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Not Made to Last

Customer review by PandaLee

1.0 stars 11/10/2013 by PandaLee
by PandaLee

I have purchased two of these mops within the past year. When they work, they work really well. The problem is that they are obviously made with inferior parts. The first one stopped spraying after about 2 months of use. The second began leaking within probably the same time frame or perhaps a little longer,. My husband looked inside the second one and found what appeared to be a small cap designed to hold back the water, which was made of something like saran wrap and had torn lose. Truthfully, I liked the mops so much while they lasted that I would buy yet another one if I had the remotest confidence that it might make it to the one-year mark, but I am not that gullible. I cannot believe Rubbermaid management would put the company name on such a poorly constructed product. I've always viewed Rubbermaid a very reliable company but no longer. I wonder how many of these reviews were written by someone who had used the mop for more than 6 months - few if any, I'll bet.

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SW Florida
Would recommend to a friend? No
Usage:Once per week
Ownership:2 - 3 months
Age:65 or older
I Will Save $100+ This Year

Customer review by MommaTeri

5.0 stars 8/24/2010 by MommaTeri
by MommaTeri

I was a mop and toss gal till I experienced the Rubbermaid Reveal. I never knew mopping could be so simple and I could save so much money by making the switch. Honestly I am a mom of four all under the age of 6. Every downstairs room is hardwood or laminate. The master bedroom and bathroom upstairs are also laminate and vinyl. So as you can imagine I mop twice a week every week. When using the toss away refills I would go through one a room. Now when you think one a room times seven room and then 2 times a week equals 14 wet cloth refills a week. If we had lots of rain or the kids were playing sports I could go through double that too. Now with the Rubbermaid Reveal I fill the bottles with my cleaning solutions (one for hardwood and one for the laminate) then off we go. The Rubbermaid Reveal will save my family over $100 this year alone by not having to purchase additional cloths. The microfiber towels work very well. My floors are cleaner than ever before. They offer a larger surface so I can get more of the job done in one swipe. I also love that I can wash them and hang to dry.

Strawberry Point, IA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
"Awesome" Mop Ever

Customer review by Bandit

5.0 stars 8/23/2010 by Bandit
by Bandit

Thank you for letting me host a Rubbermaid Reveal mop party for a few reasons. My guest and I had so much fun cleanning my floor during Battle of the mops. We had a Reveal mop, pledge grab it mop and a swiffer wet jet mop and the reveal won hands down against the others. We loved the quality of the Reveal, the thick reusable / washable pads. We loved the solutions suggested and for me the mild one with vinager and liquid soap was great as far as not having chemicals to trigger my asthama. I know for a fact all of my guest have already or will be purchasing the Reveal mop. Thanks Rubbermaid!!!!

Front Royal, VA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
I loved it but it broke so soon!

Customer review by MaryAnn

2.0 stars 3/28/2011 by MaryAnn
by MaryAnn

I loved this mop, had it about 3 mos, but then it broke -- the handle broke cleanly away from the base without undue stress. It turns out there is a plastic piece connecting the metal handle with the base.. now that it's sheared thru I have no way of repairing it. This part of its construction clearly needs a redesign!

Would recommend to a friend? No
Reveal Spray Mop

Customer review by bmiller919

5.0 stars 8/24/2010 by bmiller919
by bmiller919

I love this mop!! I have already replaced my swiffer. This scrubs so much better, and I can make my own solution. It is wonderful! It cleaned stuff my floor and I had already mopped it! I would recommend this to any busy mom! It is a great time saver.

Clinton, MO
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
The Best Mop on the Market

Customer review by ifeyini

5.0 stars 12/2/2012 by ifeyini
by ifeyini

This is the best mop on the market. I had an O'cedar and I left the water in it and it was damaged and didnt spray anymore. So I decided to try the Reveal Mop and this mop has exceeded my expectations. Mopping is a breeze. It literally takes less than 4 minutes to mop my kitchen and I dont know what type of cloth they use with the mop but it dries fast. I mean as soon as you spray and mop it the floor dries in less than a minute. I have laminate and vinyl tile and it does the same thing. I will tell everyone who is serious about cleaning and wants to cut their time in half to purchase this mop. Ive had mine for over a year and this was worth the $20 I paid.

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Charlotte NC
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Usage:Once per week
Ownership:11 - 12 months
Age:25 - 34
Worked Great........

