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Not Wireless...

Customer review by NthrnBerksPA

5.0 stars 11/11/2012 by NthrnBerksPA
by NthrnBerksPA
Verified purchaser
Verified purchaser
Customer has been confirmed to have purchased the item from Walmart.

I purchased this printer thinking it was a wireless printer. The reason I thought this, was because of the icons it shows below the picture of the printer. I thought the antenna looking icon was to show that this printer was wireless. It is wireless, but it needs to be plugged into the back of a router. Also needs to be plugged into a computer, to share the printer with another computer. When the computer it's plugged into is sleeping, or off, the other computer cannot use the printer. It cannot print from iPhone, or any other device like that. Not what I expected, so I returned this, and ordered another printer. It's just not what I was expecting. I can share my old printer with my other computer using my home group. It's not wireless! But my computer needs to be on for the other computer to do it. That's not wireless! Hope nobody else makes this mistake. That wireless icon fooled me.

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Shoemakersville, PA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Age:55 - 64
Verified purchaser
Verified purchaser
Customer has been confirmed to have purchased the item from Walmart.
I love Walmart and this printer

Customer review by FrankofSeattle

4.0 stars 11/30/2011 by FrankofSeattle
by FrankofSeattle

I bought a wrong printer from Walmart.Returned it and bought this one. It is network printer. I am not a computer person. However, I am surprised that it is very easy to set up. Worked the first time. Smaller than my previous brother printer. However, very clear. It makes some noise. That is the reason I did not give 5 stars rating. For the price, it is good enough to meet my printing purpose.

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Mill Creek, WA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Usage:Every few days
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Age:45 - 54

Customer review by wwtbilly

5.0 stars 2/9/2012 by wwtbilly
by wwtbilly

Replaced two different printers/scanners and Fax Machine. Network install was very straight forward. Running both Win7 and WinXP mixed.

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Usage:Every day
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Age:55 - 64
Compact, versatile, and easy to use

Customer review by 1logicalfellow

5.0 stars 3/20/2012 by 1logicalfellow
by 1logicalfellow

I bought this copier because our small church needed a replacement for an ink jet that was broken beyond repair. I had heard very good things about Brother machines from friends who repair a wide range of fax machines. This little copier/printer is very easy to use and versatile. Although we haven't had it long, I think we made a great choice!

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Perfect Printer

Customer review by Hardcopy

5.0 stars 3/30/2012 by Hardcopy
by Hardcopy

I have not used the fax and can not comment. I have only good experiences with the other features. Duplex printing works like a charm as does the manual paper handling. I really like that I don't need to make a setup selection between auto paper and manual paper feed. This is the first multifunction I have owned that the auto paper feed to the scanner (or the copier)works so well. It really speeds the scanning process in particular. Network setup should have been a no brainer, except it turned out my computers did not have the same network ID and it took me an hour and a half to learn that and synchronize all the ID's. The only negative MIGHT be the fact that small envelopes require a straight thru paper path, and that requires opening the REAR access door. My unit is positioned facing me for access to the manual feed so the rear door is located - - - where? I have to feel for it.

Atlanta, GA
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Good But Not Great

Customer review by Jpbmass

3.0 stars 10/25/2013 by Jpbmass
by Jpbmass

This is a nice, inexpensive multifunction unit. The monochrome laser printer is very good for home use - fast, clear and good with (grey-scale) pictures. The scanner is good for most functions, but puts streaks in "vintage" photos - the kind of photos that have a sepia tinge and lots of brown areas; modern photos and pictures seem to scan just fine (a mystery I haven't been able to figure out). The copier is also good - the "automatic" capability doesn't work well, but when set to copy photos, it will copy a page with mixed text and pictures just fine. I haven't had occasion to use the fax. Things I like best: The Laser Printer - price of the unit is justified by this capability, alone. Things I like least: (1) The control display (needed for copying and faxing) is very small, low contrast and hard to read. (2) I'm disappointed in the scanner - I'll probably buy a stand-alone flat bed scanner to digitize my old family photo albums (and it will not be a Brother scanner). All in all, this is a very low cost unit with pretty good capabilities -- if you don't want it to digitize old photos, I would recommend it.

