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Customer review by Ms Molly

5.0 stars by Ms Molly

After many years of using a certain moisturizer, I tried Healthy Skin Radiance Cream and found it everything I wanted in a skin care product. Thank you Neutrogena!

Ms Molly
Huntsville, AL
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Great Product

Customer review by PRG

5.0 stars by PRG

I am using Healthy Skin anti-wrinkle/anti-blemish cream and needed a SPF15 moisturizer to go over it during the daytime. This cream works well with my other Neutrogena product. I thought it might be too much moistre but they are great together. After the first application my face was radient and healthy looking. It is a keeper!

Rancho Santa Margarita
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
A Must Have!

Customer review by Kelsey

5.0 stars by Kelsey

At first I didn't notice any results, but I continued using it because I liked the moisturizing SPF. After 2 months of daily use I have noticed a huge difference! I no longer need any powder to even my skin tone and people are telling me I look more "glowy". This is a *must have* product, it just takes a while to show the effects.

Imperial, MO
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
My skin is moisturized and soft!

Customer review by wiscoEMT

5.0 stars by wiscoEMT

I have been searching for the best face moisturizer for months, and this is it. I have combination-oily skin, and this is perfect. It goes on smooth, smells great, and my face does not get shiny or greasy throughout the day. I know SPF is a must in daily moisturizer year round, and the reason I like this one better than the original Neutrogena Healthy Skin moisturizer is because this one does not smell like sunscreen. I will use this product for the rest of my life. Thank you, Neutrogena!

Milwaukee, WI
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Best on the market!

Customer review by Neutrogenafanforlife

5.0 stars by Neutrogenafanforlife

I have tried a lot of different moisturizers and this is my HG facial moisturizers! Better than Mary Kay, ProActiv, Clinique etc.. It moisturizes without feeling greasy or oily. Doesn't break me out (acne/blemish prone combination skin), gives a nice glow without looking glittery, and evens out skin tone over time. Also helps to reduce my pore sizes and reduces fine wrinkles. What more could I want. I just use the mineral powder foundation and I am good to go with a gorgeous looking face. I get compliments on my skin and do not have to wear make-up if I don't want to. Thanks Neutrogena! Please never stop making this!

Wichita, KS
Would recommend to a friend? Yes

Customer review by irisleigh

5.0 stars by irisleigh

Love love love. This moisturizer packs a great punch. It's creamy enough to use at night, but not so heavy that you can't put it on under makeup. I noticed results almost immediatly. My skin looks overall more healthy. I use it after the Acne Stress Control Cream Cleanser and I haven't had a breakout yet. The value it phenom. If you ever find yourself wondering if you should pass it up for a dept store brand, seriously rethink it. I've worked in the beauty industry for about 5 years and this product out performs much more expensive brands by leaps and bounds. Smells great, leaves my skin looking and feeling great, and has an SPF!

Columbus, Oh
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
This Radiance Cream makes my skin glow!

Customer review by PixieGirl

5.0 stars by PixieGirl

I have tried many products with sunscreen and moisturizing benefits. No other has made my skin glow and protect it from the harmful effects of the sun. I will be 39 in a little more than a year, and people still think that I am in my early twenties. Thank you Neutrogena!!!!

Demorest, GA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
My skin is so much softer

Customer review by Pjayplays

5.0 stars by Pjayplays

After using this product for two days, my skin felt amazingily softer. I love it.

North Carolina
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Best oil free moisturizer!

Customer review by Birdie

5.0 stars by Birdie

I had been searching for the perfect moisturizer. I have combination/acne prone skin. My forehead gets very oily in the afternoon requiring 1-2 bottling sheets. I started using lancomes cleanser (pure focus or radiance) along with this as my moisturizer and it's incredible. My skin is clear and radiant for the first time in years. I'm almost 30 and began looking into skin products. This product is very similiar to Boscias oil free SPF 15 moisturizer. I use Boscias if I use a toner as its more hydrating.

South Florida
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
LOVE this stuff!!