Customer review by turtle_78

1.0 stars 5/7/2017 by turtle_78
by turtle_78

I have been waiting for my other mop to break so I could buy this one. I was so excited I could use my own cleaner. It worked great for the first few time. Now it works once in a while. The sprayer stops and the cleaner just drips out. It is a great idea for a mop it just needs to be redesigned.

Leraysville, PA, United States
Would recommend to a friend? No
Great product!

Customer review by MaeJewels

5.0 stars 10/6/2010 by MaeJewels
by MaeJewels

I just recently purchased my Reveal Mop from Rubbermaid. I absolutely love this product! I was so tired of having to buy pads and solution for my Swiffer all the time not to mention the remaining film or residue it constantly left behind. I was so tired of it that my Swiffer has been hanging in the back of the closet for the last several months and I have been cleaning my floors on my hands and knees. Not fun. The only improvement I can recommend so far is that I wish it had a rubber end on it so I can rest the end against a wall when I need to without it scraping the wall and paint as the handle end/pole falls to the floor. Overall I am very pleased with my purchase. I love that you can choose your own preferred cleaners to use. I love the washable mop pads, I recommend buying 2 to have as back-ups. The pole is sturdy enough to put "a little weight" into it to really scrub something if you need to. And I love it does not need batteries of any kind! Thank you for such a great product!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
same thing others said..handle breaks..doesnt last

Customer review by wuvdapug

2.0 stars 9/14/2012 by wuvdapug
by wuvdapug

I really liked this mop until, like the other reviews cited, the handle broke and i am not hard on mops. I would like a mop like it but they need to improve does NOT last and for $25-$30 bucks it should last AT LEAST one year..mine didn't..lasted 6 months and the handle broke-i won't be buying another. I am surprised because Rubbermaid is known for quality but this product is a fail.

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Duluth, MN
Would recommend to a friend? No
Usage:Once per week
Ownership:5 - 6 months
Age:35 - 44
Good mop - poor quality

Customer review by toobad

1.0 stars 3/20/2017 by toobad
by toobad

I really like the design of this mop. The swivel head and low profile allow me to get into tiny spaces as well as quickly covering large areas. Win-win. The scrubber is OK but could be a little coarser and have longer fibers to get into cracks between tile. The removable pad is wonderful and I love being able to use my own cleaner. Having the bottle on the wand makes this grab n' go mop super convenient. BUT... the bottle collapses and stays that way after a few squirts and after two weeks of use the bottle no longer holds water upside down. The leak is so big it literally pours out and I can no longer use the mop the way it's intended. Other reviews I read (after having problems) mentioned some of the same issues. This could be a better mop if the parts were better quality.

Robbinsville, NC, United States
Would recommend to a friend? No
Electric Vs. Manual Sprayer?

Customer review by nopump

1.0 stars 3/26/2017 by nopump
by nopump

After I discarded the electric spray mop version of this from Swiffer I felt happy to get the refillable manual-pump version from Rubbermaid. Well, not so happy now. The manual pump failed on the first refill. Just like cheap spray bottles, it stopped spraying way too soon. I did not get my money's worth of if it. Maybe you will. I'm told that a friend has one that has worked and worked and worked. So, for the two of these mops in-use that I know of Rubbermaid is running 50/50 on quality. Not great odds. As far as the rest of the mop goes it's fine. The hook and loop cleaning pad fastener is good and strong. The handle, pole and universal joint at the head end is fine. The mop end works as you would expect it to. The sprayer did not.

Illinois, United States
Would recommend to a friend? No
Easy to use but doesn't work well.

Customer review by Kat80

2.0 stars 4/15/2017 by Kat80
by Kat80

It is very easy to use but after the first use ever it is useless. No matter how often I clean the pad, it never gets my floors clean. If I go over my whole kitchen and dining room floor thoroughly then get down with a wet papertowel I still pick up a lot of left behind dirt. And I always sweep then mop

Long Beach, CA, United States
Would recommend to a friend? No
Constantly breaking

Customer review by Rhiannon

1.0 stars 8/1/2014 by Rhiannon
by Rhiannon

I bought my first Rubbermaid mop a few years ago. The shop I bought it from gives a lifetime guarantee with receipt. I have probably exchanged for a new mop about six times, maybe more. It's always something, either the stick falls apart, the sprayer stops working, to liquid starts to leak from the spraying mechanism. It is a shame because the pads are good and when it works properly this is the best mop in terms of the width of the spray, ease of spraying and getting a thorough, streak-free cleaning. But it is a hassle to constantly return it. Sometimes the mop doesn't even work for more than a few cleanings before breaking. I tried the hardware store's generic brand and had the same kind of problem, so I think it is the nature of these mops, it seems impossible to manufacture one that doesn't break. I have had more luck with ones where you use your own spray bottle, but they are not nearly as convenient to use. I can only live in hope that one day someone will manufacture one of these that does not break!

