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65 reviews | 4.6 out of 5

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65 reviews | 4.6 out of 5

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1-20 of 63 reviews
Finally some space adventure sets.

Customer review by blueyork77

5.0 stars 3/16/2011 by blueyork77
by blueyork77

Lego - finally you have done it. I was waiting for such set for a long time. I am so happy that Lego is making Space exploration sets starting with this shuttle (not the $99 set). This one makes it more affordable to a wider audience of fans. I cannot wait for the Rocket Launch set and the other smaller sets, and I hope lego will re-release those moon landing sets made for the Discovery years ago - BRING them back. Kids nowadays need to learn about the Space Exploration and different equipment. This set is easy to built, in two different sections (bags). I really love this set, its a medium sized shuttle holding 1 figure (what's up with that LEGO? Space shuttles never go into space with 1 astronaut) this set needs at least 2 astronauts, one to pilot the shuttle, and other for a space walk. Shuttle bay opens up easily to launch the probe/satellite/telescopes. Overall great building experience, and playability. I only have it for educational reasons, placed on my shelf. Go get it!!!

New York, NY
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Great shuttle, very sturdy

Customer review by AndrewO

5.0 stars 11/24/2012 by AndrewO
by AndrewO

This shuttle is a very easy build, and the end result is almost more of a toy than a model (I think of all Lego sets as models more than toys). My daughter loves swooshing it around and opening the payload doors. The minifig astronaut is great, he is wearing sunglasses that look appropriate, and his exploration helmet is really cool. If I had to nitpick the set, I wish it came with two minifigs so there could be an astronaut in the cockpit while the other did work outside. It would also be awesome if you could fit two minifigs in the cockpit. The coffee cup accessory feels a little unnecessary. This is a great set for people looking for an easy build and a fun shuttle toy. After I built it I felt a little bummed that NASA had scrapped the shuttle program. I ended up hanging it from the ceiling with the astronaut and satellite outside, and it looks pretty great. Now I just need some glow-in-the-dark stars behind it.

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So Good, could have bean a bit better

Customer review by GrayFalcon

4.0 stars 5/9/2011 by GrayFalcon
by GrayFalcon

I like this set, spent an hour and a bit in the passengers seat of a small car building this, it wasn't too hard to to put together if you didn't let your self get ahead of your self, their are some parts of the build that you may need a hand with if your a younger or inexperienced builder. Good play value but could have bean enhanced with a few changes. for starters the Body could have bean say two studs wider and about four longer that way you could have fitted in models & minifigs from other sets to create a space adventure story, also they could have designed it so it married up with the Launch tower from the Space Center set, a 2nd MiniFig as well would have bean nice so you have a Pilot and a EVA worker. an other plus would have bean a hinged cockpit so you don't have to pop off half the nose cone to take the Pilot in & out. 6.5/10

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Repair the satellite

Customer review by maskerade

5.0 stars 12/18/2012 by maskerade
by maskerade

The set comes with one minifigure,a satellite,and the shuttle itself. The minifigure has some badges on his shirt, and realistic pockets that I suppose keeps air in,and a helmet on his head, the minifigure's face has sunglasses printed on it. Now on to the shuttle.The flaps on the side can move very good and the cargo-bay doors open about 90 degrees and holds the spare helmet for the astronaut, and the satellite.The robot arm can attach and dettach from the satellite.In the front,there is a blue seat and a mug put on top of a control panel that has a radar,and other buttons.In the back, there are afterburners made by putting 5 cone-shaped bricks and 14 orange studs on the back. The shuttle mesures about a foot long and 8 and a half inches wide.The set comes with about 8 stickers, and 217 peices. I hope you enjoyed my review!

san antonio
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really neat!

Customer review by innabuck

5.0 stars 3/1/2011 by innabuck
by innabuck

I am writting on a behalf of my 9 years old - he enjoyed the fact that it's a replica of a real NASA shuttle. The instruction manual came with great pictures of the real shuttle and astrounaut (it's so similar to the Lego model!), even showing dimensions of the real shuttle and facts about space stuff (hey, I didn't know the austronauts are 2" taller when they are in the space due to a lack of the spinal compression!) The set was easy and quick to build. He can't wait to see more of the same series coming (they are - it's shown in the manual - super cool!) ! My son thought they gonna place a space rover on a sale today and was kind of sad to discover it's not here yet. really neat series! Thank you Lego! It healed my kiddo's after appendix surgery's mood :)

