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81 reviews | 4.2 out of 5

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81 reviews | 4.2 out of 5

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1-20 of 80 reviews
Nice Home Theater

Customer review by BornReader

4.0 stars 3/11/2012 by BornReader
by BornReader

This is a very nice home theater system. It was easy to setup & connect to my tv. The only reason I don't give this 5 stars is because the 2 surround sound speakers are not wireless. You have to purchase a separate wireless adapter if you don't want to connect them to the base unit. Even then, they are not totally wireless. You still have to connect these 2 speakers to the adapter. No matter how you use them, the surround speakers have to be wired to something. It would have been nice if they worked off a wireless card that was inserted into the base, but that's not the way this one works. Other than that, the sound is great & it's easy to use. Would still recommend this product if you don't mind the wired surround speakers.

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Morehead, KY
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:45 - 54
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Every day
One HDMI Out

Customer review by An anonymous customer

3.0 stars 9/5/2011 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

Novice; not audiophile. BUT, I follow directions EXACTLY; never had a problem setting up other AV / computer equipment. Getting this up & running with my new Samsung LCD TV LN40D630M3F was rocket science. Room 13 ft x 13 ft, + length to reach speakers on 3ft stands & "box" on shelf. Proprietary wire terminations at box; bare at spkrs. Spkr wire too short to reach 1 rear spkr or place the un-powered subwoof away from box. Bought wire; spliced 1 rear spkr wire close to box. Subwfr staying put. Now set up, am certain I'm not getting full benefit of either piece of equipment. Syncing 2 Samsung remotes still hasn't occurred; constantly accidentally changing the SOURCE on the TV, turning off the program I was watching. VERY annoying. Want TV off when listening to cable music, but turning TV off, turns off the box. iPod dock works great; menus show on TV screen. Haven't watched a movie yet. Good sound with power, but not nearly as good as the older Yamaha system I replaced.

An anonymous customer
Nashville, TN
Incorrect product description

Customer review by MrBuddin

3.0 stars 3/29/2012 by MrBuddin
by MrBuddin

Immediately returned because the description had 2 hdmi inputs but there aren't any.

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Customer review by tallbama

4.0 stars 1/19/2012 by tallbama
by tallbama

easy setup and great sound, the description says that it has 2 hdmi inputs but acually has none

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Customer review by FSANTIAGORN

5.0 stars 7/7/2012 by FSANTIAGORN


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Age:35 - 44
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Every few days
Very impressed.

Customer review by Jachin167

5.0 stars 8/14/2011 by Jachin167
by Jachin167

It has been a tough transition to HD from my old system and I had to do it one component at a time. I started with a Samsung 51" plasma (pn51d550). I use the TV to switch inputs and the optical audio out to feed the HT-D5500. The tv audio output is only simulated 5.1, but that is satisfactory for my PS3 and HD Direct TV. I could not be happier with this system, it integrated with my setup seamlessly. The TV and Blu Ray communicate with each other so I never have to switch sources on the blu ray player, it just follows what the TV does. Even when I turn the volume up on my directv remote it turns up the volume on my blu ray player (the remote controls the tv, which the blu ray communicates with). Overall, I could no be happier with the system as a whole. Perfect integration, great sound, clean sleek look, easy to use, tons of features.

NW Georgia
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Superb Home Theater!

Customer review by markF

5.0 stars 1/4/2012 by markF
by markF

I researched Home Theaters on Consumer Reports, and the only one rated higher was a Bose system. Salesman pushed Sony so we bought both and took them home and compared. The Samsung sound was a little better, but the picture quality was WAY better with the UN60D7000 we purchased. The Bass is very good, the center (voice) is clear and crisp, and setup is a breeze, just plug it in and let it calibrate itself. Then if you want to override anything (say make the voices louder for older folks like us), it is very intuitive to find and easy to perform. I still prefer the tray option to the slot (this is a slot) just because of bad experiences in the past with CDs getting stuck, and far easier to keep my fingers on center/edges off media. I also question having only one HDMI port, but am hoping I can conquer that with wireless capabilities.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Never again....