New England
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great printer

Customer review by hthomp

5.0 stars 12/3/2012 by hthomp
by hthomp

We've been using this printer for several months now and have been very, very happy with it. The print quality is excellent and it is FAST -- it's in another room and by the time I walk over there, it has already finished -- even multi-page documents. The manual feed is pretty fast as well -- sometimes I can't keep up with it. We use it for all of our black and white printing and a different printer for our color photo printing, so it's saving us a lot of money by not using up the expensive black ink from the inkjet printer. It is wired to our home network and can print from and scan onto our laptops using wi-fi from both Macs and PC's, so it's very convenient. The only suggestion I would have is for the toner cartridge that came with the printer to have had more toner, otherwise we have loved everything about this printer.

Tucson, AZ
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Tiny dark display makes it hard to use

Customer review by Attorney

2.0 stars 11/25/2012 by Attorney
by Attorney

Over the last decade I have had a steady stream of Brother laser printers, generally all excellent. However, the MFC-7460DN has a significant deficiency that makes it much harder to use than any of its predecessors, namely, the tiny, dark display is very difficult to read. I have to use a flashlight to read it in an otherwise brightly lit room. The too small, too dark (not backlit) display is a major disadvantage since there are many printer functions (e.g., scanning, faxing, copying, etc.) that require the user to read the display and respond via the keyppad in order for the printer function to be performed. This cheap display ruins what is otherwise a fairly good machine. I returned the original for this reason, but the replacement (provided promptly) was no better. I would not buy another one.

Would recommend to a friend? No

Customer review by lhiggins

1.0 stars 8/30/2013 by lhiggins
by lhiggins
Verified purchaser
Verified purchaser
Customer has been confirmed to have purchased the item from Walmart.

I think this WILLL be and awesome machine but it has proven to be very diffiuclt to get set up to do what we need it to do. We have our own tech as well as the State level 2 techs working on it and they have been since we picked it up 5 days ago. Not a machine for the easily frustrated for sure.

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Scottsbluff, NE
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Usage:Every day
Ownership:1 week or less
Age:65 or older
Verified purchaser
Verified purchaser
Customer has been confirmed to have purchased the item from Walmart.
Most disappointing

Customer review by thwartedbybrother

1.0 stars 2/19/2014 by thwartedbybrother
by thwartedbybrother

Supplied Nuance s/w has limited function. Bought PDF Create-8 but it will not install due to file conflicts with their pre-loaded (by Brother) s/w bundle (CONTRARY to what Brother assured). Wastes much time to accomplish nothing. Nuance & Brother both point to each other as the culprit. Finding help from either co. is as EZ as winning the lottery. Support staff, once reached, are not equipped to provide help, or, for that matter, to even understand the problem(s). Meanwhile, Nuance continues to deliver popups promoting great offers to upgrade s/w, but the clicked LINKS go nowhere due to 'server' issues, & its sales dept. insists they come from Brother, anyway. The two companies are well mated partners. YUK! This is my 6th Brother product, and likely the last!

Tampa, FL
Would recommend to a friend? No
A Solid AIO for Mac Users

Customer review by MacUser

4.0 stars 8/20/2011 by MacUser
by MacUser

My most recent AIO was a Canon, but it would not work well with my Mac, especially with networking. Reviews on the web consistently pointed out that Brother works with Macs. With my 7460DN, everything works with my Macbook Pro. I connected to my AE, installed the included drivers and software. Up and running in 15 minutes. Love the duplexing and network support. Only CON is that the printer is very loud at standby mode. Perhaps it's the fan, but it's the loudest of the printers I've ever owned. However I relieved the problem by setting the machine to enter Deep Sleep mode after 1min, at which the machine is nice and quiet. I'm happy with this duplexing network AIO laser printer. It works with my mac and with my pc.

San Francisco, CA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Good hardware, terrible software

Customer review by nfer

1.0 stars 10/31/2014 by nfer
by nfer

The quality of the hardware is excellent. Good print quality, good scan quality. Auto-feeder works well, never had a paper jam for scanning or printing. Software is unfortunately terrible. Any change in the network requires the whole suite of software to be reinstalled, there is no option to change the printer IP address, etc. The software is also very poor at recognizing the machine on the network. When trying to print, the machine will (often) appear "offline", even when it is recognized by the router and responding to "ping". Powering off the machine and powering it back on sometimes will help, but is a significant frustration for daily use.

