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16 reviews | 3.9 out of 5

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Beautifully Solid

Customer review by whitelite5460

5.0 stars 4/25/2011 by whitelite5460
by whitelite5460

I bought this receiver as my first stand alone receiver. (I have previously owned Home Theater in a Box units) I wanted to build my own home theater from the ground up. I found this item for 30% off at a store closing and I couldn't be happier. Because of my inexperience at setting up home theater, I find this device a little hard to understand. I have a Sony Bravia tv so I wanted to use the Bravia Sync. It took me about a half hour to figure out how to set it up and now it works flawlessly. (It is not the most important feature, but it's an added bonus.) I have matched this receiver with Sony SS-F5000 tower speakers and the SA-W3000 subwoofer. My center channel is a Polk Audio PS-10 I believe. I am not an audiophile, but I did want excellent sound from these components. I have gotten everything I expected and more from them. Sony REALLY does deliver a whole line of excellent products. From Bravia tv's to Playstion 3 to this receiver...Sony has me coming back for more. This stuff is for real.

Coon Rapids, MN
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solid performer

Customer review by Cedric

5.0 stars 3/4/2012 by Cedric
by Cedric

I bought this to replace my Yamaha a/v so that I could utilize HMDI ins and outs. I first bought a Pioneer a/v but had troubles making all the interface work. Returned it and got this one instead and I am not disappointed. Hook up was simple and straight forward. Passthrough function works perfectly. That is what sold me. Sound is great and power is more than enough going to all my speakers (5.1), I run PSB's from front, center and sub and Mirage for the rear. All sound better than ever. Picture quality is fantastic. There are more feartures on this unit than I will probably ever use. I highly recommend this unit for the price and features and if you have other sony products than this purchase is a no brainer. All can be controlled with one remote. My first thought was to go with this unit first but I didn't and i still ended up with this unit in the end. Should have trusted my instincts and saved a return on a A/V system that didn't function as well. I love this unit.

Prescott Valley AZ
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Exactly what I wanted!

Customer review by jdsykes

5.0 stars 1/28/2012 by jdsykes
by jdsykes

I have had this receiver about 3 weeks and it is great. I upgraded to this receiver from a Harman Kardon that was nice, but my technologically challenged wife had a hard time with. I also wanted the ability to plug my PS3, Wii, Iphone, Directv and anything else into the receiever through HDMI connections and then have 1 HDMI going out to the tv. This receiver has nailed it on all points. My wife only has to ever hit 2 buttons on the remote. 1 to watch tv and 1 to play blu-ray. So, there is alot less yelling yelling in my living room. There is also no signal loss when plugging everything into the receiver and then having the 1 output to the tv. The on screen controls that are output to the tv are also very helpful and user friendly. The microphone that it comes with to set up your speaker configuration is amazingly accurate. I'm using the same Hardan Kardon speakers that I had before. However, they have never sounded as good or as well balanced. Bottome line--Fantastic receiver and especailly at the price!

Lexington, SC
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Disappointing compatibility issue-lack of support

Customer review by eckster

1.0 stars 2/22/2012 by eckster
by eckster

I purchased this receiver because it had a great bang for the buck. However, when using audio return channel it was not compatible with my Samsung UN55d7000 TV. Basically, when turning on the system the receiver would not correctly detect dolby digital. I would have to go into the guide menu and exit (without changing any settings) to get the receiver to sense the dolby digital. I tried an Onkyo receiver and it works great. Upon discovering this issue I first contacted Sony through their online help and after explaining everything to the representative, the person continued to ask the same questions and then said thanks for using the online help, visit the question and answer section on the product page for additional help, and disconnected. Then I called Sony and after hours on the phone with them, they could not help me and pointed the finger at my Samsung TV. Well, I know its not the TV because a different receiver works perfectly. I am extremely disappointed in the way Sony has handled the situation. Needless to say, this receiver is going back!

