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114 reviews | 4.3 out of 5

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114 reviews | 4.3 out of 5

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1-20 of 114 total reviews
1-20 of 114 reviews
Best vacuum ever!

Customer review by Amy77

5.0 stars 9/2/2014 by Amy77
by Amy77

I love this vacuum, A LOT. I bought two different vacuums from two competitors and I hated them! I don't know why I tried getting a non-Bissell vacuum! The suction on this vacuum is AMAZING. Sometimes, it's a little too strong, like when I am vacuuming rugs, but luckily, there is an option to turn off the brushes. This vacuum picks up like no other, the dirt cup is always so full. I love the attachments, and it works great for cleaning the car. The hose plus the tube attachments reach VERY far and I don't have to carry it up the stairs, it reaches up 10 steps easily, so I love that! The only thing that I don't like, and it's definitely not a deal breaker, but I hate how they have the hose on this vacuum. It's always coming off, but again not a deal breaker. I love how easily I can detach the hose. It's a little on the heavy side but oh well, it's totally worth it. My mom borrowed it and it picked up better than the vacuum she has now so she went and bought it. Definitely recommend it!

Amazing Except...

Customer review by Jill28

3.0 stars 2/25/2013 by Jill28
by Jill28

When my Kirby finally died I decided to do some research and find a vacuum comperable or better than my old kirby. When I found this vacuum I was so excited! I have 4 kids, 2 cats, 1 dog, and an infant I babysit so I vacuum daily. When I brought this vacuum home I was in love. It did such an amazing job I was moving things around to clean more! But then I went to use the turbobrush, thats when I realized that my vacuum was missing the belt that went in the turbo brush. I thought that my husband just forgot to put it together right, but he said there wasn't a belt. We searched the box, but it was not there. I was going to exchange it at my local retailer, but they can't keep this vacuum on the shelf. The worst part was they also only had one on the way and couldn't hold it for me. So I thought I could just buy a new belt, but of course I can't just buy the belt, you have to buy the whole new brush. Pretty frustrated right now. I would rate this vacuum a 5 star vacuum if it wasn't for the missing belt.

Comment from Lisa - 2/26/2013

We can send you a new turbo brush. Please click at this link:

Rock Springs, WY 82901, USA
One Green Mean Clean Machine

Customer review by Barnias

5.0 stars 1/10/2013 by Barnias
by Barnias

I recently had two vacuum cleaners (different brands) bite the dust, no pun intended, which left me vacuum cleanerless. I had been reading reviews of different vacuums. This Bissell Heavy Duty had great reviews so I bought it, though, some claimed that the weight was an issue and some said that noise was an issue. I found both to be non-issues for me. The last cleaner I had screamed like a banshee, it was like I had sucked up a cat. This Bissell whispers compared to that one. This one is a little heavier, but one should expect that with a beefier model, still, no where near the weight of professional cleaners. I wanted CLEAN and that is exactly what this MEAN machine does. If something goes wrong after the warranty, I have the option to order parts from Bissell. So many cleaners on the market today are disposable, no repair, just throw away. That makes my new Bissell a GREEN MEAN CLEAN machine. I like that!

Gallatin, TN, USA
Great value

Customer review by Newguy4599

5.0 stars 2/16/2014 by Newguy4599
by Newguy4599

As many other reviews mentioned, this is a heavier vacuum, but then again it is advertised as 'heavy duty', so you know what to expect. I wouldn't recommend this vacuum for an older person, but otherwise, it's very easy to maneuver. I ran it for about a half hour today, and boy oh boy does this thing do the work! I don't own pets, but it picked up 2 large handfuls of dust, and probably another handful of sand/grit. It is much quieter than the Hoover I got rid of, and sounds like it's really spinning the reel at high RPM. The key to this machine is getting the height adjustment correct. I left it on a higher setting, and it still managed to pull a TON of dust and grit from my carpet and 2 sofas. They advertise 'no loss of suction', and whoa do I believe it! I thought the hand brush tool was going to spin out of my hand, it's just so powerful. My biggest gripe with older vacuums is that it never felt like the drive motor was very powerful, and this thing is a beast. I've got a medium pile carpet, and the rotor never bogged down; very strong motor, from my first impression. Would definitely recommend!

Huntersville, NC, USA
Man doing the cleaning

Customer review by hendrix9148

4.0 stars 12/16/2012 by hendrix9148
by hendrix9148

Just bought this vacuum tonight and it was easy to assemble. First use with it: suction is very strong and picks up very well. But after just 5 mins of use and light on it started strobbing like i was in a club and then it went out with no joy of coming back on. Why is it that they can not put a more reliable bulb in it. I guess i picked the lemon off the tree and now I know what you will say to take it to a repair shop and have them fix it when if u guys would make something that would last longer than i wouldn't have to waste my time, gas, and energy toting this thing in for a problem like this. So i might just be out the pocket and buy it. It is extremely heavy compared to all vacs I have ever owned but I might just have to get my forearms more in shape or something. This is not a vacuum for grandma. Other than that is all that i can say since i just bought it tonight.

