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Omron 7 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron 7 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

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Omron BP652 7 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
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So easy to use and helps bring awareness!

SIA used this handy monitor to help bring Health Awareness to their employee group - easy and fast to make a point at our hub-visits! Shared info about what the BP numbers mean! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Omron Series 7 Wrist B/P Monitor

Compared it with Dr. office reading and it is very close, since every reading is going to be a point or two off. Even the Dr. was impressed. My upper arm is very big and the cuffs have to inflate so much it bruises and hurts very bad. So I did some homework and found this particular brand of a wrist cuff to be the most dependable and accurate. It was a little expensive for me but it truly was worth the money for just the peace of mind. As you can see in the photo, my pressure is a bit high but not near as high as it was.

easy to use, Dr's use it

I met the Omron series of blood pressure monitors in a doctors office. While I do not know if they used the series 7 which I purchased, the model they used was used exactly as I use the one I purchased. I had planned on checking its accuracy when I went to a doctor's appointment where that doctor's assistant uses the cuff, but I forgot to bring it. However the readings I have gotten are within what I would expect. This device is easy to use. Its put on your wrist, turn it on , you then move your wrist toward your heart. The device shows when you are close to your heart by changing the color of a light. The wrist device then inflates and gives a reading. It comes with both easy start instructions and a more comprehensive booklet. Note: Beware of other brands of wrist monitors. The first one I purchased was very inaccurate. I do not think it inflated nor did it have a heart sensor. Final advice is to use the on-line order with store pick up for best price.



Easy to use BP monitor.

I checked out other wrist blood pressure monitors online and found the Omron 7 series to be highly rated. I am not disappointed. It replaces a ten year old wrist BP monitor of another brand. I especially like the feature which identifies an irregular heartbeat during the scan. I saved almost $10 by purchasing the unit online for pick-up at the local Walmart store.

Most accurate Monitor!

Alarmed because my blood pressure was so high, I went to my doctor - only to find my blood pressure was normal. The problem was my inaccurate, old blood pressure monitor. After inquiring with friends including a nurse, about monitors they were using, found Omron was rated as one of the best. I was not disappointed with my new Omron monitor. I especially like the wrist cuff as opposed to the arm cuff. It is easy to use, and right on the button. The instructions that accompany the device are also useful - advising how and when to use the monitor. I am relieved to know my readings are accurate now. I would recommend this monitor without any reservations. It is the best, and I am so glad I purchased it.


This device takes accurate BP reading and is very small and portable. My favorite feature is that it is completely SILENT. Other BP monitors I have used make loud, embarrassing noises. Not this one. Battery life was a little short, but improved greatly when I bought batteries intended for fast-draining devices. I still wouldn't trade it for the noisy nuisance of other models. It's the best I've ever owned~! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

So comfortable and convenient

Putting this little monitor on my wrist is so much more comfortable than taking off my shirt, finding the correct place on my arm, etc. I tested this against a regular blood pressure cuff and it is extremely accurate. Anyone with high blood pressure should own one of these. Wonderful product.

Very easy to use and convenient!

I recently took care of my 90 year old mother who came home from the hospital after an episode of Atrial Fibrillation. I needed a blood pressure cuff that would be easy and convenient as my eyesight isn't as good as it used to be. The digital readout is very clear and the numbers are large. Being a retired Registered Nurse myself, I was wondering if this unit would be accurate. Come to find out, all the visiting nurses were using the same model and had total confidence in their readings when compared with the old standard BP cuffs. What's nice about this device is that it alerts you if their is an irregular heartbeat which was what I was needing to know with my mom. It also lets you know if their is movement that could cause a faulty reading and thereby you would want to check it again. And if that wasn't enough, it keeps an internal log in case you forget to write down your numbers which I have done as well! What amazed me the most is now that my mom is going to her own home, she can monitor herself with ease as its simple to put on your wrist. All in all I would have given it a 5 star but I havent had it that long to know if it will keep up its performance over the long haul. Buy this product. Its worth every penny!

Item not same as pictured

We had a Series 7 Omron like the one shown online. It was accurate and easy to use. It wore out after 3 years of daily use so we wanted to replace it with the same model. We searched Walmart Online and found the same model number and the picture was like our previous model. When we received our order the unit was not as pictured but we decided to keep it as it looked good and is easy to slip into a purse. While easy to use it is not quite as easy to use as the old model. The Heart Rate is very accurate but the Blood Pressure readings are consistently 12-15 points higher than they should be. We are keeping the unit because of its portability and we want it primarily for tracking our heart rate. Would not recommend this to anyone needing accurate BP readings.

