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GMC Denali 700c 19" Men's Road Bike

GMC Denali 700c 19" Men's Road Bike

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<li>Fits riders 5'2"-5'8" with a stand over of 27"-30"</li><li>21-speed road bike features a lightweight aluminum frame</li>
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Awesome bike for the money!

After looking all over for a bike, I read the reviews about this one and decided to give it a try. The bike came only in 3 or 4 days and it was free shipping so that was a plus. The box arrive with some damage but the bike did not have scratches or any think like that. After I open the box the bike was strap with zip ties to avoid any damage and was carefully packed. When I pull the frame out of the box everything (Tires and frame came in one piece) was tied together except a small box with some accessories and the manual. The back tire was mounted in place the front tire was strap to the frame. It took me only under 30 minutes to put everything together... I mean; front tire, seat, handlebar, bottle carrier and front and back reflector; that was all. You only need couple Allen wrenches and some 10 or 14 crescent wrench. The tires were not perfect true but with a little elbow grease a make them perfect, probably another 30 minutes. The front brake need to be adjust and that will be another 5 minutes (not done yet) I live in MN and there is a lot of snow out so I am not able to test it yet but the bike is better then what I expected. Durability of the bike. I put in the ratings 5 but I won't know until later. For the construction and welding of the frame, looks very strong and not cheap made. I hope this clear any question people may have but definitely you won't regret it. I am sure up there are better bikes but not for this price! Cheers a,m 5.6 and this bike fit me wellchecking the Denali 700c
Bike photosBox, out of the box and final assembly.

Great Bike for the price

Haven't gotten to ride it much because of the cold weather but rode it home out of the store. It's going to take some time to get use to it since I am use to mountain bikes and having to drop my hands down to hit the breaks was a bit odd for the ride home and since it was dark I didn't use up all the gears and hit a pot hole that around here would eat a small car got the Service Plan with it so anything does go wrong I'll just take it right back to them it's a great bike for the price and with the 3 yr service plan for only 20 bucks more you cant go wrong.
5 yr old took this pic

Cool entry level road bike

Got it within 3 days after paying standard shipping. It came pre-assembled. The right side decal of the bike frame is scratched probably from packaging/handling. Other than that it was very easy to assemble. I had to bring it to a local bike store for fine tuning of gears and brakes. They also had to tighten the spokes and align the front wheel. Safety first is a must for me. Cost me $25 for that. Been using it every day since and i am loving it.
Assembling my new toyFinished product before fine tuning

Good bike but careful about the YELLOW color

My wife bought this bike in the black/yellow but when the bike arrived it was a black /gold color and not a yellow. Returned and bought the black/orange bike. Let's hope that is the right color when it's delivered.

Affordable yet exceeds expectations

I've had this bike for a few weeks, and already I (no joke), get stopped by people who ask if they can check out my bike. They love the look, find it pretty light, and often guess that i spent well over $800 on the bike. Nope! Looks aside, the bike rides really well. It's light enough for me to carry up and down several sets of stairs (hello 4th floor walkup), and i go through NYC streets feeling good about the ride. Things to note: - The seat is surprisingly not too bad (for a 10-20 mile bike ride. If you're looking to do more... perhaps a cushier seat might be better.) - As a 5'3"'er, I did have to get a new stem for the handlebars which rest pretty low, to make it higher and more reachable, which cost around $60 bucks at a local bike shop - The frame is shaped differently than a standard bike, so lock holders were too small to fit. I carry my lock in a bag while riding. - The pedals are super sharp (and very stabby!) thinking of switching them out so my legs don't look like i've been beaten Other than those little things, i love that people assume i spent a pretty penny, while i'm very happy with the purchase and the ride!

Great Bike, Great price and Look around, this best

Well i got it and it was everything i was looking for. Very Solid, very Bright, great colors and i love the handle bars. great bike for getting in to road cycling. ALSO VERY LiGHT. just get it, you won't regret it.

Great Bike

Very happy to purchase this bike, awesome color, quality and affordable!

Great bike great price

This bike is just what I was looking for, great frame, I have to tell I like the shimano revo system, the wheels are very good and in general is well fixed. It was the center of atention when I got it for my first ride.

