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130 reviews | 4.8 out of 5

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1-20 of 126 total reviews
1-20 of 126 reviews
LG is the way to go!

Customer review by LivingInferno

5.0 stars 11/28/2011 by LivingInferno
by LivingInferno

I bought this TV on Thursday and I'm still in love. When I first saw it stood out from the rest by a long shot the picture was clear, the color was vivid, and it just looked amazing! My old TV was a Lg 42", I loved the TV, but I wanted something bigger and I thought it was finally time to upgrade. I have no real bad things to say about it the color is vivid, you can change the picture to you liking with their expert picture, the sound is great I always have mine at 2O and it's loud enough. The 3D is just plain amazing! Seeing "The Lion King" in 3D is jaw dropping and I still can't believe it was a movie that I saw back when I was a child! The smart TV with their wand controller is also great although I have not tried it too much. You can download apps via Wifi or Ethernet connection to your internet. It has Netflix, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and a browser built in and there's more to download! All in all this is a TV you're easily going to fall in love with just like I did.

El Monte ,CA
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My first experience with 3D

Customer review by ScottC88

5.0 stars 4/21/2011 by ScottC88
by ScottC88

Though I did not buy my TV from Walmart, I did get this same model, and felt they needed a review here. I have had this TV for about 5 days now. It came well packaged with 2 remotes (one being the Wii-like remote), instructions, stand, wifi usb adapter, and batteries for both remotes. Getting it set up: certainly try and get someone to help you. I managed it by myself, but it's just too risky on something this expensive. Not that it's extremely heavy (no more than my older 42"), but more that it's big and awkward to handle. Connecting: I had to do some swapping of connections for this TV, as they've done away with S-Video. Take the time to see what you have as far as cables and connections, and check what this TV has. Plan on how you want to connect so you can be sure everything will work. I had to pick up a Optical Digital Audio cable for my surround sound receiver. Aside from that, everything went really well. All the HDMI conections are on the left, flat against the TV so they don't stick out perpindicular to the the back of the TV if you were to mount it on the wall. Turning it on: The settings right out of the box were good, but not the best. Some basic settings like Cinema and Game change it a bit, but it has Expert1and Expert2 where you can tweek just about everything to do with the picture. I found some settings online in a forum that really improved picture quality. If you go this route, be prepared to spend some time setting it up. The TruMotion effect on the TV gives it a weird "soap opera" look to it. I tried a less intrusive setting, but the wife still didn't like it so I finally turned it off. The picture itself is wonderful. Lighting is even, colors are bright, and with my custom settings, blacks are wonderful. I have standard definition satellite and it looks great at 12' on the couch. 3D: I haven't had much experience with this yet, other than to play with the 2D-3D conversion of some TV and PS3 game. It certainly ads an appearance of depth to the image, but if the true 3D isn't any better (which I hear it is), then I might have passed on a set with this feature. But I got a good deal on it, and the passive 3D glasses are cheap (and it comes with 4). Be back at least about 8 feet, or the picture shows lines from the altered image. Also, some people report that the 3D might not be as good if you aren't looking at the TV straight on. That it could be worse if the TV is mounted up high like above a fireplace. I have read some people on forums reporting lag from their gaming systems. I have a PS3 connected with a new 3D rated HDMI cable and I do not notice any input lag. I've mostly played Black Ops online the past few days and haven't noticed any. The 2D-3D in this game is pretty neat, I have to admit. Gives it depth. Be prepared to adjust the settings for other inputs, as the originals for TV do not carry over to other input sources. Sound: I wasn't expecting much from such a thin TV. For good sound, you need space for the speakers which you don't have in a thin TV. But I have to admit, these sound great for normal TV viewing. And if I want to go loud, I turn on the surround sound. In all I'm very pleased with it.

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Better than I expected!

Customer review by Kaaskop

5.0 stars 12/19/2011 by Kaaskop
by Kaaskop

I have had my new LG TV for about three weeks. I had no problems setting it up over the course of several days. I also upgraded my Dish subscrition and had to learn how to use it The number of inputs made the job simple as I have Blu-ray, DVD for music, VCR, Laser disc player, and computer input. Input selection was easy as it is on screen and you can rename the inputs from HDMI to VCR., Sattelite, Blu-ray or what ever. I have also used my flash drive to show pictures. Connected easily to my wireless computer network and worked like a charm The sound is acceptable, however, I used a large receiver for surround sound. I like the feature that you can completely shut off the TV sound and still use the TV output through my receiver. That way I don't have to switch input on my reciever. The picture is great I have made no special adjustments. The 3D conversion works really well and brings a special feeling to some of my older DVD's and football. Surfing the web works well and I can get and read my email on the TV and search the web. The Smart remote is very handy as my wife is not a techie and she can handle the TV the way she wants. Dd I all ready say the picture is grrrreat. I like LG products as they seem to offer many extra little features that others do not have. The printed manual is OK for starters and the manual on the CD explains everything in detail. There is very little reflection in a well lit room due to the matte screen. To sum up...Good price, good delivery, great picture, great features.