It has a record of my blood pressure

I brought this blood pressure machine last year and it still works. It is wonderful. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Works like a charm

I worried that some people rated the motor with one star. They obviously did not read the simple instructions for use. Very easy set up and excellent display! Looking forward to years of accurate BP readings. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Old Faithful

My old bp monitor was an Omron and lasted for over twenty years and is still working, I added a new one for a backup and wouldn't purchase anything but and Omron as my past experience is nothing less than perfect. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

The squeeze is bearable!

My mother was in her 90s and the upper arm cuff pinched her arm something terrible but the wrist type was great. It is so easy to use that I purchased one for my husband and we too love it! Mahalo from Maui! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

So Easy!

I've had a ReliOn monitor for several years and never had an issue with it. Recently I began to have blood pressure issues and needed to be more attune to regular readings. Decided I wanted something easier to use and this wrist monitor is not only easier, but I'm sure because of the positioning indicator I'm getting a more accurate reading. Thank you! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Reliable over the years!

I'm actually reviewing the original Model BP652 that I purchased in July 2012. I used it a few weeks until my crisis was over, removed the batteries, and placed it in a drawer where it has been sitting for over 6 years. I'm back to a condition where the doctor has requested I again monitor my blood pressure. I took the 6+ year old unit out of the drawer a few days ago and installed new batteries. Worked like a champ the very first time, and continues to produce identical results as the reliable but cumberson G-Tech BP3AA1-1 my doctor recommended. Because of my constant travel and the compact size of the BP652, this unit is much more travel-friendly. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Amazingly convenient to use, but not accurate

I LOVED this wrist blood pressure cuff!!! SO easy to use! Small and portable. No problem with having to roll up your sleeves to your shoulder just to get the cuff on! The cuff will not even inflate until you have the cuff in the right position to ensure an accurate reading! Top rated by Consumer Reports--even though they say wrist monitors are not generally very accurate, this model was top rated as most accurate and convenient, at 95/100! BUT when I took it to my doctor's appointment, it did not match the nurse's readings with her cuff and stethoscope at all! Nurse got 164/95, mine (taken immediately after hers) got 148/86. As my "white coat syndrome" started calming down, the nurse got 140/80, mine got 149/98! One more try---the nurse got 134/88, while mine said 122/85. There is not even a pattern to the readings being too high or too low, which I could adjust for! (Hopefully the young nurse's readings were accurate--would it be possible they were not?? Who knows?) Anyway, do not want to question that! My doctor says mine is not accurate enough, and to get a new machine, even though this one is brand new. She said my readings should optimally not differ by more than 3 or 4 mm/Hg from the office readings, if taken immediately after their reading. So I guess I will be returning it. Maybe it is just a fluke lemon, and I should try another one of the same model? Or go back to an arm cuff? Not sure what to try next, or how to verify its accuracy!

Just as accurate and easier and less painful

This is the 2nd unit I've purchased, the last one having done its job well for many years. It allows for two separate regular (memory) users as well as a 3rd "guest" user (non-memory). It can be used on either wrist and can be separately programmed for both users. I've taken this to my doctor's appointment and it has passed his accuracy test; also have one doctor who already uses this device in her office. Don't hesitate, no cuff you have to hold with your chin to close and it's just one small piece of equipment vs the machine/tube/cuff set-up. I've used both kinds and this one is so much simpler and causes no pain for those who may be sensitive to the upper arm pressure.

Omron 7

My wife has to monitor her blood pressure at least twice a day - We brought this to her doctor to compare readings with the one at her doctors office. The readings were identical to her doctors so her doctor approved this one for use and we are using it daily with great confidence! This is our second Omron Blood Pressure Monitor - The other one lasted about 10 years! It developed a hole in the bladder after daily use by me and my wife.

Compact and Easy to Use

I first saw these cuff monitors when I was at my dentist's office, and they were using them there. I'm not sure if they were using the same brand, but I was very impressed with it. I ordered the Omron 7 online, but the one I received only worked correctly the first day, and then the position light didn't work, so I had to go to Walmart to return it for another one. The one that I have now seems to be accurate and is functioning properly. So far, I'm very happy with it, and how easy it is to use. I can also leave it in any room, as it comes with a watch box container, and if I leave it out of the container, it looks very sci-fi and not like an ugly piece of medical equipment.
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