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475 reviews | 4.7 out of 5

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475 reviews | 4.7 out of 5

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1-20 of 475 total reviews
1-20 of 475 reviews
Great product

Customer review by beretta92fs

5.0 stars 10/7/2011 by beretta92fs
by beretta92fs

I did a lot of research on generators and the Generac line appears to be one of the best. I am very happy with my purchase. I know we will be ok the next time the power goes out.

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This product is the best.

Customer review by sellsend

5.0 stars 9/5/2011 by sellsend
by sellsend

I would highly recommend this unit. I was lucky to get it at lowes the day after irene. My power was off for 4 days. It ran my well, tv,gas hot water heater power vent, 3 lightbulbs, refridgerator, chest freezer, dvd player, and laptop. Never skipped a beat. At least half the noise level of my briggs storm responder and used alot less gas.

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A little noisy but works awesome

Customer review by Maureen070

5.0 stars 11/3/2011 by Maureen070
by Maureen070

We bought this because of Irene, even tho we didn't lose power - a just in case purchase. Our electrician hooked us up just as CT was getting slammed with a terrible snow storm right before Halloween. We lost power and couldn't be happier we had this installed. Kept the furnace, water pump, and fireplace insert running no problem - we even had a few lights on. It is a little noisy - but so was our neighbors around us so we fit right in. Was easy to start and ran smoothly

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Great first generator!

Customer review by FEB

5.0 stars 11/4/2011 by FEB
by FEB

I purchased this GP5500 model in the middle of a 6-day power outage. Total setup time took about 20 minutes once I unloaded it from my truck. Unbox it, put the wheels on, add oil, add gas, and GO. I read the other reviews about it being loud. I was hoping they were wrong but to me they were more on the money than not. It is load. Is it louder than other generators? Don't know. But I do know that I didn't care how loud it was since most of the other houses in my subdivision had generators and thats all I could hear anyways. I'll take heat and lights over noise anytime during and outage.

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I couldn't ask for more.

Customer review by John 10/2011

5.0 stars 11/5/2011 by John 10/2011
by John 10/2011

We were bombarded with a freak Oct. heavy snow storm. in the Northeast.When I heard the predictions, I learned from past experience you don't wait.The morning of the storm I purchased the generator at the stores' opening. Later that night when I came home, usually a 1/2 hour commute, it took me 2 hours, dogging downed trees and utility lines.I connected the generator, and for 6 days enjoyed having power for my furnace,sump pump,etc.The generator was easy to use. My wife even found it easier to start than our lawnmower. The only problem was after I used it for the hundred hours and had to change the oil, the plug was difficult to get off. This may have been tightened too hard from the store I purchased it from. However once I removed the plug, changing the oil was a breeze.Based on the dependability of this portable model, I'm looking into one of the permanant residential models.

John 10/2011
East Longmeadow
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great product and easy to use

Customer review by Steelek

5.0 stars 11/5/2011 by Steelek
by Steelek

Brought this generator after Alfred knocked out power. Replaced my old Coleman. Very solid frame, easy to move with the retractible handle. Holds lots of gas so you do not have to run out and refill every hour. Easy to start and use. My wife also had no problems starting (one pull every time). I feel it is quiet compared with other generators I have had. Not sure why other reviews think it is loud. Liked the gas gauge and was surprised and the efficiency (got up to 9 hours one one tank). If you use this for emergency back up, consider a transfer switch. Wish I did but getting one for the next time

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Operationally Perfect. Definitely Not Quiet.

Customer review by Far2hip

5.0 stars 11/6/2011 by Far2hip
by Far2hip

As I write this review, I can hear the GP5500 running outside. From the way too early snowfall that toppled trees and created a record breaking number of power outages, this generator has been running flawlessly for 7 days straight. It only stops to get fuel and one oil change after 50 hours. There is no doubt, if you are looking for a quiet machine, this is not for you. This is not a quite machine by any stretch. It is not the loudest I have heard but I was not looking for quiet, I was looking for sufficient power and long running time. Power output is quite stable and with about 1/2 load I am getting upwards of 13 hrs of run time from one tank of fuel. I wired it direct to my breaker panel in my small house and have no problem running pretty much everything as needed. I keep the range breaker and water heater breaker off until I need them and when I turn either on, it handles the load with no problem. Don't know when the power will come back on but I am confidently comfortable and warm and would recommend this unit to anyone accept if you need a quiet generator. No question for me with reliability! Oh, almost forgot, each of my neighbors on either side of me has a 110 circuit to run some lights and a radio or TV via a few 100 ft extension cords. They don't mind the noise. From inside , it's not that bad. Great unit!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great Value

Customer review by Jeremy30

5.0 stars 11/7/2011 by Jeremy30
by Jeremy30

I bought this for a freak of nature snow storm in October 2011 were my power went out for 6 days. I bought a Husky generator with a briggs motor and the motor failed after 24 hrs of usage. So I returned it and bought this. What can I say, I made the right choice. it was quieter, bigger gas tank, hr meter, and a low oil shut off for the same price as the Husky. It powered my whole house. Tv, DVD player, 2 fridges, furnace, hot water tank, and lights. Don't think twice about it, Just buy it!!!!