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Age:65 or older
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Every day
Quality and lots of features at a reasonable cost

Customer review by andyg1st

5.0 stars 5/7/2012 by andyg1st
by andyg1st

Keeps itself updated via broadband network. Features are slow to react from remote control signals. Some product reviewers have stated that the screen is "matte" finish. I would have to call it more like "semi-gloss". Room lights DO reflect off the screen, though nothing like the shiny/glasslike screens of many other brands, I can live with it. Lots of settings to work with so it can take some time to set it exactly like you want. I've had my set for 2 months and I keep finding useful features. Have called LG customer service several times for setup help and they have answered every question I've had. They are very knowledgeable and maybe best of all, they don't put you on hold, a person actually answers! All in all, I'm very satisfied so far. I haven't fiddled with the 3D much yet, it's not that important to me. One thing though, it's "passive" 3D, so the required glasses are low-cost if you need extras. (Like any brand, if you wall-mount it, get all your connections right the first time, it's a pain to have to take it down tp make changes.)

Irving, TX
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great Picture and Features

Customer review by chaserchap

5.0 stars 6/7/2012 by chaserchap
by chaserchap

I chose this tv partially due to other reviews, and partially due to the 3D demo. Unfortunately I haven't seen any 3d as good as the demo, but it is a demo and thus made just for that purpose. That being said, the 3d is still great. And considering the price of active shutter glasses, this provides the viewing of 3d movies with friends and family at reasonable prices. The Smart TV features are also great. We use the Netflix and Hulu features all the time, of course they do require subscriptions. Using VUDU you can even rent/stream 3D movies! The features are outstanding! The biggest caveat I have with this TV is that I've already had to send it in for repairs, and I've only owned it for six months. Apparently the board had gone bad. Either way the repair was quick and everything seems to be working great now! Overall I love this tv and do not regret the purchase, but I will be purchasing the factory extended warranty...

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
I love my new TV

Customer review by Stepfather

4.0 stars 10/4/2011 by Stepfather
by Stepfather

I have had this television for about two months now. I wanted to give the television a full work out to see how it does. I love almost everything about this television. The display is great. The 3d is just as it is in the movie theaters. The TV had no problem connecting with my network and I can watch all my movies on my computer through the TV without any special setup setup. The web connection with the usb dongle is smooth when watching netflix films. When connected to my Playstation 3, the 3D is terrific. I have two nature DVDs and Sanctum 3D. All three are beautiful. Plus PS3 3D gaming is great. The only downfall I have with the television is its sound quality. When I purchased the television i also received an LG sound bar. The TV needs to be hooked up to either a sound bar or a home surround sound system to get any solid sound quality. Overall, I would recommend this television to anyone. Sets up in minutes. picture quality is beautiful, 3D is excellent (especially not having to buy active 3D glasses. Next time you go to a movie bring the glasses home).

pittsburgh, pa
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Just what I'm looking for

Customer review by dilasink

5.0 stars 9/18/2011 by dilasink
by dilasink

I'm very happy with this 3D TV. I'm specially amazed that it can convert 2D image to 3D. When I was buying the TV at the store, I thought I would need to buy some Blue Ray 3D movie or subcribe to cable/satellite TV service for 3D channels in order to utilize this TV's 3D feature. But it turns out that I don't need any of those. It can convert any 2D TV channels to 3D. Unlike some other 3D TV which produces 3D image that is just felt like multiple thin layers of image putting on top of each other, the 3D image that this TV put out really give the feeling of 3D shape. The only slight draw back with 2D to 3D converion is sometimes the 3D shape may not feel right. Hopefully in the future, this feature becomes more mature and realistic. But for the money that I had to pay for this TV comparing to other more expensive brand/model, I'm very happy with what it can provide at this stage of 3D TV development.