Comment from Lisa - 12/18/2012

Thank you for your review. We have a lighter vacuum. To view, click at this link

Awsome love it

Customer review by Wendy34

5.0 stars 7/13/2015 by Wendy34
by Wendy34

I brought my bissell about 3yrs ago and only problem i had was a piece broke that makes the roller move and my hubby glued it together but it broke again so i letted bissell know and they told me to take to a service station that was farther away i said i could not do that bcause my truck would take to much gas to get there so they said cut the cord and they emailed me a label and i shipped it to them and then they shipped me a new vacumme thank you verry much keep up the awsome work I love my new vacumme it works awsome A++++++++++++++

Houghton lake,Michigan
Heavy paper weight.

Customer review by John Doe

2.0 stars 8/10/2015 by John Doe
by John Doe

Had this hulk for a couple of years, to heavy for the wife to operate, so I do vacumming. Had fairly good suction until this weekend. Vacummed 4 rooms, moved the plug to get the stairs, and brush comes on, but no suction. Am looking for a new vacuum now, any ideas for the expensive paper weight?

John Doe
130 Montrose Way, LaGrange, GA
Best vacuum ever!

Customer review by Melanie

5.0 stars 10/12/2012 by Melanie
by Melanie

I have been using Bissell products since I can remember, but this is by far the best vacuum I have ever purchased from them. I almost bought a Dyson as I had been using my mothers (testing it out) prior to getting this. However, I opted to stick with what I knew and stayed with Bissell. I am so glad I did. I had used the Dyson the previous day I bought this and, of course, had to try out my new toy the day I got it and I got an entire canister of dirt and dog hair that the Dyson didn't pick up! Yes... it does weigh about 1000 pounds, but with the way it cleans it is so worth it!! DISCLAIMER: I did have a problem about a year after I bought it with the bristles/brush not rotating. I called customer service and they took great care of me.

Valdosta, GA, USA
wear shoes when using this machine

Customer review by macvicorp

3.0 stars 8/10/2012 by macvicorp
by macvicorp

This machine could use a retractable cord for sure. It works great, but that would be a nice feature. The only Con is the releasing lever that lets the vacuum tilt back towards the operator( and lets the rotating head work) is a real bear to release with your foot. I just get down on the floor and use my hands to release the tilt back action, then I turn the machine off ,if i have to walk away or answer the phone ect., and when I come back the machine is already leaning back, now I just turn it on. There is more than one way to skin a cat, but the best way to improve this machine is to have the engineer that designed that lever, use the machine a couple of times and he'll fix it right away,before he has to go to a podiatrist.

Comment from Joe - 8/13/2012

Thanks for the feedback and I'm sorry you've been having difficulty with the handle release pedal. You can try briefly pushing forward on the vacuum when you step on the pedal to take some presure off of the pedal. If this doesn't help and you feel it may be broken please have one of our BISSELL Authorized Service Centers inspect and fix your unit. You can find one near you at:

Las Vegas, NV, USA
Great product so far

Customer review by Terry 63

5.0 stars 9/10/2014 by Terry 63
by Terry 63

We have a Rainbow and wanted something to use in between with less work. The rainbow does a great job but dumping the water out of it in the middle of January gets pretty cold some days! I could not believe the job it did after using the rainbow two days Pryer. The stuff it picked up was unbelievable, we had some water base ceiling paint splitters on a blue carpet witch we were going to shampoo, well I am here to tell you this mechine did its job and also cleaned up the paint off the carpet unbelievable! My wife and I are very impressed we won't give up or rainbow yet but this machine works great and so does their shampooer. My wife should never send me shopping!

Terry 63
New York
LOVED mine until...

Customer review by Krismuttz

4.0 stars 10/23/2012 by Krismuttz
by Krismuttz

This is the best vacuum I have ever owned. Period. Then it wasn't picking up like it used to ... so I took it apart and cleaned it and replaced the filters (which are sort of pricey) according to the instructions. I finally realized the bottom hose had cracks where the spring allows it to flex. I mean A LOT of cracks. Can't order a replacement and not sure if this is a warranty repair or not. Other than that its awesome! the attachments still work great and I love the extra long hose and cord. Plus being able to take it apart and wash all the superfine dust out of it is wonderful. I have four large dogs - any vacuum that can keep up with the constant furr factory is all right with me!

Comment from Lisa - 10/25/2012

Your machine has a 5 year warranty. Contact us so we can assist you at

Aurora, CO, USA
Heavy Duty Stands by its name

Customer review by david72

5.0 stars 9/29/2014 by david72
by david72

I bought the vacume in Dec 2009 because my wife runs a Daycare for the military out of ouor house. We used the Vacume almost every day since we bought it, up and down stairs. I has moved with us 3 times since we have had it. up untill recently the only problem we had was the canister flip door broke but it was replace right away without question. about 1 month ago the brush housing cracked and started making it difficut the run it keep locking up. Being that it was still under warrenty bissell replaced the entire unit because there was not a service location closer that 90 miles away. Great vacume and it stands up to the to its name and more.

