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Panasonic Es-la93k Men's Wet/dry Arc4 Shaver

Panasonic Es-la93k Men's Wet/dry Arc4 Shaver

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<li>Multi-fit blades </li><li></li><li>Ultra-thin vibrating outer foil </li><li>2-motor system</li>
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Best Shaver Hands Down!

I've used a Braun shaving system the last 6yrs, and it finally fell apart. The shaving quality of the Braun gradually declined after 4yrs as well- even with blade replacements every 9mos, so I was reluctant to purchase another. I wanted to try something new. This Panasonic shaver is "expensive", but like most things in life, you get what you pay for. It's built better, it keeps trimmings inside the shaver rather than spilling out wherever during a shave, and I can shave a 4 day beard clean in under 3 minutes with this shaver, and mine is thick. I could never imagine doing that with my Braun. This product cuts at 14000 revolutions per minute, and that's 4000 revolutions per minute more powerful than the current top of the line Braun! It's quiet, water proof for wet or dry shaving, gels or foams, and it fully charges in an hour for 45min of shaving. It easily cleans under running water with liquid soap as well as having the self-cleaning system available. I do clean the shaver under the faucet before putting it in the self-cleaning system though, but that's just my personal preference to keep the system free of trimmings. Just like automobiles, you get what you pay for. A $500 car will likely get you to work just as well as a $50,000 car, but which one will leave you loving the experience of driving to work with a smile on your face? If you want to enjoy the experience of shaving rather than just having it be a routine you have to do, try this Panasonic out. Otherwise, stick with a Bic.

best cordless electric shaver available

This shaver got best rating by Hammacher Schlemmer and always made the top 3 lists everywhere on line so I bought it and Braun's best Series 7 to compare. I've owned both makes in the past and found service and longevity to be excellent on both--the Panasonic was the winner of the two-closest shave and no weaknesses

Pretty darn good

Typical electric razor shave. Pretty good but definitely not a blade. If Panasonic would make the cleaning a little quieter and make an option to shut off the amazingly bright flashing blue display that indicates the razor is fully charged, this thing would be perfect. This baby was worth every penny despite those two minor gripes. Doesn't work well wet. But that's not my intended use.

Head Shaver

I use mine to shave my head every other day and this is the very closest I have come to using a blade. I like it because I am not confined to the bathroom to shave anymore. Heck, I can walk around the house while shaving my head. Now that's convenience. I know it is a bit pricey but it does a great job so I don't mind the price so much.

Fantastic product

As a member of the military, I am required to shave nearly every day. For years I have been dealing with terrible razor burn across my neck. I have tried just about every razor that claims to reduce irritation with no luck....until now. After using this razor for about a month, I have yet to develop any sort of irritation, bumps, or burning. Extremely easy to use and maintain, holds a good charge for when I am in the field away from accessible power, and very durable for travel. Although the process takes a little longer for a complete shave, I'd much rather lose a couple extra minutes for the resulting comfort. Absolutely thrilled with this product and would recommend it to anyone with who has suffered through the discomfort of razor burn.

Quality Electric Razor

I wasn't sure I could trust the reviews, however there were so many with five stars that I decided to purchase the razor and pay the high price. I can say that so far, I am glad I did. All of the positives mentioned by others are true and it is giving me the closest shave that I have ever had with an electric razor. Also like the fact that it can be charged with just the cord and not a stand that is always taking up room in the bathroom. The battery charges fast and lasts all week, hope that continues for a couple of years.

Excellent Shave, easy on the skin

This is the best razor I have ever owned. Easy to use. Shaves close without having to go over the same areas over and over. So the skin doesn't become irritated. The charging/cleaning base makes it easy to keep it charged and cleans/disinfects after each use. Can be used wet or dry. For a super close shave, use it with shaving cream. I can't say enough good about this razor. The only two negative points are perhaps the price and availability of accessories. The price is substantial, however you will not need to replace this razor again for many years. So its well worth the investment. The accessories are not widely available in retail stores. They are however widely available online. So plan ahead and order online rather than picking them up while shopping.