Los Angeles, CA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
A Good Smart TV

Customer review by r0k

4.0 stars 11/22/2013 by r0k
by r0k

I picked up this LG Smart TV after owning a Samsung BluRay that had awful menus and bricked itself during a software update. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of apps but disappointed that Pandora was missing. Over a year later, Pandora showed up one day which was a pleasant surprise. Pros: Good picture. 3D without glasses (but we never use it). Plenty of HDMI inputs. Light weight. Low power consumption. Cons: The menu system is like something out of 1980. When channel 56 stopped working during a wind storm that affected our outdoor antenna, the TV started tuning actual channels rather than virtual channels which made finding and getting channel 56 back again a huge ordeal. I had to go on a quest to find out I had to enter digital channel 43 to get channel 56 to come back. When I would enter 56, I would get leakage from our neighbor's dishtv box (some sort of channel 99.99)! What a joke. I can recommend this as a good quality TV but if you want to easy to use smart TV features or even well designed basics like well implemented manual tuning or dynamic signal strength meters, you might need to look elsewhere.

Detroit, MI, USA
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Best Investment Ever

Customer review by AJ

5.0 stars 5/29/2011 by AJ
by AJ

We absolutely love out new LG 55" 3D LED TV. We paid full price for it but it was well worth it. We got the LG surround sound with it and a 3D Blu-Ray player. We love the way it takes 2D programs and can convert them into 3D. I like this feature best for watching hockey games in HD. It is as good as having box seats. It is full of features and takes a while to get use to it, but the remote wand makes it very easy to navigate. I also like the way that it not only came with 4 pairs of 3D glasses, but that we can also use regular polaroid sun glasses or the souvenir pairs from IMAX or regular 3D movie theaters and that we don't need to purchase expensive pairs that use batteries. The fact that it is an LED TV is a bonus too, in that it uses a lot less energy and is therefore a greener choice. I can't say enough good things about our new LG 3D TV.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Awesome TV experience

Customer review by Kevin K.

5.0 stars 6/7/2012 by Kevin K.
by Kevin K.

This television is amazing. The 3D works very well. The 2D to 3D conversion isn't bad either. I just can't believe everything that's on this. There are so many settings that I don't think I'll ever see them all. The default settings that LG shipped with are incredible, so I don't adjust much. It's great in bright or dark rooms. I have owned this for about 6 months now with no issues at all. This is by far the best television I have ever owned. This is also the first LG product I have ever purchased. I'm sold on LG. I will now start buying all LG products for my home. We are looking into getting a 42" for the bedroom and I'm only looking at LG. The sound is also better on this TV that almost all of the other units I looked at in the big box store. Overall, great experience and great product.

Kevin K.
Rogersville, MO 65742, USA
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Exceptional picture quality

Customer review by aureliebobby

5.0 stars 1/6/2013 by aureliebobby
by aureliebobby

We have enjoyed our LG 3D Tv for almost a year and have been extremely happy with the picture and the 3D features. Just recently the main board stopped working and we lost both video and audio. Called LG and got an appointment set up with a local company to come and look at the problem within two days. They have to order a new main board but I was satisfied with the prompt service and excellent response from LG. We should be enjoying our tv again by next week. We did decide to purchase the extended warrenty for 5 years being that it is a 3D tv and I have not had any experience with that type of tv yet and they are still relatively new to the market. The original factory warranty was used in this case but I feel better knowing there is a backup plan.

Ocala, FL, USA
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Great TV

Customer review by biglebronski

5.0 stars 9/20/2011 by biglebronski
by biglebronski

After extensive research, I decided to go with the 55LW5600. This is my third flat-panel TV and my first LED/3D. Out of the box, the picture looked good, but I made a few adjustments and turned good into great. The sound is much better than I expected after reading countless complaints. The simulated surround is not good, but I've never experienced a TV on which it is good. The build of this TV is fantastic-- well put together and super sturdy, but less than 1.5 inches thick? Awesome. The standard remote is not the most user-friendly thing out there, simply because some of the buttons do not have distinct separation between them, making it very hard to use in the dark. The wand-style motion remote is really cool and works great though. The one thing I am really not a fan of is the TruMotion technology. TruMotion adds depth and clarity to the picture, but kind of messes with my head. It's hard to explain, but it feels like I'm watching actors act on a set, rather than watching a TV program as a whole. Anyway, I shut the TruMotion off and everything is better. With all this plus WiFi for Netflix, YouTube, etc., I give this TV an A+, and I would recommend it to everyone. Even if you are not interested in 3D, this TV is a fantastic choice.