Westfield, NJ
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Excellant receiver with well thought out design

Customer review by rockbeatscountry

5.0 stars 10/16/2011 by rockbeatscountry
by rockbeatscountry

This receiver meets my expectations. It sounds great and works well. It has a great video GUI interface for setting up the system configuration, and has a lot of complexity made simple. I don't think the spring clip speaker connections are an issue as some people criticize it for. It is actually a good idea since the wires will be pulled out of the spring clips if someone trips over them and will reduce damage to the receiver being pulled by the wires if this happens. That is why Sony made them this way except for the front speakers which are not connected with long wires going across the room that can be tripped over. I can also get 16 guage wire into them, which is plenty large enough for the power levels being output. The power is adequate and if the volume changes when it switches from using the 2 front speakers to using them and the back surround speakers, it doesn't really matter that you may have to turn up the volume a little to compensate. It is normal since the power is being divided into more speakers. This unit has enough power for a home entertainment system to be loud and not create distortion from overdriving the amplifier. You can manually adjust the speakers if the automatic speaker calibration does not suit your tastes, but it works very well if you follow the instructions. The unit automatically turns on from standby when it senses a video signal or audio signal and switches to that input. As far as pass-through being not there for cable box input, it is not necessary since the unit will turn on to pass the signals along to the TV. If you don't want to use the system for using the cable box, don't connect it to the receiver through the composite video and audio cables and just run them directly to the TV. Also, you can run the coax output to the TV and the cables to the receiver and choose which ones you want to use. If you turn the unit to standby (OFF#, then you can use the coax input on the TV to watch cable. Why someone would want to have pass-through for cable box video/audio #not HDMI) is beyond me. The receiver does up-convert the 480i signal to 1080i and improve the image, but this kind of upconversion stretches the aspect ratio of the picture as can be expected. This means an improved resolution, but things are wider and people look fatter. The HDMI audio channel return works great when the receiver is in the TV mode and if the show is transmitted in HD with 5.1 or 7.1 audio, then the receiver will output the audio in 5.1 or 7.1. There is a lot of complexity to the unit because it has many features and flexibility, so it may take awhile to learn everything about it. Just read the manual carefully and you will learn all about the best ways to set it up for your equipment. I use is with a Panasonic DMP-BD210 3D blu-ray player, a Toshiba DVD recorder, a Vizio 3D E3D420VX, a Sony CD player, a cable box, 4 JBL tower speakers, 1 JBL center speaker, 2 JBL 3 way L36 speakers and a Yamaha powered subwoofer. It sounds fantastics. It has a IPOD pod to connect it, but I have not tried that since I don't have one. You can change the labels on the inputs to a list of standard names or give it your own name.

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Phoenix, AZ
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Ownership:1 week or less
Usage:Every day
Nice Features but Poor Quality Construction

Customer review by An anonymous customer

1.0 stars 12/27/2011 by An anonymous customer
by An anonymous customer

Liked it when I bought it, but the HDMI out feature stopped working with in three months of purchase. We had both HDMI and component inputs from game machine, cable box, DVD player, ect, and the receiver stopped displaying any video from them at all. Audio still worked fine, but I could not use the GUI either. Sony has no repair facilities within 75 miles of my major metropolitan area, so I had to mail it back to them at my expense to have it fixed. For the hassle, I should have just spent more on a better quality brand.

An anonymous customer
St. Louis
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Great package fror a small price.

Customer review by PaulB

4.0 stars 8/15/2012 by PaulB
by PaulB

If you need a nice receiver to simplify your devices connected to a TV and speakers this has a lot of good things. Connect up all the devices then add one HDMI Arc cable to the TV and it figures out which one you turned on and sends the video to the TV and the audio out the speakers. It means you just need one cable to the TV. This isn't the highest wattage Sony makes and the higher end units have a few more options but this one adds a nice mix at a pretty good price.It's the main reason I picked it. There isn't a lot of controls on the front because you just don't need them when it can figure it all out for you. The remote can do everything you can do from the front panel. It lacks WiFi, blue tooth and multiple room support. It does have the front panel connectors for small devices a nice complement of rear connectors with 7.1 sound.connection for speakers. You can connect almost all devices via different cable options including some older technologies. HDMI Arc support works well and to me is required these days. This unit isn't really hard to figure out yet a fully installed system will take some work. if you can match up the connections to the devices it really seems to magically sort it all out. There is however a short delay from when you change an input to when it shows up. It sorts out the video format and audio for you yet you can override things too. It sounds nice and handles various audio formats quite well. Video up convert starts with this model. It lets you use dumber peripherals. The programming of the remote is pretty thin unless you have it integrated with Arc It is the one thing missing..

Hampton Roads, VA
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Customer review by uglynova74

5.0 stars 11/15/2011 by uglynova74
by uglynova74

for the price i am very happy with it.