Wasco, CA 93280, USA
this vacuum is great

Customer review by chrisl24685

5.0 stars 4/23/2015 by chrisl24685
by chrisl24685

My wife owned one when we met, and had to replace it because it fell down the stairs. We bought a second one and it had worked great. I have replaced the hose twice, but we abuse it. Lol. I am bummed now though because the beater bar just quit working. I hope it can be fixed.


Customer review by Izzybellann

5.0 stars 4/15/2015 by Izzybellann
by Izzybellann

Absolutely amazing. The best vacuum cleaner I've ever had. When I first used it I couldn't believe how much filth it pulled out of my carpet that my other vacuum didn't. My carpets actually look and feel new. They have never felt so plush. It feels brand new again after so many years.

Lindsay, CA
As Good As My Silver King Was

Customer review by Quiltingranny

5.0 stars 3/31/2012 by Quiltingranny
by Quiltingranny

The only bad thing I can say about this is it does't come in a canister! Our old Silver King came up missing when we moved, I loved it. I knew purchasing a new vacuum cleaner it would have to meet my impeccable standards. When we purchased it, I knew I would go home, use it and box it back up to return it. I was amazed, pleased and a bit embarrassed at all the sand, lint and gunk that this vacuum pulled out of my carpets and rugs! The turbo brush performs miracles on removing cat hair from my furniture and drapes. I just wish they would put the floor adjuster with a toe tab or something as I have had back surgery. Love this!

Aberdeen, WA
A great Product

Customer review by dj

4.0 stars 1/31/2013 by dj
by dj

This is our second Bissell vac. It has many features that our last one did not: The separate brush action switch, the brush action does not engage unless the handle is lowered, better lighting, longer hose attachments, clear passageways that allow clogs to be easily seen, plus it runs quieter. Things that I would like to see in future design include: a less sensitive power switch or a little different location for the switch, and the foot activated device that releases the handle needs to be redesigned. It is harder to use than our previous model, but seems to be more rugged in design. Overall this is a great vacuum.

Comment from Lisa - 2/4/2013

Thank you for your review. Your comments will be forwarded for possible future changes.

Alabama, USA

Customer review by JHills23

5.0 stars 12/10/2013 by JHills23
by JHills23

I bought this vacuum after reading many reviews about several brands. I finally decided to go with this because the reviews were the best and it came with a 5 year warranty, something other vacuum's didn't have! I got it home and had it put together in a matter of minutes. Vacuumed my floors and was shocked to see the amount of stuff it picked up! I had just vacuumed the day before with a different brand and this one picked up a whole canister full of dust and cat hair! I love this vacuum! It is a bit heavy and can make your arm tired if you have a large space to vacuum but it is worth it!

Prosser, WA, USA
Amazing Suction Power

Customer review by quiltingranny

5.0 stars 3/19/2012 by quiltingranny
by quiltingranny

After years of owning a Silver King, I had my doubts purchasing a Bissell would meet my high expectations. Imagine my embarrassment when we vacuumed a room sized rug and the holding cup was full of dirt,sand and cat hair. Then I decided to put the pet hair attachment to use and was amazed at all the cat hair this picked up. Aside from figuring out which adjustments meet our various rugs and the weight I have nothing but praise for this machine. It picks up so much sand off my hard wood and vinyl floors I am shocked at how much is down there. Now they need to make a powerful canister!

Seattle, WA
Heavy duty vacuum ON/OFF switch doesn't work

Customer review by SteveB

2.0 stars 5/13/2013 by SteveB
by SteveB

We were fairly happy with this vacuum, except the on/off switch has finally stopped working. It was acting up a little at the beginning. Sometimes you had to hold down the button to keep the motor running. Other times, the motor would not shut off, without playing with the on/off switcch. Recently, it got stuck with the motor on, so that the only way to turn it off was to unplug it. After playing with the switch some more, now it will not stay on. You have to hold in the button while you move this heavy vacuum around. A good vacuum, but a very cheap switch for the price you pay.

Comment from Lisa - 5/16/2013

We are sorry you are having problems with the switch on your machine. You have a 5 year warranty. Please click at the link to locate a BISSELL service center in your area.

Charlotte, NC, USA
the worst

Customer review by The worst

1.0 stars 3/1/2015 by The worst
by The worst

Has anyone checked inside the cone?? All the dust that should go inside the removable container. It all stays in the cone!!! That is so wrong! If you have pets that just makes your vacuum.Not tolerable. I wanted a vacuum that was easy to maintain. Not this one.

Comment from Tom - 3/3/2015

Thank you for your review. If all the dirty/hair stays in the upper assembly this is an indication of a clog in your machine. First, make sure the filters are clean. Dirty filter will restrict airflow causing clogs. The foam filters are hand washable with mild soap. Make sure they are dry before reinstalling. Check the hose for any clogs by removing from the machine. Stick a broom stick handle down the hose to push any hair that could be clogging. Check the clear tube also. The diverter should be in the down position to have suction at the floor. Make sure the brush roller is rotating. Clean off any hair that may be causing the brush not to turn.

The worst
Foster Oregon
1-20 of 114 total reviews
1-20 of 114 reviews