Customer review by ExSamsungLvr

1.0 stars 7/3/2013 by ExSamsungLvr
by ExSamsungLvr

Do NOT buy this product. The system would not complete the latest firmware update over the wireless connection in my home; after the download, the "installing" just never ended and I left it on for over an hour. I spent about an hour and a half with tech support who tried to get me to download the firmware update to a USB drive only to find out that the file wasn't showing up on Samsung's own website (and yes, I tried with 3 different browsers!); finally I was able to download the file to a USB drive only to then discover that this system does NOT have a USB port!!! The system is now completely useless and will have to be replaced so I am looking at other brands. It worked great for about 2 years then this. Too bad because I always thought that Samsung was a good brand...not anymore.

Would recommend to a friend? No
Beautiful boxed set

Customer review by cbearden

4.0 stars 12/14/2011 by cbearden
by cbearden

Incredible value for an all-in-one box set. The sound was actually surprisingly great. Wish there was a little more bang to the bass though. Easy as pie setup right out of the box. Using all HDMI and Optical connections eliminated a lot of hassle and there was even the perfect amount of speaker wire to run my rear speakers' wires all the way around my room! The options on the Smart Hub are a refreshing change to an older model of another brand. I really enjoy being able to customize my apps. The software is a big sluggish with each initial load but responds amazingly once it's going. I'm not a fan of the remote. I feel like it's an ergonomic nightmare but luckily the Anynet+ lets me use my Samsung TV remote which is much easier and friendlier to handle. All in all, I'm happy!

Atlanta, GA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Samsung Surprise

Customer review by MavrickPrime

5.0 stars 2/12/2012 by MavrickPrime
by MavrickPrime

This is the first piece of home electronics I've owned made by Samsung. So far I am very impressed. The ease of use and style are what really attracted me to it; then when I hooked it up I fell in love. The sound is powerful and clear and the picture is really amazing. My favorite part is that while I'm connected to WiFi with my phone and the receiver is hooked up too I can control it with an app from the Android and iPhone market. Great setup for apartments or smaller houses. The cables aren't quite long enough to really do what I wanted to do but they are long enough to run the speakers to the back of the room. They have proprietary tips on the end of the cables so extending them is impossible. Other than that I have no issues with this unit.

Tulsa, OK
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Samsung Really?

Customer review by KDG1

1.0 stars 6/17/2012 by KDG1
by KDG1

This must have been made for someones bathroom. Surround sound was pretty good but has an incredibly weak subwoofer. My 100 watt per channel 1975 Pioneer receiver puts out more volume than this 1000 watt system. Movies were so-so if you like to listen a super low volume. for any type of music....FORGET IT! This system is super tiny. When it was delivered I almost laughed at the size of the box that it came in. I didn't even want to open the box but my wife made me. Samsung are you kidding me?? People, you will be sooo disappointed with this purchase unless they lower the purchase price to $89.00. Put it in a small bedroom and purchase a real subwoofer and throw the Samsung sub in the trash. This toy went back to the retailer the following day.

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Baytown, TX.
Would recommend to a friend? No
Age:45 - 54
Ownership:1 week or less
This product has serious limitations

Customer review by LimitedHearing

1.0 stars 8/19/2012 by LimitedHearing
by LimitedHearing

Samsung will not tell the purchaser that this Home Theatre does not have the capability of showing subtitles in movies or programs from the Internet. It will not show those subtitles for Netflix programs who when viewed through a laptop do have subtitles. This limitation of the equipment is vital for people that want to have the subtitles when watching a program. I bought the Samsung equipment to be able to see Netflix programs without having to hook up my laptop to the TV. Now I see those Netflix programs directly but without the subtitles I have great difficulty in understanding the language spoken, because my hearing is not as good as it used to be when I was young