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colorado springs, co
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Age:25 - 34
Ownership:2 - 7 weeks
Usage:Every day
Impressed Buyer

Customer review by poorrichard

4.0 stars 3/20/2012 by poorrichard
by poorrichard

I was very suprise at the performance of this unit. Previously used a top end amp/preamp with 105 watts per channel stereo. This unit not only matched but exceeded my audio quality targets. Simple hookup, easy operation and ample imputs. Excellent performance with top end CD player as well.

South Carolina
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HDMI output defective

Customer review by MarkSails

1.0 stars 7/21/2012 by MarkSails
by MarkSails

The HDMI output was defective on the 1st one I purchased. I exchanged it without difficulty, but the new one proved to have the same defective HDMI output jack within 2 weeks. What's the point. It's cheaply made for warehouse sales.

Metuchen NJ
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Doesn't play well with others

Customer review by HenryT

3.0 stars 8/17/2011 by HenryT
by HenryT

It doesn't work with my media player. I've never had a problem with any other entertainment systems before.

Bellevue, WA
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Great Sound

Customer review by Bearskinner

5.0 stars 10/27/2012 by Bearskinner
by Bearskinner

I have owned four Home Theater systems and none has been as easy to set as this one. The sound is Great.

Grand Prairie, Texas.
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Decent AVR but has Issues

Customer review by SGFMODUDE

3.0 stars 8/28/2011 by SGFMODUDE

Lots of Issue problem. 1. Cheaper parts, more plastic. 2. Only the main front speaker terminals are binding post, all the other are spring clip on this model. The back/high surround red clips for both the left and right will pop out and fall out with the spring, when inserting 16 gauze wire. you cant use any bigger speaker wire, so dont plan to run wire over 30 feet for this size of wire. The binding post is capable of 12 or 14 gauze, but not the clip terminal for the 4 surround channels. or center channel. Issue 3. Remote and accessory mp3 or iphone suported but not any other brands. Issue 4. The standby pass through only works when using HDMI to HDMI. I still have a cable box that uses component hd, this wont work. Issue 5. Optical out from cable box, you cant get 7.1 any higher than dobly es. no true hd, unless its once again all HDMI to HDMI. Issue 6. There is a log when changing sources especially when going back to video input, or sometimes when changing channels, this apparently is a HDMI issue, for my older Sheerwood didnt have HDMI or this issue. I will say at least this model does have a AV syc fix, if the audo and video dont match, it does have a souftware GUI option fix for that issue. Issue 7. The audio amp, does not really appear to have separate amps, for instance 2 channel or 5.1 appears much louder and when you go to 7.1 ,you have to crank up the voiume control to get the same loudness. This power issue also appears noticeable when using my powered 120 watt sony amp, which plays loud on 2 and 5.1 but no as loud when in 7.1. my older Sherwood sub out, the sub played same all around, whatever mode I switched to. The rear channels seems to be less amplified, and you have to crank up the db level in the setup to be able to hear any surround. Issue 8. the Equalizer is ok, but you cant really call it a EQ, you only have increase bass or decrease bass, or increase treble or decrease treble , but not the individual ranges. this would have been nice to have. Some reviewers on other sites say some of the HDMI ports burn out, and they had to send it in for repairs, I not had this issue yet but only had this AVR for 1 week now.I would suggest always turning the system off before ever making any connection, and also try not to swap the HDMi or unplug them more than necessary. Now for good things about this receiver. Has fairly good sound, low distortion. I love the on TV onscreen GUI interface for setup and control. You can adjust when sitting on the couch sofa, and not having to squat down to read the Av screen. the only thing about the GUI , I wish the setting menu was a little farther up the list and not all the way down at the bottom end. The remote does about all you need with the on TV screen GUI without having to go manual touching your AVR. The auto protect is nice, it shuts itself off , if it senses a short in speaker wiring. Must use high speed HDMI calbles, or quality is not as good and it wont do 3d unless you do use high speed HDMI cables, and not regular ones. Price is fair for value, however a bit disappointed with Sony, for I have had Sony products before and they were very good.I had a Sony HIFI VCR fpr over 15 years, and its still working fine. However, kinda wishing for a AVR that I would have stuck with Sheerwood. . I am using Bic America speakers for front and center and high surround, and Sony ss6000 for the rear surround. Main Issue on this unit was the spring clip terminal problems. I would suggest a higher version of Sony AVR that supports all speaker binding post and no spring clip terminals. I think they should all have ability for banana plugs also. This could have a been a much better receiver if thought out a little better. After already buying and using it, I guess we will see how long it last. That is why I only gave 3 stars , on all but value I gave it 4 stars.

Springfield, MO
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