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Houston we have a problem

Customer review by ItsATrap1138

4.0 stars 1/4/2013 by ItsATrap1138
by ItsATrap1138

The Space Shuttle is a great City Space Set. It looks accurate to the NASA shuttles. Great job! Unfortunately this set has a lot of stickers. They do add a lot of detail but they are tedious to put on. Bring back printed bricks LEGO! Anyway, back to the shuttle. The cockpit has a control panel, a seat and a coffee mug for comic relief. The payload chamber has a small satellite which can be fitted to an extendable and adjustable arm. This is the best feature of the set. It has lots of degrees of freedom and is posable. There is also a stand for the astronaut's helmet. The thrusters at the back are awesome! They have lots of studs on the back to look like they're working. This is the best looking part of the set. The Space Shuttle only has one minifig but he is very detailed. He has a double printed torso with metallic printing and a regular helmet. The other helmet, which was in the payload chamber, is so cool! It has a gold visor and fits like a sandwich board piece. It has air tanks a t the back and some details on the front. 10 out of 10 minifig. The Space Shuttle is running out fast so get it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you want more space sets click on the helpful button below, if you don't, still click it anyway. Thanks!

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I love this set

Customer review by Althric

5.0 stars 6/22/2013 by Althric
by Althric

A couple of years ago I got this as a gift after having an operation. The days after that were daunting and painful, but this set pulled me through. It has everything a shuttle needs...good cockpit (with a coffee mug...?) opening bay doors with a satellite inside it and the astronauts spacesuit. The satellite can be deployed or stretched out with the crane that comes with it. It has realistic colouring and very nice wings and landing gear. This set comforted me through the next month or so, and I will never forget how happy it made me feel after being through such a bad time. I still have the set. I'm sorry I gave more of a story than a review, but I just put what I honestly thought was right. I still recommend it and I hope you buy it.

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Perfect for 5-year-old

Customer review by PapaCarl

5.0 stars 9/20/2011 by PapaCarl
by PapaCarl

Purchased thie Lego Space Shuttle for my son's 5th birthday and it was the perfect product for a child his age. It stimulated his curiosity in the NASA shuttle program as well as space travel. I am proud to say that he assembled the shuttle himself with limited guidance and direction from me. It was also the best project for father and son to build together. He assembled, I provided direction from the instructions and conducted quality control and review through each phase. Along the way, we talked about the various features of the shuttle as well as the shuttle mission program. When it was completed, I asked him to dedicate his model bo CMDR Willie McCool, my former classmate, who perished in the 2003 shuttle disaster.

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Space Sets!

Customer review by CloneMarshalCommanderCody

5.0 stars 6/20/2013 by CloneMarshalCommanderCody
by CloneMarshalCommanderCody

I really am glad LEGO began creating real space sets. I have always been a fan of space and LEGO sets, and this brings them together. The shuttle is very accurate, and has all sorts of nifty features, such as the satellite. When I went to Cape Canaveral a few years ago, I was stunned by how much real space shuttles looked like this set. Given, since this is a $30 set LEGO had to make it smaller and take out the living quarters, but this set is amazing. Not only is the set cool, but the instruction booklet contains facts about the real US space program. Did you know that often astronauts are several inches taller when they return from space because the lack of gravity allows their spines to stretch? Buy this set!

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i hate cons

Customer review by COOLGUYer

5.0 stars 12/16/2011 by COOLGUYer

__BEEP BOOP! TURNING ON! CONS AT SPACE SHUTTLE DETECTED!SOLVING: i can solve the cons of the product! con 1:stickers:its normal a space shuttle to have the emblem of the nation formed it! con 2: the head with sunglasses: they'r special,to protect the eyes from sun,thats why they'r called SUNglasses!(accent on SUN) con 3:the tilt:its usual the shuttle when it comes down to land tilted!and guess what!!!u even watched movies that contains space shuttles landing?they land first on the back weels first so they must be taller!! ___CON PROBLEM SOLVED! SHUTTING DOWN!BEEP BOOP!

New York
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T minus 2 seconds to Awesomeness

Customer review by legobin

5.0 stars 3/5/2011 by legobin
by legobin

Ever since I was a young kid I wanted a LEGO space shuttle to play with, but they've always been too expensive for me. Now I finally have a chance to get one, and one of my lifelong dreams has come true! Needless to say, this set is great! You can do so much with it. Sure, a fuel tank would have been nice, but it is a reasonable compromise to make the set a bargain. The shuttle is well made, has lots of functionality packed into it, and has good detail for its level. The satellite is really cool too, and just tops this thing off!