Cleveland, OH
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by Arkangyl

5.0 stars 4/9/2012 by Arkangyl
by Arkangyl

The best TV I have ever owned! This is my third LG TV and if they continue with this level of quality, I can't see myself buying any other brand of TV. I was a bit skeptical about the need for having a 3D TV, but now I am a true believer. The Tru Motion coupled with the Cinema 3D processing makes any HD signal stunningly, almost overwhelmingly, beautiful. I also have an Xbox 360 hooked up to the TV with many non-3D enabled games, as well as two 3D games. After playing Skyrim using the 2D to 3D support, I doubt I will ever play my Xbox on any of my other TVs. I would highly recommend this TV to anyone looking for a single entertainment source for the whole family! Great job LG!

Chester, Va
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Great Picture but Smart Features are poor

Customer review by rem69

4.0 stars 12/26/2012 by rem69
by rem69

This TV has a great picture. Also a very good over the air tuner for local HD broadcasts. It pulled in more stations than all the other major brands tested against. Also it is passive 3D. Like the Smart Remote Feature. Plenty of hookup options VGA- HDMI etc. They are the reasons why I selected this TV. Now the BAD The Internet Browser is not up-gradable to anything that is useful - does not support Latest JAVA or Flash Players so your video from the internet is extremely limited. If you are serious about streaming video from the internet plan on hooking a computer up to this TV. For LG Smart is not VERY SMART unless you are only interested in the apps that come with this product.

South Carolina, USA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Still Happy

Customer review by Bossylady7

5.0 stars 5/12/2012 by Bossylady7
by Bossylady7

I bought this tv over a year ago and had it mounted on the wall, I was skeptical about the 3D glasses because I had tried other 3D glasses on other television models in the store before I decided on this set. I have to say it has been a year and I am still happy with this purchase! I am an LG fan and I am slowly converting my home to LG products I feel that they are the greatest in value. I would advise anyone looking for a great tv with a sharp, bright, crystal clear image to try LG. I gave it 4 stars because the only flaw in the tv is the speakers they are not loud at all but I have it connected to a home theatre system and that eliminated the problem.

Charlotte, NC, USA
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The best...ever!

Customer review by Erik

5.0 stars 10/29/2011 by Erik
by Erik

I was really shocked when I brought this guy home. All the movies I have been watching for years all look totally different now. The actors just pop out of the TV and we're talking with no 3d on. With the 3d on the wow factor really kicks in full throttle. Watching sports is now a favorite pass time, when before I would rely on sport center for highlights! Also having the built in Netflix and amazon apps makes me never have to turn on the PS3 anymore unless I plan to watch a 3d blu ray. The magic motion remote is also a very handy piece of equipment for those apps. The TV really is the gold standard for all TV's to come.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Best tv

Customer review by Joseipa

5.0 stars 12/18/2011 by Joseipa
by Joseipa

This is the best tv that you can buy. I had a Sony that almost cost $3000.00 and this is much better and cost almost the half of the Sony.

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San German,PR
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Age:65 or older
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Every day
First Impressions

Customer review by Hawg

4.0 stars 9/22/2011 by Hawg
by Hawg

I've had this TV for about a month now and for the most part I am very satisfied. It has an excellent picture, especially in HD. Dish Network doesn't really have 3-D yet so I have not used this feature. The major negative is the "tinnie" speaker sound. This is not uncommon with all TV's so I purchased an LG sound bar. This greatly increased the sound quality BUT you need two remotes to use it. I assumed the TV remote would also control the sound bar but could find no way to do it. This makes it quite cumbersome as there are a lot of sound volume variabilities between the stations on Dish Network.

Rural Norhern Michigan
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
LG 55" 3D TV

Customer review by ss333

5.0 stars 9/17/2011 by ss333
by ss333

I just bought this 3D TV a week ago. I was amazed how light it was when picking it up. My old 36 " TV weighs twice as much. I love the ability to connect to the internet, but I still need to determine whether the apps are really that great. I subscribed to Netflix and I will probably discontinue the premium channals on my cable because they are so expensive. The 3D is awesome but I wish it was easier to find real 3D videos. I have a 3D Blue Ray player but blue rays are not in 3D and it just converts them to low grade 3D. However, it is much better than what I had, a TV I bought in 1999.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Excellent Smart Television offering great features

Customer review by RetiredMISDirector

5.0 stars 5/3/2012 by RetiredMISDirector
by RetiredMISDirector

After doing much homework on Smart televisions I have found this LG television to be one of the best televisions that I have ever owned. The features alone outdue all others in its class. The 2D to 3D feature is one of its greatest assets. Not to mention the picture quality which offers a clear, crisp picture no matter where you are sitting to view the 55 inch screen. I highly recommend this television because of the price and ease of use. I know now why LG stands for Life's Good! Keep making products that make life easier for the consumer.

Staten Island, NY, USA
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1-20 of 126 total reviews
1-20 of 126 reviews