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Love this generator

Customer review by LT

5.0 stars 11/9/2011 by LT
by LT

Bought this for oct snow storm and electric outage. Never having had a generator before it was easy to use. It was loud but not as loud as our neighbors which made us not hear ours. We were able to run everything when needed with no problems. I would recommend this product again and again. P.S. My brother is an electrician and he drove from CT to Troy NY to pick up 12 of these for family in friends. There were generators available here in ct but no generacs and he swears by them.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Excellent value and reliability

Customer review by JB

5.0 stars 11/12/2011 by JB
by JB

I bought this generator on day two of what turned out to be a 10 day power outage after the October snowstorm. It was easy to assemble, with everything including oil, in the box. It then ran for the next eight days powering my boiler, two fridges, lights, and other appliances. It performed like a champ and made a miserable experience bearable. My only small complaint is how loud it is. If Generac could quiet it down a little it would be perfect. I was looking at other brands priced much much higher for the same capabilities, but this one is a bargain! I have and will recommend it to anyone. It turned out to be far more reliable than our power company.

West Hartford
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by Steve

5.0 stars 11/22/2011 by Steve
by Steve

Only problem i have ,it is a little hard to start guess i am not as young as i used be. It is a little loud but i can live with that.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Very happy with overall features

Customer review by bob

5.0 stars 11/22/2011 by bob
by bob

Very easy set out of box and strarted on 1st pull. Lost power 2 weeks after purchase for 2 days, powered house w/ease except for oven and dishwasher. Very happy with purchase.

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what a investment

Customer review by smofive

5.0 stars 11/22/2011 by smofive
by smofive

best thing we ever bought. great machine!!!! fast shipment!!!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great features for this product.

Customer review by Joan

5.0 stars 11/22/2011 by Joan
by Joan

The ease of use and set up made this a breeze. It was dependable and started right up. The ease in taking it to where we wanted was great. The pull cart made it so easy. This product was very dependable and the price was great.

Bel Air
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great product for the price

Customer review by Paul7397

5.0 stars 11/22/2011 by Paul7397
by Paul7397

I purchashed the GP5500 generator this past September during a power outage that lasted 3 days. The GFI on my Honda generator (that I had owned for about 8 years) would not reset. I paid less for the Generac than it would have cost me to get the Honda repaired & a new Honda was way out of my price range. After set up - it started on the 1st pull. It was much louder than the Honda but it did the job. I ran a refridgerator, lights, fans and a sump pump in the basement.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Best generator for backup / emergency use at home

Customer review by Countryman

5.0 stars 11/22/2011 by Countryman
by Countryman

Due to severe ice and snow storms I needed an emergency backup power generator and the GP5500 gives enough power to keep the lights, heating (forced air) and appliances working. Lost grid power for a week long due to ice and snow.. Generator is easy to start every time. Builtin handles and wheels make it easy to store and move when needed. Plenty of output sockets (110v & 220v). We hook up via 30A 220v generator inlet. Would highly recommend this model to anyone. A+++++ Bought this from a local store who delivered fast.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
easy to use

Customer review by jeff

5.0 stars 11/23/2011 by jeff
by jeff

Great product. lost power over the summer for a few days this generator was great dont know how i lived without it. if i had to look for something to comlpain about i would say it is a little loud, but no big deal

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Easy start, well built, good performance

Customer review by BobG

5.0 stars 11/22/2011 by BobG
by BobG

Purchased the generator as a security item, a just in case, hoping that I would never have a need to use. We got hit by an unusual Halloween snow storm that was went and heavy. The tress had yet to shed their leaves and sure enough power was lost. My Generac started easily and provide all the power needed to keep us in comfort and keep my neighbor's refrigerator going. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a backup. My neighbor was so impressed, he bought his own.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
great generator

Customer review by BILL K

5.0 stars 11/22/2011 by BILL K

Great generator bought as a standby in case of a outgage could of bought another brand but generac is known for reliability so I bought reliability easy to start GREAT UNIT I HIGHLY RECOMEND

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great for the price and handles loads well

Customer review by Mike

5.0 stars 11/23/2011 by Mike
by Mike

I love it. I only wish that there was a way to make these things more quiet. But I realize that all gasoline generators mfgs have the same noise regardless of muffler size. I just shut it down at bedtime out of respect for neighbors, and to save gas which generators drink a lot of. Also, everyone loves the 20' 30A cord that comes with this particular generator. This cord makes it very convenient to tap off multiple loads with one cord entering the house

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
1-20 of 475 total reviews
1-20 of 475 reviews