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56 reviews | 2 out of 5

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56 reviews | 2 out of 5

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1-20 of 54 total reviews
1-20 of 54 reviews
Waste of money

Customer review by Lauren Ness

1.0 stars 2/6/2017 by Lauren Ness
by Lauren Ness

Purchased this doppler in hopes of having peace of mind due to prior miscarriages that my body never picked up on and still acted as if I was pregnant. I thought being able to hear the heartbeat when I wanted would allow me to have that peace of mind. I am low income and didn't have much money to spend on something like this but thought it would help me not stress. This item does now work at all and the more people I talk to had the same issues! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY

Lauren Ness
It's poop

Customer review by Kenzi

1.0 stars 11/5/2016 by Kenzi
by Kenzi

Bought this to listen to my first son and it didn't work then and it doesn't work now.

Do not waste time or money

Customer review by motherto3

1.0 stars 3/23/2011 by motherto3
by motherto3

I bought this thinking my mom and dad and the rest of my family woud be able to enjoy the heartbeat sounds since they live 3 hours away and arent able to make any of my prenatal appointments. I also bought it hoping my husband could hear it also. He isn't able to get off for any of my appointments even the ultrasound he missed. well. I flushed $25 down the toilet. I didnt expect much from this device, with a small price tag. I just hoped to hear a few thumps. All I hear is static and noise no matter how I lay, position the monitor, or adjust the volumne. I dont know why this is even still out there to buy if it doesnt work correctly. I'm 36 weeks and have been trying to hear the heartbeat beat since 30 weeks. I've tried my best with this stupid device but I'm ready to throw it in the trash. DOn't waste your money on this. Buy a quality moniter if you expect to hear anything.

Fun Listening to Sounds of Your Baby

Customer review by BabyLove

5.0 stars 1/19/2013 by BabyLove
by BabyLove

The Graco Prenatal Listener works great and is a lot of fun to be able to listen to sounds of your unborn baby. I recommend using the product as described in the manual it comes with. In early pregnancy, you may not be able to hear your baby's heartbeat right away, but it's neat to hear the sounds in your womb. I find it funny when my baby kicks the listener when she feels it on my belly and love that you can record those sounds with the computer cable that's included. This product is a great price and I really love it. What a cool concept!

Don't waste your money

Customer review by Kasarr

1.0 stars 1/6/2016 by Kasarr
by Kasarr

I bought 2 of these at the same time, one for my daughter and one for our friend who were due at about the same time. It didn't work for either of them. I've recently tried to use it on a 3rd person who is due in week or two... no results again.

Works great once you figure out how to use it

Customer review by Soon to be mommy of 3

5.0 stars 2/15/2011 by Soon to be mommy of 3
by Soon to be mommy of 3

Bought this last night so my 2 preschoolers could listen to their baby brother to be. Took us about 15 minutes of re-positioning to find the differences in the sounds to be able to distinguish the baby's heartbeat between my own. But once we found it it was much easier to find the next time. Baby's heart sounds just like the booklet says, like galloping horses. We did find that putting pressure on it (pushing it down onto the belly) helps though!

Soon to be mommy of 3
Horrible Product

Customer review by MrsReynolds

1.0 stars 4/5/2012 by MrsReynolds
by MrsReynolds

I brought this in hopes of me and my husband always being able to hear our sons heartbeat. HOWEVER, this product is just a waste of money and I regret buying it. All I get out of it is background noise, static, and NOTHING else. I know now that I should have went and researched for a doppler instead of a listener. I am very shocked this is still on the market and in stores still.


Customer review by mbrmrtnz

1.0 stars 7/29/2013 by mbrmrtnz
by mbrmrtnz

Bought this around 16 weeks and of course wasn't able to use until "the end of second trimester" according to the directions. In two days I will be in my third trimester and still cant hear anything! And yes I have placed it on different locations on my belly and even pushed it closer in my stomach and still nothing! Worse product ever. Would never recommend this to anyone!

waste of money... very disappointing

Customer review by ladyclews21

1.0 stars 3/1/2014 by ladyclews21
by ladyclews21

I am 33 weeks pregnant now, and have been trying to hear the baby since the start of the third trimester. I follow the instructions for use, but have yet to hear anything other than static from the earbud cord or my own hand holding the device. This is a huge let down, but for such a cheap price, it's my fault for expecting anything in the first place.

loved it

Customer review by veroniquea86

5.0 stars 12/8/2015 by veroniquea86
by veroniquea86

i loved this i could hear my sons movements instead of just feeling them could hear his heartbeat/reaction to sounds etc

Don't waste your money

Customer review by Fulltimemommy

1.0 stars 9/16/2015 by Fulltimemommy
by Fulltimemommy

I am now 20 weeks and still trying to hear heartbeat. I caught it finally but so hard to make out as thing is so fuzzy. I wish I just saved the money I had and used it to buy a better one

Truly a Wonderful Product

Customer review by AKenney1

5.0 stars 6/30/2015 by AKenney1
by AKenney1

They joy of pregnancy only happens a few times in your life. This product allows you to experience evry second of it and enables you to make that connection with your child before he or she is even born. My husband loves it! Highly recommended.

do not recommend

Customer review by award

1.0 stars 2/17/2011 by award
by award

I am very disappointed and frustrated with this product. I have tried for 2 days now to find my baby's heartbeat and all I hear is static and noise. I am well into my third trimester so I should be able to hear it. I've tried it all over my stomach as well as my back as it suggests. Don't waste your money!


Customer review by FirstTimeMommy0623

2.0 stars 7/7/2014 by FirstTimeMommy0623
by FirstTimeMommy0623

Bought this thinking I could hear the baby. I'm 17 weeks and I hear static and swooshing noises. Even tried using it on my lower back like the manual said, and nothing. You can hear your own heart beat but nothing yet. We will keep trying, but I have my doubts!

Really worked

Customer review by Khatdsho

4.0 stars 9/17/2015 by Khatdsho
by Khatdsho

I had my doubts that I would be able to hear my baby's heartbeat but was amazed when I heard the quick thumps.

Prenatal Baby Monitor

Customer review by Captain

1.0 stars 11/23/2010 by Captain
by Captain

It simply doesn't work! I am 34 weeks pregnant now and I still can't hear a heartbeat; only a bunch of noises that sound the same no matter where I put the monitor (against my belly or my arm). This product is a waste of money.


Customer review by LoriCC

1.0 stars 10/19/2013 by LoriCC
by LoriCC

Never have I been so disappointed in a product as I am in this one. You cannot hear the heartbeat of the baby..... the only thing you can hear is your own heartbeat and gurgling noises. Do NOT waste your money on this.


Customer review by kkeller

1.0 stars 9/17/2014 by kkeller
by kkeller

I am 28 weeks and have had this since the beginning of my pregnancy. All you hear is static. I am very disappointed. My husband wants to hear our baby since he can't make it to any of the appointments.

Waste of money

Customer review by Maplemommy

1.0 stars 7/30/2014 by Maplemommy
by Maplemommy

Tried this throughout my entire second and third trimester with my last pregnancy. Nothing but static. Tried again with this pregnancy. Nothing. I could barely distinguish my OWN heart beat with it!

Worst Prenatal Listener ever

Customer review by Sam84

1.0 stars 1/21/2014 by Sam84
by Sam84

I bought this to listen my baby's heartbeat but not even a single time I was able to listen. I asked my OB/GYN to help us on how to use and we all were disappointed. Big disappointment!!

1-20 of 54 total reviews
1-20 of 54 reviews