Boston, MA
Would recommend to a friend? No
Great home office device

Customer review by kobuck

5.0 stars 8/22/2011 by kobuck
by kobuck

The unit provides high quality print output and a solid auto feed scanner. The scanner feeder has handled thick & thin and narrow & wide paper. I scan as much as I print and I'm very happy with this unit after 3 months of use. The inclusion of the paperpot software to support the scanning functions is an outstanding feature. This combination of hardware+software has made my electronic document management a painless process. The device drivers installed on my win7 64 bit machine without a problem. My netbook also works without complaint. I calculate the toner supplies are half the cost of my previous ink cartridge costs. ( gave up color )

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Double Edged sword

Customer review by Debby

3.0 stars 12/3/2012 by Debby
by Debby

I was very pleased when we first bought this all in one for our small business. It does everything you can think of and hasn't given us a problem. The only thing I think is a draw back is the printing drum. The drum for this printer is very expensive and needs to be replaced approximately every 6 months or so, which wasn't something I was told before purchasing it. On top of the expense of the drum, the toner is also expensive, that needs to be replace once every two months depending on how many copies are done. I'd look around if you do a lot of coping, this machine isn't designed for making a lot of copies.

Wilmington, MA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by 1VERYdisappointedgal

1.0 stars 7/17/2012 by 1VERYdisappointedgal
by 1VERYdisappointedgal

When our MFC8480 died after several years of very, very hard use we went to purchase another, were told they were discontinued and were told this was very comparable with the 8480. Brought it home and was "OK" with it the 1st few days. However, my biggest complaint is that the cartridge lasts 2 weeks MAX and that's the high yield cartridge. The 8480 high yield would last us for several months. While the 7460 is about 1/2 the price of the 8480 cartridge IT IS NOT WORTH MONEY. At this point, I am trying to break it so we can take it back since we got the extended warranty and I want my 8480 back!!!!!

Would recommend to a friend? No
Great home office printer at a budget price!

Customer review by Richart

5.0 stars 9/12/2011 by Richart
by Richart

I am the type of guy that spends a lot of time researching before I purchase anything. After all, I want to get the most bang for my hard-earned dollars. Most of my printing is B&W so I knew a laser would be my lowest per page cost. Besides duplex printing I also needed wired network capability, scan, fax and copy with a automatic document feeder. What sold me was the lower cost for toner cartridges and a separate drum unit that doesn't have to be replaced every time. Great print, easy software install, all the features I need and a great price. Toner and drum cartridges that are affordable.

Atlanta, GA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by LOLA

5.0 stars 11/25/2012 by LOLA

I have never owned a multi function device hence I am very pleased to find it so efficient and easy to use. It took me a bit to install the whole 'enchalada' but thanks to the user friendly manual I got it done all by myself without the help of an IT expert. It prints beautifully. I have not used the fax yet but I am sure it will do fine. I have used customer service once and they were very courteous. We use it at my office where I work every day and since I will be working from home a lot next year, my boss recommended I would buy a Brother. I highly recommended it as well.

Miami, Florida
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Excellent purchase

Customer review by TigerKingLin

5.0 stars 11/26/2012 by TigerKingLin
by TigerKingLin

I have been comparing similar printers among all different manufactures for some time. Finally, the customer review of Brother MFC-7460DN is the best among all. So, I purchased this one. It's very easy to install, and all functions (fax, print. copy) are working beautifully. The Network feature is excellent. All my 4 computers can share this printer nicely. The color of this copier is black, which is the only choice. If there is other color choice such as grey or white, that will be perfect. But, color is not that important. It's an excellent product indeed.

Los Angeles, CA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
just a great product

Customer review by anonymoose

5.0 stars 7/9/2014 by anonymoose
by anonymoose

the world would be a much better place if more products and services worked as well and were as cost effective as many of the Brother MFC's. This is the third MFC we have added.. The 465cn must be 7 or 8 years old and it still cranks away, the 8710dn is a couple of years old.. and now 7460DN also just plain works.. no paper jams, scanner is simple and perfect, printing is also, envelops too... I used to buy knockoff cartridges but now we buy Brother refills as they are reasonably priced on Amazon and I'm so pleased with the MFC's and Brother.

New Hampshire and Florida locations
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great features for the price

Customer review by ernestu

4.0 stars 9/17/2012 by ernestu
by ernestu

This printer, scanner, fax, copier has many great features. I really like the duplexing feature, saving paper and space. I also really like the scan to email feature, usually only available on much higher-end machines. I do wish it had better printer margins, allowing copy to be a bit closer to the edge of the paper. The quality of grayscale/screened images could be better as well. The images are not as sharp as I would like. The dot pattern may have a lot to do with this. Overall, it's a good piece of equipment for the price.

South Texas
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
1-20 of 107 total reviews
1-20 of 107 reviews