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Hamilton Beach Top Mount Food Processor | Model# 70740

Hamilton Beach Top Mount Food Processor | Model# 70740

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<div><ul><li>Faster than cutting by hand<br></li><li>8 cup capacity<br></li><li>Fast and versatile - quickly chop onions, slice salad ingredients, shred cabbage, grate cheese, mix sauces, or prepare pesto<br></li><li>2 speeds plus pulse control<br></li><li>Stainless steel slice / shred disc and chopping blade<br></li><li>Powerful 450 watt motor<br></li><li>Lid flips over for compact storage<br></li><li>4 star consumer rated<br></li><li>Large feed chute - fits a whole block of cheese to reduce pre-cutting<br></li><li>S-Blade for chopping, mixing &amp; pureeing<br></li><li>Reversible slice / shred disc<br></li><li>Dishwasher safe bowl, lid &amp; blades<br></li></ul></div>
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Awesome this unit is faster then fast.

The clear plastic on this unit looks really nice. Like this is a quality product. The base has suction cups so the unit stays on the counter and does not move around. But the best part is how fast this unit works. I put in some potatoes and they were chopped up almost faster then you could put them in the machine. Either sliced thin or grated. If I had tried to do this by hand it would have taken forever and been a lot of work. Then when I went to clean the unit we just rinsed it and it came clean. Very fast and very easy to clean what more could you ask for. I do not know how well the unit will hold up over time, but coming out of the gate is wonderful. It's as if the job is finished even before you start. That is how sharp and fast this unit is. Oh for what it's worth because of the situation with my teeth I use a chopper/processer for just about everything I eat. So I am using them all the time, two or three times a day. The cheap ones that smell & make a lot of noise because they are so slow and dull are more trouble then they are worth. Esp the motors that are pitched so high that they hurt your ears. Unless you almost never use them, then pay a bit more and get the better unit.

Best food processor I ever had

I received this in the mail, I sliced a salad, cucumber tomato, & onion, added mayonnaise vinegar & sugar. Using a hand knife was so slow & inconsistent, but the processor makes it easy, I cut up cubes that would fit, the processor sliced it without pushing it down, washing is very easy. Then I tried grinding a qt of flour from chicken scratch ( corn wheat millet) , it worked almost as good as the blender. I wanted to try making potato chips, it sliced them easily, I fried them at 400 degrees for 6 minutes in the electric frying pan, something safe that regulates the temperature. It does everything well, it cleans up so easily, makes enough for a good salad, all the parts assemble in the processor, just remove the grinder blade or slicer blade, then when finished, replace everything, ( no lost parts ) Two speeds are enough.


After reviewing so many food processors, this one seemed like the best choice. I bought it and so far I've used it twice. I processed organic cornmeal and wanted a finer flour but it just didn't seem to process it. I added water to the mix and processed the cornmeal for 7 minutes but it still didn't produce a finer texture. I then made a red pepper chili sauce with 10 soft dried guajillo, new Mexico chilies with roasted red bell peppers and spices and the consistency of the paste I wanted was like a tomato paste texture but it wouldn't process! It was just chunky mess after processing the chilies for more than 10 minutes! I added more oil and it still would process into a smooth paste. I'm not sure why this is a great product but I may just return it if it can't make smooth sauces or process cornmeal. What a bummer.

Great Food Processor

I purchased the Hamilton Beach Food Processor as an experiment. I wanted to see how well it could chop up boiled chicken; of course after the bones are removed. It does an excellent job and performed the task with minimal effort; it was very quick to get the chicken to the consistency that I was hoping for; and on low speed. The Food Processor is very easy to clean and assemble. I have not used it for grating food as of yet. But I am sure it will do a very good job too if it can chop up de-boned chicken with minimal effort; at the lowest speed. The price fit my budget and it is the first food processor I have owned. I'm sure it will be really wonderful to have this summer when it's time to make homemade, fruit smoothies. The only thing that I noticed is that it needs to be in the locked position, securely, before it will operate. At first I thought maybe the food processor wasn't going to work; then I made the adjustments so that it was in the locked position and it works super; so this is a must for the machine to operate. My opinion is that it is a great machine for those of us who need a good, food processor, living on a shoestring budget. I would recommend this food processor to anyone.

Terrific value for a basic food processor

I was looking for a basic, inexpensive food processor when I went to the Walmart website and found this one. The great Walmart price is much better than I can buy this for elsewhere. The site-to-store program saved me shipping cost and I waited until I was going to drive by the store. I received the product in just a few days. It is of very high quality construction, much better than I expected. The user guide is clear and complete. The product can be stored in just 12 inches high of space, something that was of concern to me when I ordered. This is a great product for the price and I am delighted with the purchase. I can't vouch for durability since I would have to use it for several months before I could determine. But judging by it's construction and operation, I believe it will prove very durable.

Awesome expecially for someone with bad wrists!!!