Great Deal for the Price

I recently just got this bike a couple of days ago. And I have to say that I absolutely love it. If yes, it isn't a $1,000 road bike; it is a $159 road bike. Which makes its value unbelievably high. The assembly was fast and easy, the pedals that it came with are great in my opinion. It came with a water bottle holder (which I wasn't expecting so it was a bonus) . I did change the saddle, and I actually only did because I had already ordered the one I wanted just because I am very picky about the saddle. However I got a good look at the one that comes with the bike and it is a pretty decent one actually. The bottom line: The bike looks great, runs nice and smoothly. Its a little heavy for a road bike (but for the price is awesome) but a great alternative specially on a tight budget. I am 5'5" and it fits me well. The saddle has to be pretty low, (almost all the way down) but not quite. I have short legs and finding a bike for my size at this price its quite hard.

Good Starter Road Bike

I decided to purchase this bike because I am training for my first triathlon and I could not see myself purchasing a >$500 road bike, which is what the local bike stores and sporting good stores recommended for a beginner. The Medium sized frame is not sold in local Walmart stores, so I tried the Large frame in a store and could tell right away the Large frame was too big for me (I am 5'8" tall). The bike arrived at my house very quickly, and I was able to put the bike together in 10 minutes. I could not get the rear derailleur adjusted correctly and the front break was slightly twisted, so I took it to a local bike store for a $25 tune-up. The local bike store was able to adjust the derailleur and slightly adjust the front break. The local bike store said that it was common for those type of breaks to get twisted. I check it every time before I ride, just to be safe, but it is working fine. I would recommend this bike to anyone wanting to start cycling. I would also recommend the local bike store tune-up. It is worth every penny to know that the bike is put together correctly and the breaks/gears are adjusted correctly.

Great Bike for the Price

First, I am a female. Height 5'8". Second, I have very very little biking experience. I knew I needed a road bike that didn't cost too much. Third, I read a lot of reviews online before I decided to purchase this bike. With that said, this bike has worked pretty well for me. My friend put it together for me and then adjusted the handlebars for me when I couldn't reach the brakes. I haven't spent much time on it, about 20 to 25 miles, so I can't speak to any longevity for the bike. The wrapping around the right handle bar became loose on the first ride out. I've been able to re-wrap it and its been fine. The gears are hard to shift sometimes (sticky?). And at this moment I can't shift into 3rd gear. I will have my friend check it out and see if we can fix it. So overall, with my lack of experience and knowledge, this purchase has worked out okay for me.

Great bike for the money!

I've rode this bike for about a month. It has exceeded all my expectations. It is on the heavier side of aluminum but it rides well and seemed alot faster than half of my other road bikes. I am 5' 8" and I got the medium frame and it fits perfect. I had to tune it up myself with guidance from youtube. After that It shifted great. I also fitted it myself learning from youtube. Shipping was great and fast I recieved it within three days even though walmarts website said five. This bike is perfect for people wanting to casualy ride or want to go faster on pavement. You would be at a slight disadvantage if you wanted to race your buddies or a group ride on this bike though, it's on the heavier side of bikes and you would pay for it on hills. Flat land though and you would have no problem. The only thing I would change on this bike to make it better would be the tires. They are 700X32 and have tread. i prefer 700x23 slicks. It would make a world of a difference when your trying to keep pace with the fast guys! Overall: You can't beat this bikes capabilities and quality for the money, you just can't.

Definitly Worth $160

Overall this is a great bike for the price. It's one of the very few road bikes that fit men with shorter legs. The parts are not amazing, obviously, they shouldn't be for the price. Replace the cheap brakes and the tire tubes and you'll feel a lot safer. The bike comes partially assembled and only takes 10 minutes to fully assemble. Mine came with the back derailleur needing major tuning and needed some brake adjusting, this takes a little while if you know what you're doing, otherwise you definitely need to take it in to get a basic tune up after assembly. So, with some decent upgrades and a professional tuneup you will have a nice and reliable road bike for around only $220!

Well worth it for the price.

You must understand this is nothing more than a starter road bike. For the price this bike gets 5 out of 5 stars. If you're expecting this bike to ride like a $1000 Trek bicycle you will be very dissapointed. It was very easy to put together and rides pretty nice. I have put about 150 miles on it so far and have had no problems. I got the medium bike because I am only 5'8 and it is the perfect size for me, there's no way I could ride the large bike at my height. Some reviews I read suggested that the bike might come with some damage but mine was perfect when I pulled it out of the box. I would highly recommend this bike to anyone who is looking for a low end starter road bike.
I did a bit of research before buying my first bike and this was the one that I ultimately chose. It had positive reviews and a good price for a beginner bicycle. It came (almost) pre-assembled. The front tire, handlebars, pedals and seat needed to be attached. If you're new to cycling (like me) I would recommend putting it together with someone who's worked on bikes before or taking it to a bike shop to be assembled and adjusted because it will probably need some minor adjustments to ride true (brakes, derailer & possibly spokes). I purchased the medium based on other reviewer's stated heights (5'8"), however I am 5'9" and I think that the large would possibly have been a better fit. I had to adjust the seat fairly high (I have a 33" inseam) so I find that leaning down to the handlebars (and reaching the brakes) is a bit uncomfortable. It is also fairly heavy so take what type of bike rack you'll be using (if any) into consideration. A roof rack may be difficult to use if you're a woman (like me) because of the weight of the bike. The ride is very nice, shifting is easy and it responds well to the brakes. All in all, I am very pleased with this bike.

