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Excellent for the classroom!

Customer review by HappyTeacher1

5.0 stars by HappyTeacher1

As a teacher, I love how the laminate works in my room. I use it to tape down nametags. It is durable and lasts all year long. When I pull it off, it doesn't leave sticky residue. It was also easy to peel off and adjust without losing its stickiness. I also use it at home to line my shelves. It is so easy to use and I know it won't ruin my shelves when I take it out.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
not just for laminating

Customer review by daddysducky

5.0 stars by daddysducky

I love the clear peel and stick laminating roll, it's not just for laminating and protecting things that are important to you, but you can also use this for making any thing from magazine purses and wallets but you can also use it for making place mat clutches... All you do is laminate the inside of a cloth place mat fold up the place mat about half way and use duck brand duct tape in solid or pattern print to close the sides, then you use more duck tape and decorate the outside of the clutch or with bother embellishments then take made of the clear duck brand clear laminating peel and stick roll and cover up your decorations to keep them from coming off...I absolutely love this product the possibilities are endless and it's so easy to control and use

Humboldt, TN, USA
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Frequency of use:Monthly
Great idea for back to school!

Customer review by Julia22

5.0 stars by Julia22

Great for decorating school lockers for the new school year!!!!

Geneva, IL
Home improvement profile:Other
Frequency of use:Monthly
Perfect Product for the Job!!!

Customer review by Mikie

5.0 stars by Mikie

After about 20 years, my wife asked me to install new peel & stick laminate to under our master bathroom sink. So I removed as much as the old laminate as possible. (I do not remember the brand that I used 20 years ago.) Anyway, after cleaning the area to be covered as much as I can, I cut the laminate to length using the dots as a reference. I also liked the idea that there was a ruler printed along one edge so a tape measure was not needed. I peeled off several inches of the backing and aligned it with one edge of the cabinet base. Then I carefully peeled away more of the backing as I un-rolled the liner and smoothing out any bubbles with my other hand. OMG, within 5 short minutes, I had covered the base cabinet and since our cabinet was 20-1/2 inches wide, it did not require me to put a second roll down to fill in the 1/2 inch gap along the rear of the cabinet. It fit "like a glove". To complete, I tool my exacto knife and trimmed some of the overlap at each end. I was pleasantly delighted how easy and quick this product adhered to the base and how professional it looked when the job was done. My wife was happy as well as she then placed all of the "stuff" back under the sink. A job well done. Now we will probably use the rest of the roll to re-do our kitchewn cabinets. Thank you for making such a wonderful and reasonable product!!!

New Jersey, USA
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Frequency of use:Daily
Product is used for Signs and laminating papers

Customer review by Berti

4.0 stars by Berti

I use this to make signs for community events and laminate important papers I use a lot. It's simple but not always easy. I wish they would leave just a little paper (1/16") along one edge so I could get the backing off easier. It is an inexpensive way to laminate at home

Oregon, USA
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Fix it!

Customer review by Pek5608

2.0 stars by Pek5608

Using this product to line drawers is some what frustrating! I have tried other brands and I do appreciate that the product is thicker than most but what I do not understand is the simple fact that EVERY single brand sells this in rolls why????? Most things we cover are not cilyndical it's mainly flat "serifaces!! So why not sell in sheets?? It's easy to piece together rather than using your knees, teeth and whatever else you have availble to hold it down so it does not fold up on you! You become a circus act just trying to line a drawer!!! I have come to the point to rather buy vinyl and spray adhesive rather than dealing with rounded edges. Plus you do buy 100$ with of product and only recieve maybe 6 average size drawers worth of space! A waste of money... Unless you want to cover soda cans... Or anything round and not flat!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Home improvement profile:DIYer
Frequency of use:Yearly