Green Bay, WI
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cool set

Customer review by johnnythunder102

4.0 stars 5/4/2011 by johnnythunder102
by johnnythunder102

Rocket into orbit on an important space mission! Blast off from our LEGO City and set your navigation for deep space! Help the astronaut to open the cargo bay doors, then use the robotic arm to release the Hubble Space Telescope into orbit! Includes astronaut minifigure in spacesuit Features the Hubble Space Telescope Open cargo bay doors! Catch and release the Hubble Space Telescope with the robotic arm! Space Shuttle measures over 8" (20cm) tall and 10" (25cm) wide Telescope measures over 2" (5cm) long and 3" (7cm) wide

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good, not great

Customer review by RickG

3.0 stars 7/1/2013 by RickG
by RickG

Pros: Realistic Design Playability Decent amount of moving parts The Space Shuttle rolls very smoothly Cons: If the small engines adhered better to the model If the top of the bay doors adhered better to the hinged lego pieces It would've been really neat if the space shuttle was able to stand vertically, instead of just horizontally It would be neat to have the space shuttle attached to two main rocket boosters for even more realism The directions didn't seem as detailed as some of the other Lego models I've built.

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Nice Space Shuttle

Customer review by Obisky

4.0 stars 3/6/2011 by Obisky
by Obisky

I really like this set. I went to my local LEGO Store today, hoping to get Shuttle Adventure, but as they were sold out, I bought this and a few other sets. I felt I was taking a risk buying this set, as it doesn't look too good from the pictures, but it's actually a really great set. The only things I would change are the front being one big piece to something nicer, like in shuttle adventure, the cargo bay not being completely "air tight," and improving the astronaut, because there's something weird about this one.

Seattle, WA
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Son loves it!

Customer review by twoboysmom

4.0 stars 7/19/2011 by twoboysmom
by twoboysmom

This set is a hit with my 5 year old son. He picked it out for his birthday and built it with his dad. He was able to do a lot with help. (Although it's a bit long so lost interest and had to come back later to it to finish). Once it was built, he has played with it almost non-stop. A month later, he still plays with it almost everyday. He's added to it and taken a bit away but still this has great play value. We have the moon buggy too, and hope to get the larger Space Launch set too. I would recommend this.

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A fun set

Customer review by Bandicoo

4.0 stars 3/7/2011 by Bandicoo
by Bandicoo

The set was a lot of fun to assemble. It went together in under an hour. Even with a small brick count, the set is divided into two different bags for extra easy assembly. The set has a few new bricks, such as some angled plates, the nose cone, and the gold visor on the Atlantis style helmet. The set has some good swooshability, but the landing gears do not retract. They have to be removed. The minifig does fit inside, but there is not room for another one. It's a little boxy, but still looks nice.

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Customer review by alex1215

4.0 stars 12/5/2011 by alex1215
by alex1215

This is a great set. It includes a mini-figure and satellite that can be stored in the cargo hold. PROS:decent size, cool astronaut, cargo hold, landing gear CONS:stickers, mini-fig head with sunglasses?!?, the landing gear is uneven so when u put it on the ground it tilts forward. All and all this a cool set and a decent buy. Also, the instruction manual includes cool facts about the actual space shuttle. This set can provide lots of play so that's why I recommend this set

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Great set, but one little thing...

Customer review by GVEDELGADO

4.0 stars 4/17/2011 by GVEDELGADO

Great set, I love it. I got it for my Bday and I like it, the only problem is it only comes with 1 astronaut. WHAT??? Spacecraft dont come with 1 man, MAN! There should be at least 2 minifig. Pros: -Cool arm -Satelite -2 different helmets -Wing flaps -Cool, REALISTIC design Cons: -Only 1 minifig -A bit expensive Overall: A great set It is a good idea to buy other space sets to go with it--WHY ARE THEY NOT AVAILABLE IN CANADA???!!! In one word: AWESOME!

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Great set to build with my boys

Customer review by SOJB

5.0 stars 8/1/2011 by SOJB

After much debate, my four-year old and five-year old arrived at choosing the space shuttle. All three of us are happy they did. We had a great time building it. My boys used words like, "Awesome!" and "Sweet!" and we just had fun piecing this one together. I also think it is a fantastic set for only $30. The only thing I didn't like was that the black paint on the end of the nose cone was chipped right out of the box. But that will happen anyway...

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Sweet Build

Customer review by BMan

5.0 stars 4/23/2011 by BMan
by BMan

I recommend this set to anyone who wants to play with their legos after building them, (Not me). I just like the building part...then they stay on a shelf in my room for ever. This is a very fashionable set. Great to display. Awesome Minifiure. The only con I have about this set is the satellite thing doesn't really work right with the set and hanger. Overall, GREAT SET. BUY IT.

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1-20 of 63 total reviews
1-20 of 63 reviews