Customer review by Rabbit

5.0 stars by Rabbit

Keep this available and I will keep returning!! I have to remind myself that I will be 40 years old next year. Wow! 40!! People think I am in my twenties. Fortunately, I have a bit more life under my belt but my face doesn't show it. Thank you Neutrogena!!

Clarkesville, GA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Good Value

Customer review by LizzyLou

5.0 stars by LizzyLou

I love this moisturizer. It's affordable and it works very well. it didn't make me break out at all. One bottle seems to last a while and the packaging is great. I love the pump.

New York, NY
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Love it but can't find it anymore

Customer review by Don't LIke Change

5.0 stars by Don't LIke Change

Though my local drugstore is listed (through this site) as having this moisturizer available, I haven't found it on the shelves there in months. Have also checked other stores listed on this site, but haven't located the product. Doesn't look like I can order it throught the website, either. I've used it for some time now and, though I was hesitant to use any product with sunscreen due to previous trials of similar products, which resulted in feeling like my face was covered with a mask, this moisturizer works wonderfully! It felt a little thick at first, but within minutes of applying it, my face feels fresh and clear. And no breakouts!! Now that I've fallen in love with it, why can't I find more of it????

Don't LIke Change
Bunkie, LA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Where is it?

Customer review by Glowstick18

5.0 stars by Glowstick18

I love this moisturizer. It feels light and fresh on my face while still doing a good job. I am really upset because I can no longer find it at any of the stores in my area. Where did it go? They still have their gross face lotion available but that stuff smells bad and leaves my face feeling greasy.

Elk Grove, CA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Skin type:Combination
What a difference!

Customer review by MOVP Pastor

5.0 stars by MOVP Pastor

This truly makes a difference in the "brightness" and vitality of my skin. Just wonder why I'm having so much trouble finding it in stores???

MOVP Pastor
Parkersburg, WV
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Skin type:Dry
Healthy Skin Radiance

Customer review by magoo2

5.0 stars by magoo2

Very light feeling on my face. I have trouble finding this locally. I really like this product!!!

Portland OR
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Skin type:Dry
My skin radiates with smooth texture!

Customer review by NatChap

5.0 stars by NatChap

This is my very favorite product for skin that glows and is even-textured. The fragrance is pleasant, not over-powering. Perfect!

Clarkesville, GA
Skin type:Combination
Radiant moisturizer

Customer review by memm

5.0 stars by memm

This product gives my skin a soft, smooth, radiant look. I really do like it.

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Skin type:Dry
Love this product. I use it everyday ..

Customer review by Lilysalinass

5.0 stars by Lilysalinass

Very impressed with this product! i CANT LIVE WITHOUT IT. I live in mexico near the border of texas, and I do a one hour trip to go to get these products. My skin feel soooo good, even when i have a oily skin, this product takes a rid of oil excess. And does a great job with the acne spots i used to have. I just in love with neutrogena products!!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Skin type:Normal
Great for Oily skin with Sunscreen for fair complx

Customer review by Elaina

5.0 stars by Elaina

I must say, I purchased this product because of a review I read on this website. Otherwise, I never would have ventured to try it. The reason is that I have oily skin and a fair complexion. I'm 50 years old and need something to treat and protect my skin, but I've always used the "oil free" lotions. The oil free stuff leaves a synthetic grease-slick on my face! This result left me feeling irritated and stuck. Then, I tried this Radiance lotion, and it is LOVELY! My face is not slicked, and it glows because the luminescent particles in the lotion that end up on your face! Also, I have a horrible allergic reaction to SPF numbers higher than 15, so this product is my salvation until I find one with a better SPF that my skill can tolerate.

Walnut Creek. CA
Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Skin type:Combination
Outstanding Qaulity and Value

Customer review by beccastargazer

5.0 stars by beccastargazer

I recommend this product to everyone! I have been using it since 2010 and I absolutely love it! My skin is dry/oily and is very fair. I disliked other products because they made my face feel heavy and greasy or like I needed to wash my face again. I found this cream and it changed my life. I can't find it in stores as of Feb 2014 and I am so upset. Please don't stop producing this product. I would hate to switch to something worse. This is a must have!

Would recommend to a friend? Yes
Skin type:Combination
1-20 of 36 total reviews