Great Value, 100 miles on it and time for a tuneup

I have about 100 miles on this bike, will be using it for MS150 in a few weeks. Like most other reviewers, I agree the bike needed some brake, deraileur, and fitting adjustments. I am taking the wheels to the shop to have them trued this week. I put clip in pedals and took off the kickstand. Adusted shifting and brakes, set seat and handlebars. One wheel had some scratches. Solid aluminum frame bike, great for started. Cheap Wal-Mart bike $160 Clip in pedals and tune up $50 Finishing MS150 ahead of a $6,000 Cannondale... Priceless :-)

Worth the money for an entry level bike.

Shipped to my local Walmart and arranged to have it assembled. Although the assembler was only there on weekends, I was able to have them put it together by noon on a Saturday. You should call your local Walmart and find out the assembler's work schedule. Free shipping and assembly on an entry level bike, Can't beat that. Could have spent easily over $300 on another entry level bike. Although I do wish there were better color options. I'm 5'-3" and fit the bike perfectly. Fits right in the backseat of a larger sedan (ie.. maxima). -Make sure your local Walmart assembles your bike. -Make sure to buy the correct size fitting for safety light mounts and bike locks. -Car mount is also a great idea to have. -Don't forget to buy a water bottle.

I'm 5'5", but my legs are 36 inches

I have very long legs, and I had to read through all of the reviews to make sure this bike would fit my needs. Budget was obviously a concern. I am a runner, who is trying to get into Duathlons (completed one on an older mountain bike). I'm not unhappy with my choice, however, I'm a disappointed in how the bike was put together. I did ship to store. My bike was missing parts AND there was still packing tape on part of it. Luckily, I found a little bike shop that gave me a great tune up. They checked EVERYTHING. My brakes didn't work AT ALL. Common sense told me to take it to a reputable bike shop after I picked it up from Walmart. So glad I did. I was able to adjust the seat to fit my very long legs, and I was able to swap out my pedals. Lastly, I'll be changing the hardware to make the front tire a quick release tire. Haven't really broken it in, but so far I'm happy about my purchase. It's gold, beautiful gold. My family is from the Caribbean, so that's the perfect color for me.

great beginner bike

I love this bike, purchased it back in October. Have put well over 200 miles on it, haven't had any problems with it. I changed the seat, put lights and a cyclometer on it, also purchased an indoor bike trainer for when I can't get outside. Have been using it to get back in shape, once you learn the gears this bike will take you to different heights..... I just can't imagine spending over $500 for a bike, that's what I was looking at for my height 5'1" Dropped in at Walmart saw this bike and instantly fell in love with it.... My bestie also has one and ours rides better than a friend's who spend $600 for her "road bike".

Crooked decals but nice bike overall

IM OLD.. Wanted something that looked fast yet cost nothing. This was it! I got the Medium size and with an inseam of 30-31 this bike fits nicely. I would not recommend for less than 29 inch inseam if you wish to stand over the middle bar. Shipped to the house and went together in 20-30 min.. basicly put on a front wheel and tighten up the handlbars and seat. I added this to an indoor trainer and watch youtubes of other pedalers on the 120 inch projector while getting in my exercise. It also takes some rides up and down the street.. all works fine. Although I don't think it needed much tuning I "did" do the youtube derailer alignments.. all went very easy and well. At this rice there isn't much bad to say about it. I haven't been on bikes since the old days of Schwin 10 speeds.. and I am lovin it! The biggest decal was not called GMC..but Denali which was a surprise but, it has a slight crease right in the middle of it. That has been the only disappointment I have had. If your not into name brands that cost a ton and just want something for that everyday exercise you just can not go wrong. looks to be worth much more than paid. Obviously not the lightest.. but I am not out trying to win any awards, just keeping the blood flowing...which it has done nicely.
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