Toronto, ON, Canada
Would recommend to a friend? No

Customer review by IMTheKatLady

4.0 stars 9/11/2012 by IMTheKatLady
by IMTheKatLady

The only thing I would change is the spray. I believe it is too fine for floor mopping. Make sure you remove the blue ring between the bottle and holder, or it will not spray when you depress the handle. Other than that I think this mop is great.

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Coventry, RI
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Usage:Every few days
Ownership:2 - 3 months
Age:45 - 54
Loved this mop!!

Customer review by DEAKL4ever

5.0 stars 8/24/2010 by DEAKL4ever
by DEAKL4ever

I got this mop for a house party from and I was hesitate to use it because of the empty bottles for the cleaning liquids. But once I looked over the paperwork that came with the mop. It made me feel better because I knew what was being used to clean my floors. Instead of the lists of ingredients in the back of the bottle. But once I made the cleaning liquid and put my mop together, I took it to the messiest area of my house. The pet area where I have my cat's litter box. I swept up the larger litter and anything else that was in the area and then I started cleaning with the mop. It was GREAT!!! The floor was clean and there wasn't a long drying time because I was using hot water in the bottle. And I knew it was safe enough to let my cat walk around the room while it was drying. Unlike before I would lock my cat out of the area until it was dry, ALL dry! So if you want to if you should buy this mop, then I would tell you yes!! It is better then swiffer and "greener" then the rag mops and sponge mops.

Barksdale AFB, Louisiana
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by Pleather

5.0 stars 9/23/2012 by Pleather
by Pleather

I love it!!! MUCH better than the old mop & bucket! Just don't make the mistake of letting the solution sit in the bottle upside down like I did. The cleaner eats away at the gasket and you'll have to replace the bottle like i do :(

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Knox, IN
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Usage:Every few days
Ownership:9 - 10 months
Age:25 - 34
Mostly Good

Customer review by KevinMcQ

4.0 stars 9/11/2010 by KevinMcQ
by KevinMcQ

I have been loyally using RubberMaid products for more than 30 years. They are almost always built to last. So when my wife and myself saw the new "Reveal" mop it was a no brainer to purchase. We also picked up an extra pad and bottle, all at Home Depot. Good prices. When I was removing the packaging (nice & minimal), we noticed that the o-rings on both bottles we cracking in multiple places and were not going to last very long if at all. Strange for a newly purchased & new product. Needless to say we will be calling RubberMaid next Monday to hopefully get replacements. Not a big deal over all but, frustrating for a brand new purchase. The good news is that the mop itself seems to be working just fine. Time will tell but, for now it is nice for us to not have to get on our hands and knees to clean the floors for a change.

Eugene, Oregon
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Good while it lasts

Customer review by StacysMom

3.0 stars 3/1/2017 by StacysMom
by StacysMom

Love this mop! In comparison to similar mops from other companies I prefer Rubbermaid. However. I've had purchased 3 of them over the last few years. The spray trigger always.. with out fail.. breaks. It's unfortunate and I hope they look into and fix this problem as I see I'm not the only one dealing with this issue. Other than that this is the best reusable, refillable mop I've used.

Fenton, MI, United States
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Didn't last four months

Customer review by JStull

1.0 stars 7/13/2014 by JStull
by JStull

Loved the idea of using my own cleaning solution and this worked great when I first got it. It just stopped spraying. If I let it stand in a upright position for about five minutes I could get one spray. Because I spent a fortune on the pads, I still use it but put the cleaning solution in a spray bottle and spray the floor that way. Very disappointing.

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Would recommend to a friend? No
Broke after one month

Customer review by betwixuandme

1.0 stars 7/18/2012 by betwixuandme
by betwixuandme

This mop worked great when I first got it but the handle broke after only one month! Don't waste your money!

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Minneapolis, MN
Would recommend to a friend? No
Usage:Once per week
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Age:45 - 54
1-20 of 1371 total reviews
1-20 of 1371 reviews