Would recommend to a friend? No
Features Features Features

Customer review by Deepseadiver

5.0 stars 1/16/2012 by Deepseadiver
by Deepseadiver

This 3D Blue Ray player is very nice. The functions are very easy to maneuver around and the set up of the internet is very very easy. I have wireless in my home and it searched , found and set up like magic. The apps are very easy also to install. Just like a smartphone it is very easy to pick and install. The 1000 watts of power really drives the sound system to be like the movie theater. I do wish that it had a wireless satellite speakers however that can be bought separately. Over all I do like the system. Would rather have had the speakers with a little better look but for the price I can't complain.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Broken out of the box

Customer review by ajf412

2.0 stars 1/14/2012 by ajf412
by ajf412

I wanted a theater system. My wife bought me a bluray theater system for Christmas. I'll live with that. Only problem is, only input was a single optical in, which doesn't work, so my PS3 wont play through the speakers. Oh... and the bluray video chops up, and the audio chops up. Sometimes they chop up together, and other times the video will continue while the audio chops, or the audio will continue while the video chops up. Makes this completely worthless, except as a Netflix device. No thanks. Already have my PS3. Returning this to the store today, and getting something else.

Monaca, PA
Would recommend to a friend? No
Awesome sound & 3D affect

Customer review by Sdtrukr

4.0 stars 3/23/2013 by Sdtrukr
by Sdtrukr

This home theater integrates flawlessly with Samsung tvs. The surround sound & 3D visuals are stunning. Set up is easy not complicating. Speaker Wires are color coded + 1 HDMI cable to tv takes care of it all. DVDs look even better with up scaled progressive scan and even comes with iPod dock. Don't even get me started on blue ray and 3D. This unit really amplifies the whole movie watching experience. I can no longer watch movies without the surround, I'm more than satisfied with it, 2 thumbs way up.

San Diego, CA, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Fair sound easy to use but system locks up

Customer review by FactsJack

2.0 stars 3/23/2013 by FactsJack
by FactsJack

I purchased this system at Wal-mart about 6 months ago and just replaced it. It was easy to set up but sound was only fair and was difficult sometimes to hear voices in movies. The second reason I score it so low is when starting movies on Netflix, the system freezes up and you have to turn it off to get it working again. This happens about every fifth time or so. Not sure what I'm going to do with it now, hard to sell something when you can't say very much good about it. And by the way this is the first time I've bothered to write a review about a product.

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West Texas
Would recommend to a friend? No
Age:55 - 64
Ownership:5 - 6 months
Usage:Every day
Need more time

Customer review by Slaygrrrr

4.0 stars 7/1/2012 by Slaygrrrr
by Slaygrrrr

All the things I've been able to test have been impressive. Use it almost exclusively with the iTouch (hopefully will figure out how to connect it with the Galaxy Nexus). We don't even have a TV or monitor hooked up to it so haven't been able to use the Blu-Ray or other features that require the monitor. Bought this compact system to please my wife....turned out that this would-be audiophile is the one who's even more pleased!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great Product

Customer review by d10man

5.0 stars 7/2/2011 by d10man
by d10man

Replacing an LG BluRay player with this one. The Samsung has many more features than the LG. Besides features it load BD's much faster and has much better sound. The setup is very easy but also provides more options than the LG. The menu screens are very fast and Samsung has a lot of apps that you can download from the internet right to the BluRay machine. I'm very happy with this product!!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great sound; good choice for online videos

Customer review by NDsamsung

4.0 stars 7/27/2011 by NDsamsung
by NDsamsung

Have watched several videos through Netflix, Vudu, and Blockbuster. The receiver will randomly "lock-up" and you're forced to power it off and on again. Netflix will occasionally flash a black screen during playback. I wish there was a way to set the default sound mode so I don't have to toggle to ProLogic EVERY time. Sound quality is very good, especially in 3D sound mode.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by ssshive1

5.0 stars 1/6/2012 by ssshive1
by ssshive1

I replaced an older component system that has been very reliable over the years, and am very happy with the HT-D5500. The small size, ease of setup, and vast array of features make this a very pleasant home theater system to install and own. I would recommend this system to anyone looking for an inexpensive, powerful home theater system.

Cassville, MO
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
1-20 of 80 total reviews
1-20 of 80 reviews