Great electric razon

I was a little hesitant to switch from norelco , but this one had far and away better reviews and recommendations. I always take reviews with a grain of salt, and I expected a quality razor for this price regardless. What made me buy this one was when I looked into the replacement foil and blades. norelco blades are supposed to be replaced every 6 months (at least for my current model). The blades aren't cheap at around $35. I figured the panasonic would be more expensive given that the foil needs to be replaced as well as the blades. I was surprised that the foil is recommended to be replaced once a year, and the blade is recommended to be replaced once every two years. Not only that, but a pack of a replacement foil and blades is the same as the cost of one set of blades for the norelco. That'll save you $100 over two years. Assuming it lasts for 4, you've got a razor that paid for itself, if you had a norelco before. Will it last 4 years? I can only say that it definitely feels like it was built well, so I do expect it to last for quite a while. The best thing about this razor is how fast it shaves my face. I shave my entire face in under 2 minutes with it. I have yet to have to go over a spot or a hair several times to get it to cut it, which was sometimes a problem with the norelco. It's comfortable to hold, and the pivoting head isn't awkward, which was a concern buying it online just based on the angles. It could be because it is so fast, but it doesn't irritate my face as much as the norelco did either. I would say the closeness of the shave is just a hair closer than the norelco, but not really noticeable. Only gripe is that the trimmer isn't very good/useful. It's awkwardly positioned, and doesn't cut hairs very well. It would work in a pinch though, which is what it's for in my opinion, so no big deal there. Just for reference, I would have rated my norelco 4.5/5 stars.

Great shaver - Trouble with water

I used this shaver for almost two years, and it worked great, until the screen went blank. Shortly after that, the shaver stopped completely. Luckily, I was still inside the two year warranty period and Panasonic replaced the shaver with a new one. I used shaving cream and water with every shave, and I believe that is what caused the issue.

Keep it clean!

Best shaver ever! I have used most other brands over the years but this actually does the job. Just a tip for cleaning. Take off the head and brush the cutters and clean out the whiskers every time after use, first with the brush and then with running water. Do the same to the foils as well. Reassemble and again run under running water with the razor turned on. Dry the out side and then place in cleaning station.This will extend the life of the cartridge in the cleaning station beyond your expectations. Remember to maintain the water level in the reservoir. Best shave for me with dry face.

Vibrates the right way

This has a better foil than my last one and it vibrates up and down, which pulls hair better before cutting. Overall this is an improvement over my last one which was very good already. It cleans easy, can be used dry or wet. Most importantly it shaves well, close and fast. I tried other makes but ended up with Panasonic years ago. This is my 3d high speed Panasonic electric razor. It wins over others for good shave, long battery life, easy clean and no failures on any of them over 10 years of use. Only drawback is expensive spare parts (foil and blade). Always look for sales on those!

Best Electric Shaver

As a young boy, I remember always having Panasonic products at home ie TVs and radios. I also noticed that they always far outlasted other typical product brands. Today having a family of my own I always make it a point to buy Panasonic before considering any other product brand. The Arc4 4-Blade Electric Shaver which comes with the Automatic Cleaning and Charging Station follows the same trend of High quality, meticulous attention to detail in its design evident in its fit and finish. The Arc 4 Shaver performs equally as impressive. I found this unit to shave faster and closer than any of the many other shavers I've used. The cleaning station does a through job of cleaning the shaver which precludes skin irritation.

More than I expected but I recommend

Have not owned an electric shaver for about 15 years. Bought this shaver because of the way it is cleaned. No brush for cleaning whiskers. Just add water to the cleaning boat, turn the razor on, let it suds real good and PRESTO rinse in clear water let dry, and ready for use again.

Works well

I shave my head and before would do it in the shower with a traditional blade. California's drought made me rethink this activity. I had always heard that an electric shave was inferior, but haven't tried it myself for 20 years. I was pleasantly surprised to feel the effects of this shaver. It gives a much closer shave without the wasted water nor the skin irritation. Also, it is super easy to clean.

Mens Electric Shaver

Excellent product and get a great shave. The automatic cleaning function works great as well. I haven't used an electric shaver in years. Due to surgery on my neck I need a better way to shave because I couldn't look up, down or twist my head while shaving. I thought about buying a much cheaper model because once healed I figured I would go back to a razor. Not now, I get as good as a shave with the Panasonic ES-LA93-K shaver as I do when using a razor and no nicks.

it's the closest shave you can get

shaves me smooth and without irritation, I love it!!!

Gives a great shave.

I use this every day and it gives a great shave. I read several reviews about the display dying so I wanted to comment. This says wet / dry but DO NOT submerge it into the water. Try to keep it out of the direct flow. Even while doing this it is possible to get the razor wet enough to make the display go out. Here is what to do if that happens. Let it sit in a dry place for a day. If that is not enough take a heat gun or hair dryer to it for several minutes. Once it dries out the display will come back. I agree you should not have to do this on a as advertised wet / dry razor but it will work.

Great Shaver

This is my fourth one of these and they are great shavers. Yes, they eventually get old and the battery won't hold much of a charge after years of service but it takes a long time for that to happen. It is very much worth the price.

Excellent shave and versatile

I've had this shaver for about 2 years now and it has been really good, and the fact that it can be used both dry and wet is very convenient. The only small complaint is that the cleaning system doesn't leave it smelling like something fresh, instead it smells a bit like burnt plastic (not a had smell but still...). The accessories (cleaning cartridges and replacement foil and currers) are not cheap but comparable to Braun.
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