and excellent value and very educational!!

Bradford, PA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
My son loves his Leap Pad

Customer review by sissy16124

5.0 stars 9/9/2013 by sissy16124
by sissy16124

I bought this for my son for his third birthday and he is now 5 and still loves playing his leap pad. The games are educational and have helped him learn to count and recognize and write his letters. I would recomed this to anyone who has a child that love to play video games, because they are having their need for the video game satisfied while learning.

Walnutport PA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
1-20 of 107 total reviews
1-20 of 107 reviews