Ok so I used my savings catcher points for this thinking that this will help me with shredding cheese..... Little did I know that I was getting the awesomeness that is this little gem!! What would have taken me 30 minutes to grate/shred cheese by hand with a manual and my bad wrists. this did it in 2 seconds!!! (Just make sure you take the bottom blade out first thought oops haha) this is my new favorite kitchen utensils! Thank you!


This machine is incrediable. I bought some pork to shred and frankly if I ever want to make sausage, this is the machine to start with. I had thought I'd just have it dice up some chunks (Small) but it ended up more like sausage beginnings. This actually made it easier to spread it in the cooking pot. I'll wait till next week, then get some celery, roma tomatoes and beef and then stuff it all in and then add it to a pot of rice and see what occurs. For $24 it was worth the risk. I can see already the value of this and I am really glad that I took the risk.
Love-Love this H.B. Food Processor. The size is perfect and works like a charm and the price is a great value.

Excellent product!

This was my first try with a food processor, and I was not disappointed. Being that I have never used one, I don't have anything to base my opinions on, other than the way it performed. Which was GREAT, by the way! I have chopped everything from onions to tomatoes, and even shredded chicken! I highly recommend this product.

Great value!

For my maiden voyage with this food processor, I used the grater disk to make "snow" out of cauliflower for use in a flowerless pizza crust. The power and speed of this processor put my old Kenmore food processor (which had 50 watts more power than this processor) to shame! My next voyage was to puree pumpkin with the balde attachment. Again, the speed of this thing is incredible. Other benefits: light weight, and they give you a diagram to easily nest the parts for easy storage. It also has two speeds in addition to pulse, which my old processor did not have. Yes, I highly recommend.

Great product.

Love it. Very powerful, super easy to operate, easy to clean. Chopped liver, mashed zucchini, chopped walnuts, shredder carrots and onions - all took 5 mins to make. And for that price!!! Hands down - Hamilton Beach it is!

Great buy! Exceeded my expectations for the price.

This is my first food processor and I am very pleased. I tried slicing an apple and in voosh! it was done - nicely sliced. I then tried a carrot - again it was done quickly and cleanly. I am still trying to work out how to get chopped carrots, but what it did was good enough. The machine is bigger than I expected for the price. I was expecting something at least half the size. Don't know if it was the excitement of trying out my new appliance, but I didn't notice any noise when it was running. I'm going to enjoy using this appliance - it just means that I will have to cook/bake more often though. LOL

excellent compared to other more expesive one!

i was hesitated between this and another more expensive Hamilton Beach food processor, so I bought both!. Yes, BOTH to compare between them and decide which is better for me to keep. Pros for this model: 1- larger capacity (8 cups) 2- wider mouth and that was the really big difference as it is more convenient and less cutting! 3- can cut any amount of food and not need to be fulled to cut uniformly. cons: the only cone is that there is no walmart warranty protection plan!
Great basic food processor! They were sold out in the store and online when I first looked, so I waited till it was back in stock for ship to store. I'm so glad I did! It's powerful enough for anything I'd want to do with it, sturdy construction, good capacity at 8 cups, and not even too hideously loud for a food processor. Add on easy to clean, and the only thing I could wish is that it had more slicing/shredding blades for varying thicknesses and textures. The standard slicing thickness is fine (about 1/6 inch), but it would be nice to have more variety. So okay, it's not perfect, but for the price it's phenomenal!

wonderful food processor

I have an old processor that was very high end. I much prefer this processor. It is a great food processor, you won't be disappointed with it.


Have used many food processors and I was very disappointed when it broke the second time I used it to shred 2 potatoes. Besides being extremely loud and sounding like it's going to take flight off of the counter, it leaves large pieces stuck between the blade and lid. The center plastic piece that holds the blade in place flew apart and the disc blade came loose. Have a feeling part of the problem is that this motor is too powerful for the low quality construction. It is a nice looking machine aside from the cheap looking plastic control knob. The suction cup feet work well and cleaning is easy. Am returning it for one with a bit less power and hope for success.

Did the Job

Bought this to chop/grind hamburger. Works like a charm. Tonight was the best burger I've had in decades. Don't spend a ton on a food processor. this is a little jewel.

It worked out

It worked great for what I needed it to do. I needed to grind cookies for my dirt cake and 2lb of cookies only too about 20 seconds!!

A terrific machine for the money!

After more than 20 years, my La Machine broke and I had no idea of what to buy. I read the reviews of the Hamilton Beach Top Mount Food Processor - they were all great! I figured for under $30 what did I have to lose? The answer is NOTHING - I am absolutely thrilled with this processor. It has speed and makes light work of chopping and shredding! I have already recommended it to friends just in case they might need one!

Great little machine.

Bought this to make some sauces and soups from some diet recipes I wanted to try. Works like a charm with no issues and very easy to clean. Makes cauliflower rice in a snap with no tedious chopping. So glad I bought this and at this wonderful price.
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